Setting Suns

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  1. It'd been a dead heat summer in gravity falls that year. Not the pleasant warmth when she was so much and so little younger. It was the first thing Mabel noticed when she stepped off the bus. The first change. Definitely not the last though. The next had come when she'd tried to visit the usual places, the mystery shack, the town, the hangouts that they'd been a million times in a hundred days. Some were empty, some were full, all of them were missing her friends. She wasn't really surprised, it was why dipper had gone to portland. Everyone had their reasons for moving, for adventure, for work, for a fresh start with some less quick to judge peers, and most had gone there. Most, not all. Ford and stan were on a boat in the middle of the atlantic, or the pacific, they couldn't tell from their last letter. Candy had moved to Atlanta with her parents. Grenda was in Germany. Tambry, nate, wendy, gideon and pacifica were in portland, and now so was dipper for the rest of the summer.
  2. But all that was why Mabel had wanted to go to gravity falls, to spend time with the few that she'd thought were left behind. As soon as she had gotten there it hadn't quite turned out the way she'd expected. In a way, part of her expected to see her friends the moment she'd gotten off the bus like they hadn't stopped waving the moment she'd gotten on. She knew it wasn't going to happen, but the empty silence that struck her when she'd gotten off was downright heartbreaking. No one was there to greet her.
  3. Practically overnight, the mystery shack had exploded in popularity, to the point of being downright maddening. Soos had his hands full dealing with customers at all hours of the day, and melody wasn't much less busy. The room she'd been using last year was at least still there, empty and quiet like the rest of the town. Mabel smiled with a small nostalgic sadness and put her suitcase down inside. She walked around, spotting the other things that had changed, the mushroom cloud on the water tower had been sprayed over, the school had some more graffiti on it in a mess of scribbles that were barely legible at best, the roof hangout had been blown over, and the graveyard seemed a little bigger.
  4. "Those first weeks were rough." Mabel thought to herself as she watched the setting sun, her head gently rising and falling in time to her boyfriends breathing. Everything was different in the ways that mattered, and the same in the ways that didn't. except one person. Robbie. Robbie hadn't changed a bit. He was still the same angst ridden teen with the same reason less anger at the world, now with just another breakup on his list of things to be miserable about.
  5. Mabel wasn't sure why he still wanted to hangout with her, he was certainly still as preoccupied with his image as ever, but she didn't really need an excuse to hang out with him. Neither of them knew when it'd become something more, whether it was some joke from a vengeful love god or the winds of fate simply throwing them a curve ball, but they'd started to not just grow closer, but look at each other differently. Things had started awkwardly, they were sure of that much. Robbie had complained that she looked too young, she'd complained that he looked to dower, and yet they were pulled together again and again, held back by there criticisms of the other, but only by a thread.
  6. The sun was crimson now, finally dipping low enough into the horizon to set the sky ablaze. Mabel felt the long cool digits in her hair, tracing down into her scalp. She smiled. Sometimes you just needed to breathe and lay back. His hand rested there, somewhere between her scalp and her forehead, gently letting her know that he was there, that he'd always be there.
  7. But there was something about Mabel that made her so deliciously restless, that made such a simple evening so impossible. Even as it sank, she found her leg begin to twitch, her heart begin to beat, her breath start to slow down and speed up randomly. She'd been trying things with Robbie for a while, kissing, snuggling, small things really. Cute things. She'd gotten the talk, both sides of it, in a frankly horrific amount of detail, and went from curiosity to experimentation to routine in private. Now she wanted to try the real thing. Mabel turned her head, letting it stare down Robbie's waist as he kept his hand gently resting on her head. He was practically asleep by now, lulled by the calm cries of the crickets. Mabel moved as slowly as she could, being sure not to wake him, guiding her small hands to his zipper. He still hadn't noticed as each notch was pulled down, as the button came loose and each side of the jeans fell open. Mabel knew he'd notice no matter what she did next, so she thought she might as well go the whole hog, as it were.
  8. Underwear first, letting the cock flop out for only a comment before wrapping her lips around it. Robbie sat bolt up right as it happened, but once it was in her mouth, it was already too late. The movements she made were amateur, the ideas she had were childish, but by god did she make up for it with passion. Her head bobbed up and down, over and over again, sucking as though she were trying to drain the teen of his bones than of his cum. Robbie, for his sake, held out for a bit. 5, maybe 10 minutes wasn't bad for a teen who'd never gotten anything near as intense before in his life, and he had enough presence of mind to at least give warning when he was going to cum.
  9. Mabel tried to act like the girls she'd seen in the movies. Catch it in her mouth, roll it around, swallow it, the whole thing. She didn't do any of that. The moment the first spurt hit her tongue she gagged and wretched, spitting it out onto the lawn, the other spurts falling onto Robbie's pants as his member fell out of her mouth.
  10. "Aw... crap, now I gotta wash these when I get back."
  11. "What? no 'thanks for the blowjob Mabel, you were totally right, I was being weird about all of it.'"
  12. "Well, yeah, but I didn't exactly say yes to it."
  13. "You needed a push, and I gave you one. I'm not just some dumb kid, and now you know it after the best blowjob ever."
  14. "I don't know, I don't think that was the best blowjob ever."
  15. "Oh, really?" Mabel's hand curled around Robbie's member, fingers already feeling his pulse as it started to harden again. "Think I could do a better one then?"
  16. "Damn right you could."
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