Den Mother Harshwinney

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  1. >You are Anon
  2. >A high school student entering your Junior year
  3. >However your school life has hit a major hurdle
  4. >Your parents are moving abroad because of your dad's job
  5. >You're not going with them though
  6. >Because you didn't do well in the foreign language class they made you take
  7. >So it's very doubtful you'd handle it well at all if you did go
  8. >Instead you're changing schools to Crystal Prep Academy
  9. >If that wasn't bad enough you're moving in with your aunt Mrs.Harshwinney
  10. >As long as you've known her she's been an awful grump who seems to hate everything
  11. >Not only that, but she lives in a girl's dorm as the 'den mother' in charge of it
  12. >You wish you could have just stayed in the boy's dorm
  13. >Your parents couldn't afford that with how snooty and rich that place is
  14. >So your parents had to pull strings to have you 'allowed' to stay with your sourpuss aunt in a girls dorm
  15. >Nobody involved with it wants you there, and you don't want it either
  16. >Your friends told you horror story about how the girls there are stone cold bitches who'd tear you apart
  17. >They're probably lesbians too
  18. >So you'll 'get to' stay with your 'no fun' aunt, surrounded by man hating lesbians, and at a school for asshole snobs
  19. >Thanks for nothing mom and dad
  21. >Right now it's actually the weekend before you're set to move in
  22. >A PTA style meeting is being held about it, and you have to attend of course
  23. >It's your last chance to try getting out of it
  24. >The new principle for the place Cadance will be residing over it
  25. >If only Abacus Cinch was still principal
  26. >Sure she's a turbo cunt you'd heard, but at least she'd never have allowed this
  27. >The whole meeting is practically set up like a trial
  28. >With you as a defendant
  29. >Even though you basically just want to plead 'guilty' and end it
  30. >It even seems there are more guys here than just your friends here to help you
  31. >Of course the people against it from Crystal Prep speak first
  32. >The first to speak making you out to be a villain with, "He's just a pervert making any excuse to get into an all female space! Everyone here with even a single brain cell knows he'll just creep on us, and violate our privacy as much as possible!"
  33. >Their side of the room clamored in agreement until Cadance made them shut up so the meeting could continue
  34. >Then one from your side of the room was invited to comment
  35. >Everyone expecting 'your side' to be in favor of it
  36. >However Flash is the first to speak
  37. >Saying in your actual defense, "He's one of the best guys in our school, and you're basically throwing him to the wolves! They'll eat him alive!"
  38. >Big Mac then added his trademark "Eeyup."
  39. >Thanks Big Mac, you always know what to say
  40. >Then another boy blurts out, "I heard the last boy to just try speaking to them got beat with chains, and dragged behind a motorcycle by the neck!"
  41. >The girls over there actually seemed angry to be accused of that
  42. >You could only hope it's an exaggeration, and it didn't really happen
  43. >Cadance then asked you directly, "Do you agree with this sentiment?"
  44. >Which of course you do
  45. You respond extremely sure of yourself, "Of course I do! I don't want to be gutted like an animal! How could it be surprising that I just want to go to school and survive it?!"
  47. >Cadance really didn't appreciate your tone here
  48. >Telling you in response, "That's just rumors. Sure they're protective of their private space, and why wouldn't they be? They're not nearly so 'bad' as you think, and they'd never kill anyone."
  49. >She then straightens the tie she's wearing with her pantsuit before bringing her attention back to you
  50. >Asking you now, "Do you even have any ideas for where you'd live if you don't get approved here?"
  51. >She's got you there, because you don't
  52. You try responding with, "Not right now, but I could come up with something!"
  53. >However you condemned yourself by saying that
  54. >Your fate sealed when Cadance declared, "It's too late for that. You have to have a new place by Monday, and that's far too little time to make any new arrangements with ANY kind of housing option. You're just going to have to lump it. As I won't let a student be put out onto the streets because he's being a stubborn brat."
  55. >You really didn't have anything to say in response to that
  56. >The room fell silent knowing the principal had made up her mind
  57. >Nothing anyone said now had any hope of preventing you from moving in with your aunt
  58. >Even your aunt held her tongue out of fear of just turning the principal against her
  59. >So with nobody having anything further to say the meeting was called to a close
  60. >With it being decided things would move forward as planned
  61. >You were sent home to finish packing
  62. >Then you spent most of the rest of the weekend dragging your feet with packing
  63. >Just wishing you didn't have to leave this house you grew up in
  64. >When you had it all packed, and the moving truck was here on Sunday evening it felt all too soon
  65. >Thankfully there were movers who helped you get everything into the truck
  66. >Not everything could go with you though
  67. >Especially large furniture like your bed
  68. >Which made you worry your aunts place is small
  69. >Hopefully she at least already has a bed there you can sleep in
  71. >Your aunt had told you begrudgingly over the phone that her 'den mother apartment' is at the very top of the dorm
  72. >Placed on the roof of the building, but at least it has an elevator
  73. >You also received several of the school's uniform in the mail
  74. >Wearing one of them now for when you head there to move in
  75. >You expected it to be itchy, but it's surprisingly comfy
  76. >Sitting in the moving truck on the drive there you feel like your life is over
  77. >When you arrived and got out the reception you expected was waiting
  78. >Several girls in the courtyard of the building starring daggers at you
  79. >Trying to avoid their gazes as you carried the first box of your things into the building
  80. >Entering a 'commons area' with stuff like a living room and eating area on the first floor
  81. >You make a beeline for the elevator you can see
  82. >While also passing by an office your aunt has for when she's 'at work' here it seems
  83. >Getting into the elevator you were thankfully alone in it
  84. >You're not able to make it to the top floor without 'interruption'
  85. >Just staying in the corner of the elevator made it easy for the girls who got in to just avoid you
  86. >You were by yourself again when it reached the top
  87. >Getting out onto the roof you could see Harshwinney's apartment
  88. >It was like a cube slapped onto the top of the building as an afterthought
  89. >Not an especially big one either
  90. >Looks like you were right to worry about space
  91. >Knocking on the door she just told you, "I left it unlocked, just come in already."
  92. >Opening the door a truly shocking sight unfolded before you
  93. >You expected a neat freak apartment, but the person who lives her lives like a slob
  94. >There was stuff strewn everywhere to the point you could hardly even see the floor
  95. >Like a hundred times worse than you'd ever let your own room get at it's worst
  96. >She wasn't about to be judged for it either
  98. >Telling you straight out in a firm tone, "I unwind after work however I want, and I'm not about to change just because you're here."
  99. >She then points to a corner that was surprisingly 'clean' compared to the rest of the place
  100. >Before telling you, "Just put your stuff there for now, and you can unpack at whatever pace you feel like. Just don't bother me with it."
  101. >You set the box down over there before leaving to start getting the rest
  102. >With the movers still helping as well
  103. >Just ignoring the haters glaring at you as you went back and forth
  104. >Until it was all brought in
  105. >Once it was clear you were done bring in your stuff Harshwinney locked the door
  106. >Before you could ask why she stated, "It's curfew now, and you aren't going anywhere. I'm not going to let you wander around the dorm harassing the girls."
  107. >You think the only one who'd be in danger if you 'wandered around' there is you
  108. >Looking around you notice something disturbing
  109. >Not only is there not a seperate bedroom for you, but there doesn't seem to be a bedroom at all
  110. >It's just one room with 'kitchen' and 'living room' areas
  111. >As well as an adjoining bathroom as the only 'separate' room
  112. >There doesn't even seem to be a bed at all
  113. >The only thing that looks like it could be slept on at all is the couch
  114. >While you were freaking out about that your aunt practically got undressed
  115. >Leaving herself in only a shirt and underwear
  116. >Before telling you defensively, "This is how I get comfortable, deal with it."
  117. >You couldn't help staring now
  118. >Dressed like this it was impossible not to notice her curves
  119. >As well as the fact that you could see her underwear making you hot and bothered
  120. >Could your perpetually grumpy aunt be, hot?...
  121. >No, that can't be
  122. >She then noticed you staring before asking you accusingly, "What?! You think I'm ugly or something! What do you think you're staring at?!"
  123. >You reflexively avert your eyes from her
  124. >She huffed before saying, "That's what I thought, bitch."
  126. >Then Harshwinney unfolded the couch which turned out to be a futon
  127. >Before grabbing a blanket and pillow off the floor
  128. >Getting onto it to start lounging as she turned on a television
  129. >She then started to ignore you like you weren't even there
  130. You had to ask her though, "Where am I going to sleep?!"
  131. >She seemed annoyed to have to address you
  132. >Telling you like it's nothing, "You're sleeping with me, and don't get any ideas about it! It's just so I can be sure to keep you from sneaking off into the night so you can cause trouble!"
  133. >She then saw you were still in your school uniform
  134. >Commanding you now, "Get into your pajamas already! You're turning in early, it's a school night!"
  135. >You grumbled about her bossing you around as you searched through the boxes for the one with your clothes
  136. >Getting your pajamas out of it before changing in the bathroom
  137. Once out in your pajamas you comment to her sarcastically, "There, happy now, or would you rather I be naked before I get in bed with you?"
  138. >You aunt groaned loudly with annoyance
  139. >Before telling you, "Don't be a smartass. Just shut up and come over here."
  140. >Sighing heavily before heading over
  141. >Climbing onto the bed before she grabbed you
  142. >Pulling you in to hold you, and pinning you in place
  143. >With one leg over you, her body pressed into your back, and her arms around you
  144. >She said with some satisfaction now, "There, now you aren't going anywhere tonight you horndog."
  145. >With her chest pressed into your back, and her nearly wrapped around you it was hard not to be flustered
  146. >Trying to remind yourself who this was while hiding any 'reaction' to this
  147. >You'd just be proving her point about you if you did among other things
  148. >She just kept watching her dumb shows about sad lonely women trying to find romance till she fell asleep
  149. >You could try wriggling out away from her, but you'd probably just get caught
  150. >Feeling resigned to your fate as you tried to fall asleep until you somehow managed
  152. -
  153. Monday
  154. -
  155. >You wake up to an alarm blaring, and being kissed repeatedly
  156. >Practically wondering who it could be because you weren't awake enough to remember where you were
  157. >Then noticing it was Harshwinney kissing you while she was still asleep
  158. >You also noticed feeling a hand holding your dick
  159. >When you pulled her hand off of it she started to wake up
  160. >Quickly letting go of her hand she doesn't seem to think anything is off while becoming aware of her surroundings
  161. >The alarm was still going off until Harshwinney turned it off
  162. >She then noticed you were awake
  163. >Before getting serious as she ordered you, "Now get dressed and ready for school quickly, Anon! I will NOT tolerate tardiness!"
  164. >Then she practically pushed you off the bed
  165. >Forcing you to go get ready for school right then while glaring at you constantly
  166. >Watching you like a hawk, and acting like she'd bite your head off if you stalled for even a second
  167. >Especially when in the shower
  168. >The water wasn't even warm yet when she yelled through the door, "What's taking so long?! You'd better not be masturbating in there!"
  169. >Did she just expect you to shower immediately with cold water or something?
  170. >Knowing her that actually sounds right
  171. >When you got out of the shower you saw she'd gotten dressed while you were in there
  172. >Lastly she gave you some time to eat some of her cereal while she showered
  173. >Which was some awful health cereal that tasted so bad you thought the box would taste better
  174. As you gathered your school supplies you asked her, "How will I pay for lunch?"
  175. >Harshwinney then told you curtly, "You don't have to. The cost of school lunches here is included in tuition."
  176. >Guess private schools really are different
  177. >Once you were ready she forced you out of the apartment with her
  178. >Pushing you from behind as she took you to the elevator
  179. >Then she pushed the button for the 1st floor
  181. >While pushing you into the corner with one arm, like she was trying to keep you from potentially bothering any girls here
  182. >Once on the first floor she kept pushing you from behind to the front door
  183. >As the girls in the common area looked on in amusement
  184. >Apparently thinking it was funny seeing her push you around like that
  185. >Once she had you out the door she ordered you, "Head right to the school, and no detours!"
  186. >She then practically slammed the door shut behind you before heading to her office
  187. >You don't even know the area well enough to know where you'd possibly go instead of the school
  188. >It's nice that you can literally see the school from here, or you might have actually risked getting lost
  189. >When you arrived at the school practically nobody was here
  190. >You saw a clock and realized you were here really early
  191. >It would be like the aunt Harshwinney you know to force you to school super early
  192. >Though you soon see Cadance coming to you like she had something to say
  193. >She grabbed your hand while saying, "Come with me."
  194. >Cadance then dragged you to her office
  195. >You hope you aren't in trouble or anything
  196. >It'd be stupid if you were so soon, and without even getting a chance to actually do anything wrong
  197. >Though once in her office she first said, "You aren't in trouble. I just need to go over your class schedule, and wanted to do it personally."
  198. >She then handed you a piece of paper with some classes listed on it
  199. >Cadance then explained, "Normally students get to choose their classes for the most part, but obviously we couldn't get you to pick classes before coming here. So we had to choose for you this time. You'll get to make your own choices for Winter term."
  200. >Looking at the list nothing looked too horrendous on it
  202. >They were all pretty standard classes you probably have to take at some point regardless
  203. >She then told you, "I assume you're here earlier because of Mrs.Harshwinney. She's very strict I know, but she can be nice too. You just need to get on her good side."
  204. >You've basically had your whole life to try doing that, and had no luck so far
  205. >Cadance then pointed out some areas in the school you could kill time before your first class actually started
  206. >Even giving you a map of the school to help you find your way around
  207. >You're kind of glad Cadance is the principal now that you're here
  208. >Cinch probably wouldn't have helped you at all like this
  209. You thank her after she gave you permission to leave with, "Thanks for the help."
  210. >You then got out of the chair you were in, and headed for the door
  211. >Cadance the told you on your way out, "You're very welcome, and if you need anything don't be scared to come back here."
  212. >One of the places she mentioned you could 'hang out' was the cafeteria
  213. >Though you're not sure what you'd do there
  214. >It's not like you have any friends here, and you kind of doubt you want to make friends here
  215. >At the cafeteria the first thing you did was bust out your cell phone
  216. >Texting your friends to let them know you weren't dead yet
  217. >You ended up just texting back and forth with them
  218. >Until a bell rang letting you know it was time to go to your first class
  219. >Sitting through your classes was a lot like being at your previous school
  220. >Except everyone was wearing a school uniform instead of whatever they felt like
  221. >Which didn't take all that long to stop feeling weird
  222. >After classes were over you find yourself suddenly surrounded by several girls
  223. >Most likely knowing and caring who you were because they live at the girls' dorm
  224. >A very snooty looking girl with glasses and large pigtails is the girl who actually spoke to you
  226. >Simply commanding you, "You're coming with us for your after school activity, and you're not talking your way out of it."
  227. >So they said, but then again why?
  228. You asked them right out, "What, why? Don't you guys hate me or something?"
  229. >She hardly seemed in the mood to even dignify that with a response
  230. >Before telling you, "We don't hate you, we just don't like you. We're taking you with us, so we can watch you. As if we're going to let you go to the boy's dorm and be their spy, or plot with them to pull something like a panty raid."
  231. >You weren't able to object more before she grabbed your hand, and the rest started pushing you to make you go with them
  232. >They took you outside to an area that seemed dedicated to a sport of some kind
  233. >There was a stable of horses nearby as well
  234. >You didn't listen to the name of it, but apparently they were all going to play some kind of sport where they hit a ball around while riding horses
  235. >Not that you were going to be joining
  236. >Since you don't have a horse and everything
  237. >However they sent you up onto a signpost to keep score
  238. >At least you didn't even need to know the rules
  239. >Since you just changed the score whenever their 'announcer' told you to
  240. >This was real fucking boring, and it practically made you wish you were with Harshwinney in her apartment
  241. >At least she seemed to have the tiniest bit of chill last night, and you'd be able to do something
  242. >Besides just sitting there waiting to change numbers on a score board
  243. >Why isn't it electronic anyway?
  244. >Are they being hipsters about it or some shit?
  245. >Eventually they call it a day, and pack in to go back to the dorm before curfew
  246. >Obviously making you come with them when they left
  247. >Just getting dragged around now, and actually looking forward to being with your aunt
  248. >Even if you'd have thought the idea of that was crazy before you got here
  249. >When you all got into the dorm they all dispersed immediately
  250. >Except that 'leader' who spoke to you earlier
  252. >Just standing there glaring at you
  253. >Like she thought the moment she looked away you'd start doing unspeakably horrible things
  254. You decide to mess with her a little saying, "Well, if you're just going to stand here staring at me, want to do something together or what?"
  255. >She then got angry before turning her head away with her eyes closed
  256. >While giving a pouty huff, and then walking away just apparently so very insulted you'd ask that
  257. >You hadn't even caught her name, but maybe you didn't need to know it
  258. >After that you decided to head into your aunt's office
  259. >Harshwinney was sitting behind her desk, and greeted you in a very professional manner
  260. >Before asking you, "So, how did your first day of school go here?"
  261. >You thought about it, and besides those girls hijacking you after school it went fine
  262. Telling her then, "It was okay I guess."
  263. >She then did something with some paperwork before asking you another question
  264. >Asking you, "I noticed you didn't get here right after school. What were you doing?"
  265. >You wanted to complain about those girls, but she'd no doubt take their side if you said anything bad about them
  266. >So you told her, "Oh, I'd just been invited to join an after school activity by some girls from here. They just wanted to help me get settled in."
  267. >Lying about their motives to avoid stirring the pot
  268. >She responded curtly, "Isn't that nice. I wouldn't have expected that from them, but they are exceptional girls."
  269. >A response which made you feel like it was a good decision not to bitch about them
  270. >She then told you, "Just head on in to my apartment. I'll be finishing up here shorty, and then I'll join you."
  271. >Harshwinney then handed you a key to her apartment
  272. >Telling you now, "I forgot to give you that earlier, but it doesn't mean you can leave after curfew."
  273. >No doubt she intends to physically prevent you from leaving when she 'joins you'
  274. >Not that you'd hate it all that much, but you shouldn't enjoy it either
  276. >On the way to her apartment you avoided the girl's who live here
  277. >Which was easy because they avoided you too
  278. >Well, except for that same girl from earlier who seemed to either hate you the most, or just had the most nerve to bother talking to you
  279. >She joined you in the elevator while you were going up
  280. >Scowling at you while you badly tried to pretend you didn't notice her
  281. >You don't think you'd seen her with any expression besides scowling
  282. >Actually maybe she did have a different expression while playing their horse riding sport
  283. >You weren't paying attention to that though
  284. >She forces you to admit you know she's there by addressing you directly
  285. >Asking you in an accusingly, "So which girl's room are you going to sneak into, you creep?"
  286. >God this is going to get old fast
  287. >Messing with her made her leave last time
  288. Hoping it'd work again you say, "What, do you want me to? So which room is yours?"
  289. >She fumed and stomped her foot angrily before responding
  290. >Telling you off with, "I'm not going to tell you that! Don't even think of trying to look for it either!"
  291. >You sigh deeply before trying something else
  292. Telling her more honestly, "Fine, I was just messing with you. I don't even know your name or anything, and I'm just heading to my aunt's place on the roof."
  293. >She still seemed angry, but about something entirely different now
  294. >Sounding indignant and even jealous now saying, "It's disgusting someone like you gets to enter Mrs.Harshwinney's room. It should be someone like me, who shares her impeccable cleanliness and dignity. Not that someone like you can appreciate that."
  295. >If only she knew the truth...
  296. You actually end up blurting out before you could stop yourself, "It's actually a pigsty."
  297. >She heard that and got seriously angry
  298. >Like nothing compared to what you'd seen before
  299. >Her face practically on fire as she got ready to chew you out
  301. >Shouting at you, "Don't you dare sully her name like that! She is perfection! A shining beacon of what a strong woman should strive to be, and I will not have you talking about her like that!"
  302. >She then shoved you before forcing the elevator to stop
  303. >Getting off on the floor it was at even though it probably wasn't where she wanted to be
  304. >Saying your aunt's room is a mess really set this girl off
  305. >You'd felt the urge to do something back, but it was guaranteed to just make things worse
  306. >You're a guy already on thin ice on the first day, and she's no doubt a well respected honor student
  307. >Escalating things with her could only end badly
  308. >So you just let her leave to cool off
  309. >Once in the apartment you did your homework first
  310. >Mostly out of fear your aunt would tear your head off if she asked about it, and you hadn't done it
  311. >Fortunately only being the first day there wasn't much to do
  312. >Which left you plenty of time to properly unpack
  313. >Not being sure where to put anything you kept your stuff in that same corner for the most part
  314. >Feeling immeasurable relief when you got your entertainment system set up
  315. >As well as holding your hand held console
  316. >Deciding to play on the hand held for a bit because it'd be the easiest to stop on short notice
  317. >The stress from today just melting away as you lost yourself in your current favorite game on it
  318. >However it didn't feel like long at all before Harshwinney came in
  319. >You put your hand held in sleep mode and hid it just in case
  320. >Yet she just dropped her suitcase on the floor, and shuffled to her futon without even addressing you
  321. >So you quietly went back to your game hoping she just keeps forgetting you're here
  322. >A while later she did call your attention
  323. >Even if only to ask you, "Hey, could you make dinner for us?"
  324. >What the hell?
  325. You tell her with exasperation, "I don't know how to cook! Why would you expect ME to make dinner?!"
  326. >She didn't even have the energy to get mad about your response
  328. >Simply telling you as lazily as possible, "Just microwave a couple of my tv dinners from the freezer. Come on, it's the only 'chore' I'm going to make you do here."
  329. >You sit there in silence considering ignoring her demand
  330. >However your stomach growled and you were definitely hungry
  331. >If you tried to play chicken with her over this it'd just end with neither of you having anything to eat
  332. >There was no way waiting long enough would lead to her getting up to make dinner
  333. >So you sighed heavily before stopping in your game to nuke some frozen dinner
  334. >At least you weren't actually cooking
  335. >So it'd feel kind of petty to get very mad about this
  336. >Once you had them both ready you brought your aunt hers
  337. >Then ate yours at her tiny table
  338. >While she ate hers right at her futon
  339. >For a symbol of 'impeccable cleanliness and dignity', she sure could be a slob in private
  340. >Oh shit
  341. >You remembered saying something about it to that girl
  342. >Now you seriously hope she doesn't find out you said anything about it
  343. >It was impossible trying to imagine her not being absolutely furious to find out you blabbed about how she lives in here
  344. >Even if her devout 'fan' didn't at all believe it she'd definitely still be mad
  345. >You should probably be more careful about it from now on
  346. >After unfolding the futon she got your attention by beckoning you over
  347. Telling her, "In a minute, I've got to get ready for bed first don't I?"
  348. >Harshwinney of all people rolled her eyes about it
  349. >Even if it'd be easier to just go over there in your school uniform she'd no doubt harsh on you later if you got it dirty
  350. >So you got into your pajamas, and got ready for bed first
  351. >Dragging your feet just a little because you wanted to delay it a bit
  352. >Though you still eventually ended up shuffling over to her
  353. >When she grabbed you to hold you down on her futon much like last night
  354. >Her half-dressed body practically wrapped around you as you desperately tried to not get turned on
  356. >Her sappy romance dramas about depressing women helped kill any boner you might have had
  357. >Then as it went on she even started to cuddle you a little sub-consciously
  358. >It didn't seem like she was really even aware she was doing it
  359. >You think about calling her on it, but what good would that really do you?
  360. >If you made her too self-conscious she might force you off the bed, and then where would you sleep?
  361. >A big dramatic moment of 'true love' happens in her dumb show, and she squeezed you while sighing sadly
  362. >Commenting wishfully, "If only I could have a man like that..."
  363. >She then whimpered and whined a bit sounding just as depressing as the women in her shows
  364. >Your aunt then asking you, "Do you have a girlfriend Anonymous?"
  365. >You wish you could say you did, but you don't
  366. >Even if you did at your old school, you probably wouldn't keep her for long
  367. >You never hear anything good about long distance relationships
  368. You sigh before answering truthfully, "No..."
  369. >She then held you closer, and patted her head like she was trying to console you
  370. >Starting to monologue saying, "I know how it is... You work hard to be successful, and then nobody wants to be around you because you work TOO hard... What is 'working too hard' anyway?! Lazy jerks... Who wants to be with them anyway..."
  371. >You'd think she was drunk if you didn't already know she didn't own any alcohol, much less drink any recently
  372. >She then suddenly plants a kiss on your cheek before cuddling into you
  373. >Then telling you sounding sentimental, "You're a good boy, Anonymous..."
  374. >It wasn't long after that you noticed she'd fallen asleep
  375. >She's a quiet sleeper, but with her breathing right into your ear you could hear very light snoring
  376. >You then start to feel one of her hands start to drift low
  377. >Then stopping just before the waist of your pajama pants
  378. >What would you do now?
  379. >If you did nothing, then maybe nothing would happen, but did you want that?
  381. >You should want that, but your 'other brain' had other ideas
  382. >Your body flooding with hormones saying you wanted this woman's hand on your cock
  383. >Didn't matter who she was, or how you felt about her
  384. >She's a woman who could be touching your dick, and maybe even would
  385. >You fight these urges deciding to do nothing
  386. >Yet as her hand very slowly drifted lower now you shuddered with anticipation
  387. >This morning you were shocked and reacted by forcing her hand off
  388. >Then tried to forget it happened since she wasn't aware it happened, and saying it happened would have just been an unnecessary bombshell
  389. >When you felt her soft hand grab hold of it your mind rewarded you with a flood of pleasure
  390. >Like nothing you'd ever felt masturbating before, and yet it wasn't enough
  391. >Now you only wanted more, but if you made any major move you could wake her up
  392. >You were hard as diamonds in her hand, and frozen in place
  393. >Maybe the 'worst' part is you may never get to sleep now
  394. >Then your worst fear realized as she started to stir like she was waking up
  395. >While still holding your sausage
  396. >Her hand then darted off of it to wrap that arm around your chest
  397. >You then heard her mumble to herself, "Gotta stop doing that... His parents would kill me if I got caught. Good thing he's still asleep."
  398. >Except you weren't asleep, but it's not like you were going to just announce 'Hey, just so you know, I'm actually awake!'
  399. >Better to just pretend to be asleep, and try to get through the night without an explosion of drama
  400. >You thought you'd never get to sleep, but at one point your vision goes dark as your eyelids suddenly shut
  401. -
  402. Tuesday
  403. -
  404. >You wake up to her kissing you again
  405. >Does she dream about being with her 'perfect boyfriend' while holding you in her sleep?
  406. >The thought sends a shiver down your spine
  407. >Her hand is holding your dick again too, and you slide it off, just so she's not still holding it when you're 'both awake'
  408. >The alarm starts going off again just then
  410. >It's always obnoxious how you've often woken up just a few minutes before your alarm went off even before
  411. >It's just like, why even have an alarm then?
  412. >Enough time you end up sitting there practically waiting for it to go off, but not enough time to go back to sleep
  413. >While frustratingly remembering that Harshwinney wakes up, and turns the alarm off
  414. >She then shakes you a little to make sure you're awake
  415. >Once she was sure you were she pushes you off the bed
  416. >Turning it back into a couch while you shuffled zombie like off to get ready for school
  417. >You don't have the energy to bitch about any of it, and you know it wouldn't get you anywhere
  418. >After your shower you're eating the disgusting health cereal again
  419. >Your parents said they'd deposit some allowance for you in your checking account at some point, but when is that?
  420. >You need to buy your own not awful cereal before this 'health shit' ironically kills you
  421. >Since your aunt would likely shoot down the very concept of sugar laden goodness on principal
  422. >Maybe you could get her to buy some dinner food you like, but mornings are strictly no nonsense for her
  423. >You simply gathered your school supplies and headed out the door
  424. >With you doing it yourself your aunt didn't push you this time
  425. >She didn't even shove you into the corner of the elevator this time
  426. >Though you saw a familiar but unwelcome face on the way down
  427. >That one girl curtly saying , "Hey."
  428. >She said it with extreme sharpness that cut like a knife
  429. >Yet either not noticing or just expecting it from her your aunt greeted her normally
  430. >Saying in greeting, "Good morning, Sugarcoat. I see you've met my nephew. Are you two getting along? He's really a good boy."
  431. >It almost felt weird for her to say something nice about you, but maybe her time 'bonding' with you last night changed things a little
  432. >Her jaw nearly dropped to the floor hearing this
  433. >She then quickly jumped to regain her composure
  435. >Immediately changing her tune to pretend to like you
  436. >Just because Harshwinney seems to like you now, and she wants to agree with your aunt
  437. >Saying now attempting to back peddle, "Yeah, I've been helping him feel at home! He even joined one of your clubs on campus! Anyone with your approval can't be bad!"
  438. >She was rather transparent at the end there
  439. >Harshwinney then very subtly smiled just a little
  440. >Before saying, "I knew I could count on one of my most promising girls here at this lauded institution to act with only the best behavior. Are you going to walk to school with him? I'm sure having someone of your stature with him at the start of school will help him be a top student by example."
  441. >She very obviously didn't want to do that, but she expertly hid her disgust with the idea
  442. >Kissing up to your aunt shamelessly
  443. >Saying now, "Of course! I'm taking him under my wing to ensure his academic performance lives up to this dorm's standards!"
  444. >She then stands closer to you, but still leaning away from you like she was scared of accidentally brushing up against you
  445. >Your aunt was eating it up anyway
  446. >Acting rather happy about it as you all got off on the first floor
  447. >Everyone there looking confused to see Sugarcoat standing so close to you
  448. >She reflexively backed off once she noticed their looks
  449. >Her friends crowded around her, and formed a barrier against you
  450. >Sugarcoat then whispered something to them
  451. >Then they suddenly relaxed their stances against you
  452. >She probably told them about your aunt's apparent attitude toward you
  453. >Now they didn't want to be openly hostile to you while your aunt was here either
  454. >Pretending you were one of the group while leaving the front entrance
  455. >Harshwinney went into her office after seeing you off to go to school
  456. >Then once they were sure your aunt wasn't watching any more they dispersed, and ditched you
  457. >Something you were actually happy about
  459. >Having them surrounding you while fake liking you was just uncomfortable
  460. >Then just as quickly as they left you they were suddenly back
  461. >Sugarcoat speaking for the group like before saying, "Never mind, you ARE coming with us. We can't have you secretly meeting with the boys from the boys' dorm in the morning either."
  462. >You grumble while being annoyed about how paranoid they are
  463. Saying in protest, "Oh, come on! I was by myself yesterday morning, and there's basically nobody else there this early!"
  464. >At this sign of resistance some of the girls pulled chains segments out of their book bags
  465. >Oh fuck, they actually have chains!
  466. >Your arms shot up in surrender as you try not to shit yourself
  467. Saying as quickly as you could, "Okay, okay! I'll come with you! Just put the chains away!"
  468. >Sugarcoat then grabbed your hand before pulling you along
  469. >While the rest stayed close to make sure you didn't try to make a break for it
  470. >They pulled you into the school, and then into a section of the school dedicated to club rooms
  471. >Finally taking you into a room with a printed label on the door reading 'The Shadowbolt Study Circle'
  472. >Once in the room they locked it before starting their study group session
  473. >They didn't force you to participate at their pace, but they weren't about to let you leave either
  474. >So you just ended up doing your own separate studying while coincidentally being in the same room as them
  475. >As long as they basically ignored you, you could just pretend like they weren't there too
  476. >At least until the first bell signaling you to go to your first classes rung
  477. >Then they all went off to their classes after unlocking the door
  478. >Not even telling you that you were 'dismissed', but it was clear you could go to class without them with you now
  479. >You seriously consider trying to avoid them when school ended for the day
  480. >Even if you doubted you'd succeed, you could at least try
  482. >Going to your classes things go smoothly
  483. >Just turning in your 'introductory' homework assigned yesterday, and going through the start of another school term's daily grind
  484. >Almost makes you forget that you're at a new school where people are practically out for your blood
  485. >At least it almost does
  486. >You're brought out of autopilot by the last bell signaling the end of the school day ringing
  487. >Then you did your best to enter stealth mode, or at least keep a low profile
  488. >Your mission, to make it home without being ambushed by the lesbian brigade
  489. >Capture means having to go with them
  490. >Because now you know for a fact that they have chain segments as weapons, and aren't afraid to use them
  491. >Not to mention they outnumber you significantly
  492. >If your friends were here having your back you might risk a brawl, but without them it'd just be a one sided beat down against you
  493. >While making your way quietly out of the building you consider making new friends here
  494. >Yet you doubt anyone you befriended here would actually help you fight them
  495. >In your time here you've gotten the impression they all but rule this place
  496. >Your hopes of leaving the school unnoticed are dashed when you see them waiting at the school entrance
  497. >Sugarcoat of course being the one to address you again
  498. >Asking you accusingly, "Going somewhere?"
  499. >Her posse already have their chains out
  500. >How can they just be allowed to brandish weapons like that openly?
  501. >Even if they are basically the school's star sports team and honor roll at the same time there should still be limits, right?...
  502. Giving in to avoid getting your kneecaps being bent backwards you reply, "I wanted to just go home, but fine... You caught me. So let's just go to your horse riding sport or whatever..."
  503. >She was of course insulted by what you said
  504. >Seeming to never like anything that leaves your mouth
  506. >Correcting you with, "It's called 'polo', but we aren't doing that today. This time it's tennis. WE are CULTURED women, who train for a variety of competitive sports. Rather than restricting ourselves to just one like a SIMPLETON!"
  507. >She glared at you very strongly while saying that 'simpleton' part
  508. >Great, what are you supposed to do while they're playing tennis, watch?
  509. >While you feel yourself rolling your eyes hard reflexively she grabs your hand
  510. >Pulling you along yet again
  511. >You don't think even girlfriends drag a boy around as much as her
  512. >You're dragged to an actual tennis court on campus
  513. >Which of course they just have one of those here
  514. >It turns out you're in charge of score keeping again, but at least it's electronic this time
  515. >So you're just sitting at a table with a remote for the scoreboard this time
  516. >Though points aren't being scored very often here
  517. >They just hit the ball back and forth for what feels like forever at a time
  518. >You bust your cellphone out to text your friends
  519. Writing them in a group text, "Hey, sorry for the delay, but I'm still alive. How are the rest of you doing?"
  520. >The first response being, "I'm doing fine, but always worrying about you mah dude. It's gotta be crazy over there."
  521. Writing back, "Not as crazy as you're probably thinking, but it is."
  522. >You're interrupted from you chat with your buddies by a girl yelling out
  523. >You don't know who because it's not Sugarcoat, but she yells, "Hey! No cell phones! Put that away right now! Don't make us come over there!"
  524. >You sigh before making one last quick text
  525. Simply, "bbl"
  526. >Then put your cellphone away before these bitches have a conniption about it
  527. >Sugarcoat still comes up to you
  528. Asking like one of 'those' girlfriends, "Who were you texting?! Show me it!"
  529. So you answer sarcastically, "What are you, a jealous girlfriend? Just my friends from my old school. How would I even have anyone's number here anyway?"
  530. >Her face turns red as she fumes about it
  532. >She then dug into your pocket suddenly to take your cellphone herself
  533. >One of her friends blurts out, "What, are you crazy girlfraind?! You know where you hand just was right?!"
  534. >Ugh...
  535. >You don't know what to be more insulted about
  536. >Sugarcoat just taking your cellphone, or these lesbians acting like grade schoolers who think you have cooties
  537. >Sugarcoat snipes back, "Oh grow up! I know what I'm doing!"
  538. >She taps to your recent texts
  539. >Quickly finding the group text, and seeing the names of people she didn't recognize as students here
  540. >She clicks her tongue with frustration before lightly tossing your phone into your lap
  541. >You catch it and put it back in your pocket while rolling your eyes
  542. Asking her with dripping sarcasm, "Am I exonerated now?"
  543. >She simply huffs with annoyance while turning her head away
  544. >In a way that might have been cute if she wasn't so confrontational
  545. >As an ironic twist she gets a call on her own cellphone
  546. >With nobody saying anything about 'no cellphones' when she did
  547. >Guess that one apparently only applies to you
  548. >She answers like a spoiled brat, "Not now MOM! I'm at tennis practice!"
  549. >Her apparent mom's voice is garbled and you can't make out what she's saying from where you are
  550. >She gets more annoyed saying, "No, there aren't any boys here! Quit asking that!"
  551. >Why is she lying about you being here?
  552. >Though she's only getting more frustrated as the call goes on
  553. >Blurting out, "I'm not a lesbian mom! I just haven't found a boy who's good enough, and not some creepy pervert! What's the rush anyway?!"
  554. >Not a lesbian?
  555. >You're not buying that one
  556. >Her mom goes on, and she looks ready to explode
  557. >Yelling at her mom, "Yeah, what about him?! So what if I mentioned a boy invading our dorm?!"
  558. >You actually hear her mom this time
  559. >The mom teasingly telling her, "He's all you talked about the last time I called you. Is my little sourpuss finally growing up and liking boys now~?"
  561. >Sugarcoat got so mad she simply hung up on her own mom
  562. >She then glared at you with intense rage
  563. >You could even see tears forming in her eyes she was so angry and humiliated
  564. >Bringing your hands up in 'surrender' before trying to defuse
  565. Telling her, "Got nothing to say, and I didn't hear nothing."
  566. >She calms down a little but is still extremely mad
  567. >Her voice cracking a little as she said, "Good!... Tell anyone and you're dead!"
  568. >She might mean that literally
  569. >After that she went back to tennis, and the rest followed
  570. >Though she stayed very obviously angry the rest of practice
  571. >Spiking the ball too hard, and even pulling her arm muscles a couple times
  572. >Now basically forced to watch you notice she has a lithe body
  573. >Practically looking like a middle schooler too because she wasn't tall either
  574. >It wouldn't surprise you if you found out she'd skipped grades, but that probably wasn't it
  575. >Maybe it's just the pigtails making you think it at all
  576. >Once they call practice over you can't wait to get home
  577. >Then you can play some video games, and be with your aunt in her 'good mood'
  578. >You even find yourself excitedly wondering what she'd do to be 'physically intimate' with you tonight
  579. >While wondering where your boundaries are, but what would possibly make you call your parents about inappropriate behavior?
  580. >What would your parents even do if you told them she basically molested you?
  581. >You doubt much of anything could make what'd happen better than just trying to enjoy it, whatever does end up happening
  582. >Even if anyone would believe your 'no nonsense' aunt would do anything like that in the first place
  583. >You don't even notice having been pulled along you were so lost in your thoughts
  584. >Already back at the dorm as the girls dispersed
  585. >Even Sugarcoat, who didn't stick around to stay glaring at you this time
  586. >You go into your aunt's office, and she greets you
  588. >Asking you routinely without looking up, "How was school today? Did you turn in all your homework?"
  589. >She didn't ask you if you'd done it earlier, but maybe she has some faith in you
  590. Feeling almost proud to answer, "Yeah, I got all my homework in, and it went fine. The girls took me to their tennis practice this time after school."
  591. >Harshwinney simply nodded while continuing her paperwork
  592. >Not nearly so surprised to hear you were involved in their after school activities the second time
  593. You then tell her casually, "I'm just going to head up to the apartment now."
  594. >She simply nods again, but stops you to say something as you got up to leave
  595. >Telling you now, "Don't forget you can go to Cadance for help if any problems do come up at school. I can help too, but Candance has the most authority to do anything."
  596. >You almost forgot about that
  597. >Maybe you could find some time to talk to her about the lesbian brigade
  598. >It probably wouldn't go anywhere, but it's worth a try right?
  599. Sounding as grateful as you could saying, "Thanks, Mrs.Harshwinney."
  600. >Calling her by her formal tittle because she probably wants to be called that in her office
  601. >She then lets you go without anything more to add, so you were likely right
  602. >You then head up  to the apartment
  603. >Hardly even noticing the cold reactions from the girls
  604. >Already used to it, and it feels strange it's only been two days
  605. >Feels way longer than that
  606. >Inside the apartment you change into your pajamas early
  607. >Knowing your aunt would like that
  608. >Then you just start playing your game from before
  609. >Just playing it while lounging in your pajamas feels comfy
  610. >You could get used to this, and nobody will even get mad about it
  611. >In what feels like no time at all Harshwinney comes barging in
  612. >Simply dropping her suitcase like yesterday before half undressing, and heading to her futon
  614. >She then asks you rather politely, "Say, Anonymous. Could you please make a couple frozen tv dinners again?"
  615. >It took zero effort last time, and she did say 'please'
  616. >So you quickly put a couple of them through the microwave before handing her one
  617. >She gave a quick "Thanks" while accepting it
  618. >You then quickly eat your own at the table
  619. >It's not very good food, but very convenient at least
  620. >It occurs to you that you might be becoming a bit like her already
  621. >Even if only because living in her space means doing things her way to an extent
  622. >After dinner you took care of everything you needed to do before heading to bed
  623. >Then headed over to the unfolded futon where your aunt pulled you into her embrace
  624. >She was watching the same shows as before
  625. >Which shouldn't be surprising at this point
  626. >Though what did grab your attention was that she cuddled into you more blatantly than last night
  627. >She then kissed you lightly on the cheek
  628. >Just once at first, but after a bit she did it again
  629. >Then again, and before you knew it she was practically raining kisses on your cheek
  630. >Isn't this a bit much?
  631. >When she seemed to stop you turned your head to face her and talked
  632. >That just caused her next kiss to be quickly planted on your lips
  633. >Your aunt's face then flushed deeply before she yelled with embarrassment, "Don't suddenly turn your head when someone is kissing you on the cheek like that!"
  634. >The realization of what'd just happened making you feel like you were on fire
  635. >While being acutely aware she was still holding you rather intimately
  636. Responding defensively, "I thought you'd stopped! I just wanted to turn to face you before talking! Besides, why were you kissing me so much anyway?!"
  637. >Your aunt flinched before going on the defensive herself
  638. >Answering very defensively, "It's just auntly affection! What, you don't want me to be nice to you or something?!"
  639. >Even from the way she said it that just sounded like an excuse
  641. >You're not sure how repeatedly kissing your cheek could just be seen as 'being nice' either
  642. >She then gulped heavily before asking you a very 'damning' question
  643. >Asking you, "Say... Are you going to tell your parents about this?..."
  644. >You definitely aren't, but should you tell her that?
  645. Having to say something you tell her, "Well, I guess not..."
  646. >Her face then lit up a bit as she seemed to get excited in a way that felt just a bit perverse
  647. >Building on that she then asked you, "Not even... If it happened again?"
  648. >Knowing that meant she wanted to kiss you on the lips again
  649. >It wasn't a bad experience, but maybe you should try pumping the brakes on this a little
  650. Asking her somewhat provokingly in return, "What, you mean like on purpose?"
  651. >She then chuckled awkwardly while looking away
  652. >Before saying defensively, "What? No... That would be crazy..."
  653. >There was silence for a bit as she kept looking away
  654. >Then she told you, "So just don't turn your head again."
  655. >She pushed your face away from her towards the television
  656. >Before resuming kissing your cheek like before
  657. >It was very obviously more for her benefit than yours, but you couldn't help having 'impure thoughts' about it
  658. >Spending the rest of the night until you both fell asleep thinking about what would happen if you turned your head towards her, and how far she might have taken things after that if you did
  659. >It had to remain a 'what if' scenario in your head for now
  660. >Because you went to sleep without having the nerve to actually go for it and find out
  661. -
  662. Wednesday
  663. -
  664. >You wake up in the morning with the feeling of feminine hands on your genitals
  665. >Which is practically becoming a routine at this point
  666. >Her light snoring in your ear telling you she's still asleep
  667. >Even if the way she fondled your balls and stoked your shaft seemed too articulate for her to really be asleep
  669. >You consider just letting this continue as the more awake you get the more this 'attention' makes your spine tingle in such a blissful way
  670. >Yet you're practically afraid to look at the alarm clock, and see how close it is to going off
  671. >If she woke up while doing this and knew you were also awake...
  672. >Then a certain 'conversation' would have to happen about it
  673. >One that'd probably have to happen at some point, but you'd rather kick that can down the road for now
  674. >You then ever so lightly grab her hands, and very carefully pull them off of your sensitive bits
  675. >Before basically waiting for the alarm to go off
  676. >Every moment the alarm didn't go off feeling like one more moment you could have waited longer before making her stop
  677. >When the alarm finally did go off you knew you could start to breathe easy
  678. >After Harshwinney woke up without her hands down your pants, you could act like you'd also just now woke up
  679. >Then go about the new morning routine while leaving heavy conversations about sexual tension for another time
  680. >With each day the morning routine is becoming more automatic in a good way that builds a sense of stability
  681. >Even if it involves eating cereal that tastes like garbage
  682. >Practically before you know it you're heading out the door with your aunt close behind
  683. >Aunt Harshwinney already in full on 'professional' mode in her pantsuit, and the stern look on her face you'd known her for before first stepping foot in her apartment
  684. >You make your way with her down to the first floor like normal
  685. >There in the commons' area waiting to take you into their 'custody' is the lesbian brigade
  686. >Sugarcoat of course standing front and center while making sure you knew there was no escape
  687. >Your aunt heads into her office, and Sugarcoat grabs your hand to drag you to school under her watch
  688. >Under different circumstance you'd be happier about going to school holding hands with a girl, but these aren't those circumstances
  690. >Yet saying that you can't help but notice how soft her hand is as she pulls you along
  691. >You end up thinking about how eager she seems to be to hold your hand when taking you somewhere
  692. >She really doesn't have to do it, and could have made you go with her without touching you if she's as repulsed by you as she often seems to be
  693. >Then looking around you notice the few students who were also here early pointing and snickering
  694. >Great, there's probably rumors about this going around the school
  695. >Wait, what are you talking about?
  696. >Of course there are
  697. >High school is famously one of the most gossipy places around
  698. >Your part in the rumors probably aren't very flattering either
  699. >Like people talking about you being Sugarcoat's bitch or something
  700. >In your humiliation thinking about it, you remember your plan to talk to Cadance
  701. >Though when can you go talk to her without the lesbian brigade stopping you?
  702. >Well, they seem to leave you alone during school proper
  703. >So you plan to go to Cadance's office during lunch break
  704. >You'll hopefully be able to just go there then without risking a hospital visit
  705. >For now they drag you to their little study group hang out spot
  706. >It seems they really like to get their studying in just before school often
  707. >Even if spending the morning studying before class is helpful you'd be happier not basically being forced to
  708. >The girls talked among themselves while purposely avoiding addressing you directly
  709. >However Sugarcoat looks your way constantly
  710. >Seemingly just to make sure you're still there
  711. >You feel kind of like a set piece for decoration
  712. >Emphasizing the need to talk to Cadance, or just do something to change your situation
  713. >Directly telling them off would be the most straight forward approach, but you remind yourself they have weapons and numbers they aren't afraid to use
  714. >So only an indirect approach would have any hope of working
  715. >Though you just try to make sure you can get through the school day to lunch for now
  717. >Soon the bell to go to first period rings, and the girls leave
  718. >While feeling anxious it occurs to you that you might be able to go to Cadance's office right now, but there wouldn't be much time before you were late for class
  719. >So you just bear with leaving it for lunch as originally planned
  720. >During class you try focusing on the lessons to take your mind off of things
  721. >However worries about if things went wrong with it nag you
  722. >Like if Cadance let it slip that you complained to her about them
  723. >Then they'd know you snitched, and it'd get a lot worse with the lesbian brigade
  724. >You even start to have second thoughts about the plan
  725. >Though you convinced yourself to stick with it by reminding yourself you don't have any better ideas, and you can't let what's happening now become a rut you get stuck in
  726. >Feels like an eternity before lunch break rolls around
  727. >You very quickly eat before fast walking to the principal's office
  728. >Stepping into the office Cadance greets you with, "Ah, Anon. Hope things aren't going too terribly. Please, have a seat and let's talk."
  729. >You sit in one of the chairs conveniently placed in front of her desk just for students like you
  730. You then get right to the point, "I'm sure you already know why I'm here. Those girls from the dorm just won't get off my back at all, and I haven't been able to explore the school or do much of anything I want."
  731. >Having gotten that off your chest you feel a bit better already
  732. >Cadance has a knowing expression on her face hearing it
  733. >Telling you now, "Yes, in fact I was already going to do something about it. The student body and even the faculty have been talking about them dragging you around non-stop."
  735. >She then gives an intentional cough as she collects herself before continuing
  736. >Going on with, "I'm not sure what exactly has gotten into them but it's not a very healthy way for things to continue, and it's really causing a negative ripple effect through the school's environment. Especially since those girls in particular are supposed to be representatives of our school."
  737. >You did know exactly what it was
  738. Explaining to her, "It's because they're paranoid about me conspiring with other boys against the girls' dorm, and doing something like a pantie raid. At least that's why they say they feel like they have to keep me under their watch as often as possible. It's like they think I'm suicidally stupid enough to actually try pulling any kind of stunt like that."
  739. >Cadance then slumped forward at her desk into her palms with bewilderment
  740. >Groaning with such exhaustion into her hands like she was just so very tired of their shit
  741. >She said with the exact kind of tone her pose suggested, "Of course that's what it is..."
  742. >Groaning into her hands some more not wanting to do anything right now
  743. >She then vented thinking out loud, "It's always like this with boys and girls dorms, but NOOOOOOO! Those god-damn parents JUST HAVE to have their 'precious little angels' in dorms like they had when they grew up, BUT THEN they have to be separate dorms for boys and girls!"
  744. >Getting angry as she ranted, "Don't they realize it just becomes like a school dance where the kids just stay on separate sides of the dance floor, except fucking forever?! Fucking hell, helping students is my passion, but sometimes... Ugh!..."
  745. >She looks up from her palms realizing that not only were you still here, but you'd heard all that
  746. >Cadance then took some deep breaths in a calming exercise
  747. >Before telling you, "Sorry you had to hear all that, but don't worry about all this. I'll take care of it soon. Just head on back to lunch for now, and it'll all be over before you know it."
  749. >You wanted to ask for clarification if she was sure, but it didn't feel like a smart move to doubt her right now
  750. >She obviously has experience with this kind of thing
  751. You stand up to leave while thanking her, "Thanks, Mrs.Cadance. It'd certainly be a weight off my chest if they could give me some personal space."
  752. >She then gives a quick, "No Problem" before waving you out
  753. >You then head back to the cafeteria even though you'd already eaten
  754. >Just because you don't know where else you'd spend the rest of your lunch break
  755. >It wasn't long before lunch break ended, and the second half of the school day began
  756. >You felt a lot less nervous now, but a small part of you still doubted things would be solved so easily
  757. >Yet after school the coast seemed clear
  758. >None of the lesbian brigade was in sight
  759. >At least until you got to the entrance, but even then only Sugarcoat was there without her friends
  760. >She then addressed you sounding upset, "We're letting you off the hook for now. So do whatever you want! I don't care what you do!"
  761. >Sugarcoat then stormed off with a huff
  762. >Cadance must have already talked to her, but what'd she say to her?
  763. >You'd just have to let it be mystery, and maybe even one you don't have to care about for now
  764. >It then occurs to you that instead of rushing home to avoid bullshit, you could actually do what you want now
  765. >This campus is huge, and it finally feels like the world is at your fingertips
  766. >You let this feeling of freedom wash over you for a moment
  767. >Breathing in a deep breath of fresh air
  768. >Then, with a hopeful mind the choice becomes obvious, there's just one club to join, and one place to go
  769. >Because there's only one thing you want to do
  771. >You just want to play video games
  772. >It wasn't long ago, but it feels like an eternity ago that you were just able to be about video games
  773. >Instead of worrying all the time how you'd live, or even IF you'd live
  775. >Platformers, action-adventure games, RPGs, strategy games, and maybe even one of those fucking sports video games just because you can
  776. >You'd play them all
  777. >Doesn't even matter if this school has a video game club full of assholes
  778. >You feel like you have a new lease on life, and you're gonna use it to play video games god-damn it!
  779. >At least you certainly hope this school has a club about vidya
  780. >You went to the area of the school dedicated to club rooms as fast as your feet would carry you
  781. >With your mind on games you start wishing you could just sprint constantly like you'd do in a lot of games just to get around faster
  782. >Of course things in real life are never as convenient as in a video game, and constant sprinting would kill you
  783. >Regardless you find what you were looking for
  784. >The sign for "Video games, all the time, and every day" on the door like a holy grail to you
  785. >You open then door and stride in confidently
  786. >Feeling like you're on top of the world, and nothing could possibly ruin this
  787. >Then that all comes grinding to a halt when you see Sugarcoat as a familiar face among the new ones in the club
  788. >Sugarcoat doesn't exactly seem happy to see you here either
  789. >Saying out loud for everyone to hear but especially you, "If anyone asks, YOU followed ME here!"
  790. >A girl you didn't recognize from her 'gang' then chuckled before teasing her
  791. >Saying in a playful tone, "Aren't you happy~? Your boyfriend came just for you~! Are you two having a lovers spat~?"
  792. >She got angry about that implication of course
  793. >Telling off the fellow club member saying, "Come of Fleur! He's NOT my boyfriend! Why does everyone keep saying that?!"
  794. >A boy who's practically a stereotype for a rich person chimes in to dog pile on her
  795. >Saying sarcastically, "Suuuuure he's not, and Tenderhoof doesn't just do things for attention."
  796. >You open your mouth to chime in when 'Fleur' teases her again
  798. >Talking indirectly to you now with, "Our little Sugarcoat mostly just comes here to play when she's feeling down. Was it because your little boyfriend didn't want to play with you~?"
  799. >Sugarcoat fumes, and they all just seem to be amused by it
  800. >It does make sense that someone like her might end up around people who have fun by messing with her
  801. You sigh before speaking up, "I'm really not her boyfriend, and I'm just here to play video games. That's it."
  802. >Fleur then huffed before remarking, "Well that's no fun."
  803. >The boy from before speaks up again
  804. >Saying in a reassuring tone, "Come now, Fleur. There's no way that can possibly be true. Even if they BOTH deny it, they can't possibly not have some kind of relationship, and if they don't I'm sure they will soon."
  805. >Fleur gets her enthusiasm back with a sputter
  806. >Before responding as the two talked around you and Sugarcoat, "I guess you're right, Jet Set."
  807. >Sugarcoat pouts about it as they went on
  808. >Yelling at them, "Come on guys, quit it! I'm serious!"
  809. >Fleur chuckled about her 'cute' behavior before responding
  810. >Teasingly stating, "We all know about you pulling him around like he's your plaything~. Even making up something about it having to do with your imaginary war with the boys' dorm as an excuse~. You're just so precious sometimes~!"
  811. >Fleur then pinched her cheek playfully
  812. >Sugarcoat angrily slaps her hand away
  813. >Then yells out angrily, "Damn it Fleur! I keep telling you! Just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm a little kid!"
  814. Feeling a chance to jump in you ask teasingly, "Are you sure you aren't? Did you skip grades or something to get here into high school?"
  815. >The other two seem to think that one was hilarious
  816. >Jet Set nearly falling out of his chair he was laughing so hard about it
  818. >Fleur wiping a tear from her eye before telling Sugarcoat, "Seriously though darling, if you haven't had that 'growth spurt' you've always told us was going to happen by sophomore year. It's just not going to happen."
  819. >Jet Set was still laughing but eventually gets over it
  820. >Sugarcoat looks seriously mad about it though, and you start to worry you'd regret saying it later
  821. >Yet with how comfortable these people are with messing wither her, it seems like maybe she's actually more bark than bite
  822. >Once messing with her started to get boring Jet Set mentions, "Hey, we were about to play some Call of Duty. It's pretty 'mainstream' but something easy to play as a group. You in, or not?"
  823. >Call of Duty is decent you guess
  824. >You shrug before sitting down in front of the console and picking up one of the controllers
  825. >The group then played it until it was time to go home
  826. >That feel of the controller in your hands was relaxing, and the sounds of virtual war like music to your ears
  827. >You'd almost lost hope, but maybe you'd found some people who were your kind of people at this school after all
  828. >You're no expert at FPS games, but you at least weren't the worst in the group
  829. >That 'honor' went to Sugarcoat, who apparently plays vidya very infrequently
  830. >You feel the urge to call her a casual, but don't out of fear of 'gang vengeance' later
  831. >You'd already accused her of skipping grades earlier, and that's probably enough playing with fire for one day
  832. >When it became late and you all called it a day everything was put away
  833. >The console and games put away in a locked cabinet
  834. >Might not be super necessary, but just to be safe so nothing happens to it
  835. >Jet Set then asks you with some anticipation, "So, will you be coming here often?"
  836. >You didn't need to think about your response
  837. Telling him excitedly, "Hell yeah I will!"
  838. >He smirks and chuckles a little in amusement
  840. >Then telling you, "Excellent, we're always looking for new members. Not many of us meet here on a regular basis. So a consistent new face would be marvelous."
  841. >Fleur seems to agree with the sentiment
  842. >Sugarcoat then reminds you, "Let's go Anon, if we're not back by curfew Mrs.Harshwinney would be pretty upset, and I'm sure you know not to upset her."
  843. >You certainly do, and the times you had in the past went rather badly
  844. >As you turned to the door she almost grabs your hand without thinking about it, but recoils her hand
  845. >Fleur then teasingly tells her, "It's okay Sugarcoat, you can hold his hand~. We won't mind~."
  846. >She then winked and made a kissy face that made Sugarcoat fume again as her face turned red
  847. >Perhaps from being flustered, angry, or most likely both
  848. >You severely doubt this would be the last time she'd get teased about her 'closeness' to you like this
  849. >You'll probably be on the receiving end of it more soon enough as well
  850. >Though Sugarcoat is the one more susceptible to this kind of teasing between you two
  851. >In fact, with a new and less scared mindset she kind of reminds you of something you'd seen in the few Japanese games you'd played
  852. >You'd forgotten what the right term is, but the 'character type' she was displaying a little was clear in your head
  853. >Even if you're still sure she genuinely dislikes you
  854. >Rather than just not being honest about her feelings
  855. >As you left while waving to the other members Sugarcoat ended up just kind of following behind you
  856. >While looking nervous and uncomfortable
  857. >As though she feels awkward walking close to you without her posse, and would be more comfortable holding your hand as well
  858. >You think about reaching for her hand, but the moment you twitched in her direction she backed away
  859. >It doesn't stop occurring to you how different she seems without the other girls with her
  860. >You arrive at the dorm without anything happening, but you did notice some curious eyes watching you as you went by
  862. >At the entrance of the dorm Sugarcoat makes a run for it to the 'safety' of her group
  863. >She took deep haggard breaths once with her brigade like she'd been holding her breath earlier
  864. >You then left her to her theatrics, and headed into your aunt's office
  865. >Sitting in front of her desk as she greeted you with, "Things go well at school again today?"
  866. >They actually kind of did
  867. You respond with some excitement, "Yeah, and I even joined the video game club today too."
  868. >Aunt Harshwinney then raised an eyebrow
  869. >Before commenting, "I noticed the games you have set up in the apartment. So I guess you really like them. Don't play those games too much and let your academic performance suffer."
  870. >You think up something to say to ease her concerns
  871. Telling her, "Come on, would I really let that happen under your watch?"
  872. >Maybe not under her watch, but you probably would if you thought you could get away with it
  873. >She seems convinced enough to drop the subject at least
  874. You then say routinely, "I'm gonna head up to the apartment, okay?"
  875. >Harshwinney gives a confirming murmur while keeping her attention on her office work
  876. >With that you head back out of the office, to the elevator, and then up to the apartment
  877. >You almost forget for a moment that you're heading through a place 'forbidden' to boys to get to your 'home'
  878. >Though some sharp glares from girls on the way quickly reminds you
  879. >Once in the apartment you could truly relax
  880. >Just change into your pajamas, and curl up with a good single player game
  881. >An RPG perhaps for some fine build cheesing and grind
  882. >Now feeling even more confident to just play it without worrying about anything
  883. >Yet the nagging thought of homework enters your head, and you pause your game to get it out of the way
  884. >Doing it as quickly as possible so you can unpause
  885. >If you stay on top of your homework your aunt will stay lax with you, and maybe even keep becoming less strict with you if she feels she can trust you to do the right thing
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