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  1. amazon helmet, crown helmet, crusader helmet, demon helmet, devil helmet, dragon scale helmet, dwarven helmet, elite draken helmet, full helmet of the ancients, golden helmet, helmet of the deep, horned helmet, leather helmet, prismatic helmet, royal helmet, skull helmet, warrior helmet, winged helmet, zaoan helmet, werewolf helmet, gnome helmet, terra helmet, dark whispers, cobra hood, falcon circlet, ferumbras' hat, falcon coif, hat of the mad, mage hat, yalahari mask, amazon armor, blue robe, crown armor, demon armor, depth lorica, divine plate, dragon scale mail, dwarven armor, elven mail, falcon plate, embrace of nature, focus cape, gill coat, gnome armor, golden armor, knight armor, magic plate armor, master archer's armor, paladin armor, prismatic armor, royal draken mail, royal scale robe, spirit cloak, yalahari armor, zaoan armor, zaoan robe, blue legs, crown legs, demon legs, dragon scale legs, dwarven legs, falcon greaves, gill legs, gnome legs, golden legs, grasshopper legs, icy culottes, knight legs, magma legs, ornate legs, prismatic legs, plate legs, yalahari leg piece, zaoan legs, boots of haste, boots of homecoming, bunnyslippers, cobra boots, crocodile boots, crystal boots, depth calcei, draken boots, firewalker boots, golden boots, guardian boots, oriental shoes, pair of dreamwalkers, soft boots, prismatic boots, steel boots, terra boots, void boots, winged boots, zaoan shoes, blessed shield, bonelord shield, brass shield, castle shield, crown shield, demon shield, dragon shield, falcon escutheon, falcon shield, gnome shield, great shield, guardian shield, mastermind shield, medusa shield, necromancer shield, nightmare shield, norse shield, ornate shield, phoenix shield, prismatic shield, rainbow shield, rift shield, shield of corruption, shield of honour, spellbook of dark mysteries, spellbook of mind control, spirit guide, tempest shield, umbral master spellbook, vampite shield, wooden shield, amulet of loss, collar of red plasma, sleep shawl, ferumbras amulet, foxtail amulet, stone skin amulet, claw of the Noxious Spawn, ring of the sky, axe of destruction, chopper of destruction, crystalline axe, demonwing axe, dragon lance, falcon battleaxe, fire axe, great axe, hellforged axe, impaler, royal axe, ruthless axe, stonecutter axe, abyss hammer, arcane staff, banana staff, bonebreaker, crystal mace, dragon hammer, falcon mace, hammer of destruction, hammer of wrath, jade hammer, mace of destruction, maimer, mycological mace, onyx flail, ornate mace, thunder hammer, war hammer, falcon rod, glacial rod, hailstorm rod, muck rod, dream blossom staff, rod of destruction, snakebite rod, falcon wand, wand of decay, wand of defiance, wand of everblazing, wand of destruction, wand of inferno, wand of starstorm, wand of vortex, berserker, blade of corruption, blade of destruction, bright sword, umbral master chopper, djinn blade, demonrage sword, epee, fire sword, giant sword, gnome sword, magic longsword, magic sword, umbral master slayer, warlord sword, umbral master crossbow, rift crossbow, thorn spitter, bow of destruction, falcon bow, living vine bow, rift bow, warsinger bow, umbral master bow, sudden death rune, great spirit potion, ultimate mana potion, supreme health potion, backpack, chayenne's magical key, zaoan chess box, annihilator, pits of inferno
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