Stabbythrow x Shootystab B

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  1. [16:52:38] <Giantree> i will now setup the scene for you
  2. [16:52:40] <Giantree> You're naked.
  3. [16:52:40] <Giantree> go
  4. [16:53:01] <Giantree> nah jk do whatever you want but ~HOOOOOOOOOT SPRIIIIIIIIIINGS EPISODES~
  5. [16:53:09] <Vena> CAN'T PASS THEM UP
  6. [16:54:36] <Vena> HOT SPRINGS. Vena appreciates the ability to not have to bundle up for the winter, as well as that glorious hot/cold clash. It's like that feeling where you warm up in a hot shower, but it's a bath and it never stops. Despite this warmth, however, she's still chill as fuck. And maybe a bit intoxicated.
  7. [16:57:48] <Nagare_Shinobu> Shinobu, on the other hand, got out of the water quite a while ago, with the excuse of "nature calls". Now he's back, and gets back into the water beside Vena. "Hey there, Vi. You look like you're enjoying yourself." Yep, it was totally just nature calling. Hopefully, nobody actually did tail him or anything. This mission was too important for him to fuck
  8. [16:57:48] <Nagare_Shinobu> up. He was the best, after all.
  9. [16:58:56] <Giantree> that line break was perfect
  10. [16:58:59] <Giantree> >This mission was too important for him to fuck
  11. [16:59:03] <Giantree> sorry carry on
  12. [16:59:28] <Nagare_Shinobu> Truly, magnificence.
  13. [17:01:17] <Vena> Oh I bet nature DID call. Mixed baths, yo. "Bet I am. How's that other name thing going? Still not to late to think of a more fitting name."
  14. [17:02:03] <Vena> "Like your real one." Drink. "If you say your real one, I'll just pretend it's your new one. That should be fine, right?"
  15. [17:02:40] <RedXVII> Giantree,
  16. [17:02:44] <RedXVII> hot spring episode?
  17. [17:02:50] <RedXVII> what's really important here is
  18. [17:02:52] <RedXVII> mixed baths
  19. [17:03:00] <Vena> Hot Spring episode setting THAT YOU ARE INSIDE and yes mixed baths
  20. [17:03:03] <Vena> go away we're busy
  21. [17:03:12] <Giantree> No actually I think he's funny to talk to him in here
  22. [17:03:31] <RedXVII> what you need is basically
  23. [17:03:32] <Giantree> I am god of this land, I will include mixed bath discussion while you people take forever typing
  24. [17:03:40] <Vena> f-fair enough
  25. [17:03:54] <Giantree> Knowledge that can be used to increase the sexytimes of this setting is very important
  26. [17:03:56] <RedXVII> the girl to be really flustered about going into mixed baths
  27. [17:03:56] <Vena> ...Yeah, she's still got more drink. Much like her mask's design--a mask she still has half-on despite having nothing else on--she's clearly good at drinking.
  28. [17:04:04] <RedXVII> but mustering her courage anyway
  29. [17:04:12] <RedXVII> going in
  30. [17:04:14] <Giantree> Oh, that depends on who 'tie girl' is
  31. [17:04:17] <Giantree> there is a girl who's like that yeah
  32. [17:04:22] <Giantree> and she was assaulted by a lesbian upon doing so
  33. [17:04:27] <Giantree> SORRY
  34. [17:04:28] <RedXVII> but the protag leaves because he's also flustered and doesn't want to embarass her
  35. [17:04:29] <Giantree> a BISEXUAL
  36. [17:04:37] <Giantree> yeah
  37. [17:04:41] <Giantree> the dude she has a crush on did leave
  38. [17:04:43] <RedXVII> the girl is now disappointed and frustrated
  39. [17:04:44] <Giantree> it plays itself
  40. [17:04:44] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I was thinking around the lines of... Shinobu. Y'know, like those guys who disguise as farmers and shit, then kill people?" This was quite the gamble, but the real heart of this was the refuge in the sheer audacity that was Eckhart himself. "And I'm from around Sirrolant, too, so it'd make total sense." His facemask, if it hasn't been mentioned already, is
  41. [17:04:44] <Nagare_Shinobu> off, and he seems like a normal smug guy. No scars or anything to make it seem like he's retired.
  42. [17:04:50] <RedXVII> fortunately
  43. [17:04:57] <RedXVII> a strong and stout male watches
  44. [17:05:01] <RedXVII> good Giantree
  45. [17:05:07] <RedXVII> i'll let you handle this then
  46. [17:05:12] <RedXVII> do your best
  47. [17:05:18] <Giantree> Oh yeah, there are definitely strong & stout males going on
  48. [17:05:26] <Giantree> alright
  49. [17:05:29] <Giantree> sorry guys you can continue
  50. [17:06:13] <Giantree> (I do not intend for more netori to happen, but I never said I wouldn't put Tielle in a netorare situation...)
  51. [17:15:05] <Vena> "I'm not sure if you catch on quick or what, but yeah, that's a lot better. Considering you're from Sirrolant, it's a bit too fitting, Shinobu." Drink! "...Right down to the part where you blend in with what passes for normal around here...which is to say, you blend in by being incredibly full of yourself and with wear that suggests that you're obviously up to something,
  52. [17:15:05] <Vena> to the point that no one would actually suspect you were up to something. But from what I can tell, you're here for reasons similar to mine, so I guess I can't complain, eh?"
  53. [17:23:25] <Nagare_Shinobu> The "spy" makes some sort of "tch" sound. "When you're the best, there's nothing wrong with being confident, right? I mean, nothing's got me down yet, and I plan on keeping it that way." It would be nice to have a drink to sip right now, but there's no time for that. "So what's with the mask thing, anyway? Is it an intimidation tactic?"
  54. [17:27:52] <Vena> "Guess so, yeah." On confirming her own suspicions, she suddenly decides to not pry anymore! ...Also, she's got more bottles than the one she's drinking from. ...And yes, she's drinking straight from the bottle. "It works as one. It has other uses, like the concealing of my identity if need be, for I'd probably just be remembered by the mask if I was sneaking about. But
  55. [17:27:52] <Vena> the big reason I wear it now..." Drink.
  56. [17:31:01] <Vena> "...Well, let's say I have too much fun with striking down that oppose our ~fair lady~. Mask keeps our allies from freaking out over how I...get, while still being a close approximation of how my face looks once I need to put it on."
  57. [17:31:41] <Nagare_Shinobu> The ninja cosplayer casually leans over to steal one of the bottles. "So partly that, and also to hide your face. In the group I worked with, we wore those facemasks for about the same reason... hiding our face, that is. Some of the guys were scary enough, mask or not." Casually doesn't drink from the bottle.
  58. [17:39:27] <Vena> Vena casually catches him in the act, and casually just gives it to him. Wolf might be upset at the idea, but hey, wolf isn't here. "Yeah. Not exactly a line of work that attracts pretty boys in the first place." ...She gives him a lookover, from top to surface-of-the-water level. "And then there's the big outlier, who's kept his looks up despite being 'retired', because
  59. [17:39:27] <Vena> he's the best. Right?" The air quotes struggle to maintain being air quotes, for they're very, very heavy.
  60. [17:41:51] <Nagare_Shinobu> Probably laden with sarcasm. Remember to keep them light! "In my opinion, I'm still on the job. Might be my last mission, but I'm still on the job. I'm looking for a friend of mine. I know she's out there."
  61. [17:43:12] <Vena> "I'll take it. So, who's the friend?" Drink. Maybe they're laden with booze.
  62. [17:46:33] <Nagare_Shinobu> Laden with sarcastic booze! "A close friend of mine. We worked together a few times, talked often when we weren't on missions. Then she went off and... vanished. This is the last place we saw her." Depends on who "she" is!
  63. [17:51:40] <Vena> "...For all you know, I might have seen her. I come and go in Acaiah, you know?"
  64. [17:55:22] <Nagare_Shinobu> "She had pink hair (pretty sure it's dyed, all pink-haired chicks dye their hair that way), came from the countryside, and on the mission where she went MIA, was disguising as a maid. Know anyone like that?"
  65. [18:00:12] <Vena> "...Hm. Someone with that description would stick out (with or without pink hair really), but I haven't seen em. I tried!" Drink. "...Sounds cute, though. I suppose saying you're already retired helps to overcome that tendency of awful things happening to people saying that they'll retire after one last mission. I swear, everything in this group sounds like it comes out
  66. [18:00:12] <Vena> of a storybook..."
  67. [18:05:22] <Nagare_Shinobu> A slight chuckle from the ninja. "Well, we got the whole 'ragtag bunch helping an important character' thing from those fairy tales down pat. But... hey, I guess that includes me, right?"
  68. [18:12:09] <Vena> "Yeah. An important seeming character shrouded in mystery, at that. I'd say she'd get with the protagonist in the end, but turns out that I filled that spot in by being hired as her bodyguard initially instead of the muscleman she wanted, so she's out of luck~" She chuckles to herself, and gets another drink.
  69. [18:17:12] <Vena> "...For someone so used to the cold, she takes to the hot springs well enough." And another!
  70. [18:17:32] <Nagare_Shinobu> The ninja can't help but smile, deciding to take a sip out of his own booze. "So I guess I'll be the one she gets with?" Of course, how a dragon and a human get together is entirely beyond him, but he'd best not mention that.
  71. [18:22:04] <Vena> "Well, that's if the girl you were talking about is dead, corrupted, so on. Could go in a few directions." She says this entirely matter-of-factly. "Suppose Sylvera's dislike of you is greater than her dislike of me, so I suppose that would mean she's hiding more of an affection for you, if we're going entirely by those storybooks. ...And since we kind of get along, somehow
  72. [18:22:04] <Vena> already, I'm out." She shrugs!
  73. [18:26:44] <Nagare_Shinobu> "And who said that I liked that friend of mine that way? They're just a good friend of mine," Smirk intensifies. "Though with Sylpi... guess time will tell if she follows that old cliché. Think I should press on with what I've got with her?"
  74. [18:35:05] <Vena> "Oh come on, it's written all over you~" Drink! "That said,..yeah. Totally. Maybe she'll reveal the feelings that she keeps inside if you press her hard enough~"
  75. [18:37:12] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Ooh, but what if she just breaks, and ends up rejecting me? Guess it's a bit of a gamble, but hey, I knew this'd all be one big gamble from the start of my mission. Besides, I'm the best," Smug intensifies!
  76. [18:40:12] <Vena> "Oh, but that's usually temporary. Everyone would have to get recomposed, and then it would move in to things happening for real anyhow. That's how it works, right?" Grin intensifies. Drinking levels remain exactly where they were! Drink. "Surely the best should be able to manage~"
  77. [18:43:51] <Nagare_Shinobu> "And I will. Enough about me, though. How about you? Got any love interests?" Probably not, but hey! Gotta check just in case, right?
  78. [18:53:10] <Vena> "...Love interests...well I suppose considering the nature of my own mission--that being, my client is loaded--I should be thinking about that more. So aside from my affair with bleeding the life out of my enemies...hrm. Troubling. I think the one I have the most interest in, now that I think about it, is pretty much classified--" On thinking about the person in particular,
  79. [18:53:10] <Vena> she is reminded of an owl. Then of how much she wanted to shoot the owl initially. She sneezes. "...Pretty much classified, yes. They're not around, but they haven't gone missing."
  80. [18:54:56] <Giantree> just coming in here with a reminder that you'd probably both fuck your bosses if you were drunk enough
  81. [18:55:35] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... he's right.
  82. [18:55:48] <Giantree> it's my job to be right
  83. [18:55:51] <Vena> Vena wouldn't have to be drunk, though.
  84. [18:55:59] <Giantree> (but she is)
  85. [18:56:07] <Vena> (but she wouldn't have to be)
  86. [18:56:18] <Giantree> (nice)
  87. [18:56:33] <Vena> (...neither would Shinobu, he'd just be told to, no choice but to obey)
  88. [18:56:42] <Giantree> (oh shit i didn't even think about that)
  89. [18:56:50] <Giantree> (back to the fanfictionmobile)
  90. [18:57:22] <Nagare_Shinobu> Nice. "Nice. Tell me later how it goes when you try to hitch it off with him, alright?" Just for that one, Shinobu takes another drink.
  91. [19:00:40] <Vena> "Might be a while. Job pays enough that I know I'm in for more than was written. That's how it goes with jobs like that." Drink!
  92. [19:01:11] <Vena> "...And it's why I'm getting all the relaxation I can here. I can hardly afford to get hit by a friggen axe again. There's more where that one came from."
  93. [19:02:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> "You can always count on me if you need help. Oh, but then I'd kill more guys than you," The ninja laughs at his own bad joke.
  94. [19:07:26] <Vena> "...I'd count on you, but it wouldn't hurt if you just...left them crippled for me instead of killing them outright? That'd be sweet. Takes a few bodies for me to get into the groove,"
  95. [19:10:36] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Right, will do. Thing is, you know that trick I use where I throw it really far? I'm kinda vulnerable after that, so if you can hand me my other shuriken, it's a deal. That's what these things do, weaken... when I'm not killing with them." A deal has been struck right on its head!
  96. [19:13:26] <Vena> "...Might be in range to both do that and off them with a crossbow. I like it, we've got a deal. Pleasure working with you, then." She extends an arm to shake on it!
  97. [19:15:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> "No problem, Vi," Shinobu accepts the arm with his smug smirk of smugness!
  98. [19:16:08] <Vena> Then she chops off his arm and keeps it as a memento--jk she doesn't actually. SHAKE CONFIRMED, GOOD TIME TO /B
  99. [19:17:31] <Giantree> By the time they finally get out, the loli-shaped statue that was striking a pose near the edge of the spring the whole time shakes off its stoneness.  "Humans are still as fun as ever~"
  100. [19:17:39] <Giantree> And then Marah happily skips off.
  101. [19:18:57] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Vena and Shinobu attained a Support Rank of B!
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