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  1. It was midnight, Seymour was in his room, cuddled up to Parr, feeling the writer gently have their head on his chest, quietly breathing in and out.
  2. Seymour placed his hand in their hair, stroking it, feeling Parr move around a bit while asleep.
  3. "Parr sweetie? What's wrong?" He asked, as Parr woke up.
  4. "Huh? Oh... hey Jane..." he sighed, unknowingly causing Seymour to freeze, letting the name crash into him like a ton of bricks, like they would kill him.
  5. But of course, he couldn't let it show.
  6. "...What's wrong honey?" He forced himself to ask, wishing he could scream out his own issues.
  7. Parr struggled to speak, Seymour noticing that no sound was coming out until:
  8. "...I.. need to tell you something. Something.... that no one else knows.... But you'll hate me for it.... I know.... But I might as well get it over with."
  9. Seymour looked surprised, what would he hate Parr for?! He didn't do anything to him! In fact...
  10. "Heh, we both have a secret the other will likely hate them for... here's a fun idea-" he began to say, closing the door, as he and Parr sat on the bed, "Get this over with, since we're both sure the other will outright despise for... how about we tell each other our secret at the same time?" He suggested, Parr hesitating nodding.
  11. "...On the count of three?" He asked, Seymour nodding.
  12. "One...." Seymour began to say, Parr then following with a "Two...."
  13. And at the same time, both said "three...."
  14. Seymour and Parr forced the words out of their mouths, finally saying their secrets.
  15. At the same time, they both said:
  16. "I'm a trans guy."
  17. ...wait what?
  18. This surprised Seymour, looking at the guy in front of him, Parr was... Trans too? He was having the same feelings he was?
  19. "...You're... male too?" He whispered, Parr didn't make eye contact and nodded.
  20. "...I thought you'd be mad...." Parr confessed, until Seymour hugged him, kidding him on the cheek.
  21. "It's okay honey...." he whispered, letting Parr place his head on his shoulder, before looking at him, smirking a bit, but also crying.
  22. "Well... I think I should introduce myself!" Parr began to say, "My names Calbert Parr. I love aesthetics and books and the arts, what about you?"
  23. Seymour smiled and kissed him on the cheek again, "Jay Seymour. I'm a mess and my kid hates me!" He laughed, before Parr hugged him again.
  24. "...Do we keep this a secret from the others?" He asked, Seymour nodding.
  25. "I love you.... Jay...."
  26. "I love you too.... Calbert."
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