Kindness can be Cruel Too

Nov 29th, 2014
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  1. Chapter 1:
  3. >You can hear muffled grunting coming from the other side of the door.
  4. >It's the unmistakeable sounds of sex.
  5. >Very rough and violent sex.
  6. >A couple of seconds pass.
  7. >And now it's over.
  8. >Bracing yourself, you ready yourself for the job that's to come.
  9. >...
  10. >It takes a while for him to come and get you though.
  11. >He does like to taunt them.
  12. >Growing a bit restless, you place your ear up to the door seeing if maybe you missed your cue by accident.
  13. "He'll save me! Just you wait. He'll come for me and when he does... when he does you'll be sorry!"
  14. >That answers that, he's still toying with her.
  15. >Working her into a frenzy.
  16. >She sounds really upset too and she's one of the ones who's thinks somepone is coming to save her.
  17. >They never do.
  18. >Poor thing... but, at least you didn't miss your cue.
  19. >The damn thing changes daily and sometimes its kind of hard to tell when he wants you to enter.
  20. >As if reading your thoughts, a booming voice calls from the other side.
  22. >You cringe.
  23. >Well, can't mistake that.
  24. >You open the door and take in your surroundings.
  25. >A pink pone stands in chains, tears in her eyes and cum dribbling ever so slightly out of her ass.
  26. >Why does he always go for the ass? In all the times you've done this, not once has he ever gone for their pussy.
  27. >Not that you're complaining, you suppose. If you do have to do this then at least you don't have share a hole with him.
  28. >Your king... God you hate calling him that - stands with a sadistic smirk on his face as he watches her watch you come into the light.
  29. >You briefly wonder if she's been informed on what's about to happen.
  30. >Her horrified expression says yes.
  31. "Oh, Celestia no. Not by something like that... Please not by THAT!"
  32. >The corner of your mouth pulls back.
  33. >You understand she's in a shitty situation.
  34. >Still, her words kind of sting, you know?
  35. >Your king laughs at her.
  36. "Yes Princess, by that!"
  37. >The pink pones eyes shift between you two for a moment.
  38. ----------
  39. "You're evil Sombra! And you're just as disgusting as your creature!"
  40. >Oh come on. She hasn't even gotten to know you.
  41. >You're a good guy, really.
  42. >You know, when you're not raping pones for your king's pleasure...
  43. >Sigh.
  44. "He is disgusting, isn't he? We summoned him from another world. You've never seen anything like him I'm sure."
  45. >The pink pone cries in fury.
  46. "You'll never get away with this!"
  47. >But she doesn't sound to sure now.
  48. >She keeps eying you with fear.
  49. "My dear... I already have."
  50. >He bears his fangs into a sinister smile.
  51. "I do love being evil."
  52. >Groan.
  53. >What type of villain just states that?
  54. >You try to win them to your cause, or explain your situation.
  55. >But not your king. Nope, not King Sombra.
  56. >"I like being evil."
  57. >As if he can read your blasphemous thoughts, he aims his words at you.
  58. "Monster! I'm growing bored here. Your king wants amusement. Teach this trollop who's in charge!"
  59. >When you don't respond, he screams louder.
  61. >All you do is sigh and hold up your wrists, showing him the chains he's places around them.
  62. "Ah, that's right."
  63. >With a flair of his horn, they disappear.
  64. >You'll never get used to how the weight just... vanishes.
  65. >Well, whatever. Now that he's freed you. You're going to actually get to work.
  66. >You step forward, causing the pink mare to step back.
  67. >King Sombra laughs again.
  68. "Where's that confidence at now Cadence? Hm? Is that one step all Gloomy Armor needs to burst in and save his dear princess?"
  69. >Cadence? Must be her name. And Gloomy Armor is the one she must thinks going to save her.
  70. >Sorry Cadence. You really don't think that's going to happen.
  71. >You take another step forward, eliciting another step back.
  72. >And this goes on until she reaches the end of her chain.
  73. >Then she just cowers.
  74. >She cowers as you ever so slowly close the distance.
  75. >And when you finally reach her...
  76. >You hold up a hand and say...
  77. "Hi."
  78. >She blinks.
  79. "Hi...?"
  80. ----------
  81. >You shift awkwardly while Cadence just stares bewildered and frightened.
  82. "I... think I have to rape you now. Sorry."
  83. >Somewhere in her mind, she must have registered what you said.
  84. >But it doesn't show on her face.
  85. >In fact, it's like she's momentarily forgot where she is.
  86. "I... what?"
  87. >She isn't really frightened... just confused now.
  88. >King Sombra's voice echoes behind you.
  89. "Yes monster! Scare her. Tell her what's to come! Ha! I love it!"
  90. >What a dumbass...
  91. >But he's a dumbass who's shown he can kill you, so...
  92. "Yeah. Sorry about this. I really don't have anything against you personally."
  93. >Her front hooves collapse underneath her like she's trying to comprehend something far to vast and complex for her to understand.
  94. "Great monster! That was perfect! Now begin. Make her cry! Make her cum! Destroy her!"
  95. >Your mouth pulls back in resignment.
  96. "Alright. You heard him. I've got to begin now. I'll go gentle unless he tells me I have to hurt you. If he does, then I'm really really sorry."
  97. >At that, her world snaps back into place.
  98. "No! Don't you touch me. Shining! Shining Armor, please save me!"
  99. >Shining Armor? You guess Sombra was just being cute earlier.
  100. >...
  101. >You hate him so much.
  102. "Shhh, Cadence. That's your name right? Cadence? This will go a lot easier if you just calm down."
  103. >She doesn't.
  104. >Instead she begins to violently pull at her restrictions.
  105. >They keep hold. Surprise...
  106. "See how she thrashes monster! See the misery your presence brings her? Punish her, make her submit!"
  107. >Yeah, you see.
  108. >You reach out and touch her gently.
  109. "Cadence, I can't do anything if you keep thrashing around. And he will want me to do something very very soon. This only keeps him entertained for so long."
  110. "I need you to cooperate or he's going to completely immobilize you. And when he does that, what follows isn't pretty. Okay?"
  111. >Interesting enough it seems she hears you because after a few more tugs, she resigns herself.
  112. "Okay..."
  113. ----------
  114. >You smile.
  115. "Thanks. I'm going to begin now, if that's alright. If I hurt you let me know."
  116. >King Sombra seems to be jubilation right now.
  117. "Yes, let us know how he hurts you princess! Tell us when you are at your limits."
  118. >Ignoring the pompous bastard, you reach and touch her mane gently.
  119. >You learned a few rapes ago that this seems to calm them down.
  120. >Cadence nearly melts into your touch.
  121. >But unfortunately, as soon as she realizes she's back on guard.
  122. >Oh well, it isn't like a simple petting will make them forget what's about to happen.
  123. >Speaking of...
  124. >You move to the opposite side of her captivity.
  125. >Where awaits one of two options for you.
  126. >You can just start, or you can kind of work on her a little bit to get aroused.
  127. >The really fearful ones need the second, but oddly enough Cadence is already wet.
  128. >Very wet.
  129. >Fuck, it's a damn flood down here.
  130. >Her hole is frantically winking at you begging to be filled.
  131. >You aren't sure what's aroused her this much. But she is honestly the first pone you've seen to be this excited, at least before you began.
  132. >Reaching down, you smear some of the wetness between your fingers.
  133. >And play with her ever so slightly.
  134. >She stifles a moan.
  135. >Well... alright then.
  136. >Deciding she's ready enough, you unzip your pants and set yourself upon her hole.
  137. >Entering in to the hilt with one thrust, forcing her to gasp.
  138. >It isn't even that she isn't tight, she's just so wet that her juices have managed to coat your cock as it was going in.
  139. >Even more so as it comes out.
  140. >And saturates fully on the second thrust.
  141. >This time you just hug your body close to her flank, letting her get used to feeling you inside her.
  142. >Sometimes you find the mares have to really get used the feeling of not being fucked by a stallion.
  143. >...
  144. >Not cadence.
  145. >She's breathing heavily and showing all signs that she's ready to give in.
  146. >So you oblige.
  147. >You begin to thrust.
  148. >Once.
  149. >Twice.
  150. >Three times..
  151. >Her pussy contracts and she lets out a primal scream.
  152. ----------
  153. >Oddly enough this isn't untypical.
  154. >It's why King Sombra chose you, or so he says.
  155. >The sexual peak of this world happens in a couple of seconds. A minute if you're practicing tantric sex.
  156. >But not you. You can last minutes even when you're hurrying and trying your hardest!
  157. >Yay you.
  158. >You stop to let her collect her thoughts.
  159. >When she comes down from her high, she just looks back at you.
  160. "No... I didn't want this..."
  161. >Could have fooled you.
  162. >...
  163. >That isn't fair. You know her body is being used against her. It isn't her fault.
  164. >You apologize mentally to her.
  165. >She doesn't hear you.
  166. "HAHAHAHA! That's one Cadence! My little monster can do this all night."
  167. >That part is kind of true, you suppose.
  168. >You start moving again, thrusting your hips in and out of her sopping mess of a hole.
  169. >This time you make it to seven thrusts.
  170. "Aaaa-iiigh!"
  171. >A stream of juices covers your cock for a second time.
  172. >This part you're used too, to. By the end of the night you're going to be as messy as her hole.
  173. >Well, time for round three.
  174. >...
  175. >One thrust and she cums. Damn...
  176. >You know what you're doing is wrong, but if you have to do it... you at least want to enjoy it.
  177. >Just a little.
  178. >And having to stop for every orgasm is a torture in and of itself.
  179. >Her fourth orgasm happens.
  180. >Then her sixth.
  181. >And by the time her tenth rolls around you've grown so pent up, you just start fucking her through them.
  182. >It drives her mad with desire.
  183. >She's nothing but a grunting animal now, forcing her pussy deep against your cock, timing her movements to get as much pleasure as she can.
  184. >Her slick pussy grips you as hard as it can.
  185. >Then it lets go and quivers as she orgasms.
  186. >Then right back to gripping.
  187. >With each thrust, she tries to suck you further and further into her body.
  188. >Finally after 20 minutes of nonstop, animalistic fucking, you find your own release.
  189. >Cumming inside incredible .
  190. >And it doesn't seem likes she minds it.
  191. >She peers back at you and gives you a sultry look.
  192. ----------
  193. "That was... amazing."
  194. >You take a deep breathe and pull out with a small 'pop.'
  195. "Thanks. I didn't hurt you right?"
  196. >She shakes her head.
  197. "No. I'm fine. Thank you for caring."
  198. >You shrug.
  199. "No problem."
  200. >King Sombra, oblivious to everything as usual, has managed to get himself off twice more in the time it's taken you to force yourself onto Cadence.
  201. >He's panting heavily and his eyes are heavy.
  202. "Bravo monster. Good show as ever. We think that's all that's required of you right now. We're going to retire to out bedchambers for the night."
  203. >As if in a drunken stupor, he stumbles his way from the room.
  204. >Fucking moron forgot to chain you up again.
  205. >Cadence still coming down from her high herself also takes notices.
  206. "Did... did he just go lay down?"
  207. >You nod.
  208. "Yeah. He does that sometimes. Don't get any ideas though. Only his magic can break your chains. I can go get you something from the castle though. Something to eat?"
  209. >She ponders for a moment, before sighing.
  210. "No. I'm fine thank you. Shining Armor will be here any moment to save me."
  211. >You smile sadly.
  212. "Listen Cadence... I've seen a lot of mares come through here and they all think somepones coming to help them."
  213. >You brush your hand through her mane again, this time she doesn't recoil.
  214. "Just... try not to get your hopes up okay?"
  215. >She gives you the gentlest, most loving smile you've ever been given.
  216. "You're so kind. Much too good for Sombra. I think I'll take you with me."
  217. >That's... different. But what harm does it do to give her some hope?"
  218. "Sure Cadence. When you're rescued, I'll go with you.
  219. >You rub her main extra deeply forcing her coo slightly.
  220. "I'm going to have so much fun with you... And no chains. You'll get your own little room and private bath and we can show you off to all our friends - oh you'll be such a hit."
  221. >Okay... Going from slightly off to just plain weird.
  222. >How the hell is that even possible in this situation?
  223. >After a few more moments of happy muttering, she looks out the window.
  224. ----------
  225. "Oh! My Goodness. I hadn't realized how late it had gotten."
  226. >Her glows bright white.
  227. >And soon the chains around her dissipate.
  228. >You didn't think it was a thing that happened, but... by God if your jaw didn't unclench and drop at least a few centimeters.
  229. "Shining dear. I've had my fun. But I would just LOVE it if you came and saved me."
  230. >It didn't take even finishing the sentence.
  231. >As soon as she said the word love, the door to castle bursts down and in a battalion of soldiers led by the primmest stallion you've ever seen.
  232. >Not that you've seen many.
  233. >In fact it's pretty much just been Sombra and lots and lots of mares.
  234. >She rushes over to him and hugs him.
  235. "Oh Shining it was HORRIBLE. The things he done to me. But thank goodness you're to save me."
  236. >The entire army looks at their princess with sympathy.
  237. >Did none of them not notice that wink...?
  238. >The one with her eye... not the other one.
  239. >One guard turns his gaze on you and anger flashes across his face.
  240. "Monster! I'll eradicate you for your crimes against our princess!"
  241. >Cadence stops crying for a moment to address him.
  242. "Leave that creature alone. He is mine! He... He saved me! Yeah. He's the one who broke the chains sot that I could call out to my beloved shining here."
  243. >Instantly the soldiers demeanor changed.
  244. "I am so sorry monst... uh friend. I didn't realize. I was just so... so angry."
  245. >Cadence spreads her wings and flies into the air, addressing not just the lone soldier but her entire army.
  246. "If you're angry then go my subjects. GO! Go..."
  247. >She stiffles a laugh.
  248. "Go drag that villainous Sombra out of his bed... *snicker* bechambers! Make him pay for his crimes against not only me but our kingdom!"
  249. >All at once, the army is on the move storming the castle.
  250. >Cadence glides back to the ground with ease.
  251. >She hugs her rescuer and nuzzles his neck.
  252. "Thanks honey. It was a lovely night. Were the boys too bad?"
  253. >He shrugs.
  254. "Not really dear. Just very motivated. Their princess was captured after all."
  255. ----------
  256. >He looks at you.
  257. "Who's your friend?"
  258. >Cadence flashes you another loving smile.
  259. "Just someone Sombra... summoned? Is that the word he used?"
  260. >You nod, wide eyed.
  261. "Yeah, just a being Sombra summoned here. He's really very nice. I thought he could live with us in the castle. Kind of a beacon to the boys to show what happens when they're really loyal."
  262. >Shining looks you over and nods.
  263. "Yeah. That's a good idea actually. But why did Sombra want... something like this?"
  264. >Cadence giggles.
  265. "Oh he's very unique. I think you're going to love him Shining. I want him a regular with us at night. Sombra could barely even get up, but this one... Oh~"
  266. >Shining grins.
  267. "Oh? He really must be something if he impressed you. Alright. Lets give him a try."
  268. >You take a step back in fear.
  269. >Cadence notices the movement and looks at you with confusion and sympathy.
  270. "My word, are you alright? You don't look well."
  271. >You say nothing, instead choosing to look at the open door leading to the freedom you haven't known since you've been transported here.
  272. >Cadence follows your gaze.
  273. "Oh honey, don't do that. I would hate to tell my boys you were just pretending to be nice to me..."
  274. >She seems genuinely concerned.
  275. >Shining on the other hand looks at you with renewed vigor.
  276. "Willing to make a break for it, eh? Well I couldn't blame you. I admire that in fact. But, unfortunately you won't get very far. Sorry champ."
  277. >Your neck muscles loose the ability to support your head and it rolls backward.
  278. >Fuck...
  280. Chapter 2:
  282. "I'm sorry... could you repeat that?"
  283. >Cadence looks at you like she would a child.
  284. >Like you're just beginning to learn a basic concept that everyone else in the 'adult' world has long sense been aware of.
  285. "I said I want you to rape her, sweety."
  286. >She smiles a tender smile.
  287. >You blink, then shrug.
  288. "Alright then, I guess... I mean, it's not like I have a choice, right?"
  289. >The smile doesn't fade in the slightest.
  290. "Of course not, honey."
  291. "Well, can I at least ask why...?"
  292. >It's her turn to look confused now.
  293. >With a tilt of her head, she gives you a curious look.
  294. "Why what?"
  295. >Oh come on.
  296. >You swear she does this on purpose.
  297. "It's just... I thought you liked Twilight, is all. You talk about her all the time. You've even introduced us."
  298. >The humiliation of which still burns to this day.
  299. >Something along the liens of:
  300. >"Twily! You simply must meet the sex monster we rescued from that awful Sombra. Why, you should have seen how he treated the poor thing!"
  301. >"And don't you let his appearance fool you. He's as smart as any pone and just as kind too. That's why we gave him the best dungeon in all of Equestria!"
  302. >There's something that has to be stated:
  303. >Whenever Cadence introduces you to somepone, they generally react one of two ways.
  304. >With detached fascination. Like you're on display for their amusement.
  305. >Or complete and utter lust. Like you're there for an entirely different amusement.
  306. >But not Twilight.
  307. >Hell, she even struck up a nice little conversation with you.
  308. >And after the initial humiliation wore away you found that there is, in fact, one being in the whole of Equestria who isn't batshit insane.
  309. >You had honestly given up hope.
  310. >But then along comes Twilight, like a shining beacon of fucking RATIONALITY.
  311. >Saying how horrible it must be to be kept as nothing more than a sex slave.
  312. >And that she simply can't stand by and watch as a sentient being lives this kind of life.
  313. >Especially one as smart and handsome as you...
  314. ----------
  315. >Damn near brought tears to your eyes.
  316. >Now you get to rape her.
  317. >Yay...
  318. >Cadence notices the sadness on your face.
  319. "Monster? Are you okay? You look sad. Is something wrong?"
  320. >You shake your head.
  321. "I'm fine princess. I just... would have really preferred not to hurt Twilight."
  322. >A look of shock overtakes her face.
  323. "Who ever told you to hurt Twily!?"
  324. >You take a breathe.
  325. >Things are going to get weird again.
  326. "You did... I know you get off on being raped. But I don't think-"
  327. >She interrupts you.
  328. "How dare you! I think I would know what Twilight wants better than you!"
  329. >Her wings begin to unfurl and her horn begins to light, aimed directly at your chest.
  330. >When sparks start to spring forth, she lets out a small gasp.
  331. >Realizing what she was a bout to do, she turns her back to you and takes a breathe.
  332. >Only when she's steadies herself does she look back at you.
  333. "I'm sorry dear. I didn't mean that. I forgot how caring you can be. And that's my fault. It's just this time, it's a bit misplaced is all. Twilight will love this, trust me."
  334. >You don't...
  335. >You don't at all...
  336. >But damn if that scare the ever living shit out of you.
  337. "Yeah... I trust you princess. 100 percent."
  338. >She nuzzles your neck.
  339. "That's a good boy. Stay here while we fetch her."
  340. >Oh... You're doing this now. Great.
  341. >Cadence gives you one final lick on your neck before leaving the room.
  342. >And when she returns nearly an hour later, she's followed by a smiling Twilight.
  343. "Hey! Good to see you again! I've been so worried about you. I wish I could come by more often, but Equestria always seems to be in mortal peril from one thing or another..."
  344. >Her ears deflate ever so slightly before picking right back up.
  345. "Being an element is really tough sometimes... I know there's others suffering out there -"
  346. >She looks at you sadly.
  347. "But I can't help them. I have to fight the bigger problems."
  348. >In an instant, her demeanor changes though.
  349. "But I finally have the day off! And you are the first person I wanted to see!"
  350. ----------
  351. >Oh God, you think you can feel your soul break.
  352. "Cadence..."
  353. >Silently, you ask "Are you sure?" with your eyes.
  354. >"Yes," hers reply back.
  355. "H-Hey, are you okay? You aren't looking too well. I know we've only known each other for a short time, but I really am worried about you, ya know?"
  356. >Maybe...
  357. >Maybe, it's like one of those wacky TV mixups.
  358. >You think she doesn't want to get raped, but it turns out Cadence was right all along!
  359. >...
  360. >That was supposed to be a lie to make you feel better.
  361. >But the more you think about it, the more sense it actually does make.
  362. >Sigh.
  363. >Twilight really is here to get raped, isn't she?
  364. >She's just as batshit insane as the rest.
  365. >Tsk, whatever.
  366. >As Twilight prattles on to Cadence about how keeping you here is immoral and wrong, you silently ask her "Now?" with your eyes?
  367. >"Yes," hers reply. "End this torturous lecture!"
  368. >Grabbing Twilight by her mid section, you pick her up and sling her onto the bed.
  369. "Aaah~ Wh-What are you doing?"
  370. >AKA: Wah! What are we going to do on the bed?
  371. >She knows damn well what you're going to do on the bed.
  372. >Fucking Hell. You're actually kind of pissed off now.
  373. >You actually thought she cared about you. Even just a little.
  374. >If this is what she wanted, then she could have at least spared your damn feelings.
  375. >Fucking pones only care about their fetishes.
  376. >Well, if she wants to be raped.
  377. >So be it.
  378. >You crawl on top of her and grab her neck, enclosing your hand around it.
  379. >It isn't enough to completely choke her, but it's good enough to get your point across.
  380. "Shut up Twilight. I know this is what you fucking want. Isn't it? Well fine. You win."
  381. >Still pressing your thumbs into her throat, you lock yourself into a deep kiss with her.
  382. >Ever the actress, she struggles hard against your invasion.
  383. >In response, you increase the pressure from your grip.
  384. >You have your eyes closed, but if you open them, you're betting you'd see hers rolled back.
  385. >Cadence said rape her.
  386. >She didn't say you'd have to be gentle.
  387. ----------
  388. >After several moments of having her breathe completely stripped from her, most of her struggles cease.
  389. >It's at that point and only that point, when you release her and break the kiss.
  390. >As she gasps for her precious air, you move your lips to her ear.
  391. "That's what struggling gets you, understood? If you want to breathe, you behave. Got it?"
  392. >Teary eyed and convincingly terrified, she only nods.
  393. "P-Please. You're hurting me. Why are you doing this...? I thought we were friends!"
  394. >You laugh.
  395. "Yeah. 'Friends.' Sure. If I'm you're friend, I'd hate to see your enemies."
  396. >The fake tears begin to fall now.
  397. "Cadence! Help! Please. I'm scared!"
  398. >You only just now remember the pink love pone.
  399. >Turning your head, you see her rubbing her moist hole with a hoof.
  400. "Sorry Twilly... You just kept talking about getting him released. When you went to Celestia behind my back, I just knew I had to teach you a lesson."
  401. >God they are laying this on thick...
  402. >Rolling your eyes, you go back to playing your part.
  403. "The first thing I told you to do was shut up twilight. And I mean it this time. If you utter another fucking word, I swear I will make this Hell for you, understood?"
  404. >With big, round, fearful eyes she nods.
  405. "Good. Now lets cut the crap. We both know you're fucking soaked right now."
  406. >You reach and prod her hole with a finger.
  407. >Huh. Dry as a bone.
  408. >Ah.
  409. >Stage fright probably.
  410. >It's probably her first time being watched by someone else.
  411. >Whatever.
  412. >You know what she wants.
  413. >And in truth, all the acting has gotten you really hard.
  414. >Since she's so dry, you have to spread her a bit with your hand to get your dick inside.
  415. >Awww, and she lets out the cutest little fake sob as you do.
  416. >All you can manage is your head at first, but that's fine.
  417. >It only takes a few thrusts before her arousal will overcome any stage fright she has.
  418. >And undoubtedly, that's when she'll get wet.
  419. >You push yourself inside, managing halfway.
  420. >Pulling out, you try a bit harder the next time.
  421. ----------
  422. >It takes several thrusts, but finally you feel her begin to moisten.
  423. >They always do.
  424. >Even the ones Sombra made you hurt while you fucked them eventually gave in.
  425. >Yeah... It usually took about this long too.
  426. >...
  427. >Pft. She must have used a magic spell or something to block the arousal.
  428. >Cadence is always going on about how she's top in her class.
  429. >With renewed vigor, you double down your efforts to violate her.
  430. >Forcing you cock deep inside and pulling it out just as roughly, you make sure she feels ever penetration.
  431. >It takes several more thrusts than you're used too, but she finally has her first orgasm.
  432. >When her walls contract around you, you can't help but notice it's rather weak.
  433. >Normally the mares Cadence makes you fuck, cum buckets.
  434. >Then again, normally they cum from just being penetrated.
  435. >It's that damn magic spell she placed on herself.
  436. >Well, you're nowhere near your completion, so there's plenty of more time to break it.
  437. >You can feel your balls slap against her ass as you forcefully violate her tight hole.
  438. >Every few thrusts she has a minor orgasm.
  439. >And with every contraction of her pussy, her tears renew themselves silently.
  440. >Until she can't take it anymore and buries her face sideways into the pillow and lets out an audible sob.
  441. >It's very feint, but you can even hear her say "I'm disgusting. I don't want to cum from this. Not like this..."
  442. >Honestly, she says it so quietly, you wonder if it's even meant to be part of the show.
  443. >But rape is all in the state of mind you suppose.
  444. >She has to keep the act up, even for herself.
  445. >When you feel yourself reaching your peak, you grab her head and force it back into it's original position.
  446. >Looking straight at you.
  447. "Look at me Twilight. I want you to look at me when I cum inside you. And don't you dare so you didn't enjoy this. Fucking liar. That's all you ever were to me. Fucking... liar."
  448. >You cum.
  449. >She cums.
  450. >Cadence cums.
  451. >Evey single being in the room lets out a howl of Ecstasy.
  452. ----------
  453. >Pulling out, you pant and watch as your seeds drips out.
  454. >the process gives Twilight enough time to collect her thoughts from her own mind shattering orgasm.
  455. >And when she does come down from her high, Twilight peers at you through disheveled hair.
  456. "You really are a monster. I can't believe I wanted to help you!"
  457. >Cadence - wasn't she just on the opposite of the room? - surprises you by appearing at her side and rubbing a now dry hoof through Twilight's hair.
  458. "Shhh, it's okay Twilly. I tried to warn you he was a monster. But you wouldn't believe me. I'm sorry it had to be this way."
  459. >Huh, you kind of thought the charade would be over right now.
  460. >You felt her cum harder than almost any mare yet, after all.
  461. "Cadence! You're just as bad! You let him do this. You let him... And I came... You're disgusting. He's disgusting! We're all disgusting!"
  462. >Ah... Huh. You're starting to feel very uncomfortable.
  463. "I know Twilly. I tell you what. I'll brew you some forget me now tea s you won't remember this night at all. Only the feelings you developed will remain."
  464. >You stumble to find the correct words to ask what you want to ask.
  465. "But I can win your love back sweetie. And it'll be as if this night never happened. But you'll finally drop this silly notion of freeing my little monster here. I love you."
  466. >Still stumbling for the right words...
  467. "I don't love you!"
  468. >Cadence smiles.
  469. "You will soon honey."
  470. >Fuck the right words!
  471. "You have got to be kidding me. Are you saying I really raped Twilight? What the fuck is wrong with you pones!?"
  472. >They both stare at you in shock.
  473. >After several moments, Twilight looks at Cadence.
  474. "I thought you told him I wanted this?"
  476. Chapter 3:
  478. "Ohhh~ No. What an awful fate that has befallen me! Shining I trusted you. How could you do this?"
  479. >Shining Armor lets out a devilish laugh.
  480. "Simple mi amore, it is BECAUSE you trusted me. And now I shall use that very trust AGAINST YOU!"
  481. >Princess Cadence lets out a shrill screech.
  482. "No~ I'm trapped. I'm trapped and completely helpless. The only one I have ever loved has betrayed me! All is lost."
  483. >She swoons ever so slightly and falls to her knees.
  484. "You've won Shining. Do with me what you will."
  485. >The white stallion grins from ear to ear.
  486. "What I will? Oh no my dear. You have it all wrong. I won't be doing anything. For I dare not sully my sword in your sheath."
  487. >The air is surprisingly tense.
  488. "Then... then you'll let me go?"
  489. >He stomps the ground in response.
  490. "Now who ever said that? I simply said that I would not be casing my blade inside you. I never said..."
  491. >He pauses for dramatic effect.
  492. "That I wouldn't let my monster have a go! Mwahahaha!"
  493. >...
  494. >A few seconds pass as both parties eye you thoughtfully, waiting for you step out of the corner.
  495. >The corner that not 5 minutes ago, they sat you down in when they told you to be a good little helper.
  496. >Shining clears his throat.
  497. "Uh... Yes! My, um monster. Why I see him now! Here he is approaching from the east!
  498. >...
  499. >Nope.
  500. >Not gonna happen.
  501. >Not this time.
  502. "Oh no~ I see him coming. What awful things will this vile creature do to me!?"
  503. >Fuck you Cadence.
  504. "Psst... Hey buddy. That's your cue."
  505. >Fuck you Shining.
  506. >You bat at the ludicrously long horsecock that's now swinging between your legs.
  507. >And fuck magic.
  508. >Cadence, for whatever Godforsaken reason has deemed fit to swap your cock with her lover's.
  509. >The end result being something straight out of a dirty Dr Seuss book.
  510. >And while the novelty of having a four foot slong may appeal to some people...
  511. >You find you are less than ecstatic at the change.
  512. >And by God Shining just looks ridiculous.
  513. ----------
  514. >The couple share a look before Cadence nods in your direction, obviously trying to silently tell Shining to deal with the problem.
  515. >After all, heaven forbid she break character and interrupt all the fun.
  516. >Nodding, Shining Armor slinks over to the corner and bends down to your level.
  517. "Hey champ. We're kind of waiting for you over there. Something the matter?"
  518. >You dejectedly poke the throbbing stick between your legs.
  519. >Wishing that it wasn't hard as rock.
  520. >It must still be connected to Shining's arousal even though it's connected to you.
  521. >You can't help but notice he is as flaccid as they come.
  522. >...
  523. >You really, seriously cannot overstate how ridiculous he looks.
  524. >Glancing up, your eyes meet with his and you notice the genuine, almost fatherly concern he has for you.
  525. "I want my dick back."
  526. >He recoils slightly and tilts his head in confusion.
  527. "Is that what this is about? Aw, there's nothing to worry about. I know magic must be really confusing for you, but it's nothing to get upset over."
  528. >You glare at him.
  529. "I want. My. Dick. Back."
  530. >He merely ruffles your hair.
  531. "Come on now, don't be like that. Hey, are you worried that I'm the one that'll get to feel it? Because that isn't how it -"
  532. >You stand, barely missing hitting him in the face with four feet of rock hard anger.
  533. "I WANT MY DICK BACK! I have suffered nothing by humiliation after humiliation by you creatures. And I'm SICK of it!"
  534. "I don't care if you turn me into a frog or just flat out kill me. I am not going to let you take the ONE thing I have left in this Hellhole."
  535. "You will not strip me of my one final piece of dignity!"
  536. >For a moment nopone speaks.
  537. >Though the silence is deafening.
  538. >And then...
  539. "Oh no! Cadence, we've lost control of him. He isn't following our orders! Please monster, don't use your master's weak bodies for your sadistic carnal pleasures!"
  540. >Oh Hell no. Even if you were playing along. THAT would never happen.
  541. >You just really wish your cock wasn't about to explode with pent up desire.
  542. ----------
  543. >Shining Armor must really be getting off on this.
  544. >And as the hormones start to flood your body, you find it hard to concentrate on anything else.
  545. >Cadence lets out a squeal of delight, apparently happy with the new change the game's taken.
  546. "Oh no my love. You're right. We've lost control of him. What ever will he do to us!"
  547. >Nothing!
  548. >You are going to do...
  549. >Absolutely...
  550. >Nothing...
  551. >Ahhh!
  552. >You are so horny!
  553. >This isn't fair.
  554. >For the love of all that is good and right, why must you be a slave to Shining's hormones?
  555. >The raging cock between your legs begs for release.
  556. >And there on the bed is the princess that offers it.
  557. >All you have to do is...
  558. >No!
  559. >NO!
  560. >You must resist.
  561. >This is your last bit of dignity you're fighting for.
  562. >Still, it's so hard when you know what awaits you.
  563. >How soft Cadence is.
  564. >And how tight she is.
  565. >Her pussy squeezes like a vice, never letting you go.
  566. >Milking you for all you have till nothing remains.
  567. >You bite your gum to the point of nearly drawing blood.
  568. "I am... *ah* I am not playing this *ha* game Princess. Give me back what is mine. Give it back!"
  569. >Cadence lets out a schoolgirl giggle.
  570. "If you want it so badly, dear. Make me give it back. Hurt your princess until she has no choice but to comply!"
  571. >You growl in annoyance.
  572. >These ponies and their games.
  573. >When will it end?
  574. >...
  575. >Never.
  576. >That's the answer.
  577. >It'll never end.
  578. >You're here for life. Cadence has made that extremely clear.
  579. >You will never, ever get away from her.
  580. "Argh! Fine! You want me to hurt you!? You want me to rape you? Then that's what I'll do! Be careful what you ask for princess!"
  581. >In a blind rage, you stomp over to the bed and hop top.
  582. >Grabbing her flanks, you position yourself at the tip of her hole.
  583. >And in one mighty thrust, push yourself partly inside.
  584. >Cadence lets out a moan of pleasure.
  585. >That quickly turns into a squeal of pain as you bring an open palmed fist onto her pink rump, turning it a deeper shade.
  586. ----------
  587. >You pull out and use her juices as lubricant to force your oversized cock back insider her.
  588. >Further this time.
  589. "Oh! D-Dear. That's too much! P-please keep in mind normal stallions can't last as l-long as you. I've never taken it this far before."
  590. >Oh?
  591. >Really...
  592. >Still you push onward inside her.
  593. "Ah! Too far. Too far!"
  594. >And yet you're only two thirds of the way inside.
  595. >Wanting to waste no time in giving her reprieve, you unfortunately find that you cannot go any further inside.
  596. >So you concede to pull out, coating yourself with the fresh juices that's accumulated.
  597. >As you do, Cadences immediately cums.
  598. >Fluid squirts down your sensitive nethers and you feel confident enough push back inisde.
  599. >When you reach the mark that you were at before, Cadence lets out a howl.
  600. >Something between agony and ecstasy.
  601. "SHINING! HELP! It's too much! Make him stop!"
  602. >With a quick glance, you find that Shining Armor has long since jacked off and is now in a small stupor.
  603. >Cadence's does manage to wake him though.
  604. >Shaking his head of the euphoria, he reverts back to character.
  605. "I am sorry mi amore. You must endure. For I am simply powerless to stop such a beast."
  606. >With one final, massive thrust you manage to hilt yourself fully inside the pink princess of love.
  607. >Extending her stomach as you do so.
  608. "AAAAH! Shining! I"m not playing anymore. Please!! It hurts! Get him off. Why did we use real magic binding chains? I can't stop him!"
  609. >You grin and pull yourself out a few inches before roughly shoving yourself back inside.
  610. >Causing another painful orgasm from the princess as you do.
  611. "Oh woe is us. We have played with fire and we are..."
  612. >Another pause for dramatic effect.
  613. "Getting burned!"
  614. >You actually laugh at that.
  615. >Reaching down you rub her protruding belly,
  616. >Delighting in the modification you've brought upon her.
  617. >Just like she did to you.
  618. >SLAP.
  619. >And her red flanks can symbolize the humiliation of everything else.
  620. ----------
  621. >After taking turns between the two, it takes no time at all for you to reach the inevitable end.
  622. >Though it's still ages for Cadence who is now quivering in agony but still forced to endure minor orgasm after minor orgasm.
  623. >That by the time you release a hot load inside her and pull out admiring your handy work, she's nothing but a shaking mess.
  624. >Though...
  625. >You aren't quite done yet.
  626. >Flipping her over, you make her body face upwards.
  627. >And crawl over her body, letting your soiled dick trace a path as you do.
  628. >Until you wind up at her mouth.
  629. "Open," you command.
  630. >She doesn't.
  631. >Content to stare in another direction.
  632. >Any other direction.
  633. >You growl.
  634. "I said open. Or I'll stick it in your ass. And then we'll see just how flexible you really are."
  635. >You let out an evil laugh.
  636. >With tears in her eyes, she obeys.
  637. >And gingerly takes your retreating manhood inside her mouth.
  638. >Though she can only fit the tip inside.
  639. >And barely even that.
  640. >So she just uses her tongue to lick around your head.
  641. >Sheepishly sucking at the tip for any remnants that might remain.
  642. >Doing an awfully good job at it too.
  643. >Even at her weakest, the princess can't deny her true nature, you suppose.
  644. >And after she thoroughly cleans that, you command her to go up and down the sides.
  645. >She does so eagerly.
  646. >Cleaning all the milky white fluid that's trapped itself at the base and partially dried.
  647. >It must be disgusting.
  648. >But she eats it up.
  649. >And this time not because she wants too.
  650. >But because you want her too.
  651. >And for the first time, you know what it's like to be in control.
  652. >After she's done, you let out a sigh of relief and lean back, content to just what happens next happen.
  653. >You wonder what'll happen when she gets free and Shining figures out this wasn't a game.
  654. >Will death be instant or lingering?
  655. >Or will she just throw you to Shining's mercy and let him have his fun.
  656. >...
  657. >Please let it be the lingering death.
  658. >Well, whatever happens. You can say you went out on your terms.
  659. >You went out a -
  660. ----------
  661. >Feeling a warm sensation envelop your nethers, you're soon pleased to find that everything has returned back to where it should be.
  662. "Oop. It seems the spell has worn off my love. And not a moment too soon either. I seems our dear friend is a bit spent. "
  663. >Shining lets out a small laugh as hovers you, giving you a wide smile.
  664. >You try to memorize it.
  665. >It's so... paternal. So caring.
  666. >Mixed with your memory of Cadence, it'll be a nice thought to take with you to your grave.
  667. >Yeah. This is what you should be focusing on.
  668. >Not that silly notion of vindication.
  669. >Nor should you go into that good night full of fear and doubt.
  670. >Whatever comes, all you need is to picture Shining's fatherly grin and Cadence's loving embrace.
  671. >And that'll be enough to get you through whatever comes.
  672. "Aw, can't we go just a little bit longer?"
  673. >Cadence lets out a small pout as Shining begins to unwrap her bindings.
  674. >He merely chuckles.
  675. "Now now dear. We have an early morning, and I dare say another late night afterwards."
  676. >When all the bindings come off, Cadence lets out one of her patented girlish giggles.
  677. "Poor thing must be exhausted. He really gave quite the performance today, didn't he?"
  678. >Shining gives an agreeable nod.
  679. "Yeah, the little guy really played his part well."
  680. >You just close your eyes and fall back onto the bed completely.
  681. >And stay there until you feel yourself being lifted by the invisible strings of magic.
  682. >Moving with care and tenderness, Cadence tucks in the middle of the bed.
  683. >As Shining crawls in on the other side.
  684. >And together, they both wrap their hooves around you and let out a contented sigh.
  685. >Mother.
  686. >Fucker.
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