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Dec 1st, 2020
125 days
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  5. -**Last updated**: November 2, 2020
  6. +**Last updated**: December 1, 2020
  11. -**Adventure Sync is not working for some Trainers with devices on Android 9 and below**
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  13. -**Issue description**: Adventure Sync is not accruing any distance for some Trainers with devices on Android 9 and below.
  14. -
  15. -**Issue status**: Resolved in update currently rolling out (0.191)
  16. -
  17. -**Note**: if you are on Android 10 and having trouble with Adventure Sync, please ensure in your device settings that 1) location data is accessible by Pokémon GO and toggled to "Allow all the time" and 2) physical activity permission is also set to "Allow."
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  22. -**Snapshot related tasks do not register on Android 11 devices  
  23. -Issue description**: Snapshot related tasks are not registering as completed after snapshots are taken on Android 11 devices. Some effects include that affection hearts aren't earned after taking a snapshot of a Buddy Pokémon, and tasks requiring snapshots of Pokémon cannot be completed.  
  24. -**Issue status**: Resolved in update currently rolling out (0.191.1)
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  29. -**Account linking option is missing from Settings Menu  
  30. -Issue description**: Trainers are unable to link new login methods or unlink existing login methods through the Settings menu.  
  31. -**Workaround**: Tap on the Niantic logo on the top right corner of your Trainer profile, then tap the settings icon on the top right. From this page you will be able to link and unlink your login methods.  
  32. -**Issue status**: Resolved in update currently rolling out (0.191)
  33. +**Tapping certain Pokémon at Lures may freeze the app**  
  34. +**Issue description**: If a Pokémon that you haven't caught yet is attracted to a Lure, it may appear very small on the map. Tapping on these Pokémon may freeze the Pokémon GO app, requiring a reboot.  
  35. +**Issue status**: Investigating. As mitigation for this issue, Lures temporarily will not attract Pokémon originally discovered in Kalos.
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  41.  **Issue description**: Invited friends are removed from the raid if all Pokémon in their battle party faint and the raid timer has expired at the gym.
  43. -**Issue status**: Resolved in update currently rolling out (0.191)
  44. -
  45. -  
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  47. -
  48. -**Trainers are able to hold more than four Field Research tasks at once**
  49. -
  50. -**Issue description**: Between normal Field Research and Bonus Field Research, Trainers are able to hold more than the maximum number of four Field Research tasks at once.
  51. -
  52. -**Issue status**: Resolved
  53. +**Issue status**: One root cause was resolved in 0.191, and further mitigation was put into version 0.193
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  61. -**Raid Battle does not progress to rewards screen after defeating Raid Boss**
  62. -
  63. -**Issue description**: After defeating a Raid Boss, the app does not consistently progress to show the rewards earned for the Raid Battle and instead stalls on the Raid Battle screen with the timer still ticking down.
  64. -
  65. -**Workaround**: If the Raid Battle is still active at the Gym, you'll be able to access the Raid Pokémon encounter by tapping on the Gym or the Raid Invitation again.
  66. -
  67. -**Issue status**: One root cause has been identified and fixed. We will continue to investigate this issue to find out if there are other causes.
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  72. -**Visual bug: Invited friends who rejoin a Raid Battle are requested to use another Raid Pass**
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  74. -**Issue description**: If you join a Raid Battle remotely through a friend's invite and are removed to the Map View (e.g., after an app crash) after the Raid Battle begins, you must have another Remote Raid Pass in your Item Bag before you are able to rejoin the battle. This is a visual bug and the second pass is not actually consumed upon re-entry. However, due to this issue players without an additional Remote Raid Pass in their Item Bag may be requested to purchase one to be able to rejoin the Raid Battle.
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  76. -**Issue status**: One root cause has been resolved in 0.185. We are investigating further reports of this issue.
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  82.  ### Buddy Adventure Related Issues
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