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Alvin And Vivian Sumptuous Erotica Malaysian Sex Blog Expose

Sexscandalsdotus Oct 16th, 2012 1,883 Never
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  1. Alvin And Vivian Sumptuous Erotica Malaysian Sex Blog Exposed With Nude Photos And Sex Videos
  2. Okay, we have a little sex scandal brewing in Malaysia. This interesting episode is starring two Malaysians by the name of Vivian and Alvin who are apparently exposing their sex life on their tumblr blog. And interesting enough is the fact that they appear to be using their real names and are linking to their real Facebook pages. At first I thought someone was leaking the nude photos of this couple and impersonating them to maximize any embarrassment. But more and more it seems these two are happily sharing their sex life and it is not some other person who is behind the leaked photos and videos. Another thought was that Alvin was sharing Vivian’s naked photos and sex videos without her permission because of a falling out but this does not appear to be the case. Both Vivian and Alvin are fully exposed on the blog and in the vids and pics without any attempt by Alvin to conceal his face. So this is a true sex blogging couple freely documenting their sexual encounters for pubic view of anyone willing to log on to the blog. Hopefully the added attention from being posted on the Gutter Uncensored won’t scare them away from their blogging. Here is the intro on their sex blog:Hey peeps, Alvin and Vivian here. We love posting our sex life on the web for everyone to enjoy, and we upload only our self-made content.
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  4. P.P.S. If you’re an attractive couple into swinging living in Malaysia/Singapore, hit us up too!With that last “hit us up” part linking to the email address: alvivi.swingers@gmail.com for anyone interested in swinging with them. Yep, Malaysian swingers who are fully open about their alternative lifestyle publicly. They seem to be well-known on the Malaysia and Singapore swinger scene. And the “Sumptuous Erotica” blog have been gaining popularity fast in recent days with many Malaysians chatting about it on Facebook and on web forums. Sex blogs are nothing new for Malaysians but usually they are very secretive and never this this open and public. Alvin and Vivian not only use their names but they did not even attempt to conceal their faces in the photos and videos. The nude photos and sex video may have been recorded in Malaysia and/or Singapore but some could have been shot else where. You can watch the streaming videos or download them from the links available below.
  6. Here are a few pictures and video of supposedly a Malaysian couple sharing their sex life on a blog. The girl is Vivian Lee and the guy is Alvin Tan. The two have upload many nude and sex photos to the blog thus far and three sex videos. The first video is a rape play fantasy video shot to simulate a rape scene with Vivian pretending to fight off Alvin in bed. The second video is a blowjob oral sex scene with Vivian sucking off Alvin until he cum in her mouth. The third video is a normal sex video with the two fucking in many different positions. The photos show a bit of everything including nude photos of both Vivian and Alvin. Links to the blog and the photos have been spreading via emails and at least five tipsters have emailed with info on this story to GutterUncensored@yahoo.com. Here is a sample of a recent email letting us know about this interesting story:
  8.     Hey,
  9.     You might want to check Vivian Lee at her nude blog. She is Malaysian and being a nudist here in Malaysia is very taboo and controversial.
  10.     Here is her blog url: http://alvivi.tumblr.com/
  11.     Her facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sexychocoholicbabe
  12.     She had sex with several MMU students. She just graduated this October in MMU Cyberjaya Melaka. She is from Johor Malaysia.
  13.     So, if Alvin and Vivian and sharing everything on their sex blog without embarrassment then this post on Gutter Uncensored should not adversely affect their blog. Just give them huge traffic and a massive fan base. However they might decide to stop blogging and delete their blog after gain fame from this post on Gutter Uncensored so we downloaded the entire “Sumptuous Erotica” thus it will live on after today. Click on pictures to enlarge.
  14. http://sexscandals.us/scandal-sex/alvin-and-vivian-sumptuous-erotica-malaysian-sex-blog-exposed-with-nude-photos-and-sex-videos/
  15. http://ryushare.com/304b4ea554ea/Alvin_And_Vivian_Sumptuous_Erotica_Malaysian_Sex_Blog_Exposed_With_Nude_Photos_And_Full_Sex_Videos.rar
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