Smash Moveset for Metal Mario

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  1. Metal Mario
  3. Neutral B: Mercury Bomb - MM throws a ball of liquid metal forward in a short arc. He can hold the button to throw it somewhat further,  but this slows it down. It lingers on the ground for a bit if it lands on the ground but hits no enemies. If it hits a wall, it will drop straight down. It hurts more than Luigi's fireballs if it hits the enemy while still in the air, but less than Mario's while on the ground.
  5. Side+B: Gleam - MM shines brightly for a few frames and takes one of Mario's iconic poses (randomly selected from a small pool) for a moment. If the enemy strikes MM while he's shining with a melee attack, they are tripped. If they strike him with a projectile during the shine, it is reflected in a mirror of the path it took to get to him. An enemy who melees MM while he is posing but not shining is turned around. A projectile that hits MM while he is posing but not shining bounces directly off him a short distance and then perishes. In both of the 'shiny' cases, MM is returned to a neutral pose immediately. If the move ends and no counter is triggered, Metal Mario will look shocked for a second, during which he is vulnerable.
  7. Up+B: Drill Jump Punch - MM does a version of Mario's Super Jump Punch that spins throughout the entire attack, even the descent, continually hitting the enemy for minor damage and knockback. This can be a valuable combo extender, and is probably his best tool for approach, but has a poor hitbox.
  9. Down+B: Metal Stomp - If used on the ground Metal Mario stomps hard in front of him with one leg, stepping forward slightly. If this hits the enemy, MM jumps upwards higher than his normal jump (but in a controllable arc, and able to do any of his air moves after a moment), and the enemy takes substantial damage and flinches. If used in the air, Metal Mario simply dives straight down, in a sort of Y-pose, feet first, doing heavy damage to any enemy he hits, though this cannot be stopped without landing first. The air variant has a degree of super armor when at low %. Either variant spikes.
  11. Final Smash: One Man Wrecking Crew - Metal Mario shoots out two large chunks of iron that orbit each other and travel a short distance in front of him before vanishing. If this hits any enemies, they are moved so that they're between the two chunks, which then sandwich the foe(s). At this point, Metal Mario runs and then long jumps into the bundle of metal and enemies, shattering the metal and launching the enemy forward, while bouncing off back to his starting position from the force. This causes high damage and immense knockback.
  13. Metal Mario is a variant of Mario designed to be a close range MONSTER, with a few tricks here and there, such as his projectile acting as a trap, and Metal Stomp effectively acting as a stance that only triggers if the enemy is vulnerable. His Stomp, Jump Punch, and Final Smash are designed to make him feel like a living cannon ball.
  14. He is strong but slow, and has perfectly fine recovery in spite of his extremely high weight.
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