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Foreground Eclipse Interview translated by 7

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  1. Teto from Foreground Eclipse announced the group’s breakup on twitter on August 26, 2013, which spread among the Toho Arrange fans with a great shock and grief.
  3. Because the popularity of each members from the beginning and the high quality of its music, the group became the talk of the town and gained tremendous popularity immediately.
  5. Their music was recognized as Toho Arrange, but it got popularity no matter which category their music was in. It is possible to say that the circle of emo scream listeners has spread much wider because of their music.
  7. In this article, we look back their history with an interview with Teto, present the messages from their friends, and introduce how great Foreground Eclipse was. (The following is the interview via Skype in November, 2013. Because of the recording/filming schedule, Merami couldn’t be there, which made it an interview with only Teto.)
  9. Interviewer: First, let’s talk about your last live (DJF 2013 at Shinjuku BLAZE, October 5). I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be there, but I’ve read your blog saying that you said everything you were thinking and everything wanted to say at the very last MC.
  11. What did you talk about? Teto: To be honest, I don’t remember much because I was kind of frantic. But I guess I said something like “This is the last live as FE, but this is not our breakup live. We still have a new CD to come, and we are still going. So I don’t want you to be sad, I want you to enjoy.” This is something I could say just because we were on live. It’s hard to express this feeling because it sounds cheesy when it’s printed.
  13. Interviewer: It was your last live. What had you been thinking before it started? And what do you think when you look back the live? T: We did 4 lives as FE so far. I’m not sure if other bands nowadays think in the same way, but I guess bands usually consider their lives as their main activity, thinking that lives are the most important and that they want the audience to listen to them at live, rather than through CDs.
  15. But we’re just a music coterie, thinking that making CDs is more important than doing lives. We don’t cut corners at lives though. We strongly think that “You don’t have to be so sad just because you can’t come to our live. You can just listen to our CDs.” We might consider lives less important than you guys think. We can’t do live at Tokyo almost more than once. There are limits for us and for the audience. So when we announced our last live, we did want them to listen to our very last CD, but we were also like “you don’t have to manage to come to our live, just because it’s going to be the last one.”
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