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MxRP Rules

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Jul 16th, 2021
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  1. Hello! MxRP is under new management. While a proper help site is being created, please follow these rules.
  3. 1. Please do not roleplay children in sexual scenarios.
  4. 2. When using reference images, please try and credit the art used to the artist.
  5. 3. If using sexual imagery in references, please make sure the character is not clearly prepubescent.
  6. 4. Please be kind to other users. Liek you, they are here to attempt to enjoy themselves. If a partner has an interest or kink you do not like, please disconnect without being rude.
  7. 5. Please be courteous to other users when choosing references, and let them know if they contain sexual or gory imagery so they can be aware of what they are opening.
  9. Thank you!
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