IW Changelog 0.9BA

Apr 23rd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. 0.9-beta
  2. 1. Expanded chapter 2 in act 2 with new side content
  3. 2. Added a new side quest with multiple sub-quests
  4. 3. Added three fullscreen events, two with main girls, one with a side character
  5. 4. Added Live2D animation for a certain scene at night near the lake
  6. 5. Removed consequent skip cap when sleeping without any activities
  7. 6. Added several costumes and other items to the dressing rooms
  8. 7. Added an ability to activate community translations (more on that @ our website)
  9. 8. Adjusted continue button functionality during scenes to be more player friendly
  10. 9. Numerous corrections and adjustments based on player feedback and reports (thanks!)
  11. 10. Long-awaited bugs were finally added to the game
  13. 0.9.1-alpha
  14. 0. All changes and fixes introduced in 0.8.4-beta update are also included in this version
  15. 1. Added a minigame during certain event involving Hagrid's Hut
  16. 2. Fixed bugs related to Hagrid's Hut and inability to continue the story
  17. 3. Bugs population has increased by ca. 10%
  19. 0.9-alpha
  20. 0. All changes and fixes introduced in 0.8.3-beta update are also included in this version
  21. 1. Added a continuation to the new story - chapter 2 in act 2
  22. 2. Added two new fullscreen scenes (available in new chapter)
  23. 3. Added a new location - Hagrid's Hut
  24. 4. Added 6 collectable photos. Get them all! (available in new chapter)
  25. 5. Added 3 new costumes for Sonya
  26. 6. Outdated bugs were successfully updated
  28. 0.8.4-beta
  29. 1. Added game launcher (v1.0)
  30. 2. Updated Draco's and Snape's idle models
  31. 3. Updated Amelia's music theme
  32. 4. Fixed and updated office door keyhole parallax
  33. 5. Fixed overlapping Christmas decorations (hopefully for good this time)
  34. 6. Corrected numerous typos and grammatical errors
  35. 7. Fixed most annoying game crashes
  36. 8. Fixed support for Joiplay game manager
  37. 9. Added backwards compatibility for old bugs
  39. 0.8.3-beta
  40. 1. Tweaked a couple of core settings to improve stability on Android devices
  41. 2. Several quality of life tweaks for game's interface on Android devices
  42. 3. Game should stutter less on other platforms as well
  43. 4. Saves can now be renamed in-game
  44. 5. Live2D can now be activated on any device, a warning will be shown if it might be unstable on the current device
  45. 6. Snape and Minerva will now automatically sit near the fireplace if there are no other options available
  46. 7. A bunch of tweaks and fixes based on players' feedback and reports <3
  47. 8. Absolutely no new bugs were added
  48. 9. After careful consideration, several new bugs were successfully implemented
  50. 0.8.2-beta
  51. 0. Saves from 0.8.1-beta are compatible with this version
  52. 1. Enhanced Live2D animation engine to support more seamless transitions between movements
  53. 2. Fixed existing inconsistencies in Live2D engine to reduce flickering during scenes
  54. 3. Added "Sandbox" mode to Hermione's "Book of Runes" Live2D scene (available in the memories)
  55. 4. A bunch of cosmetic UI fixes and additions for different in-game mechanics
  56. 5. A couple of bug fixes across the game
  57. 6. Shown the new coder how to efficiently add game-breaking bugs
  59. 0.8.1-beta
  60. 1. Added Live2D animation for Hermione's "Book of Runes" scene (old plot + memories)
  61. 2. Fixed "Mysterious Fan" quest in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
  62. 3. Fixed appearance logic for the night creatures in the office
  63. 4. Updated art for Halloween events (Luna, Hermione, Susan)
  64. 5. Fixed a number of game breaking bugs in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
  65. 6. Fixed triggers for Halloween events (they should start correctly now)
  66. 7. Fixed glitchy visuals when interacting with the keyhole in the office
  67. 8. Corrected a number of typos
  68. 9. Expanded functionality of Live2D engine in Ren'py to support future content
  69. 10. Improved bugs throughout the game
  71. 0.8-beta
  72. 1. Added Halloween events for each of the main girls in Act 2 Chapter 1 (new plot)
  73. 2. Added new Halloween costumes for main girls
  74. 3. Added "Mysterious Fan" quest available starting from Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
  75. 4. Extended the polyjuice event in Act 2 Chapter 1 (new plot)
  76. 5. Added "Risky Student" quest starting from Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
  77. 6. Added Daphne encounter in Abandoned wing (new plot)
  78. 7. Added hidden quest *~E■ORR▣⚬ in Act 1 Chapter 3 (new plot)
  79. 8. Added random creatures that can appear during the night before sleeping (new plot)
  80. 9. Added a couple of new achievements
  81. 10. Added and updated several music tracks
  82. 11. Various small fixes and adjustments here and there (new plot)
  83. 12. Optimized existing bugs and added several new ones
  85. 0.8.1-alpha
  86. 1. The hat is now present in act 2 after finishing act 1 in new plot
  87. 2. Fixed interactions with the elf
  88. 3. Added pixies cage memory
  89. 4. Added bonus event after completing Susan's part in act 1 chapter 3, or if she's waifu in act 2 chapter 1 (new plot)
  90. 5. Fixed several bugs that were introduced in act 1 (new plot) that were breaking some of the events in new plot
  91. 6. All of the fixes from version 0.7.3B are included in 0.8.1A
  92. 7. Carefully hid some of the bugs for you to find and enjoy
  94. 0.8-alpha
  95. 1. Adjusted the story in the prologue and act 1 chapters up to chapter 3
  96. 2. Added a fullscreen scene in chapter 3
  97. 3. Added several spicy side quests available in chapter 2 and 3
  98. 4. Added a teaser for one of the new characters
  99. 5. Added a new system for buying and selling items (it will be actively used in future chapter 4 and 5)
  100. 6. Added a scene involving two Slytherin girls in act 2 chapter 1 (new plot)
  101. 7. Added two new music tracks
  102. 8. Added dressing room for Nola
  103. 9. A number of polishing and QA adjustments and fixes based on your feedback <3
  104. 10. This version includes all the additions and fixes from 0.7.2-beta
  105. 11. We heard you like bugs, so we put more bugs in our bugs so you can enjoy bugs while playing with bugs
  107. 0.7.3-beta
  108. 1. Fixed the crash after apparating outside the office
  109. 2. Fixed the scene between two girls in the end of act 2 in new plot
  110. 3. Added a prompt before summoning the prefect in act 2 (new plot) if there are side quests still available and the final stage of main quest is active at the same time
  111. 4. Fixed a number of typos and grammatical errors in both ENG and RUS versions
  112. 5. Fixed the activation process of the unlock file on MAC and Linux
  113. 6. Various minor adjustments and fixes
  114. 7. Carefully hid some of the bugs for you to find and enjoy
  116. 0.7.2-beta
  117. 1. Updated saving system internals to make saving much faster
  118. 2. Added the ability to change the opacity of the dialogue window
  119. 3. Boosted saves and persistent files manipulations replaced with a more convenient system
  120. 4. Fixed game crash during bedroom random encounters
  121. 5. Updated Irma Pince minion
  122. 6. Updated Forest Girl minion
  123. 7. Added Wiki button
  124. 8. Added a bunch of memory scenes
  125. 9. Added background minions in the library
  126. 10. Added the ability to change the background in dressing rooms
  127. 11. Added new items to the changing rooms
  128. 12. Many smaller fixes and adjustments based on your reports (thanks!)
  129. 13. Bugs.
  131. 0.7.1-beta
  132. 1. Adjusted the final scene during "Sex education" side-quest
  133. 2. Fixed the interactions with the phoenix in new plot (only available if your waifu is not Hermione)
  134. 3. Major scenes from new side-quests were added to the memories
  135. 4. Added back pose to the dressing room for eligible characters
  136. 5. Fixed the transition between old and new plot
  137. 6. Stats can now be raised in new plot
  138. 7. Slightly updated the rewards for successful stats-check in "Sex education" side-quest
  139. 8. Added a notification before starting the final stage of the main quest in new plot with the option to finish the remaining side-quests first
  140. 9. Persistent data now saves during daily auto-save (this should prevent the loss of memories/achievements if the game was closed unexpectedly)
  141. 10. Fixed a number of typos and grammatical errors (mostly in new plot)
  142. 11. Other fixes and adjustments
  143. 12. As always, new bugs were added (they can't wait to meet you!)
  145. 0.7-beta
  146. 0. (Most of the new content is available in the new story)
  147. 1. Added four side quests with juicy rewards
  148. 2. Added a fullscreen scene with one of the main girls
  149. 3. Added new uniform for the main girls
  150. 4. Restored unofficial meetings with main girls
  151. 5. Added random encounters in the corridor
  152. 6. Added new minions in bedrooms for the last stage of the main quest
  153. 7. Updated x-ray acquisition and functionality in new plot
  154. 8. Slightly updated the new plot scene with Minerva
  155. 9. Added 7 new music tracks
  156. 10. Fixed a number of annoying bugs (thanks for the reports!)
  157. 11. Added a number of QoL improvements
  158. 12. Added new bugs in accordance with multiple requests
  160. 0.7.1-alpha
  161. 1. Fixed entry to Live2D scenes in showers and added to memories
  162. 2. Fixed the error caused by sending letters in some chapters
  163. 3. Fixed Marcus floating in the cabinet after a certain event
  164. 4. Fixed game crashing after the age check on some Android devices
  165. 5. Fixed numerous visual glitches and bugs in the new chapter
  166. 6. Fixed music and sound glitches in the new chapter
  167. 7. Polished the new chapter to make the gameplay smoother overall
  168. 8. Updated alchemy minigame interface
  169. 9. Added undressed state for Andromeda's portrait in the new chapter
  170. 10. Minerva's encounter in new chapter can now be replayed via memories
  171. 11. Fixed other bugs and glitches, and added new ones for you to enjoy <3
  173. 0.7.0-alpha
  174. 1. Added the first chapter of the updated plot
  175. 2. Integrated Live2D Susan's scene into the game (no need for additional animations file anymore)
  176. 3. Integrated Live2D showers scene into the game
  177. 4. Added alternative scene with Minerva
  178. 5. Partly updated Helena's and Minerva's idles
  179. 6. Added a bunch of new and updated sexy minions
  180. 7. Added several new locations
  181. 8. Added three plot-related interactive events
  182. 9. Introduced several new characters for future events
  183. 10. Reworked and updated some of the core game's mechanics based on the feedback
  184. 11. Added three new music tracks
  185. 12. Updated preferences screen to make it more user-friendly
  186. 13. Updated saving system and added new ESC menu
  187. 14. Updated interfaces throughout the game
  188. 15. A bunch of other fixes and adjustments based on the feedback
  189. 16. Bugs, bugs, bugs!
  191. 0.6.5-final
  192. 1. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations (special thanks to those who helped with the debug)
  193. 2. Fixed an exception with transferring persistent data from a very old version
  194. 3. Fixed several notification and goals issues
  195. 4. Other minor fixes and adjustments
  197. 0.6.4-final
  198. 1. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day
  199. 2. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in act 1 chapter 4
  200. 3. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in act 1 chapter 4
  201. 4. Other minor fixes and adjustments
  203. 0.6.3-final
  204. 1. Updated Daphne's animation in main menu to Live2D version
  205. 2. Fixed several critical problems with Sonya's leveling
  206. 3. Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations
  207. 4. Other fixes and bugs
  209. 0.6.2-final
  210. 1. Hermione's background animation in main menu was updated to Live2D
  211. 2. Fixed errors with saving/transferring game progress
  212. 3. Fixed a bug caused by sending letters to multiple recipients
  213. 4. A bunch of fixes and adjustments based on the players' feedback (Thanks!)
  214. 5. Updated old bugs and added several new ones
  216. 0.6.1-final
  217. 1. Fixed the Book of Runes event
  218. 2. Fixed incorrect/missing translations
  219. 3. Fixed the Wheel of Fortune (WoF) event
  220. 4. Added slightly different endings for the WoF event based on the difficulty
  221. 5. Random bedroom encounters should be reachable now
  222. 6. Further updated the drinking minigame interface
  223. 7. Fixed Xandria interactions in Act 2 Chapter 2
  224. 8. Adjusted the difficulty/time-to-finish of some of the minigames
  225. 9. Added the option to use old music from the previous versions
  226. 10. Fixed problems with saving/transferring the progress
  227. 11. Other fixes and adjustments
  228. 12. New bugs
  230. 0.6-final
  231. 1. Added introductory CG scene with Hermione
  232. 2. Added new Hermione's minigame
  233. 3. Added new tutoring scenes for Daphne and Susan
  234. 4. Added second date scenes
  235. 5. Reworked drinking game interface to make it more user-friendly
  236. 6. Added introductory scenes with Xandria
  237. 7. Added Christmas event with tasty rewards
  238. 8. Updated and added several new music tracks
  239. 9. Hermione's interactions with phoenix received additional art
  240. 10. Added new costume for Sonya
  241. 11. Added unlockable journal notes for Daphne's and Luna's minigames
  242. 12. Added random bedroom encounters. Who knows who you can meet there ;)
  243. 13. Added casual dialogues option when drinking with Minerva
  244. 14. Slightly increased the quality of the art in the main office
  245. 15. Added easier version for the statue minigame in Act 1
  246. 16. Added new memories
  247. 17. Updated the game's engine to version 7.4.0 (better performance)
  248. 18. Other bugfixes and adjustments
  249. 19. Added new bugs
  251. 0.6-beta
  252. 1. Made it possible to transfer some of the progress between versions (includes memories, Sonya, achievements, dressing rooms, as well as game preferences and screenshots). This functionality should work starting from this version.
  253. 2. Added introductory dating scenes with main girls.
  254. 3. Added bonus shower scenes for Daphne and Luna.
  255. 4. Sonya and achievements are now global and their progress is shared between different playthroughs.
  256. 5. A ton of fixes of numerous bugs throughout the whole game.
  257. 6. A new interactive statue mini-game was added to Act 1 Chapter 3.
  258. 7. Added proper hinting arrows to the early chapters of Act 1.
  259. 8. Reworked and updated Hagrid interactions in Act 2.
  260. 9. Act 2 Chapter 1 has different flow of events now.
  261. 10. Many events in Act 2 Chapter 1 were polished or changed.
  262. 11. Act 2 Chapter 1 can be finished now.
  263. 12. The quest journal received an additional hinting functionality.
  264. 13. The quest journal received a cosmetic overhaul.
  265. 14. Numerous hints were added to the quests throughout the game via hinting in the quest journal.
  266. 15. Added a warning message to the events that are not yet finished.
  267. 16. The message about new version of the game should now work correctly.
  269. 0.6.1-alpha
  270. 1. Fixed drinking game bug where you could lock yourself out
  271. 2. Fixed Chapter 4 passage issues
  272. 3. Fixed Luna indentation error
  273. 4. Fixed Hermione skirt bug
  274. 5. Fixed bug with new scene staying stuck on screen
  275. 6. Fixed Chuglerita being broken
  276. 7. Fixed skip menu options
  277. 8. Fixed Susan in Chapter 4, being broken upon insulting her
  278. 9. Fixed unclear and broken goals in Act 2, Chapter 1
  279. 10. Many other smaller fixes (thank you all for your reports!)
  280. 11. Added new bugs
  282. 0.6-alpha
  283. 1. Complete edit of chapters through chapter 4, text and flow
  284. 2. Added hinting arrow system that guides you through clicking, only works up to chapter 2
  285. 3. Added ambient sounds, that happen when you open the window or doors, or change location
  286. 4. Added continuance of drinking game
  287. 5. Added test functionality of minigame with Hermione (not yet complete)
  288. 6. Added new Susan minigame, with rewards
  289. 7. Updated objectives as things changed in game
  290. 8. Added small rewards for choices in chapter 2
  291. 9. Added scene with the thief capturing him stealing clothes (cutscene)
  292. 10. Added more main plot to Act2 Chapter 1
  293. 11. Added additional scenes, that were missing art
  294. 12. Added spying on girls prior to dating scene in chapter 4
  295. 13. Added dating scene in chapter 4
  296. 14. Swimsuit quest is simpler and easy to follow, ripped out a lot of redundant text from chapter 4
  297. 15. You now pick a Waifu at the beginning of that chapter and only solve/read papers of one girl
  298. 16. Added sound functions to support random sounds (not in use atm)
  299. 17. Added function to enable fining Marcus for bad actions
  300. 18. Built scripts to swap out translations as we will be redoing the engine completely in the future, so we had to do this to support it
  301. 19. And last, but not least, a new scene with one of the girls, finish Act2 Chapter goals, and you will see the steps required for it in your goals, once you are on the right track.
  303. 0.6-pre-alpha-animations
  304. 0. Slightly changed the naming for versions (0.6A = 0.6-alpha, 0.6B = 0.6-beta, etc).
  305. 1. Both main menu screens are now animated.
  306. 2. Susan's tutoring scene is now animated.
  307. 3. Animations for another scene are in the works.
  308. 4. Added new background for memories.
  309. 5. Fixed most of the reported bugs (thank you for the reports!).
  310. 6. New bugs are there too, waiting for you ;)
  312. 0.5.1F
  313. 1. Fixed most of the critical bugs that were reported to us by the players (you're the best <3)
  314. 2. Probably added a couple of bugs as a result
  316. 0.5F
  317. 1. Dark path in chapter 5 is now passable!
  318. 2. Continuation of Luna's scene
  319. 3. Additional scenes for dark path added
  320. 4. Miniskirts quest line, you can get 2 shorter skirts on the main girls now (more later)
  321. 5. This will allow you to buy new things from an old friend
  322. 6. Dressing room added
  323. 7. Peeking on the girls in the shower introduced (minimum functionality)
  324. 8. Quest to introduce drinking game added
  325. 9. Drinking game itself added (preliminary, basic functionality) to make money
  326. 10. Sexecution catalogue and market introduced
  327. 11. Dark path special scenes with Susan for tutoring
  328. 12. Dark path scene with Hermione
  329. 13. Manipulation/Fervor mini-game added
  330. 14. Continuation of Diadem quest line added
  331. 15. Combining and breaking apart of items mechanic
  332. 16. Special scene with Daphne introduced
  333. 17. Easter egg with portraits is in game
  334. 18. Portraits now have random texts
  335. 19. Haggling with Filch mechanic added
  336. 20. Chapter 4 was slightly overhauled (updated with goals + fixed bugs + more streamlined now)
  337. 21. Added an option to change the speed of scenes/events (can be accessed via the "Advanced" tab in preferences)
  338. 22. Ability to save screenshots into the in-game gallery (can be accessed by hiding the interface via the button in the dialogue window, or by pressing "H")
  339. 23. Bunch of different QoL fixes and additions for interface and translations
  341. 0.5.1B
  342. 1. Fixed a bunch of critical bugs
  343. 2. Fixed other non-critical bugs
  344. 3. Changed the version of the game (saves made in 0.5B won't work)
  346. 0.5B
  347. 1.Act 2 begins! (there are several additions in act 1 chapter 5 as well)
  348. 2.New scene with main girl (these scenes are on light path for now)
  349. 3.Dark path can now allow you to suspend Hermione and Daphne as well
  350. 4.Drinking scene bonus for Hermione and Daphne added
  351. 5.Art added for Hermione and Susan interactions with Marcus tutoring
  352. 6.Added Christmas decorations for Marcus' office! (better late than never)
  353. 7.Updated idles for Nola and Ginny
  354. 8.Ginny's scene was updated
  355. 9.Changing room added (WIP, only Daphne is partially added at the moment)
  356. 10.New commissar scenes with all girls
  357. 11.New random interactions with portraits (WIP, may be broken in pre-release)
  358. 12.Dark path continues up to our next minigame which is still WIP (sorry)
  359. 13.Memories were added for all girls
  360. 14.Changes to Daphne Bathwater event
  361. 15.Many quality of life improvements and additions
  362. 16.Fixed a multitude of bugs
  363. 17.Added new bugs
  365. 0.5A
  366. 1.Added new manipulation abilities (both dark and light).
  367. 2.Added plot, ability to wear diadem.
  368. 3.Added lock mechanism (requirement for sex scenes).
  369. 4.Added new scene with a main girl!
  370. 5.Many requirements for said scene.
  371. 6.Redesigned the screen that pops up when error happens to be more user-friendly.
  372. 7.Added a way to get more memory fragments for Sonya (can be accessed via her menu).
  373. 8.Added early stages of tutoring, light path is fleshed out partially, for 1 girl.
  374. 9.Dark path is not complete yet.
  375. 10.Added memories, you can replay scenes (around 80% of them at the moment). Some of them have additional bonus content.
  376. 11.Added poses for manipulation scenes for future releases.
  377. 12.Increased the amount of galleons which Marcus can get (advance the plot to unlock this).
  378. 13.Fixed bugs.
  379. 14.Added bugs.
  380. 15.Started working on the next scene with one of the main girls!
  382. 0.4.1F
  383. Bug fixes:
  384. Susan outfit fixed
  385. Daphne Minigame outfit fixed
  386. Luna wrong day of week pills fixed
  387. Critical errors with objectives being triggered in Chapter 4
  388. Made hermione Minigame easier (cheat button after concede)
  389. Fixed critical error with the Wand quest
  390. Fixed a few typos
  391. Fixed shuffle bug with hermi minigame
  392. Remove luna and susan minigames once they are suspended
  393. Timer issue in QTE fixed
  394. Fixed Sonya issue where you couldn't change her settings
  395. Fixed diary calls, would only show Daphne's after you solved them all
  396. Fixed quick buttons disappearing during exposure scenes
  397. Fixed issue with Automove Forward buttons
  399. 0.4F
  400. 1.Main plot advances:
  401. Diadem Quest
  402. Helena Followup
  403. Breaking IMVOIS Quest
  404. Coercing the girls to break IMVOIS
  405. Start to get the girls drunk
  406. 2.Dark and Light paths, the game will now diverge based on your choices:
  407. Become a permanent member of Hogwarts
  408. Follow the path of light, find the girls diaries
  409. Follow the path of dark, trick them into breaking IMVOIS
  410. 3.New Location, Office Bedroom
  411. 4.Additional Market opened up for dressing the girls in new outfits (only 2 new, currently)
  412. 5.Additional costume for Sonya
  413. 6.New Objective tracking in Journal, basically the walkthrough is in game chapter 5 only
  414. 7.Shorter skirts are now in game (you must follow the objective, can be missed)
  415. 8.Door Lock mechanic in game, not currently used, will be for future sex scenes
  416. 9.Chapter 5 can be done with 1 girl or all 4 concurrently
  417. 10.Moved Merlin to right side of hallway, he's very obvious now
  418. 11.Added Quests for each of the girls, both dark and light
  419. 12.Time turner location is now random on the ground and opacity changes based on perception
  420. 13.Quest to open up new market
  421. 14.Classroom scenes
  422. 15.Start of more authority over the girls, you will be able to practice medical stuff soon.
  423. 16.Added emotions for all of Chapter 5
  424. 17.Added person on day of summons to calendar display near clock
  425. 18.Bugs fixed
  426. 19.More bugs added!
  427. 20.Many many many more changes! (We can't remember them all)
  429. Everything is ready to go for the next updates first sex scene with a main girl!
  431. 0.4B
  432. 1.X-ray and Influence have level 2 now:
  433. This means panties can be made transparent
  434. Influence will bypass stat checks to level 10 now
  435. 2.The way dialogue is displayed has been completely overhauled internally
  436. 3.Other internal changes to the code and clean up
  437. 4.Many, many, many bugfixes
  439. 0.4.1A
  440. 1.Fixed hallway dialogue background bug
  441. 2.Fixed daphne minigame bugs
  442. 3.Fixed ginny scene bugs
  443. 4.Removed splashscreen
  444. 5.Many bugfixes
  445. 6.Probably added some new
  447. 0.4A
  448. 1.Added support for Android: this is our first release for android, please let us know how it works for you!
  449. 2.Added new location, second corridor, this will allow us further into the castle in the future.
  450. 3.Extended Susan's minigame and rewards
  451. 4.Updated Hermione in Chapter 4, completely overhauled most of the text for brevity, gave the player more control for skipping text with her
  452. 5.Updated the Ginny scene, it's now repeatable AND you can get her naked
  453. 6.Added new position for Marcus in text, corruption is coming, soon!
  454. 7.Additional scene with Minerva added, and a new outfit
  455. 8.Added many bug fixes
  456. 9.Created more bugs
  458. 0.3.1F
  459. 1.Fixed display bug on layered images (this is what took the longest)
  460. 2.Made Ginny scene repeatable through summons
  461. 3.Enabled Influence for all things requiring stats
  462. 4.Updated tooltip for Influence, it will even hint when you use it for Ginny
  463. 5.Fixed other bugs, related to critical tracebacks
  464. 6.Time turner now works even when levels are capped
  465. 7.Ginny diary guesses now work in russian
  466. 8.Fixed many other bugs
  467. 9.Probably added a few more elsewhere.
  469. 0.3F
  470. 1.Added new Ginny Quest line, with additional minigame, sexual scene (More will be added to the scene in 0.4a)
  471. 2.Converted the entire game internals to english as the native language, this will allow additional languages supported going forward and speed up development
  472. 3.Added peeking on all main girls.
  473. 4.Added additional main story progress on commissar positions with all 4 girls
  474. 5.Added a new mini-location (zoomed in office table), to allow new interactions with the girls
  475. 6.Redid every translation because we flipped the internal text.
  476. 7.Added many dependencies on stats
  477. 8.Adjusted stats to make the grind less-so (we hope)
  478. 9.Added additional easter-eggs with Ginny (you'll have to look for them)
  479. 10.Added emotions in many places where they are missing (still have much more to go)
  480. 11.Fixed Ginny to not be broken if you lose the key, you can get to it in chapter 5
  481. 12.Updated the abilities buttons layout and issues with beta buttons
  482. 13.As noted above, Diary for Ginny is now decryptable, you will have to play her mini-game first
  483. 14.Added logic to corral player to the right path in chapter 5
  484. 15.Added additional riddle questions for Nola
  485. 16.Added chapter 5 objectives (YAY!)
  486. 17.Made it so you can buy pills from Snape, removing the hard limit set
  487. 18.Added hinting for most menus (it tells you what the level requirement on the stat is)
  488. 19.Fixed many many bugs
  489. 20.Probably added just as many new ones!
  491. 0.3.1B
  492. 1.Initial Stat leveling to level 1 takes 3 workouts
  493. 2.You can now work out any stat a max of 4 times a day
  494. 3.Fixed Luna quiz, all questions have correct answers
  495. 4.Fixed issue with fireplace going out after 2nd day of drinking
  496. 5.Fixed multiple issues with text and translations
  497. 6.Fixed Helena menu to be more clear when following up on spying
  498. 7.Added fix to account for Amelia Bones book, no duplication now
  499. 8.Market places now work properly (without any effect on game)
  500. 9.Fixed duplicated text with Amelia Bones
  501. 10.Change the way we account for chapter completion to better transition without bugs to Chapter 5
  502. 11.Address the curtain being left closed after students leave the office
  503. 12.Fixed floo powder duplication at start of Chapter 5
  504. 13.Fixed summoning bug for summoning beyond 21:00 in Chapter 5
  505. 14.Fixed issue with Daphne minigame and 2 different swimsuits having the same name
  506. 15.Corrected issues with Ginny not being able to be done in Chapter 5 (multiple crits)
  507. 16.Corrected Amelia menus to allow you to summon Susan now in Chapter 5 for her minigame
  508. 17.Fixed issue with the robe being over the swimsuits when it should be showing them in swimsuits
  509. 18.Checked crit with Daphne minigames summoning more than one time in a day
  510. 19.Fixed crit where None type was found on stats (initialized stats earlier)
  511. 20.Fixed critical errors with Ginny objectives causing criticals (tracebacks)
  512. 21.Added bugs we are unaware of
  514. 0.3B
  515. 1.Relationship bars for all main girls (WIP, they will not provide additional content or checks atm)
  516. 2.Added Paths and abilities, you get 1 investment point, per level increase of each stat (check your journal to use)
  517. 3.Updated stats for Marcus, they were negatively being impacted(unintended effect).
  518. 4.Updated the effect of the time turner to negatively impact relationships with the girls
  519. 5.Implemented the X-Ray ability, you can now see through the girls tops, use before summoning (only works on the main 4 girls atm, it will have multiple levels of use in the future)
  520. 6.Introduction of Chapter 5, you will now enter the corruption phase and relationships here.
  521. 7.Nola door blocker has multiple ways to unlock access to the castle through stats (intellect is the easiest way out level 2)
  522. 8.Created open world experience where the player can navigate through out the castle and go to different parts, depending on time of day
  523. 9.Introduction to grading papers to make money (Chapter 5)
  524. 10.Ability to shop markets via the brochure, certain items increase relationship, others are negative (Chapter 5)
  525. 11.Summon girls for swimsuit of your choice (Chapter 5, waifu is easiest, can be used with X-Ray)
  526. 12.Updated the Important notes, it was a day off for people skipping text
  527. 13.Corrected grammar, and translations further
  528. 14.Made Hermione's minigame easier with the ability to give up
  529. 15.Updated Ginny path to be accessible from Chapter 5 as well, if not done in Chapter 4
  530. 16.Fixed waifu selection blocking Ginny
  531. 17.Added a lot of Sonya hinting for Daphne minigame
  532. 18.Fixed other bugs
  533. 19.Added bugs
  535. 0.3A hotfix
  536. 1.Fixed the critical error in Daphne's mini-game.
  537. 2.Found the lost translations in Daphne's and Hermione's mini-games.
  538. 3.Other smaller bug-fixes.
  539. 4.Added new bugs.
  541. 0.3A
  542. 1.Reworked system for character display, now it is more flexible and allows to add more functions to it in the future. (Possible bugs)
  543. 2.Introduced characteristics, now they are actually being used.
  544. 3.Introduced time-turner for week-skip function. (early development function)
  545. 4.Added two new mini games for Daphne and Hermione, nice prizes included.
  546. 5.Added missing emotions.
  547. 6.Simplified waifu and swimsuit branches.
  548. 7.Edited English text. (courtesy MC Nietzche)
  549. 8.Edited Russian text. (Courtesy MrFrost2005)
  550. 9.Fixed many bugs in texts, code and visuals. (Courtesy of all of our players and supporters, that send us their reports)
  551. 10.Updated MC's diary.
  552. 11.Added new items for the inventory.
  553. 12.Added new bugs.
  555. 0.2F
  556. 1.Continuation of waifu branches (for all the heroines)(10 new types of swimsuits!)
  557. 2.Finished the 4th chapter.
  558. 3.Added significant number of clothes for Sonya.
  559. 4.Added level mechanic for Sonya.
  560. 5.Added hints for the swimsuit quest.
  561. 6.Added a small quest for Filch access.
  562. 7.Added secondary objectives tracking in the journal.
  563. 8.Added continuation of Ginny.
  564. 9.Added a mini game in Ginny branch.
  565. 10.Continuation of the quest with Nola.
  566. 11.Rework of the body and clothes for Daphne.
  567. 12.Updates to the Luna dream branch.
  568. 13.Updated first encounter with Helena.
  569. 14.Added new achievements.
  570. 15.Added Hagrid encounter.
  571. 16.Added emotions for Helena and Auriel.
  572. 17.Mistakes fixed in dead end for swimsuits.
  573. 18.Bugs fixed.
  574. 19.Another pile of smaller polishing touches.
  575. 20.Bugs added.
  576. 21.Further text editing.
  578. 0.2.1B
  579. 1.Fixed the critical bug with the broom, that locked players out of the significant portion of the game.
  580. 2.Fixed the bug after resolving problems in the prefects' branch.
  581. 3.Fixed numerous small bugs with the wrong layering on the screens.
  582. 4.Additional editing of Russian and English texts.
  583. 5.Increased optimisation of the game.
  584. 6.Dealt with some of the logical mistakes in the walkthrough.
  585. 7.Improved hat interface.
  586. 8.Other smaller bugs.
  588. 0.2B
  589. 1.Added a new school wing. Let's hope you remember how to get out of the window...
  590. 2.Added a new special location. Just added, not much to it, let's hope you remember how to throw potions out of the window.
  591. 3.Helena has been completely reworked. Also changed the way you get Daphne's address and other interactions.
  592. 4.The whole mess with papers has been reworked. It is now shorter and has variety to it. And a proper end too.
  593. 5.Minerva can now be summoned in unofficial capacity.
  594. 6.Prefects' meeting branch can now be finished.
  595. 7.Added a small event, now with Luna.
  596. 8.Introduced a secret character. First meeting will be easy, second - not so much.
  597. 9.Introduced a mechanic for the dorms to work with the prefects' branch, you will have to figure that one out.
  598. 10.“All the bugs that are there for you to catch”
  600. 0.2A
  601. 1.Reworked inventory system and item usage. Now active-zones react when you hover items over them. While wardrobe remembers positions you dragged the items to.
  602. 2.Tutor-guide has been added to the game that will hint toward further plot development. Added an instruction to Sonya in your first meeting.
  603. 3.Update interface for character interaction and reworked option order. All-in-all the whole system has been tidied up. Hopefully, there will be little to no bugs.
  604. 4.Added the keyhole location and the option to look through it.
  605. 5.On the Sonya level-page, added level tracking meter. It will indicate how many and how far you are from unlocking cautious options.
  606. 6.From the depths of development we are bringing a small event with Susan. Just to give you a tease what will come, in the future this event will be moved further ahead in the story.
  607. 7.Additional interaction with Hermione, while she interacts with Phoenix. Don't skip over it.
  608. 8.Edited a number of dialogues with Minerva and Snape.
  609. 9.Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes, so many bugs to fix.
  610. 10.“Bugs that are there to check how perceptive you are.”
  612. 0.1F
  613. 1.Added carried dialogue for Sonya when using the wardrobe mode.
  614. 2.Changed the visuals of tutorial screens.
  615. 3.Pages with information aren't separate pages anymore, but scrollable lists with anchoring buttons.
  616. 4.Added special look for Sonya. (With help from TenchiMuyo1984)
  617. 5.Even more music and sound effects have been added.
  618. 6.Squashed many bugs.
  620. 0.1S
  621. 1.Due to the extensive changes in the code of the game, we came to the point where Ren'Py cannot properly handle the traditional rollback function (wheel scrolling) without causing tons of errors and conflicts. As such, the rollback function has been completely removed and you won't be able to activate it even with the console. We are too tired of looking for non-existing bugs from people who have rolled back half of the game and unwilling to admit that.
  622. 2.Old saves will now be hardlocked form being used, game mechanics change too much between patches, breaking the old saves, and we are too tired of looking for bugs popping out because of the usage of old saves and people not willing to admit that the used the old save when encountered said bugs.
  623. 3.Luna and Susan branches are now caught up to Hermione and Daphne, meaning you can fly to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff towers will all the bonuses you expect.
  624. 4.All active windows are now much smoother in their appearance, no more flickering or chugged appearances.
  625. 5.Further expansion of tutorial mechanic. For the moment, there is not a lot of clothes available for Sonya and increasing her level is temporarily locked, but the existing clothes have received levels and will be waiting for rebalance in information points, so as soon as we decide to green-light the mechanic, player will be able to customise his assistant.
  626. 6.Added an introduction dialogue for Sonya, it will be a subject to change as we continue to add information to the assistant.
  627. 7.In-game assistant will now unlock additional information as you go through the game and not give it all straight from the beginning.
  628. 8.Multiple fixes and other small improvements to the game.
  630. 0.1B
  631. 1.Added 7 achievements, for now in test mode, just to see how they will be received and what should be changed.
  632. 2.Introducing Sonya - in-game guide. For now just some barebones things, further additions in future versions.
  633. 3.Added unfinished changing room for Sonya, that allow for limited customisability of our cute assistant.
  634. 4.Removed BORD(URDD).
  635. 5.Various small fixes and edits.
  636. 6.Added emotions to the dialogues in the 3rd chapter.
  638. 0.1A
  639. 1.First, we have changed the game's chronology. From this point own first act is “prologue”, and second and third are united into the “first act” and will be separated in chapters. With that we will also shift from numerous acts system and stay with traditional three act one.
  640. 2.Added sensible mark points to indicate acts and chapters, making the overall process more definitive.
  641. 3.Don't rush through the prologue. We have added a special surprise to it, previously we have called it “overtime”. Or, if we were to put it simply we give our protagonist an opportunity to seize a chance of a lifetime or rather a chance of his memory revival. With that you will see how we plan to make such scenes in our game, we are waiting for your reviews.
  642. 4.From this point on, Minerva got a facelift, and it may be worth your time to take certain chances you weren't comfortable taking before. Check up on her in the showers.
  643. 5.For those of you who were interested in Helena Ravenclaw, try exploring the prefects' meeting branch with her.
  644. 6.We have added a number of miniatures to different locations. While it is a part of overall development, at least one of them will introduce a very famous character. Who know what we will see of that character in the future...
  645. 7.Also, some work has been done on all the miniatures, as so they don't flicker as much.
  646. 8.We have also worked on the interface. Some windows were changed in order to improve their functionality.
  647. 9.We continue to add to our music and sounds. A significant amount of progress has been achieved, but there are still things to do.
  648. 10.Further editing of both: Russian and English versions of the text. From the testers' reviews both have improved.
  649. 11.We continue our work on adding emotions to our characters. For the moment we have finished with the major parts of the fourth chapter.
  650. 12.We have managed to solve the issue of the right-click on the owl. From this point on (and until the next patch) you will be able to get money with simple left-click. In the future we will return the tutorial system to the game, which we had to remove for now, as we didn't have enough time to implement it properly. And then we will return to the usage of the right-click to the interactions with our game. And right-click will be used to open many letters, by clicking on the owl.
  651. 13.Other smaller fixes, which are too numerous to list here.
  653. 0.0.4S
  654. 1.We have fully reworked the image engine for idles. Now the should flicker during the change.
  655. 2.Finished with another batch of emotions. Now they are available until the end of the second act.
  656. 3.Integrated many sounds for different parts of the game.
  657. 5.Many fixes for the bugs encountered in previous version and many other small changes.
  659. 0.0.4B
  660. 1.URDD(BORD) is back in the game. There were little to no changes made to it, meaning that some of the dialogues will be actively re-written as they don't exactly fit with our current vision for the characters.
  661. 2.Added an additional alternative URDD(BORD) branch.
  662. 3.New additional branch of “Prefects' meetings”.
  663. 4.Added an additional option of seeing girls (only two for now) in their “prefects' meetings” branch.
  664. 5.You can now go out of the window. Meet a new character and get a new broom.
  665. 6.Calendar and schedule added. You can see them in watch screen.
  666. 7.You now get a weekly 50 coins stipend. Make sure to check your owl weekly.
  667. 8.Option of skipping text with the mouse wheel down.
  668. 9.Option of reading past dialogues with mouse wheel up.
  669. 10.Updated curtain menu, added a few options.
  670. 11.You can now skip time by pressing with RMB on the watch.
  671. 12.Added a new option of skipping until next choice by holding the skip button for 2 seconds.
  672. 13.You can skip the first two acts now.
  673. 14.You can also turn on the rollback function.
  674. 15.You also have constant access to the save function now (Shift+S, Shift+L).
  675. 16.Window is now unlocked.
  676. 17.Removed the bug that caused Hermione not coming to the office to revive the phoenix.
  677. 18.Fixed numerous other smaller bugs of the previous version.
  678. 19.Added emotions to the first act.
  679. 20.Mermaid has her head back.
  680. 21.Added multiple new sounds to the game.
  681. 22.Light editing of the text.
  682. 23.Finished work with the art for Helena Ravenclaw. Which also called for text rework, which also has been done.
  683. 24.Portrait is now a physical object in your office.
  684. 25.Game has been updated to use RenPy 6.99.14.
  686. 0.0.4A
  687. 1.Rewritten game engine.
  688. 2.All art used is now our own original art.
  689. 3. 16 hour clock (new day system).
  690. 4. New character summon system via letters.
  691. 5. Inventory.
  692. 6. Item usage from the inventory.
  693. 7.Rewritten 1st and 2nd acts.
  694. 8.Rewritten beginning of the 3rd act.
  696. 0.0.3
  697. 1.Added 3rd act.
  699. 0.0.2
  700. 1.Added 2nd act.
  701. 2.Solved problems with sluggish graphics.
  702. 3.Recovered the ability to assemble Android version.
  704. 0.0.1
  705. 1.First release - teaser(prologue).
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