Jeff Teh Tiller Trollpasta

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  1. Two weeks ago a man, James Franko, went outside to tend his garden. As James arrived at his garden he found to his amazement that the garden had already been tilled and tended to. This angered him and caused him great jealousy as he was Amish and liked to work, these feelings soon became replaced with fear as he spotted a man on the other side of the garden. The man was garbed in a hoody;  had no eyelids, a bleached face, long flowing dark hair, and a wide crooked smile. The individual was feared and infamous among the Amish community for he liked to troll them by doing all of their chores; he was known as Jeff Teh Tiller.
  3. James Francis shook his fist and shouted at Jeff Teh Tiller for stealing his enjoyment by doing his work, but Jeff simply waved across from the other end of the garden and said three simple words, "Get good, scrub". James Framco became upset and began to shout some more, but stopped as Jeff Teh Tiller picked up a tomato and gestured it in a threatening manner which indicated that he was going to throw it. In addition to the the tomato threat, Jeff made a face at James. Now you must understand that this face is impossible to describe, it was funny, but not ha-ha funny, more like "I'm going to fuck you up if you don't leave me alone and get good scrub" funny, so teh face Jeff mad was horrifying, but only to James Franco.  
  5. Things were getting ready to get really scary, but the didn't because James Franklin went inside his house and churned butter, which was good because butter is in high demand these days and Jeff Teh Tiller would have got his cousin Jeff the Killer to come and take care of that scrub.
  7. If there is one thing to be learned it is that lief is hard and that Jeff Teh Tiller is as serious a threat as drought to any who liek to farm and do hard work. Beware of teh ominous tiller at large. Guard your gardens, hide your soil, Jeff is here to toil.
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