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Jul 22nd, 2015
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  1. Tremor Patch
  3. -There is now an option to change the games language without changing the language in Steam.
  4. -Fatality animations will now trigger correctly
  5. -Game will no longer display graphical artifacts when playing Match Replays from Online modes
  6. -The Game will now properly pause when it is minimized while in the main menu, reducing CPU and disk usage
  7. -When installing the Game from a complete back up, all packages will now be installed
  8. -Fixed an issue where nVidia card users would sometimes encounter a display driver crash in different game modes
  9. -“Reconnect the controller” error message will no longer appear when switching controllers in the character selection menu
  10. -The button log will now display the proper icon dependent on the input method (keyboard or controller)
  11. -Button prompts will now properly display during Test Your Might when using a controller with custom button assignments
  12. -Various game input fixes
  13. -Various Kombat Kard fixes
  16. 7/14 Balance Update
  17. Today we are posting a new patch that will grant the Klassic Ermac skin as well as address the following for all users:
  19. -Fixed a bug where game will freeze in training mode when users have been playing ~20 minutes.
  20. -Game will no longer crash when launched on an Ultra HD monitor.
  21. -Character walk away animations will now display correctly.
  22. -Reverted font change that caused “Exit” text in online rooms to be cut off.
  24. Additional balance fixes in parity with this update:
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