Die Alone・一人で死ん出る

Dec 30th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. It was written from birth
  2. Engraved from the start
  3. Holding me captive
  4. Never letting me go
  5. My destiny is to be alone
  7. It is the way of life
  8. Born alone and dying
  9. Throughout time I was single
  10. Feeling no warmth, having no love
  11. My life was heartless, cold and solo
  13. My heart, always broken
  14. My breath, shortened by departure
  15. Leaving all behind, I let go of life
  16. Wishing, believing, knowing
  17. That it's not my time
  19. But alas, it's my time to die
  20. And like it was written before
  21. I'm dying inside and out
  22. And with no one here beside me
  23. I let go of my last breath of life
  25. And I die alone
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