IW Changelog 0.7.1A

Apr 23rd, 2021
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  1. 0.7.1-alpha
  2. 1. Fixed entry to Live2D scenes in showers and added to memories
  3. 2. Fixed the error caused by sending letters in some chapters
  4. 3. Fixed Marcus floating in the cabinet after a certain event
  5. 4. Fixed game crashing after the age check on some Android devices
  6. 5. Fixed numerous visual glitches and bugs in the new chapter
  7. 6. Fixed music and sound glitches in the new chapter
  8. 7. Polished the new chapter to make the gameplay smoother overall
  9. 8. Updated alchemy minigame interface
  10. 9. Added undressed state for Andromeda's portrait in the new chapter
  11. 10. Minerva's encounter in new chapter can now be replayed via memories
  12. 11. Fixed other bugs and glitches, and added new ones for you to enjoy <3
  14. 0.7.0-alpha
  15. 1. Added the first chapter of the updated plot
  16. 2. Integrated Live2D Susan's scene into the game (no need for additional animations file anymore)
  17. 3. Integrated Live2D showers scene into the game
  18. 4. Added alternative scene with Minerva
  19. 5. Partly updated Helena's and Minerva's idles
  20. 6. Added a bunch of new and updated sexy minions
  21. 7. Added several new locations
  22. 8. Added three plot-related interactive events
  23. 9. Introduced several new characters for future events
  24. 10. Reworked and updated some of the core game's mechanics based on the feedback
  25. 11. Added three new music tracks
  26. 12. Updated preferences screen to make it more user-friendly
  27. 13. Updated saving system and added new ESC menu
  28. 14. Updated interfaces throughout the game
  29. 15. A bunch of other fixes and adjustments based on the feedback
  30. 16. Bugs, bugs, bugs!
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