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  1. New Challenge Results
  3. So far I'm up to rank 46 having completed 2 sets of my new challenge. The idea was to make a deck of only one class, use that same deck for all 4 heroes, and rank up twice per hero with that deck.
  6. First up was Kabloom. Since I've been having suck luck with them lately, I focused on a Berry-centric deck. I went with my core of 4x High Voltage Currant, Berry Blast, Strawberrian, and Sgt Strongberry along with 2x of Shelf Mushroom & Grapes of Wrath. I added 4x Shroom for Two for another 1 drop and something to throw out as a blocker. My berry decks usually have some kind of stat booster (Grape Responsibility, Photosynthesizer, Grow Shroom, etc), but since I didn't have access to those, I went with 3x Puff Shrooms as blockers. Seeing how many shrooms I had (9x) and knowing two Kabloom heroes had more, I added a trio of Gloom Shrooms to help clear the way and upgrade those cheap shrooms. Zapricot got the spot over things like Poison Ivy b/c I wanted something that would hit hard, I could afford to lose, and I wouldn't feel like "oh it's a berry I have to try and save it for the synergy". It worked really well in this role and could help distract the Zombie player if I didn't have all my berry/shroom pieces lined up. The others were filler that worked well as complements.
  8. With this deck I went 48-13, a 78.7% win rate. Spudow went 13-5, Captain Combustible went 12-5, Solar Flare went 11-1 (including 6-0 to start), and Night Cap finished it off at 12-2.
  12. Next up was Mega Grow. I went for my tried & true Peas and Gatling Pea as my core. Reliable standbys 4x Pea Pod, Torchwood, Black-Eyed Pea, Pea Patch, and Gatling Pea are joined by Clique Peas now that I re-earned them a few weeks ago. Sweet Pea comes in at 3x, there to move a blocker off a better plant or just block a Zombie itself. From there I needed a backup plan and it's hard to go wrong with 4x Half Banana, 2x Captain Cucumber, 2x Banansaurus Rex, 2x Plant Food. Rounding it out was 3x Coffee Grounds, which helped me get closer, pave over a Zombie environment, or make my opponent think twice about which plant to block/kill.
  14. Having played so much with many of these cards, I thought I was going to steam roll and easily beat the Kabloom win rate. But I struggled early, playing this in my normal tempo style for these cards. With the Kabloom deck I realized in the building stage it would require some different tactics & strategy, but I didn't for this one. After a couple of rough games, I came to realize it needed to be played as an aggro deck. New strategy in hand things went much better. Often times I was finishing games on turn 5 or 6 by playing a Gatling Pea. It wasn't always the evolution bonus attack that got the killing blow, but often it would clear a blocker or the block meter for the win in the combat phase.
  16. While I didn't beat the Kabloom numbers, I cam close with an overall win rate of 75.3%, 55-18. Starting off with the Big Pea herself, Green Shadow went 13-5, Captain Combustible went 13-3, Chompzilla went 14-4, and Grass Knuckles went 15-6. That last one was the shocker for me, I had a few games where I made mistakes that cost me, but I just seemed to have some tougher battles there.
  20. What's Next?
  22. I think I'm going to continue, this time with a Zombie deck. I haven't decided what yet, maybe Hearty, maybe Beastly, I have to look at my decks and see what might transition best.
  24. -Elliotte
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