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  1. [15:21] Seshu asks, "Smith. . . Have something, desire inspected. Yes?"
  2. [15:26] Ohtli Tezcacoatl says, "Hello, Io."
  3. [15:27] Iosefka Coza says, "Oh. Hello."
  4. [15:27] Iosefka Coza asks, "AND UHHHH Sure?"
  5. [15:28] Although the wolf could presume the use of the object on his lonesome. Alongside finding it difficult to actually. . . Remove the object from his possession. Such effects could be seen as he pulled forth a heavily depraved object.
  7. An eye, smaller than the spiders eye, but large no less.
  9. In the palm of his hand it was held outward for the smith to inspect.
  10. (Seshu)
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [16:02] This eye looked like it could be used for something nefarious... Iosefka plucks it from the hand of Seshu to examine it in the light. Her brow is furrowed, turning it over and over to try and identify the thing. Oh. Was it draconic? Bestial? Insectile?
  14. "... Saekanite, right?" She asks. "I don't know what kind of animal this is but I can clearly tell I shouldn't be... Holding this."
  16. She hands it back to the Ookami with a quirked brow.
  18. "I dunno what you plan on making with that, but I suggest an amulet? A ring?" A shrug is offered. "Where did you get it?"
  19. (Iosefka Coza)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [16:02] {Item} You picked up Gorechimera Eye. Dropped by Iosefka Coza. .
  24. [16:08] Watching at a distance while the smith examined the eye. Subtle motions not normally seen were made by the wolf. Tucking his thump beneath the mask, knowing away at his nails in anticipation.
  26. As though he had a fever, his gaze was somber, but filled with eager. Awaiting the moment the eye's return would be upon him. And once it occurred a swift hand reached out to snatch the eye back. Tucking it away, all the while keeping it tight in his grasp.
  28. "Have. . . Plan for it."
  30. He'd retort, mainly curious of what the smith would project to him in terms of advice. Also, allowing them to see something different! "Obtained on hunt. Title of Champion, of Saekanis." Drawn now, for how many years?
  32. The idea of winter and its wraith. A global attempt in the making to cleanse the lands and start anew.
  34. "Am curious if one stumbled upon relics at all, yet? Any of kitsune, nagual or ookami?" Having saved up a bit, his question was asked in hopes of finding a positive answer. A single foot tapping against the the grass in restlessness.
  35. (Seshu)
  36. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. [16:13] Iosefka shakes her head. Another request, yet still no time had really passed since the last adventure. Perhaps people just didn't want to sell to her anymore?
  39. Oh well.
  41. "Congratulations on your successes, but I'm afraid I still have nothing for you. No one's been selling me materials. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, I just... Don't HAVE it."
  43. A shrug is offered soon after.
  45. "Maybe soon." She says. "But I'll let you know if we have them. Don't worry."
  46. (Iosefka Coza)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. [16:16] At the mention of not having any materials, Alvi perks up and slowly strides over.
  50. "I couldn't help but overhear Miss Iosefka..." Alvi begins, masked countenance swinging from the blacksmith to her prospective client.
  52. The gaze lingers on the latter for a moment.
  54. "If you would like, I can acquire materials for you. For free, of course. I don't have much use for money these days."
  55. (Alvi Slade)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [16:19] A swift nod of his head in acknowledgement was made as he glanced over to the conversation at the side. Briefly sighing before looking back towards the smith. "Mhm, good. . ."
  59. He mumbled, contemplating if what he had now would be enough to make way for his desired project to begin.
  61. A power source acquired at random. Now all he needed now was a tool that required energy. "Am curious of crafts. Spoke of soul-steel mimicking nature of what it takes in. Better than others. Yes? With hunt finished, can go---."
  63. Before finding his finish. A sudden intrusion occurred. But not one unwelcomed with how they desired to enter. "Same. . . For small cost."
  64. (Seshu)
  65. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  66. [16:29] "Oh. I mean, guys, it's the usual. I need fire crystals, water crystals, lightning crystals, and mithril." She repeats. "Fairy dust if you can find it. Fireflies- TONS of them. Get as many as you can. But-"
  68. And her hand goes to her head, a worried look crossing her face.
  70. "- I. I need to take a moment. Please don't bring back other metals, I don't need them. Just mithril and the crystals and the fireflies, I'm-"
  72. A wave as she saunters towards the tower.
  74. "-Yeah. Sell to Ohtli if I'm not back."
  75. (Iosefka Coza)
  76. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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