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  1. I walk up to you, dressed in full maid attire, my frilly skirt swaying with each step. I stop in front of you and take a gentle bow, the ribbons on my headband drooping towards the floor as if also in your servitude.
  3. "Mistress, I have completed my daily chores." I say in a professional, if slightly meek, tone. My vocal cords noticeably loosen up as I continue. "But I still think there's a bit more cleaning to be done~" I say, the sing-song words escaping my my pursed lips.
  5. I grin coyly and take a step back, lifting the skirt to reveal more of my stocking covered legs and a tight pair of lacy, white panties, covering my most intimate parts. I give my hips a slight shake and place my thumbs against my hips on either side of the waistband, slowly pulling them down, gradually revealing my freshly trimmed nethers.
  7. "I-I hope you like it, Mistress. I did it just for you." I say, shyly, slightly stuttering as I feel my cheeks grow warm. I take a big gulp and quickly squat down onto my haunches. I lick my fingers and place them on my flower in an upside-down 'v', spreading my lips apart in preparation. I inhale deeply, closing my eyes to mentally prepare myself.
  9. I try my best to relax and use my free hand to gently push against my abdomen. A few drops of urine trickle forth from my urethra and down onto the tiled floor. I take another deep breath and wait. After what seems like an eternity, I start to release, a slow trickle at first, eventually turning into a powerful stream which splashes against the wood with a loud pitter.
  11. I blush deeply, moaning lightly from the thrill of doing something so naughty while being watched. I swish my hips back and forth, ensuring that I cover as much surface are as I can with my golden nectar. As my bladder empties and the last few drops fall out onto the floor, I wipe myself clean with my fingertips and stand up, moving closer to you. I press my soiled fingers against your soft lips, enticing you to open them and taste my mess. I purr as you begin to suckle on them, getting them nice and clean.
  13. I quickly remove my fingers from your mouth and bring my own lips to yours, embracing you in a deep, passionate kiss. I wrap my arms around you tightly, holding you up as I allow my tongue to explore every crevice of your mouth.
  15. I break the kiss suddenly and hold your chin with my finger, looking deep into your eyes.
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