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  1. ----------------------------
  2. Writing: Đại hội thể thao từng được xem
  3. In 2003, SEA Games 22 - the 22nd Sport Festival Games
  4. of ASEAN Countries,
  5. was held in Hanoi, the capital of VietNam,
  6. It was the the first time in history
  7. it was held in my country
  8. and I enjoyed watching almost this event on TV.
  9. There are many sports like soccer, basketball,
  10. volleyball, badminton, athletics, swimming...
  11. and many traditional sports of ASEAN area.
  12. The logo was inspired based on a legendary bird
  13. which decorated in the bronze drum.
  14. The spirit of festival was
  15.  "Faster, Higher and Stronger" and
  16.  "For the World of Tomorrow"
  17.  The official mascot was golden buffalo which
  18.  stand for the famous agriculture of VietNam.
  19.  When the Festival was finished, my country
  20.  had got the champion on the medal ranks
  21.  in the first time which make us very happy.
  22. -------------------------------------------
  23. Speaking: Hỏi về cô giáo vừa đi nước ngoài về
  24. - Cô đi nước nào?
  25. => Which country did you visit?
  26. - Thủ đô nước đó là gì?
  27. => Which city is the capital of this country?
  28. - Con người ở đó như thế nào?
  29. => What do you think about people in there?
  30. - Thời tiết như thế nào?
  31. => How's about climate?
  32. -------------------------------------------
  33. Speaking: Miêu tả tranh trang trí cây thông Noel
  34. 1. There are 3 people, they are mother and daughters
  35. 2. They are decorating Christmas tree
  36. 3. They looks happily
  37. ----------------------------------------------
  38. Writing: Mail cho bạn về cách chọn quần áo mùa hè
  39. From:
  40. To:
  41. Subject: Summer's clothes
  42. Hi Carney,
  43. I'm writing for you to share my fashion trend in summer
  44. and want to know your opinion about this.
  45. I will choose T-shirt and jeans in cotton
  46. and wear the sneakers to keep
  47. cool feeling in high temperature of summer.
  48. The important point is I think they will
  49. make me comfortable and confident.
  50. And I also like sports style, it is suitable
  51. for the games which I play with my friends.
  52. What do you think?
  53. Please tell me soon.
  54. Your friend,
  55. Lam
  56. ---------------------------------------------
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