This Hand Will Not Break.

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  1. 05/02/14(22:44:16) *Alyssa(YKWN) sits in the scar. Lightning never struck the same place twice. Maybe inexplicable cuts in the ground were the same?*
  2. Blue(Soldier_Dude) flew!
  3. Unit #667 Model A used Great Divide!
  4. Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A.
  5. Rubricatus becomes angry!
  6. Rubricatus deactivated Focus.
  7. Green is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A.
  8. Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A.
  9. Green deactivated Focus.
  10. Green becomes angry!
  11. Majikku Masuta says: MY FUCKING...
  12. Majikku Masuta says: OWWW!
  14. Alyssa(YKWN) says: Oh fuck.
  15. Alyssa(YKWN) says: It's like a lightning storm only huge slashes of....
  16. Blue(Soldier_Dude) meditated!
  17. Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) regains consciousness
  18. Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ..The planet..I think it's falling apart.
  19. Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...What.
  20. Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...goddammit.
  21. Alyssa(YKWN) says: He's got a blindfold.
  22. Red(Carnak) says: ...I.
  23. 05/02/14(22:45:30) Unit #667 Model A says: Hello, ladies and gents.
  25. 05/02/14(22:45:33) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) slids his goggles over his face, swinging his sword before holding it at the ready shortly after. "...Uh...Red?"*
  27. 05/02/14(22:45:35) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Hello, Asura.
  28. Majikku Masuta says: ...
  29. Majikku Masuta says: ANOTHER ONE.
  30. Unit #667 Model A says: I am Model A.
  31. Blue says: ...Wow.
  32. Green says: Wow, what a dick.
  33. Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: That is..
  34. Unit #667 Model A says: I'll just skip to the explanation.
  35. Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I'm here to collect data on the human emotion of "desperation."
  36. Alyssa says: Red...
  37. Alyssa says: ...You stay back this time.
  38. Alyssa says: Let me show you how much I've improved!!
  39. Blue says: ...?
  40. Unit #667 Model A says: And by that, I mean I'm going to carve this planet in half.
  41. Alyssa says: Like hell you will!!
  42. Majikku Masuta says: ....
  43. Majikku Masuta says: Are you sure you want to fight infront of my house?
  44. Majikku Masuta says: ..Emphasis on -my-.
  45. Unit #667 Model A says: It's all going to get blown up regardless.
  46. Majikku Masuta says: ...Hmmm...
  47. Majikku Masuta says: Theres a reason I'm called moving fortress.
  48. Blue says: ...
  50. *Majikku Masuta raised his hand, and the roof top began to rip apart, a giant stone hand, rising out of his house, slamming into the ground next to him.*
  52. *Red steps outside, watching the scene with a keen interest. This thing had split the fucking earth with his fucking -sword- and he honestly couldn't take his mind off of how badass and manly that fact was. It got him excited when he should have been concerned for his safety - concerned for -others'- safety. Instead he just looked on, raising both eyebrows and letting off a long drawn-out whistle. "Not bad at all!" Surprisingly he had no speech nor did he make a ridiculous comment about how he was going to rip into this thing and/or kick its ass in a flashy display of manly prowess. Red would nod to Alyssa once, then give Blue a look. It wouldn't be very fun for everyone if he took all the excitement for himself would it?*
  54. Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  56. *Blue(Soldier_Dude) turned to Alyssa. He was sure, as usual, she was going to rush in first. He was contemplating now nothing aside from whether or not he should bother rushing in with her, considering her and Red'd always seemed pretty insistent on getting their thrill. "Want a hand?"*
  58. *Green(Greggeh) remained entirely silent once again as she folded her palms upon her lap and sat watching the spectacle infront of her.*
  60. Lance Masuta says: Dad...why is it everytime, I come home to you...some random crazy shit is going on?
  61. Majikku Masuta says: Because I'm an insane fuck.
  62. Majikku Masuta says: Who likes to be around other insane fucks.
  63. Lance Masuta says: ......
  65. *Alyssa nods her head back to Red and grins. She reached up under the shirt of her crop top sailor uniform and pulled out the huge lovechild of a spear and a horseslaying sword.
  67. "Hey, Asura," she muttered as she swaggered directly in front of the robot. "I'd ask if you wanna make things fun and wager my dad's blade against your's but..." She shifted the point towards the blindfolded android. There was probably a joke to be made about that. Instead, she just gave her trademark crooked grin.
  69. "But there ain't no reason to get your fake ass hopes up. I'm winning this. Let's go, Muketsu!!"
  71. She pulled out a pin on her left glove. The outfit around her suddenly burst into vibrantly colored flames which assumed a peculiar form around her, slenderizing any aspect of clothing and drawing it all towards her shoulderblades in the form of mechanical wings. Of course, now most of her thighs and everything from her hips to the bottoms of her breasts were on display now but hey!! She was way more powerful!! Crimson stained her face as she turned to Blue.
  73. "Nah! You just sit back and enjoy the show this time, chief!! Next one's all your's, promise!!!" She redirected her attention to Asura. "So...You gonna do anything fancy, or is two swords all I gotta beat?"*
  75. Alyssa activated Spiral Energy.
  76. Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: That never ceases to surprise me.
  77. Alyssa says: ...?!
  78. Alyssa says: What.
  80. *Rubricatus moves out of the way. He didn't have much place in this as a direwolf. He hadn't been training for a few years, and was a bit behind the crowd in terms of warriors. He had perhaps the role of the hyena, or the particularly frisky dingo. There might be scraps to be had.*
  82. Unit #667 Model A says: The outfit change.
  83. Alyssa says: I guess that proves you can see behind that blindfold...
  84. Red says: I dig it.
  85. Alyssa says: ...but I ain't see you before.
  86. Unit #667 Model A says: Now hurry up and fight me so I can swat you aside and go in with my cleavag-... cleaving the planet in half.
  87. Alyssa says: Who d'you think you are, robot?!
  88. Unit #667 Model A says: My blindfold is a power limiter.
  89. Unit #667 Model A says: I can see just fine through it.
  91. *Nimya Arber (Child) frowned at the disturbance off in the distance. The plant like girls ears twitched violently and she took to the skies; flying off to the scene of that massive disturbance. And there it was, a huge swath cut right through the forest she had called home for so so long. Nim literally began to take deep breaths in, releasing the pent up oxygen in a rush as her hands writhed, clenching and unclenching as she followed that wake of destruction. At the tail end of it she saw people she was familiar with, her glare taking them in with equal measure as she droped to the ground, crashing into it really. She began to glow with a soft light, her amber eyes literally glowing brilliantly. And then she yelled, her voice booming loudly, there was so much volume contained in that scream that it surely couldn't have come from such a small figure - and yet it did.
  95. Red says: ..God I love Nim.
  96. Blue WHISPERS: Don't you love...every...girl..
  97. Majikku Masuta says: God fucking damnit!
  98. Sylas says: Oh not this shit again....
  99. Red(Carnak) WHISPERS: Blue! As if I could ever look at our dear Nim that way, she's not legal!
  101. *Alyssa(YKWN) flushes more deeply. "Robots aren't allowed to be voyeurs and perverts! You don't get to peep!" And then Nim was really, really mad. Alyssa's lips pursed for a moment before she turned back towards Asura. "THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT. HOW DARE YOU DESTROY NIM'S FOREST AND MY MODESTY!" She let out an incredibly womanly howl as she charged towards the 'bot. Her armor was accented with bright pink neon energy before it crashed down into myriad colors. She swung her huge blade with all of her might towards the man in a relentless rainbow-charged onslaught!!*
  103. Red WHISPERS: Give it about five or six years though and I bet you anything Nim will be fine as hell, though.~
  104. Blue(Soldier_Dude) WHISPERS: ............
  105. Red(Carnak) WHISPERS: But that's the future! Focus on the present!
  106. Unit #667 Model A says: ...
  108. *Blue would've blushed awhile ago. Now, he just regarded Red with a shake of his head. And then his attention was on the fight!*
  110. Sylas says: Heh, we aren't the only one's that got holes blown in their house....
  112. *Unit #667 Model A fights!*
  114. 05/02/14(23:03:17) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used countdown.
  115. 05/02/14(23:03:39) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) activated Stance (Wolf).
  116. 05/02/14(23:04:08) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) sighs*
  117. 05/02/14(23:04:11) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) ended using countdown.
  118. 05/02/14(23:04:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance, go underground with your mother.
  119. 05/02/14(23:04:20) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  120. 05/02/14(23:04:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: -now-
  121. 05/02/14(23:04:31) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) scratches head.*
  122. 05/02/14(23:04:35) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...No....
  123. 05/02/14(23:04:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: NOW
  124. 05/02/14(23:04:39) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: She, hates me
  125. 05/02/14(23:04:46) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Kick!
  126. 05/02/14(23:04:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Im ordering you to go.
  127. 05/02/14(23:04:48) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: C'mon dad.
  128. 05/02/14(23:04:52) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Expand(4x).
  129. 05/02/14(23:04:55) Rampage(Gtgoku88) is knocked out by Alyssa(YKWN)
  130. 05/02/14(23:04:56) Rampage(Gtgoku88) becomes angry!
  131. 05/02/14(23:04:57) Garden(Keehoon0) activated Stance (Crane).
  132. 05/02/14(23:05:02) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  133. 05/02/14(23:05:02) Red(Carnak) says: Yeah Dad, don't be a bitch.
  134. 05/02/14(23:05:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Now, Lance.
  135. 05/02/14(23:05:09) Green(Greggeh) is knocked out by Alyssa(YKWN)
  136. 05/02/14(23:05:10) Green(Greggeh) deactivated Focus.
  137. 05/02/14(23:05:17) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Cheetah).
  138. 05/02/14(23:05:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Cheetah).
  139. 05/02/14(23:05:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Cheetah).
  140. 05/02/14(23:05:21) Red(Carnak) says: If you coddle your son how's he ever gonna turn into a man?
  141. 05/02/14(23:05:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  142. 05/02/14(23:05:26) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used Sweeping Blade!
  143. 05/02/14(23:05:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Fine, he can stay.
  144. 05/02/14(23:05:32) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ....
  145. 05/02/14(23:05:34) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  146. 05/02/14(23:05:36) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  147. 05/02/14(23:05:39) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Thanks dad.
  148. 05/02/14(23:05:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  149. 05/02/14(23:05:39) Green(Greggeh) regains consciousness
  150. 05/02/14(23:05:41) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Uhhh, shouldn't we be helpi- fuck it, nevermind.
  151. 05/02/14(23:05:46) Rampage(Gtgoku88) regains consciousness
  152. 05/02/14(23:05:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Im up next.
  153. 05/02/14(23:05:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I want a piece of him.
  154. 05/02/14(23:05:53) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: I don't know who to help.
  155. 05/02/14(23:05:56) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: Although itll be a short fight...
  156. 05/02/14(23:05:58) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Expand.
  157. 05/02/14(23:05:59) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used Sweeping Blade!
  158. 05/02/14(23:06:00) Red(Carnak) says: Alyssa's too sexy for her shirt so we can't step in right now!
  159. 05/02/14(23:06:02) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Expand(4x).
  160. 05/02/14(23:06:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Up next for what, an ass whooping?
  161. 05/02/14(23:06:06) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  162. 05/02/14(23:06:08) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: Why would you help the guy destroying your planet..?
  163. 05/02/14(23:06:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Maybe, probably.
  164. 05/02/14(23:06:32) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Kick!
  165. 05/02/14(23:06:39) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  166. 05/02/14(23:06:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Either way im fighting him.
  167. 05/02/14(23:06:44) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Wait, which one is Alyssa?
  168. 05/02/14(23:06:44) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: Last time -Everyone- jumped in we were fucking each other up more then hurting the other guy.
  169. 05/02/14(23:06:52) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: And who the fuck wears shirts?
  170. 05/02/14(23:06:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: We are going one at a time.
  171. 05/02/14(23:06:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...By the way.
  172. 05/02/14(23:06:59) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) is only wearing a vest.*
  173. 05/02/14(23:07:00) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Who fucked up my well?
  174. 05/02/14(23:07:12) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  175. 05/02/14(23:07:17) Lance Masuta(Demorco) is knocked out by Alyssa(YKWN)
  176. 05/02/14(23:07:17) Lance Masuta(Demorco) becomes angry!
  177. 05/02/14(23:07:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: God damn it Lance!
  178. 05/02/14(23:07:29) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: The android did it.
  179. 05/02/14(23:07:32) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: u-ug
  180. 05/02/14(23:07:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  181. 05/02/14(23:07:36) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Ya we really need to train...  
  182. 05/02/14(23:07:43) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  183. 05/02/14(23:08:02) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Kick!
  184. 05/02/14(23:08:26) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Why not go two at a time? Or is that just too crazy for everyone to handle?
  185. 05/02/14(23:08:32) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Nah fuck it.
  186. 05/02/14(23:08:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  187. 05/02/14(23:08:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Im fucking this guy up for damaging my house, Green, and other people.
  188. 05/02/14(23:08:54) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...Ya, -other people-
  189. 05/02/14(23:08:57) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  190. 05/02/14(23:09:02) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Oh... I hear a cat.
  191. 05/02/14(23:09:11) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Just think of it as incentive to remodel.
  192. 05/02/14(23:09:13) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: I think I... remember... that cat.
  193. 05/02/14(23:09:13) Red(Carnak) says: Hands off Green. You've traumatized her enough for one day!
  194. 05/02/14(23:09:25) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  195. 05/02/14(23:09:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  196. 05/02/14(23:09:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Your here.
  197. 05/02/14(23:09:31) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) THOUGHT: That fuckin' woman..This is my chance!
  198. 05/02/14(23:09:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Not surprising.
  199. 05/02/14(23:09:38) Lance Masuta(Demorco) regains consciousness
  200. 05/02/14(23:09:55) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ....That...hurted.
  201. 05/02/14(23:09:58) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  202. 05/02/14(23:10:47) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: I, wanna watch closer.
  203. 05/02/14(23:10:50) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: No.
  204. 05/02/14(23:10:51) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Expand(4x).
  205. 05/02/14(23:10:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Get over here.
  206. 05/02/14(23:10:55) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: DAMNIT LANCE!
  207. 05/02/14(23:10:56) Red(Carnak) says: Alyssa's doing well!
  208. 05/02/14(23:10:57) Garden(Keehoon0) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  209. 05/02/14(23:11:26) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) pulls Garden over to him.*
  210. 05/02/14(23:11:41) *Nimya Arber (Child)(Mitsukiri) squints.*
  211. 05/02/14(23:11:42) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) grabs Keehoon0(Garden)
  212. 05/02/14(23:11:43) Blue(Soldier_Dude) deactivated Focus.
  213. 05/02/14(23:11:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) WHISPERS: Red...
  214. 05/02/14(23:11:49) Red(Carnak) says: What?
  215. 05/02/14(23:11:51) Blue(Soldier_Dude) trained!
  216. 05/02/14(23:11:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) WHISPERS: Theres a girl in black over there, the same one who was there for the other android attack.
  217. 05/02/14(23:11:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) WHISPERS: I think she's causing all this shit.
  218. 05/02/14(23:12:02) Blue(Soldier_Dude) WHISPERS: We know.
  219. 05/02/14(23:12:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) WHISPERS: THen why not handle her now?  
  220. 05/02/14(23:12:31) Red(Carnak) says: If that's what you think then be a man and act! Don't let me make your decisions!
  221. 05/02/14(23:13:06) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: This one is gonna be down to the wire.
  222. 05/02/14(23:13:45) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Focus.
  223. 05/02/14(23:14:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Focus.
  224. 05/02/14(23:14:08) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Expand.
  225. 05/02/14(23:14:23) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: She's losing steam...
  227. 05/02/14(23:14:29) Alyssa(YKWN) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A!
  229. 05/02/14(23:14:32) Pirado(Kronnu) says: They seem equally match-
  230. 05/02/14(23:14:37) Pirado(Kronnu) says: Nevermind.
  231. 05/02/14(23:14:42) Jinx(Fevablista) used Sweeping Kick!  
  232. 05/02/14(23:14:53) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: You spoke a bit too soon, Pirado.
  233. 05/02/14(23:14:55) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Hmh. As expected.
  235. 05/02/14(23:15:00) Unit #667 Model A says: Stronger than I anticipated.
  237. 05/02/14(23:15:07) Alyssa(YKWN) regains consciousness
  238. 05/02/14(23:15:07) Alyssa(YKWN) says: S....shit...
  239. 05/02/14(23:15:46) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: ...I should stick to what I can do. I'll heal Alyssa up if Red goes in.
  240. 05/02/14(23:16:05) Unit #667 Model A says: I think I'm done trying to have fun.
  241. 05/02/14(23:16:12) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...what...?
  242. 05/02/14(23:16:27) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Ah, but she wasn't even the fun one!
  243. 05/02/14(23:16:29) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: That can't be good...
  245. 05/02/14(23:17:49) *Red(Carnak) walks over to Alyssa's location, standing at the woman's side after the attack had brought her down and distanced her from the man. He looks to Blue, almost expectantly. "That was great, Alyssa!" He didn't seem to mind, nor be surprised at the machine's declaration that it had been holding back. Red just stands, his blade slung over his shoulders as he bore that same confident grin through the entire exchange.*
  247. 05/02/14(23:18:02) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly, he reached into his cloak, pulling out ear buds. Then, he put them on, listening to music. His head rocking slowly as he rolled his sleeves up. His veins protruding, his eyes showing an immense boost in focus as black flames engulfed his arms, twirling one arm as he prepared to launch at the android. Sure, he would lose, but what was the fun in just -watching- a fight? Plus, Majikku was a crazy motherfucker, and this was a perfect oppertunity to show that. He seemed to be using his speed mode. Faster...faster...a red line appearing behind him as he ran at the android at full speed, the ground behind him cracking as he prepared to send a fist flying at it. Sure, it would probably do nothing, but he had to look cool doing this shit, otherwise it was worthless.*
  249. 05/02/14(23:18:28) *Alyssa(YKWN) 's sexy battle armor becomes a marginally less / more sexy sailor uniform.*
  250. 05/02/14(23:18:29) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I told you. My blindfold was a power limited.
  251. 05/02/14(23:18:30) Alyssa(YKWN) deactivated Spiral Energy.
  252. 05/02/14(23:18:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  253. 05/02/14(23:18:41) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...oh right...
  254. 05/02/14(23:18:41) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Fuck your power limiter!
  255. 05/02/14(23:18:44) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...I forgot.
  256. 05/02/14(23:19:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: Faster...faster...speed...I need more speed. Potion overdose time.
  258. 05/02/14(23:20:08) *Majikku Masuta's neck cracked, and his cloak flew off, revealing a line of glass tubes along his spinal cord, and slowly, they inserted into his skin, loading him up on potions.*
  260. 05/02/14(23:20:15) *Unit #667 Model A reached towards his blindfold and undid it. From his eyes, purple flames erupted and surrounded his body, taking the form of a ribcage. His power took a rather noticeable leap as well, but that much was a given seeing how he said he was removing his limiter. This fully healed him as well, further adding more salt to the wound.*
  262. 05/02/14(23:20:23) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Susano'o.
  264. 05/02/14(23:20:27) *Kevin Vorhees saw Unit #667 and sighed.*
  266. 05/02/14(23:20:36) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  267. 05/02/14(23:20:36) Alyssa(YKWN) says: ...Gahhhh...
  268. 05/02/14(23:20:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: FUCK YOU AND YOUR PLANET DAMAGING SWORDS!
  269. 05/02/14(23:20:49) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Asura, you fuckin' coward ass...fuckin'...robot...
  270. 05/02/14(23:20:53) Alyssa(YKWN) says: shouldn't heal either...
  271. 05/02/14(23:20:58) *Alyssa(YKWN) passes out from bloodloss.*
  272. 05/02/14(23:21:17) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) THOUGHT: One of my Brothers....
  273. 05/02/14(23:21:27) Lance Masuta(Demorco) yells: WOOT! GO DAD!
  274. 05/02/14(23:21:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by low health!
  275. 05/02/14(23:21:34) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...
  276. 05/02/14(23:21:38) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Expand.
  277. 05/02/14(23:21:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Well that was over quick.....
  278. 05/02/14(23:21:52) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ..
  279. 05/02/14(23:21:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...yup. Never fighting again.
  280. 05/02/14(23:22:03) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: I guess you AND your dad need to train....
  281. 05/02/14(23:22:03) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Dad...what....what the heck man.
  282. 05/02/14(23:22:06) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...One more.
  283. 05/02/14(23:22:11) Red(Carnak) says: ...Well.
  284. 05/02/14(23:22:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) regains consciousness
  285. 05/02/14(23:22:35) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ..
  286. 05/02/14(23:23:08) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Uhm, should I help?
  287. 05/02/14(23:23:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...No.
  288. 05/02/14(23:23:28) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Let me restore the Masuta name.
  289. 05/02/14(23:23:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Nope.
  290. 05/02/14(23:23:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: 'Cus fuck my last name, not giving up on this.
  291. 05/02/14(23:23:50) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: No. You shouldn't. Let those who have been training for fights like this handle it.
  292. 05/02/14(23:24:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Nah, I wanna try.
  293. 05/02/14(23:24:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Nope, I'm doing this.
  294. 05/02/14(23:24:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance sit your ass down.
  295. 05/02/14(23:24:20) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: No, you wanna die.....?
  297. 05/02/14(23:24:24) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) noticed the distraction being made in the form of Majikku; Blue wasn't one assertive enough to rush in when unneeded, and fixing up Alyssa from her current state seemed a more pressing issue to him than any other. Regardless, something about Red's gaze would spurn him on...And so he would, for once, leave an injured comrade on the ground, instead taking a stance -in front- of the team, rather than lingering in the back. A voice in his head told him he was absolutely crazy. Utterly batshit insane. That man looked like that assault had thoroughly broke him. He'd been struck once and went hurtling, so thoroughly and convincingly beaten the pipe dream of rushing forth seemed utterly foolhardy. Regardless, that look... Expectance? He'd interpreted it as that, and Blue was done letting people down. He''d outstretch his sword at the robot, looking into the thing's eyes and trying -not- to be fixated on the ethereal skeleton cloaking it's body.
  299. "I -still- don't know what the hell the point in all this is. I figure I should just, one more time..."
  301. He'd seem tired. "
  303. Why?"*
  305. 05/02/14(23:24:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: No, I'm just ignorant.
  306. 05/02/14(23:24:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: You should listen to your father. Just once at least.
  307. 05/02/14(23:24:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance. Sit down.
  308. 05/02/14(23:24:50) Red(Carnak) says: Blue.
  309. 05/02/14(23:24:56) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: .....Who are you....and why are you here?
  310. 05/02/14(23:24:59) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: I know. I know. I shouldn't bother asking..
  311. 05/02/14(23:25:03) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: But I don't get -why-.
  312. 05/02/14(23:25:08) Red(Carnak) says: That's not it.
  313. 05/02/14(23:25:10) Unit #667 Model A says: My goal is to collect data. My goal is to understand emotions.
  314. 05/02/14(23:25:17) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: .....I see....
  315. 05/02/14(23:25:18) Unit #667 Model A says: So I will cause them.
  316. 05/02/14(23:25:20) Unit #667 Model A says: All of them.
  317. 05/02/14(23:25:25) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: .....
  318. 05/02/14(23:25:31) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: You are doing a pretty poor job.
  319. 05/02/14(23:25:42) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: I missed the happy robot.
  320. 05/02/14(23:25:47) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: I must've been napping or something.
  322. 05/02/14(23:25:59) *Red(Carnak) gives his little brother a knowing look. He speaks with an expression that was.. serious. It was far too unlike him.
  324. "I know you're asking yourself why. I know you're fighting with yourself right now, doubting what you're really doing here." He closes his eyes, speaking. "So I'm telling you not to believe in yourself."*
  326. 05/02/14(23:26:09) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...Eh?
  327. 05/02/14(23:26:13) Red(Carnak) says: Believe in the me that believes in you, Blue.
  328. 05/02/14(23:26:20) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: R-red...
  329. 05/02/14(23:26:30) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I can't let him down. I can't keep letting myself down.
  330. 05/02/14(23:26:35) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I gotta try.
  331. 05/02/14(23:26:52) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: What kind of backwards ass logic do these fucking people have?
  333. 05/02/14(23:29:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Indeed Kevin, Lance, leave.
  335. *Unit #667 Model A held his two blades together with both of his hands. They too were enveloped by the purple flames, increasing in size many times over.
  337. "I will cause despair. I will cause desperation. I will cause rage."
  339. Holding the blades over his head, Model A swung. He swung a sword that'd cleave the sky in half. He swung a sword that'd wipe continents off the face of the planet. He'd swing a sword that would atomize those in front of him, yet held back -just- enough to prevent them from outright dying. He swung the sword that would make everyone realize just how futile this is.
  341. "And unless you stop me, everything you hold dear will die."*
  343. Raven says: Mara, come on..
  345. *Rubricatus pays closer attention to his situation. There wasn't going to be an opportunity to clean up the scraps after this. The enemy was an android. If it was defeated, the scraps would be inedible bits of metal and computational components. If it won, the scraps would quite likely include himself, since it was threatening to cut the entire planet in half. There was no situation or scenario where the aftermath would be enjoyable without his direct involvement. It was less the sort of emotional attachment the death machine was looking for, and more the logical course of action, ignoring the disparity of capabilities. The direwolf releases a bloodcurdling howl to the moon of Arconia and leaps out from the cover of the trees to gnash his fangs and claws against the enemy of the day. His method of battle was wild and loud witrh the sounds of snarling and snapping. However short the battle would be, and however impossible the tilted odds against him, Rubricatus saw red. There was nothing to gain from inaction, and there was a marginal and insignificant gain from attacking. A little was better than nothing.
  349. Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT:
  350. Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: !!!!
  351. Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Bring it you metallic fuck!
  352. Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: Dying words include metallic and fuck. I done good; I done good.
  353. Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: Of course he would start with the shittiest emotions. Fuck me right?
  355. *Lance Masuta hops up as his ears twitched and his tail began to curl up. The boy soon began to do some quick stretches, to limber his body up, but truthfully the boy knew he had not a single chance in the fucking universe. He'd face his opponent and shout to him..
  357. "The strongest of the Masuta family is here!"
  359. Lance soon ran up to the android as inexperienced as a fucking person could be in fighting and began to throw out the most bizzare and random attacks ever, atleast trying to harm the android. Just by a smidgen. Hell; he may have been weak, but he was determined.*
  361. *Red(Carnak) instantly moves to grab Alyssa, attempting to pull the woman into him as he lept back. If he were successful in drawing the girl away from the attack, he'd leave Blue to face the android. It was his brother's turn to stand on his own two feet; he wanted to see the boy succeed where he had failed before.*
  363. Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Seriously though, fuck everybody here who has ever insulted me; Those are my dying words.
  364. Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: .....
  365. Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Ooh! My dying words are fuck family!
  367. Saves/PlayerLogs/Soldier_Dude/Log6
  368. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  370. 05/02/14(23:33:59) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: You aren't dying...... yet.....
  371. 05/02/14(23:34:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Moral-less fuck everyone who isn't a masuta.
  372. 05/02/14(23:34:09) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (i'll go on your CD Majikku)
  373. 05/02/14(23:34:12) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Shrugged, his veins protruding more.*
  374. 05/02/14(23:34:17) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (A lot of attacks are happening. That CD will hit some chaos up.)
  375. 05/02/14(23:34:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FUCK YA CHAOS AND RIOTS BITCHES FUCK YA!!!!!!)
  376. 05/02/14(23:34:47) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (No? Too much?)
  377. 05/02/14(23:34:57) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Mom, dad, and mara watch how I handle this!
  378. 05/02/14(23:34:59) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly had an idea. A devious idea sure, but fuck that shit, he jumped back, and suddenly. An army of Masuta's. One after another, copy after copy. Meanwhile he was yelling "MAJIKKU MASUTA RELEASE, ONE THOUSAND PUNCHES!" and, just like that, one after another, they dashed at the android, planning on surrounding him.*
  379. 05/02/14(23:35:26) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (Oh space jesus.)
  380. 05/02/14(23:35:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (It's time.)
  381. 05/02/14(23:35:35) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (IT'S FUCKING TIME)
  382. 05/02/14(23:35:58) *Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) stepped away from the attack, not wanting to be hit, but he lost his normal smile, watching, one of his eyes glow as he starts to record the battle.*
  383. 05/02/14(23:36:00) Red(Carnak) says: (Why does this nigga have a Naruto Uzamaki mindset to this bullshit.)
  384. 05/02/14(23:36:04) Red(Carnak) says: (Every time.)
  385. 05/02/14(23:36:05) Jinx(Fevablista) says: Orion.)
  386. 05/02/14(23:36:06) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (._.)
  387. 05/02/14(23:36:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Blue is rpin bruh!)
  388. 05/02/14(23:36:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Split form rocks your shit nigga)
  389. 05/02/14(23:36:15) Jinx(Fevablista) says: Why are you no stats tho?)
  390. 05/02/14(23:36:16) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) had felt something rising up for years. Since the first time he'd laid helpless and watched an android best his friends with him powerless to stop it, since the first time he just hadn't been strong enough, since his skillset had proven null in the face of something requiring the one thing he'd lacked from the onset...pure, overwhelming physical might. He hadn't ever had skill, or guts, but.. "Then we'll stop you!" He wasn't expecting to be able to do this alone, he wasn't expecting -any- of them to be able to do it alone. But this planet's inhabitants were strong, and he didn't stand alone against this -thing-. They were going to rise up to protect their home the same as he was, and some part of him, embracing the madness, Red's madness, one that hadn't initially been shared by him, but blossomed within the young boy himself. Blue'd finally come to the point where he wasn't just fighting to -not lose-. He was fighting to win. "We've taken all of you that've come our way and you're not any different. This world's gonna give you the fight of a lifetime!" The drill given to him by Alyssa clanged against his bare chest, and it felt remarkably cold. He was aware he was soon to be in a -world- of pain, but he took some solace in that he wasn't the only one. He was going to give this his best damned shot, and he'd be -damned- if he disappointed!*
  391. 05/02/14(23:36:25) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [>Naruto Uzumaki]
  392. 05/02/14(23:36:30) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  393. 05/02/14(23:36:32) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [...did this nigga really just]
  394. 05/02/14(23:36:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (and here we go)
  395. 05/02/14(23:36:34) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [again]
  396. 05/02/14(23:36:38) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [-again-]
  397. 05/02/14(23:37:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: MAJIKKU RELEASE, BUHAAHAH
  398. 05/02/14(23:37:07) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: GO GET EM LANCE
  399. 05/02/14(23:37:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) ended using countdown.
  400. 05/02/14(23:37:11) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) used Sweeping Kick!
  401. 05/02/14(23:37:23) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used Great Divide!
  402. 05/02/14(23:37:27) Lance Masuta(Demorco) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  403. 05/02/14(23:37:27) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  404. 05/02/14(23:37:27) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  405. 05/02/14(23:37:28) Pirado(Kronnu) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  406. 05/02/14(23:37:28) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) becomes angry!
  407. 05/02/14(23:37:29) Lance Masuta(Demorco) deactivated Focus.
  408. 05/02/14(23:37:29) Pirado(Kronnu) becomes angry!
  409. 05/02/14(23:37:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (WHAT THA FUCK!!)
  410. 05/02/14(23:37:43) Pirado(Kronnu) regains consciousness
  411. 05/02/14(23:37:45) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  412. 05/02/14(23:37:46) Pirado(Kronnu) says: (fff-)
  413. 05/02/14(23:37:50) Blue(Soldier_Dude) becomes angry!
  414. 05/02/14(23:37:50) Lance Masuta(Demorco) THOUGHT: Well....that ended horribly.
  415. 05/02/14(23:37:58) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: You are just adorable.
  416. 05/02/14(23:38:03) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  417. 05/02/14(23:38:05) *Garden(Keehoon0) notes Sylas tripped on his shoelace, comes to pick him up.*
  418. 05/02/14(23:38:07) Red(Carnak) says: ...
  419. 05/02/14(23:38:09) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: Not..again..
  420. 05/02/14(23:38:11) Garden(Keehoon0) grabs Crazymonkeyfire(Sylas)
  421. 05/02/14(23:38:11) -Majikku Masuta-(2)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  422. 05/02/14(23:38:14) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT:
  423. 05/02/14(23:38:16) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: I'm...
  424. 05/02/14(23:38:19) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: Not..
  425. 05/02/14(23:38:19) Garden(Keehoon0) grabs Crazymonkeyfire(Sylas)
  426. 05/02/14(23:38:20) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: THROUGH!
  427. 05/02/14(23:38:22) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) regains consciousness
  428. 05/02/14(23:38:24) Lance Masuta(Demorco) regains consciousness
  429. 05/02/14(23:38:25) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...
  430. 05/02/14(23:38:27) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: Yeah you are.
  431. 05/02/14(23:38:30) Blue(Soldier_Dude) is knocked out by low health!
  432. 05/02/14(23:38:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Oh shit....
  433. 05/02/14(23:38:36) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: D-damn...
  434. 05/02/14(23:38:38) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (Dat Timing)
  435. 05/02/14(23:38:48) Raven(Sparrow114) says: (brb AFk
  436. 05/02/14(23:38:49) Blue(Soldier_Dude) regains consciousness
  437. 05/02/14(23:38:53) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) begins to rub his eyes as tears ran down his face.*
  438. 05/02/14(23:38:56) RavenSparrow114 has gone AFK!
  439. 05/02/14(23:38:57) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) regains consciousness
  440. 05/02/14(23:38:59) Lance Masuta(Demorco) yells: THAT HURT YOU FUCKER!
  441. 05/02/14(23:39:09) -Majikku Masuta-(7)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  442. 05/02/14(23:39:11) -Majikku Masuta-(6)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  443. 05/02/14(23:39:13) -Majikku Masuta-(8)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  444. 05/02/14(23:39:19) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (...just wipe them all)
  445. 05/02/14(23:39:23) -Majikku Masuta-(1)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  446. 05/02/14(23:39:35) -Majikku Masuta-(3)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  447. 05/02/14(23:39:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by low health!
  448. 05/02/14(23:39:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (oh fuck my splitforms ;-;)
  449. 05/02/14(23:39:41) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (NOOO)
  450. 05/02/14(23:39:59) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ......
  451. 05/02/14(23:40:06) Lance Masuta(Demorco) THOUGHT: Fuck..that hurted...
  452. 05/02/14(23:40:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: Ooooooooookay I'm giving y'all one more chance before I get on with destroying.
  453. 05/02/14(23:40:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: RED FUCK HIS SHIT ALREADY
  454. 05/02/14(23:40:30) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: Someone...get that bitch....
  455. 05/02/14(23:40:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Oh really? One more chance?
  456. 05/02/14(23:40:38) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) would try his absolute damndest despite it all. He was relentlessly crushed, but he'd come back for more each time, until inevitably, he was batted aside, back hurtling through tree trunks before he came to a dead stop. He'd slump, blood pooling in his mouth that'd pool over, dropping down and onto his pants. The look in his eyes was utterly glazed over, as if he'd already quit.*
  457. 05/02/14(23:40:46) Blue(Soldier_Dude) meditated!
  458. 05/02/14(23:40:48) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Whelp....
  459. 05/02/14(23:40:48) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: U-ugh...
  460. 05/02/14(23:40:50) *Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) started to smile "I can think of a few to study..."*
  461. 05/02/14(23:41:01) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: NOSE GOES!
  462. 05/02/14(23:41:05) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (omit)
  463. 05/02/14(23:41:19) *Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) held out his giant purple flaming sword of edginess.*
  464. 05/02/14(23:41:24) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) tried to stand up but it hurted too mcuh...he just laid down on the gorund and looked at the sky, as he said, " Why, did he have to hit me so hard."*
  465. 05/02/14(23:41:42) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: Why doesn't the one who actually amounts to something fight me, eh?
  466. 05/02/14(23:41:49) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: C'mon, Red.
  467. 05/02/14(23:41:52) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: [ground*]
  468. 05/02/14(23:42:00) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Woah, slow your fucking roll.
  469. 05/02/14(23:42:10) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I mean among his little "team."
  470. 05/02/14(23:42:16) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I don't mean the planet as a whole.
  471. 05/02/14(23:42:24) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: He's not far off, though.
  472. 05/02/14(23:42:30) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: .....Whoops his ass, Sylas.
  473. 05/02/14(23:42:33) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: I've only pinpointed three who are of any use.
  474. 05/02/14(23:42:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: .....
  475. 05/02/14(23:42:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Green
  476. 05/02/14(23:42:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Get me up.
  477. 05/02/14(23:43:11) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (stop fighting Maji, you were already KOed twice)
  478. 05/02/14(23:43:16) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) trembled as he listened, powerlessly, to the claim that Red was the only one who amounted to anything. In his current position down and out, he sure as hell wasn't someone who could object.*
  479. 05/02/14(23:43:17) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (nope)
  480. 05/02/14(23:43:24) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (...Orion)
  481. 05/02/14(23:43:27) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (That's a rule, Maji.)
  482. 05/02/14(23:43:31) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (I will kill you myself if you try)
  483. 05/02/14(23:43:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Is it a rule?0
  484. 05/02/14(23:43:38) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (Yes)
  485. 05/02/14(23:43:40) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (2 KO's in a situation=done, yes.)
  486. 05/02/14(23:43:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (well -fuck-)
  487. 05/02/14(23:43:49) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [1 ko really, until you're healed]
  488. 05/02/14(23:43:52) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (You're literally unconscious now, iirc.)
  489. 05/02/14(23:43:57) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: (thought it 3? )
  490. 05/02/14(23:44:07) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (3 is to kill, i think.)
  491. 05/02/14(23:44:14) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: (oh nvm )
  492. 05/02/14(23:44:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) regains consciousness
  493. 05/02/14(23:44:16) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (After a person is KOed 3 times, they are considered down for good unless the person doing the KOing has their attention directed elsewhere. )
  494. 05/02/14(23:44:23) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [no]
  495. 05/02/14(23:44:25) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (....Huh)
  496. 05/02/14(23:44:25) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [its just one ko now]
  497. 05/02/14(23:44:38) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (....Why do people forget to change the Rule)
  498. 05/02/14(23:44:41) *Green(Greggeh) skipped on and over onto Blue. She sat on his lap and raped him with her healing energies.*
  499. 05/02/14(23:44:42) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (*Rules)
  500. 05/02/14(23:44:43) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: (way to go orion )
  501. 05/02/14(23:44:44) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Is it one? I thought it was two?)
  502. 05/02/14(23:44:54) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Or if it you don't get up before a CD and no on interfers)
  503. 05/02/14(23:44:56) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (One, if Healed, Two)
  504. 05/02/14(23:44:59) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [yeah thats why i was level 4 before you ryu because i FUCKING PAY ATTENTION]
  505. 05/02/14(23:45:00) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [greg can you not]
  506. 05/02/14(23:45:03) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [to the rules that arent written]
  507. 05/02/14(23:45:07) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (That's when it's only one I though)
  508. 05/02/14(23:45:14) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (on that note)
  509. 05/02/14(23:45:22) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (I...never got my Rewards)
  510. 05/02/14(23:45:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (wait shit)
  511. 05/02/14(23:45:33) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: (or mine >:)
  512. 05/02/14(23:45:35) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (greg is here)
  513. 05/02/14(23:45:38) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (GREEEEEEEEEEEEEG)
  514. 05/02/14(23:45:43) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (....Orion)
  515. 05/02/14(23:45:45) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (Nor did I, and my key starts with an 'A')
  516. 05/02/14(23:45:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (It had to happen)
  517. 05/02/14(23:45:50) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (I will Tail Slap you)
  518. 05/02/14(23:45:51) Green(Greggeh) says: [You kissed Greg earlier.]
  519. 05/02/14(23:45:55) Green(Greggeh) says: [You bitch.]
  520. 05/02/14(23:45:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (......)
  521. 05/02/14(23:45:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (did I?)
  522. 05/02/14(23:46:01) Green(Greggeh) says: [<]
  523. 05/02/14(23:46:09) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Cut back a bit on the OOC, please.)
  524. 05/02/14(23:46:14) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (^)
  525. 05/02/14(23:46:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (omfg kevin <3)
  526. 05/02/14(23:46:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (..done now)
  527. 05/02/14(23:47:41) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (brb grabbing drink)
  528. 05/02/14(23:47:52) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (HURRY GET HIM!)
  529. 05/02/14(23:48:01) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (I can and will Defend him)
  530. 05/02/14(23:48:43) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) catches a Great Divide and goes down for the count, his vision going from the red rage of battle to the dull black of unconsciousness. He would not likely remember much of what happened, due to the minor brain damage that entailed, but the blow wasn't lethal or particularly direct. A voice in his head rang. You'll probably come to your senses in six hours, missing 12 gems.*
  531. 05/02/14(23:49:09) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: (lol)
  532. 05/02/14(23:49:12) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) would begin to stand up. Watching Majikku and Lance get the shit kicked out of them was kinda funny, but the time to laugh had come to an end. He cracked his neck and fingers. He began to stretch a bit. "Red isn't the only strong one on this planet y'know? He may have got lucky last time, but things have changed." He wasn't going to mention that he got the shit beat out of him last time. Regardless of that fact, he was gonna fuck this android up. Or try at least. He threws his weights off and powered up to his normal level. He then began to focus on the android. His muscles expanded tremendously. He spit on his hands and rubbed them together which caused them to ignite. He then dropped into an aggressive stance. He needed to hit this tin can with everything he had. If he held back at all, it could mean the end of him, and he wasn't even close to being ready to die.*
  533. 05/02/14(23:49:14) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: .....
  534. 05/02/14(23:49:32) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [>CoC reference]
  535. 05/02/14(23:49:37) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [i dont know how i feel about that]
  536. 05/02/14(23:49:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I can power up to 100% before a fight right?)
  537. 05/02/14(23:49:46) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I don't have to wait till CD)
  538. 05/02/14(23:50:06) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (I don't know how I feel about you getting it!)
  539. 05/02/14(23:50:10) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: They're not going to listen to you.
  540. 05/02/14(23:50:28) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: HSould, I?
  541. 05/02/14(23:50:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: [Should*]
  542. 05/02/14(23:50:43) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ......Dad, should I move Rubri?
  543. 05/02/14(23:50:44) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [lets just agree this exchange never happened]
  544. 05/02/14(23:50:44) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (btw)
  545. 05/02/14(23:50:56) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (Akimo, that was think...did you mean Whisper?)
  546. 05/02/14(23:51:06) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Yes, move him.
  547. 05/02/14(23:51:06) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Nope)
  548. 05/02/14(23:51:10) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (...k)
  549. 05/02/14(23:51:11) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Stance (Bat).
  550. 05/02/14(23:51:13) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Stance (Bat).
  551. 05/02/14(23:51:13) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (It was sort of a self-sneer)
  552. 05/02/14(23:51:27) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) deactivated Expand.
  553. 05/02/14(23:51:29) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Expand(4x).
  554. 05/02/14(23:51:30) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Focus.
  555. 05/02/14(23:51:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Stance (Bat).
  556. 05/02/14(23:51:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Fire Fists.
  557. 05/02/14(23:51:35) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ..It doesn't matter, they won't listen.
  558. 05/02/14(23:51:37) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) deactivated Berserk.
  559. 05/02/14(23:51:38) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) becomes angry!
  560. 05/02/14(23:51:42) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (wot)
  561. 05/02/14(23:51:46) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (
  562. 05/02/14(23:51:49) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (That was whisper for sure I seen it)
  563. 05/02/14(23:51:55) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: ()
  564. 05/02/14(23:51:57) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ('Less i'm schizo..)
  565. 05/02/14(23:52:03) Raven(Sparrow114) says: (bac
  566. 05/02/14(23:52:09) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) says under his breath, " Dear god." as he begans to try and lift rubri before setting him back dowbn, " Nope, nope, nope...heavy ass wolf..he will be okay right here." as lance walks off tot he side.*
  567. 05/02/14(23:52:29) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) lights up a cigarette incase it's his last. "Alright mother fucker. Let's see what you can do."*
  568. 05/02/14(23:52:43) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Hi.
  569. 05/02/14(23:52:54) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: Hello.
  570. 05/02/14(23:52:58) Jinx(Fevablista) says: Okay. I'm back. Iconning is a bitch x_x)
  571. 05/02/14(23:53:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (hello back)
  572. 05/02/14(23:53:11) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) THOUGHT: Damn Studden Bitchs! Why don't they Leave already?!
  573. 05/02/14(23:53:11) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) Holds out his hand for her to shake it.*
  574. 05/02/14(23:53:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (that fucking father joke)
  575. 05/02/14(23:53:20) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: I'm Lance.
  576. 05/02/14(23:53:27) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Hola)
  577. 05/02/14(23:53:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (wb)
  578. 05/02/14(23:53:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....No Lance, Akimo dosen't want you around her.
  579. 05/02/14(23:53:55) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ....What?
  580. 05/02/14(23:54:02) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Lance...
  581. 05/02/14(23:54:13) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ......Yes?
  582. 05/02/14(23:54:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Akimo if I wasn't fucking beaten to shit I would beat the crap out of you for hitting my son.
  583. 05/02/14(23:54:21) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...Get away from her.
  584. 05/02/14(23:54:29) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: Uh?
  585. 05/02/14(23:54:34) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Okay, just talking to my sister.
  586. 05/02/14(23:54:37) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: What the fuck is going on now....
  587. 05/02/14(23:54:43) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: He threatened to take my daughter away from me, I had a right. Besides, we have bigger problems.
  588. 05/02/14(23:54:45) *Red(Carnak) takes his weapon, slinging it over his shoulder and looking over at Blue. His little brother was his most pressing concern - but it was the act that he was looking for. Despite every obstacle that was in his way he stood and fought, against a battle that by all means was impossible for him to beat. He just needed a little more prodding. Seeing him fail, however... seeing his little brother hit the dirt, seeing him so wounded... Red just felt anger. Appearing to the android's side he took a firm grip on the blade he held. "I'm proud of you, little bro." He spoke softly before he made his motion to speak to the android, his expression was almost solemn. It was rare to see the man in so serious a mood. Unsheathing his blade the man's voice rang out loud enough for everyone in the vicinity to know exactly -who the hell- this man was. "If this is how you want it then I'll be happy to oblige you!" Massive amounts of raw energy would erupt from this man's body, cloaking him in a vibrant crimson energy. His cape billows in the wake of the power he exuded, releasing a power strong enough that it made the air around him feel almost.. heavy to those nearby. Then, in that same instant, this man broke his physical limitations to match the strength of the creature he was made to fight. "LISTEN UP BIG GUY! I'LL ONLY SAY THIS ONCE." Red's strength rose to a level impossible for normal men to comprehend; it was the result of his indomitable willpower forcing his strength to rise. Green waves of energy would pour from his body, encircling the blade he held out to face the machine. "UNDEFEATABLE, UNTOUCHABLE, WITH NO REGRETS! NEVER LOOKING BACK, NEVER WAVERING! YOU CAN'T WIN AGAINST THIS MAN'S WILL!" He takes a step forward, his body tense and ready to charge. "DAI-GURREN'S RED-SAMA WILL BE YOUR OPPONENT, YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT!"*
  589. 05/02/14(23:54:57) Red(Carnak) activated Spiral Energy.
  590. 05/02/14(23:55:04) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: My son is above this shit.
  591. 05/02/14(23:55:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Don't you ever touch him again.
  592. 05/02/14(23:55:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Dirknub ;.;)
  593. 05/02/14(23:55:21) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Tha fuck)
  594. 05/02/14(23:55:26) CameraProbe(Made by Keehoon0) transmits: Ikarune says: (Believe it!)
  595. 05/02/14(23:55:39) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (..So much Dirk)
  596. 05/02/14(23:55:42) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OI! I'M ATTACKING TOO #BELIEVEIT)
  597. 05/02/14(23:55:51) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (I could -FEEL- the strider in that emote)
  598. 05/02/14(23:55:54) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (okay)
  599. 05/02/14(23:55:57) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Oh this mother fucker....)
  600. 05/02/14(23:55:58) Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) says: (RED, The Man that beat a Luna Wrath Nobody, now, will duke it with the OMEGA ANDROID!)
  601. 05/02/14(23:55:58) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (ready when oyu two are)
  602. 05/02/14(23:56:10) Red(Carnak) says: (Throw a CD when you're feeling it.)
  603. 05/02/14(23:56:19) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) used countdown.
  604. 05/02/14(23:56:19) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used countdown.
  605. 05/02/14(23:56:23) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [that wasnt similar to dirk at all]
  606. 05/02/14(23:56:30) Red(Carnak) says: (>realized he had his training sword on at the last minute.)
  607. 05/02/14(23:56:30) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ("Little bro")
  608. 05/02/14(23:56:33) Red(Carnak) says: (that would have been bad)
  609. 05/02/14(23:56:33) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Was all I needed.)
  610. 05/02/14(23:56:34) Red(Carnak) says: (ROFL)
  611. 05/02/14(23:57:01) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) ended using countdown.
  612. 05/02/14(23:57:01) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) ended using countdown.
  613. 05/02/14(23:57:09) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  614. 05/02/14(23:57:35) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( Wow you both came at the same time.)
  615. 05/02/14(23:57:41) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( That was amazing.)
  616. 05/02/14(23:57:45) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  617. 05/02/14(23:57:46) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Focus.
  618. 05/02/14(23:57:50) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Expand.
  619. 05/02/14(23:57:55) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  620. 05/02/14(23:57:56) Garden(Keehoon0) says: (Came too fast)
  621. 05/02/14(23:57:58) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Kick!
  622. 05/02/14(23:58:11) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Lawl, sucks to suck)
  623. 05/02/14(23:58:29) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  624. 05/02/14(23:58:29) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [lol @ storm of air renders]
  625. 05/02/14(23:58:31) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Ah, stop it assholes)
  626. 05/02/14(23:58:34) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [do you feel the salt sylas]
  627. 05/02/14(23:58:45) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OH I feel it deep gur)
  628. 05/02/14(23:58:52) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Picked Lance up, tucking him under his arm, and alhtough bleeding, he disappeared, reappearing in the tree line.*
  629. 05/02/14(23:58:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  630. 05/02/14(23:59:02) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Aww, come on!
  631. 05/02/14(23:59:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (ADD LEMON TO CARERIZE MUH WOUNDS SO I CAN CONTINUE FIGHTING!!!)
  632. 05/02/14(23:59:06) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  633. 05/02/14(23:59:19) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [*adds lime instead*]
  634. 05/02/14(23:59:22) Alyssa(YKWN) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  635. 05/02/14(23:59:25) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) Walks right back over there.*
  636. 05/02/14(23:59:26) Ruru(Soul Wreck) becomes angry!
  637. 05/02/14(23:59:27) Garden(Keehoon0) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  638. 05/02/14(23:59:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: How the fuck is he winning?!
  639. 05/02/14(23:59:31) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [im sorry massa]
  640. 05/02/14(23:59:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: If you're not going to listen to me Lance, then go live with Raven.
  641. 05/02/14(23:59:50) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Cmon dad, go help them fight the threat.
  642. 05/03/14(00:00:02) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..He won't need help...
  643. 05/03/14(00:00:05) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Geez, everyone is just kicking me down.
  644. 05/03/14(00:00:08) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Kick!
  645. 05/03/14(00:00:13) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  646. 05/03/14(00:00:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Because you can't listen.
  647. 05/03/14(00:00:27) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: .....Just, want to tlak to my sis.
  648. 05/03/14(00:00:29) Raven(Sparrow114) says: he's one to talk
  649. 05/03/14(00:00:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: [talk*]
  650. 05/03/14(00:00:40) Alyssa(YKWN) regains consciousness
  651. 05/03/14(00:00:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Akimo dosen't want you talking to your fucking sister.
  652. 05/03/14(00:00:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Deal with it Lance.
  653. 05/03/14(00:00:44) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I SAID -NO-.
  654. 05/03/14(00:00:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Akimo-bitch, quiet.
  655. 05/03/14(00:00:53) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Look, clam down.
  656. 05/03/14(00:00:55) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I can handle my son.
  657. 05/03/14(00:00:55) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Stay away from her.
  658. 05/03/14(00:00:56) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: [calm*]
  659. 05/03/14(00:01:01) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) is knocked out by low health!
  660. 05/03/14(00:01:02) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Blade!
  661. 05/03/14(00:01:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: By the way Akimo, try not to have any milking fests infront of her, k?
  662. 05/03/14(00:01:12) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: When you said you were going to take her away, that sealed it.
  663. 05/03/14(00:01:19) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Stay away from my daughter.
  664. 05/03/14(00:01:28) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) coughs up a whole mess of blood and spits out his crushed cigarette. "Well that wa-" He spits up more blood."was.... entertaining....." He looks over in the Android's directions. Was this one stronger? Or had he just not improved at all? Either way, he had been defeated. "Fuck...."*
  665. 05/03/14(00:02:10) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly, Majiku appeared behind Lance, a fucking pissed off look on his face. and then... He ripped the family cloak off his back.*
  666. 05/03/14(00:02:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (dropit)
  667. 05/03/14(00:02:24) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) regains consciousness
  668. 05/03/14(00:02:24) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (Cmon man..)
  669. 05/03/14(00:02:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (dropit)
  670. 05/03/14(00:02:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I have had quite enough of you never listening.
  671. 05/03/14(00:02:55) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: That thing hits really fucking hard.....
  672. 05/03/14(00:03:00) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Fuck that tin can....
  673. 05/03/14(00:03:03) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: GARDEN!
  674. 05/03/14(00:03:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (drop the cloak)
  675. 05/03/14(00:03:28) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (Trying nigga, trying.)
  676. 05/03/14(00:03:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: GARDEN!!!
  677. 05/03/14(00:03:39) Blue(Soldier_Dude) meditated!
  678. 05/03/14(00:03:45) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: OI!
  679. 05/03/14(00:03:53) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: BRING YOUR RED ASS OVER HERE!
  680. 05/03/14(00:04:29) Garden(Keehoon0) says: KAY
  681. 05/03/14(00:04:44) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: He needs to be dealt with. -Now.-
  682. 05/03/14(00:05:20) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) starts chuggin.*
  683. 05/03/14(00:06:03) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: I'll have to break... my final limiter...!
  684. 05/03/14(00:06:14) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Ruru. you shouldn't sit so close to the fight.
  685. 05/03/14(00:06:43) Ruru(Soul Wreck) says: Oh, okay.
  686. 05/03/14(00:07:12) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Just stay close to me ok?
  687. 05/03/14(00:07:14) Red(Carnak) THOUGHT: This goes beyond just enjoying a battle...
  688. 05/03/14(00:07:38) Red(Carnak) THOUGHT: ..This.. this is all riding on me..
  689. 05/03/14(00:07:55) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ....
  690. 05/03/14(00:08:00) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (WE'RE SAVED! OSCAR OF ASTORA HAS ARIVED!!)
  691. 05/03/14(00:08:19) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) opens his eyes and looks about rapidly, his pupils darting. His head hurt and his memory was a bit fuzzy. He tries to rise, his legs shaking and his teeth bared from the effort, before he falls back to his stomach with a huff.*
  692. 05/03/14(00:08:24) Garden(Keehoon0) says: (Praise the sun!)
  693. 05/03/14(00:08:26) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Simply sat there, playing with a small blue ball of energy. Completely blocking out those around him.*
  694. 05/03/14(00:08:29) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (PRAISE THE SUN!!)
  695. 05/03/14(00:08:40) Garden(Keehoon0) says: (-sunfag pose-)
  696. 05/03/14(00:08:58) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-Giant dad pose-)
  697. 05/03/14(00:09:43) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...Kay, what're you talking about over there?...
  698. 05/03/14(00:09:43) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (What rings you got bitch?)
  699. 05/03/14(00:10:12) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: If Red goes down.....
  700. 05/03/14(00:10:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...I don't trust him, and I don't like secrets..
  701. 05/03/14(00:10:46) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Fuck! Artorias the Abysswalker is here too
  702. 05/03/14(00:10:48) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: )
  703. 05/03/14(00:10:56) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...I have to worry.
  704. 05/03/14(00:10:57) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I gotta get up. I gotta help him...
  705. 05/03/14(00:11:00) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (STR BUILD WOULD WHOOP DAT ASS)
  706. 05/03/14(00:11:07) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: He wants to take you away from us.
  707. 05/03/14(00:11:09) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: He's going to do something stupid. He -always- does...
  708. 05/03/14(00:11:09) Alyssa(YKWN) THOUGHT: Melons.
  709. 05/03/14(00:11:20) Great Wolf Sif(Armageddon-fish) says: (Artorias is here?)
  710. 05/03/14(00:11:21) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [this hoe thinkin bout titties]
  711. 05/03/14(00:11:45) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OH MY SIF!!!)
  712. 05/03/14(00:11:48) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: I wonder if Alyssa secretely wants to join my space pimpery marriage.
  713. 05/03/14(00:11:50) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I WUV JUW!)
  714. 05/03/14(00:11:58) *Kevin Vorhees(Khaos_Dragon777) started to fall to the ground as he started to pass out, it was unsure why, but in his mind, he had gone offline.*
  715. 05/03/14(00:12:03) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (awmit)
  716. 05/03/14(00:12:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...The only one who could help right now is Mara.
  717. 05/03/14(00:12:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (You helped me beat Manus :D)
  718. 05/03/14(00:12:38) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (I omitte dit Kay xD)
  719. 05/03/14(00:13:11) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: ........
  720. 05/03/14(00:13:16) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Lance...
  721. 05/03/14(00:13:17) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Listen to your father.
  722. 05/03/14(00:13:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: SHUT THE FUCK UP AKIMO
  723. 05/03/14(00:13:24) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: You may be an idiot, but you're family.
  724. 05/03/14(00:13:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: This fight is beyond your own power.
  725. 05/03/14(00:13:28) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: .....
  726. 05/03/14(00:13:30) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Stay back.
  727. 05/03/14(00:13:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Now listen to me, you can't compete in this.
  728. 05/03/14(00:13:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: When your older you can enter...these types of fights.
  729. 05/03/14(00:13:44) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ......Ugh, fine...
  730. 05/03/14(00:13:46) *Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) Like an bottle with it's cap still on and sealed The Heran was shaking,Greatly. she was pissed off already and more so when the Humans and that ass-hole Red,she bites down hard onto her lips as her blood seemed to be running down her mouth. She had been holding back her anger and loathing,and bitter-ness for sometime now her heart pounding hard into her chest. as her fists were cletching.Sweat pouring down her forehead. Hearing this. Hearing what all This stranger Kevin had to say was just making her more angry. but time spent in Heran milltay She was trained to tune in and handle stress.anexty,anger. and Failure in check told to use it as an form of controling and using it as a menas to hone skills and be come a better soilder but this time was a bit diffrent it wasn't like normal battles she'd been train to attack as a squad,a team and this time? like te other times was diffrently. Her heart told her the truth she was useless here. and it just made her angry she waso n the brink to poping but for the sake of others. and the two kids she held back or least try to.*
  731. 05/03/14(00:13:50) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Thank you.
  732. 05/03/14(00:15:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: That's a laugh and a half.
  733. 05/03/14(00:15:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: ..That rhymed.
  734. 05/03/14(00:15:18) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Shut the hell up, Maji.
  735. 05/03/14(00:15:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Im good.
  736. 05/03/14(00:15:30) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You beat my son and for that your a bitch.
  737. 05/03/14(00:15:48) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: He threatened to steal my daughter away from me.
  738. 05/03/14(00:15:54) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Then you kick him out.
  739. 05/03/14(00:15:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You dont beat my son.
  740. 05/03/14(00:15:58) Green(Greggeh) says: Majikku can I suggest something?
  741. 05/03/14(00:16:02) Green(Greggeh) says: Shut the fuck up.
  742. 05/03/14(00:16:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: let me guess, let it go?
  743. 05/03/14(00:16:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Or that.
  744. 05/03/14(00:16:10) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Would you rather me of killed him? Jebus.
  745. 05/03/14(00:16:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...
  746. 05/03/14(00:16:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance you quiet.
  747. 05/03/14(00:16:39) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Who even is this Green chick? I don't know half of the people here..
  748. 05/03/14(00:16:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Dont you fucking dare...
  749. 05/03/14(00:17:04) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Uh, dare what?
  750. 05/03/14(00:17:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Not you.
  751. 05/03/14(00:17:14) *Green(Greggeh) clicked and clacked before moving onto MajIkku's lap, she reached up placing her palm over the Neko's mouth, she was more interested in Red and Blue and she was half considering blowing up to shut the rest of them up.*
  752. 05/03/14(00:17:18) Green(Greggeh) becomes calm.
  753. 05/03/14(00:17:31) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly had his mouth covered by porcaline. Great.*
  754. 05/03/14(00:18:02) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: ...Well...this is one way to shut me up, I suppose.
  755. 05/03/14(00:18:18) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...Kay, get up here, okay?
  756. 05/03/14(00:18:23) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: I want you near me at all times.
  757. 05/03/14(00:20:08) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly reached into his cloak and pulled out ear buds, which he abruptly put on and began listening to music while listening to the fight. Surprisingly, it made it seem even more entertaining.*
  758. 05/03/14(00:20:22) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (>Listening to the fight)
  759. 05/03/14(00:20:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (fuck you too brain)
  760. 05/03/14(00:20:34) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (watching the fight*)
  761. 05/03/14(00:20:59) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...?
  762. 05/03/14(00:21:04) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) grabs Bt76(Mara 'Blue' Siren)
  763. 05/03/14(00:21:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Ya you are pissed)
  764. 05/03/14(00:21:52) Ruru(Soul Wreck) becomes calm.
  765. 05/03/14(00:21:53) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Stared at green, considering to put ear buds on her too.*
  766. 05/03/14(00:22:01) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-is waiting on this fucking wall of walliness-)
  767. 05/03/14(00:22:06) *Red(Carnak) is sent flying back, despite using every bit of strength he could gather to stand and fight the machine that had bested everyone else that had stood before it. He was the last - he was the one who, when everyone's cards had been shown, managed to pull an ace from his sleeve and clinch the win. He stood, breathing heavy and bleeding profusely from the wounds he had sustained. This android... was more powerful than anything he'd ever stood against so far. Head hung low, face hidden from view, his posture was hunched in such a way as to imply he was going to fall. Then he spoke. "...This is all you have...?" Energy would erupt from this man in -waves-, releasing itself in such a way that he was able to completely ignore the burning pain. At his feet, the ground gave way to innumerable cracks - the human sinking into the earth as a massive crater broke the surface of the planet. It lay scarred while Red stood at its center, full of a kind of renewed vigor that shouldn't have been physically possible. He was covered in what would be considered by most.. almost -mortal- wounds. Red takes a step forward, his eyes locked on 667 as he spoke. "If this were truly one on one, you -might- have beaten me..." Sparks of green energy would arc from his body, ripping into the floor and tearing the ground apart as they travelled. "..but I'm fighting for more than my pride. I'm fighting with the resolve of my family and friends! I'm fighting for the sake of what I hold sacret in my heart and soul!" He extends his blade, holding it out to the machine in defiance of his actions. "I'VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I'LL SAY IT AGAIN! THERE IS NO BREAKING THIS MAN'S WILL!"*
  768. 05/03/14(00:22:17) Red(Carnak) yells: JUST WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!
  769. 05/03/14(00:22:25) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...Y-you...
  770. 05/03/14(00:22:33) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) yells: ...THAT'S IT!
  771. 05/03/14(00:22:37) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) yells: YOU HAVE TO DIE!
  772. 05/03/14(00:22:40) *Vilkkua(Wks60) sat down next to the tree. It was an amazing action, as he firmly planted himself into the sitting position.*
  773. 05/03/14(00:22:47) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) yells: NOBODY WITH YOUR KIND OF POWER CAN BE ALLOWED TO LIVE!
  774. 05/03/14(00:22:57) Red(Carnak) says: (sacred*)
  775. 05/03/14(00:23:04) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Then considered going to fight the fucking android again. Then again, death.*
  776. 05/03/14(00:23:05) Red(Carnak) says: (...I'm spellchecking everything I type from now on.)
  777. 05/03/14(00:23:08) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I will return you.. and everything you stand for...
  778. 05/03/14(00:23:10) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: To nothingness!
  779. 05/03/14(00:23:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Possible actions...speed mode...attack on all sides....
  780. 05/03/14(00:24:02) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) took deep gulps of air, feeling a sharp pain with every intake of breath he drew, but as heavy as his eyelids grew, he couldn't tear away, not for an instant.*
  781. 05/03/14(00:24:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: ...Shit..said that out loud...
  782. 05/03/14(00:24:06) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: Heh, I guess this thing is learning quickly what 'anger' is)
  783. 05/03/14(00:24:14) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: Fuck...
  784. 05/03/14(00:24:19) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (omit the "
  785. 05/03/14(00:24:25) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FKCUDKSLFJSD)
  786. 05/03/14(00:24:26) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: Mara..When this is over with..
  787. 05/03/14(00:24:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OMIT THE FUCKING ")")
  788. 05/03/14(00:24:40) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-KILLS SELF-)
  789. 05/03/14(00:24:42) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...You're gonna stop slacking..Jesus..Maybe I should tell you up front..
  790. 05/03/14(00:24:52) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...Or well, you may be too pissed for that..
  791. 05/03/14(00:25:05) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) THOUGHT: .... Better then .. a kind of gay purple aura.
  792. 05/03/14(00:25:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: Highly dangerous yet way to go option: Go out swinging
  793. 05/03/14(00:25:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: ...Doing it. So doing it. LETS DO THIS SHIT. HELL YA!
  794. 05/03/14(00:25:52) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Began to get pepped up again, veins slowly protruding from his arm, and his eyes showing more focus.*
  795. 05/03/14(00:26:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(2x).
  796. 05/03/14(00:26:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  797. 05/03/14(00:26:16) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) activated Focus.
  798. 05/03/14(00:26:17) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) silently flashed to Blue's side, digging in his coat pocket and pulling out one of his few remaining elixirs. He wordlessly offered Blue the bottle, having noticed how injured he is. One eye was kept on the situation at hand, though something in Takashi's eyes seemed more... apathetic than anything. *
  799. 05/03/14(00:26:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  800. 05/03/14(00:26:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Green, could you get off me?
  801. 05/03/14(00:26:49) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Kitty cat, why don't you come over here and let me study your insides?
  802. 05/03/14(00:26:56) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...No thanks woman.
  803. 05/03/14(00:27:01) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Offered that once and I denied.
  804. 05/03/14(00:27:19) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I'd sooner let you kill me than touch Raven, Cunt.
  805. 05/03/14(00:27:21) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) THOUGHT: That fucken woman!
  806. 05/03/14(00:27:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Expand.
  807. 05/03/14(00:27:27) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: I just want to study those emotions you keep showing me. They could prove... useful.
  808. 05/03/14(00:27:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...She was talking about me.
  809. 05/03/14(00:27:54) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: I promise you won't feel it.
  810. 05/03/14(00:27:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: But I would die.
  811. 05/03/14(00:28:00) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: As for your 'studies' they've gone too far.
  812. 05/03/14(00:28:04) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: And that, I cannot allow.
  813. 05/03/14(00:28:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I do have a son to care for, whether or not he hates me.
  814. 05/03/14(00:28:17) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Emmy had a soul somewhere in her stupid, lieing, mechanical body, and as soon as you found that out..
  815. 05/03/14(00:28:20) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Snickered, a grin growing on his face.*
  816. 05/03/14(00:28:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: You took her away from us.
  817. 05/03/14(00:28:26) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: So i'm going to kill you.
  818. 05/03/14(00:28:29) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Blue, did you see my emote?))
  819. 05/03/14(00:28:36) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Ehh..? Emmy...? Who is Emmy?
  820. 05/03/14(00:28:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: About time Akimo-bitch-kun.
  821. 05/03/14(00:28:38) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [ya]
  822. 05/03/14(00:28:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Hohohoho
  823. 05/03/14(00:28:46) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: The one you called E.
  824. 05/03/14(00:28:50) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Bad move, black cloak.
  825. 05/03/14(00:28:53) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Emmy is her -TRUE- name.
  826. 05/03/14(00:29:03) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: The name she was given to by her -family-..
  827. 05/03/14(00:29:07) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  828. 05/03/14(00:29:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  829. 05/03/14(00:29:19) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I love how all these people are now ignoring Red and A)
  830. 05/03/14(00:29:22) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  831. 05/03/14(00:29:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Expand.
  832. 05/03/14(00:29:30) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  833. 05/03/14(00:29:32) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FUCK IT)
  834. 05/03/14(00:29:38) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Takashi's not. He's just mired in apathy. XD))
  835. 05/03/14(00:29:40) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Note how green was getting off him.*
  836. 05/03/14(00:29:43) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Take out the robot w/o taking out the scientist and then you get more robots that are stronger yo)
  837. 05/03/14(00:30:07) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (seriously just fucking kill her already, yeesh)
  838. 05/03/14(00:30:18) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: What, nothing to say?
  839. 05/03/14(00:30:21) *Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) stood there, a loud clicking sound echoing from his body. The purple flames surrounding his body intensified, but they were also overlaid by another thing: Black flames. "I will use your body as the foundation for the destruction of all you hold dear!" The purple flames surrounding him gradually sunk into his body, as his wounds, once more, fully and completely healed. Model A was going to pump everything he had into this technique, as his core brightened up, filling every single one of his limbs with untold amounts of power. This wasn't just normal energy, it was something far beyond that, existing many levels above anything anyone here had ever dreamed of. Upon exerting his power, it was so... -heavy- that everyone in the surrounding area would be frozen in fear, frozen in awe of what this Android was capable of. And so he swung his weapon... "BURN... IN THE EVERLASTING HELLFIRE... OF MY WRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH!" ...The sword that would cleave the planet in two. "...Mugetsu."*
  840. 05/03/14(00:30:33) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [you faggot rofl]
  841. 05/03/14(00:30:33) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) is slumped up against a tree, barely remaining concious, his eyes deadlocked onto his brother's battle with the android as if nothing else mattered. He couldn't look away.*
  842. 05/03/14(00:30:49) Blue(Soldier_Dude) meditated!
  843. 05/03/14(00:31:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  844. 05/03/14(00:31:19) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (That's Bleach dumb fuck)
  845. 05/03/14(00:31:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Lul.)
  846. 05/03/14(00:31:25) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [>naruto]
  847. 05/03/14(00:31:25) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: I think you're mistaken.
  848. 05/03/14(00:31:27) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [lmaooooo]
  849. 05/03/14(00:31:31) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Mistaken?
  850. 05/03/14(00:31:45) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I know my lover any day..She said she felt the warmth in her heart..She wasn't lieing to us.
  851. 05/03/14(00:31:47) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Unit 103 gave you a false name in order to study you for potential. In her report, I believe she deemed you. . .
  852. 05/03/14(00:31:52) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Worthless.
  853. 05/03/14(00:31:57) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: .....
  854. 05/03/14(00:32:00) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Mugetsu)
  855. 05/03/14(00:32:02) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly, the black gear on the white of his eye turned, locking on the mugetsu using bitch. And, he moved, so that Green was infront of him, while he took on the frontal of the blast.*
  856. 05/03/14(00:32:03) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Bleach)
  857. 05/03/14(00:32:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Greggeh(Green)
  858. 05/03/14(00:32:09) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Emmy would never say that about us!
  859. 05/03/14(00:32:13) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: She loves us!
  860. 05/03/14(00:32:22) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) uncorked the bottle, tipping it over Blue's lips and letting a few drops in. "C'mon, stay with us, kid, your time's not up just yet," he quietly coaxed.*
  861. 05/03/14(00:32:27) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (If it were Naruto he would have said "Amaterasu!")
  862. 05/03/14(00:32:43) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: You're just trying to make me angrier..
  863. 05/03/14(00:32:43) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) becomes calm.
  864. 05/03/14(00:32:49) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...I'm not gonna give you what you want.
  865. 05/03/14(00:33:02) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Love isn't an emotion that's important to us, except to exploit.
  866. 05/03/14(00:33:14) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...Stop lieing!
  867. 05/03/14(00:33:21) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: If what you're saying is true, though, and Unit 103 is compromised... I suppose I'll just have to trigger her self destruct.
  868. 05/03/14(00:33:23) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: She felt it! I know she did..!
  869. 05/03/14(00:33:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Akimo.
  870. 05/03/14(00:33:29) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..N-No!
  871. 05/03/14(00:33:37) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: You wouldn't dare...!
  872. 05/03/14(00:33:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Stop letting her words get to you.
  873. 05/03/14(00:33:45) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Don't touch Emmy!
  874. 05/03/14(00:33:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  875. 05/03/14(00:34:05) *Vilkkua(Wks60) had quite the simple time of reaction. However, he was not even in comparison to a single individual amongst the group. He was the closest person to a normal human, however, he was a human child. He posesses an imagination that could span the seven continents, reach the edges of the universe, an endless reach of which anything could be expected from. However, in this moment he had no fucking clue of what he was doing, or what was going on, so, he hid. He slid behind a tree, as he planted his feet firmly against the base of the tree, contracting his knees and hips, going into a sitting position. All the while, is over-imaginative creativity flourished. It could have been a battle of the gods for all he knew, and due to this lack of secure knowledge, he sat there, pondering.*
  876. 05/03/14(00:34:05) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) is completely, and utterly ignoring Maji now.*
  877. 05/03/14(00:34:06) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) He suddenly got up, appearing infront of Akimo, that damn steely glare, boring into Ayaxi.*
  878. 05/03/14(00:34:09) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Come. Show me the emotion that drives you. Show me your rage and your hatred.
  879. 05/03/14(00:34:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Listen closely to me.
  880. 05/03/14(00:34:16) *Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) Ayaxi That -Woman- She was pretty sure she heard that voice before and it was pretty damn close to the one who had her attacked. and apprently her and the -Android's- had her cut opened. She didn't hear or remeber al lthe details but it already made the Heran who was read shaking and biting her lips harashly with anger. even more so worse. her face turning slightly red-ish color this was not blushing but someone on the end of lossing their mind and attacking. she had to work three times as hard. to keep her mind off of attacking this woman. She was sensing and using her scouter closely to check out Red's fight. despite hating the man's guts and wanting to beat his ass for what-ever her reasons were. she had to -relay- on the Human just like everyone here.. wich made things worse. as her heart was already beating fast.*
  881. 05/03/14(00:34:18) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) deactivated Stance (Training).
  882. 05/03/14(00:34:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: If I -allow- you to experiment on me.
  883. 05/03/14(00:34:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: will you release Emmy?
  884. 05/03/14(00:34:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: From your control. Permenantly.
  885. 05/03/14(00:34:31) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Move, cat, you're useless to me.
  886. 05/03/14(00:34:39) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...I'm not strong enough normally..What do I do?...
  887. 05/03/14(00:34:39) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: ( <-- literally what he's doing to Arconia. SPOILER ALERT!)
  888. 05/03/14(00:34:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You have a choice to accept the offer or die where you stand.
  889. 05/03/14(00:34:46) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ..M-Maji?...What're you...
  890. 05/03/14(00:35:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Sure, im not gonna be the one that kills you, but the hundreds of enemies you will make that -will- want you dead.
  891. 05/03/14(00:35:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Honestly? I don't give a shit anymore about life or death, it's meaningless without a reason -to- live.
  892. 05/03/14(00:35:41) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ....Ghh..
  893. 05/03/14(00:36:00) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: No, Kay..I'm gonna save Emmy from this witch..! I know she loved us..She didn't betray us..She couldn't have...
  894. 05/03/14(00:36:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus.
  895. 05/03/14(00:36:23) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) lifts her wrist to her mouth, speaking just loud enough to be heard. "Unit 103, this is Eagle. Initiate Self-Destruct sequence version two." She'll hesitate a moment, then hold her arm out towards Maji. The staticky sounds of electricity going out of control play over the speaker, and then a loud commotion.... then just static.*
  896. 05/03/14(00:36:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Remember how I said the angerl seal would release when I died?
  897. 05/03/14(00:36:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...
  898. 05/03/14(00:36:32) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Any more ultimatums?
  899. 05/03/14(00:36:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  900. 05/03/14(00:36:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I would give 1 shit!)
  901. 05/03/14(00:36:38) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus. Everyone.
  902. 05/03/14(00:36:50) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Hell, no.
  903. 05/03/14(00:36:53) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Oh my God, I got grindin' to do, holmes. XD))
  904. 05/03/14(00:36:53) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (You know, it's too bad I don't have the requirements)
  905. 05/03/14(00:36:54) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: NOPE!
  906. 05/03/14(00:36:55) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (I'm still not near SB req.)
  907. 05/03/14(00:36:56) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Beat the shit out of this womna.
  908. 05/03/14(00:36:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Except for Lance.
  909. 05/03/14(00:36:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Woman*
  910. 05/03/14(00:37:02) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (I'd be super berserk ALL over your ass ;.;)
  911. 05/03/14(00:37:04) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (Not even half.)
  912. 05/03/14(00:37:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (GRIND DAT ASS GUR!)
  913. 05/03/14(00:37:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus.
  914. 05/03/14(00:37:13) Lance Masuta(Demorco) becomes calm.
  915. 05/03/14(00:37:15) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: NOPE! Not gonna let you do that dad!
  916. 05/03/14(00:37:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: NOPE! lance.
  917. 05/03/14(00:37:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: NOPE!
  918. 05/03/14(00:37:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: NOPE!
  919. 05/03/14(00:37:46) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) steps tot he side of his father.*
  920. 05/03/14(00:37:58) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Eye twitched.*
  921. 05/03/14(00:37:59) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) tries to move, snarling against the shaking and pain of his legs and in his head, but he wasn't able to rise, much less obey Maji's commands.*
  922. 05/03/14(00:38:06) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ......
  923. 05/03/14(00:38:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I really want to punch you, but wisdom says otherwise.
  924. 05/03/14(00:38:17) *Vilkkua(Wks60) then jumped up, waving his fists with out a bit of talent. He wasn't even... The insignificance of the young boy was enormous, it was uncomparable to any other example. "Fwoosh! To battle?!" His flamboyant attitude however, showed his strong spirit.*
  925. 05/03/14(00:38:19) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) knew she couldn't do anything. But the action that this woman had just taken. Not only had she mercilessly destroyed her own comrade, but someone that she herself had loved. Someone she knew felt love for her..Someone that she thought she could help. She growled out, rushing forward to move Majikku aside. "T-THIS IS MY FIGHT, MAJI! STAY OUT OF MY WAY! JUST LET ME DO THIS!" she demanded.*
  926. 05/03/14(00:38:22) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Grabs lance by the back of his neck, walking away.*
  927. 05/03/14(00:38:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  928. 05/03/14(00:38:26) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Ahhh... perfect.
  929. 05/03/14(00:38:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You got this Akimo...
  930. 05/03/14(00:38:46) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...I can't do anything about it..I hate this...I'm putty...!
  931. 05/03/14(00:38:50) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...Ghhr...
  932. 05/03/14(00:38:54) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ... why has no one else noticed that she told that robot to blow itself up?
  933. 05/03/14(00:38:59) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) drops into a more combat-ready stance, ebony brass knuckles adorned with precious rubies leaping to life in her hands. "Come, then. Prove to me your potential."*
  934. 05/03/14(00:39:02) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...I can't let her win..If I lose..I'll be with Emmy...
  935. 05/03/14(00:39:02) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...I know you aren't goign to let her kill herself.
  936. 05/03/14(00:39:05) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) looks over to Vikkua. "Tha fuck is that kid doing?" *
  937. 05/03/14(00:39:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Raven.
  938. 05/03/14(00:39:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Get rubricatus back up.
  939. 05/03/14(00:39:26) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Oi Majikku, tha fuck are you going on about?
  940. 05/03/14(00:39:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: What the hell is going on?!?!
  941. 05/03/14(00:39:34) Raven(Sparrow114) says: Mara
  942. 05/03/14(00:39:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: This bitch just killed my family.
  943. 05/03/14(00:39:42) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: RURU! Wha is happening?!
  944. 05/03/14(00:39:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: The one in black
  945. 05/03/14(00:39:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Wanting to cut me open.
  946. 05/03/14(00:39:54) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Who did she kill?
  947. 05/03/14(00:39:57) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: Seriously, she said the words "self-destruct sequence." I might be a hick from the mountains, but it's not hard to know what that means.
  948. 05/03/14(00:40:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Indeed.
  949. 05/03/14(00:40:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Raven, heal Rubricatus.
  950. 05/03/14(00:40:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Now.
  951. 05/03/14(00:40:17) Raven(Sparrow114) says: please stop this
  952. 05/03/14(00:40:36) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...
  953. 05/03/14(00:40:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Raven.
  954. 05/03/14(00:40:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Is it that hard to trust me?
  955. 05/03/14(00:40:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Heal Rubricatus.
  956. 05/03/14(00:41:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Heh, I'll take care of the dog.
  957. 05/03/14(00:41:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: THen do it fast.
  958. 05/03/14(00:41:17) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: Or we could just ignore it and die anyway. That works too, I guess.
  959. 05/03/14(00:41:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Im releasing his inner anger.
  960. 05/03/14(00:41:24) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Ok I won't)
  961. 05/03/14(00:41:30) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Of course, that would mean me going bat-shit crazy,but I want to release the hounds.
  962. 05/03/14(00:41:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (omit my taking care of shit!)
  963. 05/03/14(00:41:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus, you alright?
  964. 05/03/14(00:41:39) *Vilkkua(Wks60) then misunderstood the situation even further. "Prove" "Potential". Those were the two words he heard, before he suddenly sprange forward. This was as if a fly were to take on an elephant, as he sped to his destination, sliding on his arm, and knee. He'd position himself for a perfect defensive position, before proceeding with his assult. The misunderstanding was to a whole new level. He'd launch his attack upon Ayaxi. "Pooootential!" He shouted, in his childish voice, heading into the conflict that was completely unrelated to him.*
  965. 05/03/14(00:41:41) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (You -did- hear me say I wasn't even remotely close to the SB req, right?)
  966. 05/03/14(00:41:43) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (<3)
  967. 05/03/14(00:41:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (even so)
  968. 05/03/14(00:41:48) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: Woof.
  969. 05/03/14(00:41:50) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: I like ignoring warnings.
  970. 05/03/14(00:41:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (you can take ayaxi on I think))
  971. 05/03/14(00:41:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (and just RP you go bat-shit angry)
  972. 05/03/14(00:42:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: The woman Akimo is about to fight.
  973. 05/03/14(00:42:05) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: Hope you enjoy wearin' a halo, too.
  974. 05/03/14(00:42:07) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Tear her to shit.
  975. 05/03/14(00:42:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (bruh, I hit muh SH req gur!)
  976. 05/03/14(00:42:09) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [LOL no. Ayaxi has literally every skill in the game you have no chance.]
  977. 05/03/14(00:42:15) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) grips her sword a bit more tightly as she holds it to her side, in a classic Samurai stance. She gritts her teeth at Ayaxi, tears flowing from her eyes. Why did all of this have to happen? What did the girl ever do to deserve this? She knew she couldn't do anything, but she had to try, she had to. She shouted to the side; "RAVEN! MARA! KAY! I LOVE YOU, AND TELL MIMI I'M SORRY!" She doubted that she could win, but she needed to let this rage out, it was boiling up inside of her, and she had to let it out, no-matter what. A golden dust of aura began to fluctuate from her feet, and red aura stars began to flutter all about her purple aura, almost making her seem graceful as her power slowly rose. Probably not enough to win, but it stole rose nonetheless. Instantly, she dashed forward at Ayaxi, fuelled with anger. Her base strength was pathetic, thus making her maximum potential not as much as it would've been if she had an opportunity to train.*
  978. 05/03/14(00:42:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (lolwat)
  979. 05/03/14(00:42:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (LOLFUCKTHATSHIT)
  980. 05/03/14(00:42:21) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [Ayaxi has yet to use Susano'o.]
  981. 05/03/14(00:42:22) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [No chaaaaaancencencene\]
  982. 05/03/14(00:42:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: 9OMIT WHAT I SAID)
  983. 05/03/14(00:42:28) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [get wrekt scrub]
  984. 05/03/14(00:42:39) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (:o Ayaxi, you gona respond to my post? )
  985. 05/03/14(00:42:40) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Ayaxi is bout to get dat ass whoopped!)
  986. 05/03/14(00:42:40) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ...I'm sorry Kay...
  987. 05/03/14(00:42:40) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) activated Stance (Armadillo).
  988. 05/03/14(00:42:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (I have a choice here)
  989. 05/03/14(00:42:51) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (SAY GUR! YO GON DIE!)
  990. 05/03/14(00:42:52) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (sacrifice myself to save your sorry ass)
  991. 05/03/14(00:42:54) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Oh, are you fightnig too?)
  992. 05/03/14(00:42:56) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (That's fine, I suppose.)
  993. 05/03/14(00:42:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (which is what I usually do)
  994. 05/03/14(00:43:01) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (or let you die)
  995. 05/03/14(00:43:01) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) becomes calm.
  996. 05/03/14(00:43:02) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (I'd like it if we kept it to 2v1 for now.)
  997. 05/03/14(00:43:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (...)
  998. 05/03/14(00:43:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (No, Not me, Just them)
  999. 05/03/14(00:43:08) *Green(Greggeh) crossed her arms and stared right towards Red, she had lost that usual smile on her face and seemed concerned for his wellbeing now.*
  1000. 05/03/14(00:43:08) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) THOUGHT: Oh hell no..
  1001. 05/03/14(00:43:09) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Nobody's gonna die to me, and I wanna get this done before the planet breaks.)
  1002. 05/03/14(00:43:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Nope rubricatus sit down)
  1003. 05/03/14(00:43:11) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (i'm just talking out of my ass)
  1004. 05/03/14(00:43:20) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Woo hoo, my characters actions ignored for the most part, still. )
  1005. 05/03/14(00:43:22) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (wait the planets getting destroyed?)
  1006. 05/03/14(00:43:23) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (wat)
  1007. 05/03/14(00:43:30) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [ you read rp]
  1008. 05/03/14(00:43:31) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [ever]
  1009. 05/03/14(00:43:35) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (CD when ready, Akimo, it'll be you and vikkua v me.)
  1010. 05/03/14(00:43:46) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ....Wow, do, I relaly have to do everything here.
  1011. 05/03/14(00:43:47) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Vilkkua is the weakest in game btw.)
  1012. 05/03/14(00:43:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (lolsorry I missed it)
  1013. 05/03/14(00:43:55) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [Model A is busting the planet. LOL]
  1014. 05/03/14(00:43:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (oh shit)
  1015. 05/03/14(00:44:01) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (wont we all die?)
  1016. 05/03/14(00:44:03) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) used countdown.
  1017. 05/03/14(00:44:03) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Well, guys, I'll see you in Hell. I'll be the one chillin' in a chair and sayin', "told you so."))
  1018. 05/03/14(00:44:04) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [..ja]
  1019. 05/03/14(00:44:05) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-goes to store and buys a metric fuck ton of duct tape- WE CAN FIX THIS BITCH IF HE SPLITS IT!)
  1020. 05/03/14(00:44:06) Raven(Sparrow114) THOUGHT: Noooo
  1021. 05/03/14(00:44:08) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Well, I won't personally be killing anyone.)
  1022. 05/03/14(00:44:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (ohfuck)
  1023. 05/03/14(00:44:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (fucking sylas XD)
  1024. 05/03/14(00:44:14) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) manages to rise to his paws, with Raven's help. He barks his gratitude and turns to face the situation taking place. Both with Ayaxi, and much more importantly, the susano'o mugetsu android prime and its infinity percent power opponent.*
  1025. 05/03/14(00:44:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus, stand down.
  1026. 05/03/14(00:44:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Nevermind..
  1027. 05/03/14(00:44:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) THOUGHT: With how things are currently going..none of us will make it.
  1028. 05/03/14(00:44:41) *Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) use that Zanzoken to get infront of her, "No.."*
  1029. 05/03/14(00:44:45) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) ended using countdown.
  1030. 05/03/14(00:44:52) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ..
  1031. 05/03/14(00:44:53) Vilkkua(Wks60) becomes angry!
  1032. 05/03/14(00:44:54) Vilkkua(Wks60) is knocked out by low health!
  1033. 05/03/14(00:44:54) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: WOOO!
  1034. 05/03/14(00:45:00) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) becomes angry!
  1035. 05/03/14(00:45:01) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (I fucking died)
  1036. 05/03/14(00:45:04) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (vikk got punted)
  1037. 05/03/14(00:45:06) Raven(Sparrow114) says: no Kay
  1038. 05/03/14(00:45:07) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (WHY THE FUCK IS HE USING SUSANOO?!?!)
  1039. 05/03/14(00:45:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Sis, get back!
  1040. 05/03/14(00:45:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) used Sweeping Kick!
  1041. 05/03/14(00:45:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Sorry green...
  1042. 05/03/14(00:45:21) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... I thought nerds were supposed to be sickly and weak, why's she kickin' everyone's asses?
  1043. 05/03/14(00:45:36) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly, he lifted green up, placing her down infront of him as he went to go help his son.*
  1044. 05/03/14(00:45:36) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...Hff..
  1045. 05/03/14(00:45:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  1046. 05/03/14(00:46:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I will handle everything.
  1047. 05/03/14(00:46:07) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  1048. 05/03/14(00:46:12) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  1049. 05/03/14(00:46:23) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Sennalove(Kay Kamidachi)
  1050. 05/03/14(00:46:26) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) is knocked out by Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka)
  1051. 05/03/14(00:46:27) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) deactivated Focus.
  1052. 05/03/14(00:46:27) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-runs up on A and rips his fucking eyes out and puts them into his head-)
  1053. 05/03/14(00:46:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  1054. 05/03/14(00:46:31) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Shit!
  1055. 05/03/14(00:46:33) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) regains consciousness
  1056. 05/03/14(00:46:36) Red(Carnak) says: (...I feel like I should wait for that fight to stop.)
  1057. 05/03/14(00:46:39) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Dad help her!
  1058. 05/03/14(00:46:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (no go ahead)
  1059. 05/03/14(00:46:46) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (If you could give me just a moment, Red.)
  1060. 05/03/14(00:46:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...What do you expect me to do?
  1061. 05/03/14(00:46:48) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Sorry.)
  1062. 05/03/14(00:46:57) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Nah fuck it just go.)
  1063. 05/03/14(00:46:59) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: DO SOEMTHING!
  1064. 05/03/14(00:47:00) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Raven, could you move away a few tiles? I'd like to speak with Akimo privately for a moment.)
  1065. 05/03/14(00:47:03) Raven(Sparrow114) says: please no more
  1066. 05/03/14(00:47:09) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((So where are we now, mid-wipe?))
  1067. 05/03/14(00:47:12) Red(Carnak) says: (I'll do my inspirational thing while I wait, then. We'll say the android is charging the attack this entire time.)
  1068. 05/03/14(00:47:15) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (You as well, Kay.)
  1069. 05/03/14(00:47:19) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Shoo shoo.)
  1070. 05/03/14(00:47:22) Red(Carnak) says: ...Blue.
  1071. 05/03/14(00:47:27) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ....
  1072. 05/03/14(00:47:35) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (uhhhh late-early or early-mid)
  1073. 05/03/14(00:47:44) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: (I did Zanzoken between u guys
  1074. 05/03/14(00:47:45) Red(Carnak) says: I want you to listen.
  1075. 05/03/14(00:47:45) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (BOOOO FUCK FILLER ARCS!!!)
  1076. 05/03/14(00:47:59) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (EMOTIONS ARE GAY!!! FILLER IS GAYER!)
  1077. 05/03/14(00:48:03) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((And we're already destroying the planet? Damn. Haven't you ever heard of moderation?))
  1078. 05/03/14(00:48:14) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (me)
  1079. 05/03/14(00:48:16) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (moderation)
  1080. 05/03/14(00:48:18) Red(Carnak) says: ...No matter what happens. No matter what the odds.
  1081. 05/03/14(00:48:18) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (lolol)
  1082. 05/03/14(00:48:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) becomes calm.
  1083. 05/03/14(00:48:28) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  1084. 05/03/14(00:48:30) Red(Carnak) says: I want you to believe in yourself.
  1085. 05/03/14(00:48:45) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: He makes it easy...
  1086. 05/03/14(00:48:50) Red(Carnak) says: Not in you who believes in me. Not in me who believes in you.
  1087. 05/03/14(00:49:00) Red(Carnak) says: Believe in yourself!
  1088. 05/03/14(00:49:11) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((So this officially makes Blue Simon now.))
  1089. 05/03/14(00:49:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Why teh fuck does she get an offer like that)
  1090. 05/03/14(00:49:12) *Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) la powers up a bit.*
  1091. 05/03/14(00:49:12) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Just cause filler is gay doesn't mean I don't watch it!)
  1092. 05/03/14(00:49:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (FUCK THIS SHIT)
  1093. 05/03/14(00:49:16) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) can't speak. He can't do anything but listen, eyes locked onto Red as he hangs on his every word, with rapt attention. And then his eyes widened.*
  1094. 05/03/14(00:49:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (-TABLE FLIP-)
  1095. 05/03/14(00:49:26) Raven(Sparrow114) says: please dont kill her miss
  1096. 05/03/14(00:49:46) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Does that make me Kittan?))
  1097. 05/03/14(00:49:47) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (I asked for some bloody privacy.)
  1098. 05/03/14(00:49:53) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: Bro...what are you..?
  1099. 05/03/14(00:49:53) Red(Carnak) says: (Ryu, tell me when you're finished.)
  1100. 05/03/14(00:50:14) Raven(Sparrow114) says: (idiot orion
  1101. 05/03/14(00:50:14) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) meditated!
  1102. 05/03/14(00:50:22) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Stance (Bat).
  1103. 05/03/14(00:50:24) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Stance (FireFists).
  1104. 05/03/14(00:50:24) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: Red!...
  1105. 05/03/14(00:50:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) becomes calm.
  1106. 05/03/14(00:50:30) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: What, are they talking about.
  1107. 05/03/14(00:50:36) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance.
  1108. 05/03/14(00:50:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Currently how things are going...
  1109. 05/03/14(00:50:47) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... What are you trying to pull now...?
  1110. 05/03/14(00:50:52) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Alot of us ain't surviving.
  1111. 05/03/14(00:50:56) Raven(Sparrow114) says: (told you not to listen to private conversaions
  1112. 05/03/14(00:51:00) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (>_>)
  1113. 05/03/14(00:51:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Wait raven your an admin?)
  1114. 05/03/14(00:51:05) *Vilkkua(Wks60) then suddenly got hit. It was with such great impact, that a normal child should have died. His flesh and facial bones suddenly ripped backwards, being forced to follow the rest of him, his body suddenly ripped along. There was extreme tissue damage, several hundred cracks in his skull, incredible brain damage and sudden shock inducement. He twitched in a pile, below a tree, as the sudden magnitude of his situation collapsed around him. He was barely alive, due to the sudden kinetic discharge. From the second impact, with the ground, nearly all of his other bones were broken. This was the simple result of a roach, fighting a god. It was inevitable, and his own childish ignorance got the better of him, when he launched his mis-guided attack.*
  1115. 05/03/14(00:51:08) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: .....Aww, hush up, dad were all gonna be ok.
  1116. 05/03/14(00:51:11) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: Damn you!... i was ment to kick your ass! Damn you...!
  1117. 05/03/14(00:51:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be saying that.
  1118. 05/03/14(00:51:28) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Ok.
  1119. 05/03/14(00:51:33) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: Red, I know this goes against everything you believe in, but... don't be a dumbass right now.
  1120. 05/03/14(00:51:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Lawl, It took many a moon)
  1121. 05/03/14(00:51:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance, run into what's left of the house and grab my generator.
  1122. 05/03/14(00:51:52) Raven(Sparrow114) says: please dont rob a little girl of her mother
  1123. 05/03/14(00:52:15) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Sit and rest woman. Then come walking over here gur)
  1124. 05/03/14(00:52:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance.
  1125. 05/03/14(00:52:25) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (And turn that shit off, no one is gonna kill you)
  1126. 05/03/14(00:52:26) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Go and get it.
  1127. 05/03/14(00:52:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Now.
  1128. 05/03/14(00:52:31) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: *that's a woman?!?!)
  1129. 05/03/14(00:52:35) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: ()
  1130. 05/03/14(00:52:41) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Slow ass manly man)
  1131. 05/03/14(00:52:51) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Don't knoww hat that is..but ok.
  1132. 05/03/14(00:53:02) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) runs into the house and grabs everything*
  1133. 05/03/14(00:53:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: You, changed the password
  1134. 05/03/14(00:53:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I vote that if we all die here. Red teach a class on walling. I'd sign up. My rp is shit)
  1135. 05/03/14(00:53:39) Red(Carnak) says: (I'm waiting on Ryu's thing so I can put the full focus on what's happening.)
  1136. 05/03/14(00:53:43) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) stands over her defeated foe -- she hadn't used her scalpel, meaning she didn't have the same intentions for Akimo as before. Instead, Ayaxi gets a much, much better idea. She kneels down, placing her hand over Akimo's chest, and gives the woman a quaint smile. "Thank you. Thank you, for showing me a little bit of... what I'm missing. I can finally... fill that gap, thanks to you. Prime will... have to wait." She presses her hand -into- Akimo's chest now, but rather than pain or gruesome-ness, it just seems to phase through as if Akimo isn't even there. When she retracts her hand, she holds a cartoony-looking heart in it, gazing on it as if it were a long-lost lover. "Emotions... contained within this tiny little thing. Isn't it... cute?" Akimo, as a result of this, will likely have lost some color, though that will fade before long. The longer-term consequences of this are much more dire, although at least she's alive... right?*
  1137. 05/03/14(00:53:50) Red(Carnak) says: (I finished a while back.)
  1138. 05/03/14(00:53:52) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (I'm sorry Red I'm super selfish. ;_;)
  1139. 05/03/14(00:54:01) Red(Carnak) says: (Ryu shhh. Was that it?)
  1140. 05/03/14(00:54:43) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Just need her response and all. I think you can start doing your thing, this is really only going to affect her little group for the time being.)
  1141. 05/03/14(00:54:51) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Turn into a giant robot or w/e it isyou're gonna do.)
  1142. 05/03/14(00:54:52) Red(Carnak) says: (Alright then, posting.)
  1143. 05/03/14(00:54:57) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((So I guess Red dies and Blue becomes star of the wipe, following TTGL logic?))
  1144. 05/03/14(00:54:58) *Red(Carnak) was not frozen as his enemy made his threats. He did not waver in the face of an adversary that, by all means, should have been crushing him from the very beginning. Red was only human, and yet he was able to call upon the kind of power to rival.. nay, surpass those that lesser men might call Gods. What was he, then? A blackness envelops 667, the machine calling upon levels of power that put the very planet at risk. ...If he made to dodge this attack, it would... Red's expression would change, realizing that saving his own life would mean sacrificing the lives of those on this planet. He lowers his head, slightly. In the face of it all, knowing what was about to happen, he still manages to wear that same confident grin. A wave of raw power, the manifestation of this machine's raw strength was released and in the blink of an eye Red had moved -directly in front- of the wave. Screaming at the top of his voice, this man's hand would extend; he -catches- the wave. He now stood as the only thing that was keeping the planet from being utterly destroyed. Red's entire body strained as every last bit of his strength went into weathering the attack. Pressure continued to build as the attack tore into him, the human only just managing to keep the wave at bay. It was all he could do to hold out, to stand against this creature in a final act of defiance. He would use his last breath to ensure that this thing failed, that this planet and its inhabitants would live on. Then, as the strength of the attack reached a critical point.. It explodes. A brilliant light floods the immediate area, letting loose a shockwave of raw power that threatened to knock those nearby from their place on the ground. This display of light was so genuinely massive that the event could be seen from space. As the dust settled. As the light faded. ...Red could no longer be seen, or felt. He was gone.*
  1145. 05/03/14(00:55:03) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( am I apart of her little gorup?)
  1146. 05/03/14(00:55:05) Raven(Sparrow114) says: what did you do?
  1147. 05/03/14(00:55:55) Red was just killed by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)!
  1148. 05/03/14(00:55:56) Body of Red was just killed by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)!
  1149. 05/03/14(00:55:58) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Wait, what?)
  1150. 05/03/14(00:56:00) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Don't you love how formidable of enemy Vilkkua is? Isn't he just so scrumptious. )
  1151. 05/03/14(00:56:01) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OH FUCK!!)
  1152. 05/03/14(00:56:03) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ..... Red....
  1153. 05/03/14(00:56:07) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ..
  1154. 05/03/14(00:56:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: HOLY SHIT!
  1155. 05/03/14(00:56:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...
  1156. 05/03/14(00:56:15) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: He...managed to stop the planet's destruction...?
  1157. 05/03/14(00:56:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (the android is still there, that's a problem.)
  1158. 05/03/14(00:56:24) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... you... you damn idiot...
  1159. 05/03/14(00:56:25) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) begans to feel heavier as the air around him began to dense up as his body felt as if it was glued to the ground.*
  1160. 05/03/14(00:56:28) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: H-....... How?.....
  1161. 05/03/14(00:56:40) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Did that thing.......just......
  1162. 05/03/14(00:56:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....I..impossible....
  1163. 05/03/14(00:57:02) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Well.....then.....
  1164. 05/03/14(00:57:15) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: I, guess we should get off our ass and fight.
  1165. 05/03/14(00:57:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance...
  1166. 05/03/14(00:57:22) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Shut...up....
  1167. 05/03/14(00:57:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: And sit..your ass..down...
  1168. 05/03/14(00:57:37) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Just, saying...probally could have prevented that.
  1169. 05/03/14(00:57:44) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) struggled a bit as a hand seemingly phased through her. She felt something being stolen from her. She couldn't move very far, granted, as she had the shit kicked out of her. All she could do was stare up at the female before Ayaxi had taken her emotions. She simply started to speak while the process was still going. "W-What're you doing to me?" she was perfectly fine. She didn't feel any pain extra, of course, she did feel pain from the smack-down she just got, though. However, just before all of her emotions were pulled out she figured it out. This woman was taking what she held most dear..Her ability to love. She burst into tears, and shouted out just as her heart was plucked out. "NO!!!" and that was that. She couldn't really feel angry, or sad, or happy, or anything now. She was just crying from the anger she previously had, which was no more, on the ground..Like a defenseless abused puppy that doesn't understand what abuse even is.*
  1170. 05/03/14(00:57:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP AND SIT DOWN.
  1171. 05/03/14(00:57:48) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) THOUGHT: !... w-where-where is he??!?!
  1172. 05/03/14(00:58:02) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: .....
  1173. 05/03/14(00:58:13) Blue(Soldier_Dude) meditated!
  1174. 05/03/14(00:58:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: .....
  1175. 05/03/14(00:58:31) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: Where did they go?...Why can't I feel anything?...
  1176. 05/03/14(00:58:33) *Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) widened her eyes for a moment, feeling something odd. However, it quickly passed, leaving her to question just what it was she felt.*
  1177. 05/03/14(00:58:36) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: What did she do?....
  1178. 05/03/14(00:58:37) Raven(Sparrow114) says: miss what did you do to her?
  1179. 05/03/14(00:58:59) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Ehehe... AHAHAHAHA...
  1180. 05/03/14(00:59:03) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Sat there, a given up expression on his face. It was all over....nothing...just..darkness...and defeat...the weak have lost to the strong...*
  1181. 05/03/14(00:59:10) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: I don't understand. How could anyone...
  1182. 05/03/14(00:59:17) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: ..Or..The lack thereof..
  1183. 05/03/14(00:59:23) Raven(Sparrow114) says:
  1184. 05/03/14(00:59:24) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Don't even check on the kid near death, crushed skull, and major external/internal injuries. )
  1185. 05/03/14(00:59:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Give them back..
  1186. 05/03/14(00:59:31) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: ...No matter. I can still destroy this world.
  1187. 05/03/14(00:59:33) Raven(Sparrow114) says: what did you do
  1188. 05/03/14(00:59:56) *Green(Greggeh) seemed to stare where Red used to be, her face began to frown and her body clicked and clacked a few times. She lowered her head and muttered out softly. "Ach... Shit..." *
  1189. 05/03/14(01:00:10) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: I need some time to recuperate.
  1190. 05/03/14(01:00:13) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( LOL green.)
  1191. 05/03/14(01:00:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Give my emotions back to me...
  1192. 05/03/14(01:00:26) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: Even with diminished strength, nobody here can stand up to me.
  1193. 05/03/14(01:00:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  1194. 05/03/14(01:00:34) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Is this how you made them submit to you?
  1195. 05/03/14(01:00:40) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Did you steal their emotions, and make them slaves?
  1196. 05/03/14(01:00:42) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) THOUGHT: I'll just swat the flies away and vaporize this planet.
  1197. 05/03/14(01:00:47) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) moves to circle the beaten and broken child. He had already failed to stop the android before it delimited itself, so there was no chance now. He might as well go out on a full stomach.*
  1198. 05/03/14(01:00:55) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I'm starting to understand what Em..Didn't..Feel...
  1199. 05/03/14(01:00:56) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Might as well, give it another go.
  1200. 05/03/14(01:01:01) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Unit 667, finish off the planet! I got what I came for.
  1201. 05/03/14(01:01:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Fucking rubricatus)
  1202. 05/03/14(01:01:06) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  1203. 05/03/14(01:01:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: No.
  1204. 05/03/14(01:01:14) Raven(Sparrow114) says: no
  1205. 05/03/14(01:01:14) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( I love Rubri)
  1206. 05/03/14(01:01:16) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...No...Give them back..Please...
  1207. 05/03/14(01:01:21) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I need them...
  1208. 05/03/14(01:01:24) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Woo, someone has noticed me enough to engage in some form of minimal RP <3 )
  1209. 05/03/14(01:01:25) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..They need them..
  1210. 05/03/14(01:01:37) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Unless someone else is to act, go ahead and rip into this shit. )
  1211. 05/03/14(01:01:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Fuck you...and fuck this planet, fuck everyone on it. Fuck every single person who made a fool of me. Fuck that robotic death machine. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this.
  1212. 05/03/14(01:01:52) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) says: ( i am rping at Ayaxi and Aikmo btw )
  1213. 05/03/14(01:02:00) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...Yes, master!
  1214. 05/03/14(01:02:00) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) takes in a deep breath, then plunges the cartoony heart into her own chest. She laughs maniacally for a moment, then her eyes widen, and she seems... confused. Blood starts to leak from her nose, and she cringes in pain. "Wha...t...? It isn't... enough...?"*
  1215. 05/03/14(01:02:01) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You?
  1216. 05/03/14(01:02:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Dad, get your shit together!
  1217. 05/03/14(01:02:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Theres a deep place in hell for someone like you.
  1218. 05/03/14(01:02:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: A special place.
  1219. 05/03/14(01:02:15) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: WE ENED YOU!
  1220. 05/03/14(01:02:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: A place for NOBODIES.
  1221. 05/03/14(01:02:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (^)
  1222. 05/03/14(01:02:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (>Much swag)
  1223. 05/03/14(01:02:44) *Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) began panting... rather loudly at that. The facade of him still being at full strength thusly faded- his power dropped by no less than two million units from that.*
  1224. 05/03/14(01:02:47) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Give them back to me..Take them out, and put them back in...
  1225. 05/03/14(01:02:57) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: This isn't fair..I've done nothing wrong to you.
  1226. 05/03/14(01:03:03) *Alyssa(YKWN) stirs from her unconciousness. There was something affecting her more strongly than the loss of her blood -- it was the loss of a piece of her heart. She looked up in order to see Red explode in a dazzling display of man and power and then she just... slumped her cheek to the ground. The light left from her eyes and she just stared forwards dully.*
  1227. 05/03/14(01:03:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ..Rubricatus.
  1228. 05/03/14(01:03:22) Raven(Sparrow114) says: why, why would you do this
  1229. 05/03/14(01:03:28) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Alyssa's dying, too? Jesus Christ.))
  1230. 05/03/14(01:03:31) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (Oh god..everyone is becoming zombies!)
  1231. 05/03/14(01:03:36) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Everyone here is dieing except for me)
  1232. 05/03/14(01:03:38) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [...wat]
  1233. 05/03/14(01:03:40) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [no]
  1234. 05/03/14(01:03:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (holy shit this is new)
  1235. 05/03/14(01:03:43) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (wut..? when did she steal Alyssa's heart?)
  1236. 05/03/14(01:03:45) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (List of all dying? ;o )
  1237. 05/03/14(01:03:45) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [im just sad]
  1238. 05/03/14(01:03:52) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [havent you seen a depressed anime person before jesus christ]
  1239. 05/03/14(01:03:52) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (OHH)
  1240. 05/03/14(01:03:53) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (ok.)
  1241. 05/03/14(01:04:12) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Bish when KH is in the proximity you use the word heart very carefully)
  1242. 05/03/14(01:04:24) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (lol^)
  1243. 05/03/14(01:04:52) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Waiting for Blue to finish.))
  1244. 05/03/14(01:04:58) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (I haven't used "Bish" in so long. I have felt clean untill now. Now I must take a shower in acid, for I am dirty from the word. )
  1245. 05/03/14(01:05:09) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) watched as the man was seemingly wiped from existence. He couldn't believe that this thing held such power. He wasn't his biggest fan, but he definetly didn't think he was gonna lose. Not after what he had saw him do before. "There is no way.......where the fuck is he?" He tried adjusting his scouter to find Red's power, but he couldn't locate it. He thought to himself. "Did this thing really kill Red? That guy couldn't have died that easily. There is no way." He looked around to the others who were off bickering at a time like this. A time where they should be focusing on a much larger enemy. He was in utter disbelief at the event that had taken place. And honestly he had no fucking clue what to do. *
  1246. 05/03/14(01:05:27) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Shit rp is shit)
  1247. 05/03/14(01:05:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (guys)
  1248. 05/03/14(01:05:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (I just realized something)
  1249. 05/03/14(01:05:50) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Once you post your RP of feasting upon Vilkkua, you mind If I post one final death-rp? :O )
  1250. 05/03/14(01:05:54) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (what are we gonna do about the next prime?)
  1251. 05/03/14(01:06:03) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (Go ahead.)
  1252. 05/03/14(01:06:06) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Why can I not feel the warmth anymore?
  1253. 05/03/14(01:06:07) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (k)
  1254. 05/03/14(01:06:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( We, all gonna die form this one.)
  1255. 05/03/14(01:06:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Mara's face..Mimelia's face..Raven's face..Kay's...I try to bring back the memories, and I do, but..It's still cold..
  1256. 05/03/14(01:06:36) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...What did you do to me?..
  1257. 05/03/14(01:06:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Emotional wipe.
  1258. 05/03/14(01:06:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: She took your emotions.
  1259. 05/03/14(01:06:54) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I know, i've done it to myself plenty times.
  1260. 05/03/14(01:07:10) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...i...
  1261. 05/03/14(01:07:14) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: I don't think any of those wipes worked....
  1262. 05/03/14(01:07:15) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (i* LUL)
  1263. 05/03/14(01:07:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (I*)
  1264. 05/03/14(01:07:26) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (jesus christ keyboard get a life ;.;)
  1265. 05/03/14(01:07:32) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (....did i rly just)
  1266. 05/03/14(01:07:35) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (ok then)
  1267. 05/03/14(01:07:39) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: This doesn't make sense... it wasn't enough... there's still that... gap.
  1268. 05/03/14(01:07:39) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) looks around. For once, Majikky wasn't telling him not to indulge in his baser instincts. It was sort of freeing, even if it was such an unfortunate situation for the prey. It was opportune, and there was no reason to feel bad about it. The fact that they were probably dying anyway was also strong justification for his actions. If it weren't for his partial sentience, he wouldn't even -need- justification. With a last glimpse of reservations, he pounces on the broken, breain damaged and head-exploded person who got themselves mortally wounded by an enemy far greater than themselves. In an act of mercy he would grip the boy's throat first and rip it out, preferably finishing his food off before eating it. After that, it was the rabid feasting of a starved feral beast, messily ripping out this and that like he was trying to make his fur red again. It didn't matter that they might live for a few seconds despite the severed arteries.*
  1269. 05/03/14(01:07:45) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (Someone please tell me that the AL isn't void of rp. )_
  1270. 05/03/14(01:07:49) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...So, I guess your not gonna help them defeat the robot, dad.
  1271. 05/03/14(01:07:55) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Just head to hell)
  1272. 05/03/14(01:07:56) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (It's not.)
  1273. 05/03/14(01:07:57) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [the AL is more populated than most of arconia]
  1274. 05/03/14(01:07:58) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [so]
  1275. 05/03/14(01:08:00) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [no]
  1276. 05/03/14(01:08:08) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: You may have taken my emotions..
  1277. 05/03/14(01:08:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus...
  1278. 05/03/14(01:08:11) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: But..
  1279. 05/03/14(01:08:12) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: When your done.
  1280. 05/03/14(01:08:17) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: ...
  1281. 05/03/14(01:08:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Tear that fucking android apart.
  1282. 05/03/14(01:08:19) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I cannot let you do so to anyone else..
  1283. 05/03/14(01:08:21) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (AND IT'S ABOUT TO GET EVEN MORE POPULATED WOOT!)
  1284. 05/03/14(01:08:38) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..I do not wish for anyone else to feel this, for your own selfish demands.
  1285. 05/03/14(01:08:41) Raven(Sparrow114) says: what is the point of taking her emotions?
  1286. 05/03/14(01:09:27) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) slowly struggles to her feet. She's had just enough time to get her stamina back, but her body's still fucked up. She clutches her blade a bit tighter than before, only due to the fact that clutching it at all hurt her. "You need ot leave this planet.." she stated, blankly.*
  1287. 05/03/14(01:09:45) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (to*)
  1288. 05/03/14(01:09:55) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (..Mayb I should stay straight and keep it dat way)
  1289. 05/03/14(01:09:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  1290. 05/03/14(01:09:59) Raven(Sparrow114) says: how Aki
  1291. 05/03/14(01:10:03) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (K better)
  1292. 05/03/14(01:10:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  1293. 05/03/14(01:10:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Raven, do not get in the way.
  1294. 05/03/14(01:10:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Turtle).
  1295. 05/03/14(01:10:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  1296. 05/03/14(01:10:33) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I still know who's important to me, even if I can't feel the reason that makes it so.
  1297. 05/03/14(01:10:33) *Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) Had only to turn around to feel the force of the androids massive power crush her down onto the ground as the massive Enegry waved rushes and smacks into Red cuasing an un-godly-awful blinding light. she couldn't see much going on but knew Akimo's figure on the ground in front of -Her- the woman who orded the android Zeta to attack her. who apprently had cut opened her knocked out body. and might have -touched- her insides and now... one of her lovers layed flat on her back or face but it didn't matter. she saw one of the people she trurly hate standing infornt of Akimo,Laugh. That is all she needed. Poped. her bottled up rage it came out. she was -very- pissed, aside from blurry vision due to the massive power wave thing that flew over mostp eoples head made it hard to see. she drops into her Wolf stance. and forms a swil of water coating her hands. Charging now at the mad-lady she unleashes an sorta battle cry as she plans to swing hr leg down at the woman wildy and anyone who got in the cross-ways. She screams out louder as her body begins expanding 2.5 normal size. her skin turning pale white due to some Werid-ass Heran gentics. She was pulling all she could into her attack as she plans to go all out on this woman.. She Wouldn't listen to anyone or thing. or voice of reasoning she may die or worse.. but it didn't matter she was going to fight or die right here and now.*
  1298. 05/03/14(01:10:40) Raven(Sparrow114) says: i will watch over Kay
  1299. 05/03/14(01:10:44) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...That's the only fact I can live by, so i'll cling to it.
  1300. 05/03/14(01:10:52) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) activated Stance (Wolf).
  1301. 05/03/14(01:10:54) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) activated Water Fists.
  1302. 05/03/14(01:10:58) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) activated Expand(2.5x).
  1303. 05/03/14(01:11:17) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) activated Expand(1.666x).
  1304. 05/03/14(01:11:39) *Vilkkua(Wks60) then began to fade. The collapse of his life-force was nothing. Yet another simple human fallen due to the actions of those much greater. But to just stand by, and let a boy, get into a fight with a titan, to let the boy die so quickly, without having chance to experience the full extent of life... Was the android the one in the wrong? The others stood by, ignoring the child for so long, giving little care of his well being, proving that they simply cared for their own. Was that the true insignificance of Vilkkuas nature? Was that the final moment of his uneventful life? The lack of consciousness, the lack of life was what should have hit the group. Was their lack of empathy enough to boast who was good in this moral conflict? *
  1305. 05/03/14(01:11:40) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Oh shit Mara is gonna butt rape you....)
  1306. 05/03/14(01:11:50) Vilkkua(Wks60) says: (;o when you are ready. )
  1307. 05/03/14(01:12:03) Vilkkua(Wks60) is knocked out by low health!
  1308. 05/03/14(01:12:06) Raven(Sparrow114) says: Aki we cant leave the planet we dont have the means
  1309. 05/03/14(01:12:09) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OH SHIT RUBI GONNA EAT SOMEONE!!)
  1310. 05/03/14(01:12:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I said this one..Infront of me.
  1311. 05/03/14(01:12:25) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Nobody likes a guilt-tripper, Vikkua. :P))
  1312. 05/03/14(01:12:27) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Ah, is Mara going to fight me? Awesome.)
  1313. 05/03/14(01:12:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: We ourselves will not be leaving, for it is our home.
  1314. 05/03/14(01:12:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( Vikkua's RP amd eme feel like shit.)
  1315. 05/03/14(01:12:43) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (CD whenever you're ready, Mara dearest.)
  1316. 05/03/14(01:12:47) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) clumsily points her blade forward, towards Ayaxi's shoulder, with a bit of struggle.*
  1317. 05/03/14(01:12:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rubricatus....
  1318. 05/03/14(01:12:59) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..I'm gonna..Beat you...
  1319. 05/03/14(01:13:07) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Try to tear that android apart now that you've had your fill...
  1320. 05/03/14(01:13:13) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) stands there, unable to believe what he'd just seen. He trembles, swaying on his feet, as he shakily stands, unable to wholly comprehend what he'd just -saw-. He stands before Model A, shaking with something that might've been equal parts fear and rage -both-. It was, above all... Human. Blue felt more strongly than he ever had in his entire life, hitting rock bottom. He'd failed the one person who'd believed in him, the one person who'd meant -everything- to him. There was no thought in his mind, no thought, outside of that which'd just occurred. He was in a state of replaying it, again and again, in his mind. '...Blue. I want you to listen.' Blue's head hung, and it seemed it wouldn't be rising. This was the deciding moment in which a boy would become a man, in most stories. It was the point in which Blue would realize some hidden potential were it there, where he'd unlock some great secret. Not now. His eyes were shut, in both shame and mourning, and it seemed his head wasn't going to rise back up. He was on the precipice of something great, but for whatever reason, he was just short of it. As always, Blue was just...a little..short. He needed that last push.*
  1321. 05/03/14(01:13:19) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) simply falls over due to the fact that her Berserker aura -does- damage her over time. Well damn. Oh well.*
  1322. 05/03/14(01:13:25) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) deactivated Berserk.
  1323. 05/03/14(01:13:25) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  1324. 05/03/14(01:13:25) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) becomes angry!
  1325. 05/03/14(01:13:40) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used countdown.
  1326. 05/03/14(01:13:42) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Oh thanks for showing up late anger.)
  1327. 05/03/14(01:13:46) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (FAWK YOU)
  1328. 05/03/14(01:13:48) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Berserk auto-angers.)
  1329. 05/03/14(01:13:57) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Ah)
  1330. 05/03/14(01:14:05) Raven(Sparrow114) says: come here Aki
  1331. 05/03/14(01:14:16) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) is koed..Yo.*
  1332. 05/03/14(01:14:22) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) ended using countdown.
  1333. 05/03/14(01:14:26) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1334. 05/03/14(01:14:33) *Raven(Sparrow114) grabs Akimo*
  1335. 05/03/14(01:14:42) Raven(Sparrow114) grabs Cookiemon(Akimo Kamidachi)
  1336. 05/03/14(01:14:44) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) activated Ki Blade.
  1337. 05/03/14(01:14:45) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: ...I-I can't. I'm not like you, Red.
  1338. 05/03/14(01:14:48) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: No one is.
  1339. 05/03/14(01:14:52) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: Blue.
  1340. 05/03/14(01:14:54) Raven(Sparrow114) says: come Kay
  1341. 05/03/14(01:15:03) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) would love to help everyone, but his father forbids him, form doing anyhting.*
  1342. 05/03/14(01:15:06) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Blue is gonna go ssj? Or I mean snj, Or I mean shj?)
  1343. 05/03/14(01:15:12) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [rofl what]
  1344. 05/03/14(01:15:13) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [nah]
  1345. 05/03/14(01:15:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: You can do not one to believe in people..yet I believe in you.
  1346. 05/03/14(01:15:17) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: So please...
  1347. 05/03/14(01:15:19) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Idk lol)
  1348. 05/03/14(01:15:22) Raven(Sparrow114) grabs Sennalove(Kay Kamidachi)
  1349. 05/03/14(01:15:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: Destroy that damn machine.
  1350. 05/03/14(01:15:38) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (>inspiration)
  1351. 05/03/14(01:16:05) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Hold up.)
  1352. 05/03/14(01:16:06) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (I'm bugged.)
  1353. 05/03/14(01:16:12) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Oh, no my RP mode was stuck on.)
  1354. 05/03/14(01:16:13) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) was frozen in that spot, his hands balled up so hard into fists that his fingernails dug into his palms. His teeth were grit and his eyes were clamped shut, unable to take what just happened. Despite their many differences, Red was still the first friend Takashi ever made, and they had been through a lot together. Why couldn't he say anything, do anything? Why couldn't he have stopped his friend from being killed before his eyes? Blood was beginning to drop from his balled fists, and his whole body was trembling. He was sick of it; he was sick of always feeling helpless in the heat of battle. He had always let Red pick up the slack when he was too weak to make a difference, and look where that got him now. Takashi didn't care anymore that the robot was a hundred times stronger than he was. He didn't care that he was most likely going to join Red very soon. He didn't care about anything anymore. All he cared about now was taking that damn robot apart piece by piece... along with its creator. Letting out a primal scream at the top of his lungs, Takashi charged towards the robot, unsheating his sword and attempting to cut the heartless machine down.*
  1355. 05/03/14(01:16:14) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( FINISH HER!)
  1356. 05/03/14(01:16:14) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: (Continue.)
  1357. 05/03/14(01:16:14) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: .....
  1358. 05/03/14(01:16:20) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1359. 05/03/14(01:16:21) Green(Greggeh) THOUGHT: B-B-Blue-San...
  1360. 05/03/14(01:16:22) *Raven(Sparrow114) heals Akimo*
  1361. 05/03/14(01:16:26) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Please Blue.
  1362. 05/03/14(01:16:30) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: Why are people turning to me..?
  1363. 05/03/14(01:16:38) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: I can't do anything. Fuck.
  1364. 05/03/14(01:16:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: If you won't...
  1365. 05/03/14(01:16:41) Red(Carnak) yells: ...BLUE...!
  1366. 05/03/14(01:16:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I will.
  1367. 05/03/14(01:16:43) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ....
  1368. 05/03/14(01:16:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: y(waitwat)
  1369. 05/03/14(01:16:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: .....
  1370. 05/03/14(01:16:50) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Red?
  1371. 05/03/14(01:16:50) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: I CAN'T. I'M NOT MY BRO-
  1372. 05/03/14(01:16:51) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (THA FUCK!!!)
  1373. 05/03/14(01:16:51) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Mara's got Ayaxi..So..
  1374. 05/03/14(01:16:53) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) yells: BLUE!!
  1375. 05/03/14(01:16:55) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  1376. 05/03/14(01:16:55) Red(Carnak) yells: LET'S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH!
  1377. 05/03/14(01:17:00) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: ...How?
  1378. 05/03/14(01:17:03) Red(Carnak) turns visible.
  1379. 05/03/14(01:17:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: GO BLUE!
  1380. 05/03/14(01:17:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: BEAT THE DAMN MACHINES ASS!
  1381. 05/03/14(01:17:17) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Robot, that is your cue to beat me half to death.))
  1382. 05/03/14(01:17:30) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (btw, isnt someone an admin here?)
  1383. 05/03/14(01:17:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Blue is it? You better be better than your brother.
  1384. 05/03/14(01:17:34) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) looks red again, but it's just the blood. He shakes his fur off from head to tail, but it sticks. It wasn't of much consequence. He had already failed to defeat the android before, but there was no reason not to try again now. As he thought, it was better to go out on a full stomach. Nothing was left of his meal but the tint of his fur, but the android was still standing. Maybe he couldn't do anything of note to it, but his only other option remained lying there until they were all killed and the planet was destoyed. Surely nothing of this made standing idly by a wise course of action. Unleashing yet another bloodcurdling howl, the direwolf charges in. He was fed and rested, and at least as angry as he was the first time. Maybe more so. The seal placed on him by Maji fades noticably as his muscles surge him forward to attack the android.*
  1385. 05/03/14(01:17:41) Lance Masuta(Demorco) yells: BLUE YOU ARE MY FAVORITE COLOR! SO BEAT THAT MACHINES ASS!
  1386. 05/03/14(01:17:46) Raven(Sparrow114) says: (Aki your still ICcly KOed
  1387. 05/03/14(01:17:51) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ..........
  1388. 05/03/14(01:17:53) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1389. 05/03/14(01:17:57) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [Waiting on Red.]
  1390. 05/03/14(01:17:57) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) used Sweeping Kick!
  1391. 05/03/14(01:17:59) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: AwrooooooooOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!.....
  1392. 05/03/14(01:18:18) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Good. the seal has broken.
  1393. 05/03/14(01:18:23) Green(Greggeh) THOUGHT: R-Red-Kun... I'm sorry.. I couldn't save you...
  1394. 05/03/14(01:18:25) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (AYE, how the fuck are you alive?!?!)
  1395. 05/03/14(01:18:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (ohh... are you...)
  1396. 05/03/14(01:18:37) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((I'm waiting on the robot. Also, thanks for noticing my RP. Youse gais r dildoz. :P))
  1397. 05/03/14(01:18:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Right so, Ayaxi im guessing your an admin?)
  1398. 05/03/14(01:18:58) *Red(Carnak) flies into view, bearing only the man's tattered cape. He bore innumerable woulds, in such a state that it was a miracle he'd managed survive at all. Red's fist draws itself back - he lets loose a punch that would knock the young man off his feet. He did it to snap the young man to his senses. He did it out of love for his younger brother.*
  1399. 05/03/14(01:19:12) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I noticed it Taka! But I don't know you Icly so I can't care...)
  1400. 05/03/14(01:19:15) Red(Carnak) activated Spiral Energy.
  1401. 05/03/14(01:19:22) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1402. 05/03/14(01:19:23) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (okay takashi, ready when you are)
  1403. 05/03/14(01:19:25) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) used Sweeping Kick!
  1404. 05/03/14(01:19:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: y..
  1405. 05/03/14(01:19:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...*
  1406. 05/03/14(01:19:35) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) used countdown.
  1407. 05/03/14(01:19:37) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...R-red!
  1408. 05/03/14(01:19:37) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (anyone else fighting me?)
  1409. 05/03/14(01:19:43) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (AYE)
  1410. 05/03/14(01:19:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (I might)
  1411. 05/03/14(01:19:49) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (come at me bros)
  1412. 05/03/14(01:19:50) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Fuck, it I'll fight you droid.)
  1413. 05/03/14(01:19:55) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Expand(4x).
  1414. 05/03/14(01:19:57) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Focus.
  1415. 05/03/14(01:19:58) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1416. 05/03/14(01:19:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ..Lets do this.
  1417. 05/03/14(01:20:10) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Rubi is)
  1418. 05/03/14(01:20:14) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) ended using countdown.
  1419. 05/03/14(01:20:15) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) used Sweeping Kick!
  1420. 05/03/14(01:20:17) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (And Maji!)
  1421. 05/03/14(01:20:21) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) becomes angry!
  1422. 05/03/14(01:20:21) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) is knocked out by low health!
  1423. 05/03/14(01:20:23) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I think)
  1424. 05/03/14(01:20:25) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) becomes angry!
  1425. 05/03/14(01:20:25) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) is knocked out by low health!
  1426. 05/03/14(01:20:25) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) deactivated Focus.
  1427. 05/03/14(01:20:26) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) deactivated Expand.
  1428. 05/03/14(01:20:29) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) becomes angry!
  1429. 05/03/14(01:20:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (oh and Rubi is koed x.x)
  1430. 05/03/14(01:20:45) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...
  1431. 05/03/14(01:20:48) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) got tired of sitting aorund as he got up he soon cracke dhis knuckles before focusing his attention upon the androoid, and he snapped releasing his latent power upon the droid, in order to bring it down for once and for all, even though it was futile.*
  1432. 05/03/14(01:20:57) Red(Carnak) says: Get on your feet! Now isn't the time to lose your nerve!
  1433. 05/03/14(01:21:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: My defenses are down. How could those two do so much in so little time?!
  1434. 05/03/14(01:21:09) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: No... I'm fine...
  1435. 05/03/14(01:21:10) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Got up, pounding his fists together.Black seals appeared on his fists, blood curtling from damage on his chest. He had enough, no more death, no more. No longer, he was tired of this. At most, he would get internal injuries, and who knows, even maybe death. He walked with his son, father and son, fighting against the futile, fighting for a future. Fighting for family.*
  1436. 05/03/14(01:21:17) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Expand.
  1437. 05/03/14(01:21:23) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1438. 05/03/14(01:21:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Turtle).
  1439. 05/03/14(01:21:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  1440. 05/03/14(01:21:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Expand.
  1441. 05/03/14(01:21:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  1442. 05/03/14(01:21:31) Lance Masuta(Demorco) deactivated Stance (Wolf).
  1443. 05/03/14(01:21:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) activated Stance (Wolf).
  1444. 05/03/14(01:21:34) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  1445. 05/03/14(01:21:34) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (ready when you are)
  1446. 05/03/14(01:21:35) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  1447. 05/03/14(01:21:38) Lance Masuta(Demorco) activated Focus.
  1448. 05/03/14(01:21:45) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) used Sweeping Kick!
  1449. 05/03/14(01:21:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Me and my son fight together.
  1450. 05/03/14(01:21:50) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( I amr eady.)
  1451. 05/03/14(01:21:52) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used countdown.
  1452. 05/03/14(01:21:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You ready lance?
  1453. 05/03/14(01:21:57) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: yea..
  1454. 05/03/14(01:22:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: father like son.
  1455. 05/03/14(01:22:08) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) used Sweeping Kick!
  1456. 05/03/14(01:22:10) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) THOUGHT: These people are fucking ridiculous....
  1457. 05/03/14(01:22:27) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) ended using countdown.
  1458. 05/03/14(01:22:30) Lance Masuta(Demorco) activated Berserk.
  1459. 05/03/14(01:22:38) Lance Masuta(Demorco) is knocked out by low health!
  1460. 05/03/14(01:22:40) Lance Masuta(Demorco) deactivated Focus.
  1461. 05/03/14(01:22:42) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) figures that, without her emotions, she's nothing. Nothing to her family, or her lovers, or even her daughter. She can't properly care for them in life..So sacrificing herself was the best thing she could do for them. She threw her tattered blade away as she increased her strength via power control -- she couldn't use Berserker energy, as she had no emotion. She also focused her senses, and dashed forward at the Android. Go team. Family..?*
  1462. 05/03/14(01:22:43) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Focus.
  1463. 05/03/14(01:22:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) becomes angry!
  1464. 05/03/14(01:22:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by low health!
  1465. 05/03/14(01:22:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  1466. 05/03/14(01:22:51) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Ima just..)
  1467. 05/03/14(01:22:56) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (...go get punted nao)
  1468. 05/03/14(01:23:00) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) activated Focus.
  1469. 05/03/14(01:23:18) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (..wooo)
  1470. 05/03/14(01:23:18) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) is knocked out by low health!
  1471. 05/03/14(01:23:22) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) used Sweeping Kick!
  1472. 05/03/14(01:23:26) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) regains consciousness
  1473. 05/03/14(01:23:37) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) is knocked out by Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka)
  1474. 05/03/14(01:23:39) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Alpha! Tha fuck!
  1475. 05/03/14(01:23:54) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) regains consciousness
  1476. 05/03/14(01:23:58) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: What is this feeling?
  1477. 05/03/14(01:24:02) *Raven(Sparrow114) grabs Akimo and brings her back to a safe place*
  1478. 05/03/14(01:24:08) Raven(Sparrow114) grabs Cookiemon(Akimo Kamidachi)
  1479. 05/03/14(01:24:15) *Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) looked at his palms, damage inexplicably beginning to pile up. "Am I... am I overheating?"*
  1480. 05/03/14(01:24:16) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) THOUGHT: Mara..No...
  1481. 05/03/14(01:24:25) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Ayaxi if you are gonna try to kill Mara then I'm gonna interrupt)
  1482. 05/03/14(01:24:25) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) regains consciousness
  1483. 05/03/14(01:24:31) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Js)
  1484. 05/03/14(01:24:34) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I have to finish this soon.
  1485. 05/03/14(01:24:41) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (hey android)
  1486. 05/03/14(01:24:54) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) yells: USELESS, USELESS, USELESS!
  1487. 05/03/14(01:24:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (could we just say during the fight I ripped out your cooling unit?)
  1488. 05/03/14(01:25:07) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..S-Stay away..From Mara..
  1489. 05/03/14(01:25:14) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: She's more useful..Than you could ever be..
  1490. 05/03/14(01:25:18) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (my "cooling unit" was shot the moment i used mugetsu)
  1491. 05/03/14(01:25:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (oh lawl, nvm then)
  1492. 05/03/14(01:25:31) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Because she understands the delicacy..Of how people really are..
  1493. 05/03/14(01:25:36) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: What's the..matter...?
  1494. 05/03/14(01:25:40) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: (Cue speech)
  1495. 05/03/14(01:25:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Finally..losing?
  1496. 05/03/14(01:26:00) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...I've lost control over the build up of my power.
  1497. 05/03/14(01:26:02) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: This is...intiution...this is...hope...
  1498. 05/03/14(01:26:04) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: It's causing me to overheat.
  1499. 05/03/14(01:26:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: This is our combined power, our will.
  1500. 05/03/14(01:26:20) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Got up, despite bleeding horribly.*
  1501. 05/03/14(01:26:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: THIS IS.
  1502. 05/03/14(01:26:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: THE POWER OF THE ARCONIA DEFENSE FORCE.
  1503. 05/03/14(01:26:40) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Heh, You are all bicker as this engine is letting us know it's time to kill it.......
  1504. 05/03/14(01:26:44) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) || There came a time in every man's life. A time in which he isn't able to sit idly by any longer; he isn't capable of merely sitting and being anything less than the -man- he was born to be. He is driven, he is focused, and becomes the absolute paragon of all he was meant to be. This was Blue's. He was dwarfed, suddenly, in an impossibly bright light. One that defied possibility, erased from his mind all thoughts of why or how, replaced them merely with -will-. Even if for only this fight, there was no longer anything in Blue that doubted, anything that thought, anything that did anything but -desire-. He possessed the will to win, one insurmountable, he himself utterly incapable of providing any resistance to what was bursting free from him. "I'M WITH YOU BRO!" That statement was delivered with more confidence, more -force- in it than any the boy had ever shouted. The dirty, blood-stained boy forgot his injuries, forgot his grief, his mourning, he forgot all but the most manly of directives... Punch. Blue was dwarfed in spiralling green energy not at all unlike that which'd always surrounded his brother, that which he'd lived in constant envy of but found unattainable. Spiral Energy leaked from Blue in what seemed -endless-, -unfathomable- amounts, the boy grinning as he took in both Model A's words, and the resurgence of his brother. He didn't even seem -aware- he'd awakened. But with his brother by his side, with Model A's power dwindling, impossible... Seemed meaningless.*
  1505. 05/03/14(01:26:52) Blue(Soldier_Dude) activated Spiral Energy.
  1506. 05/03/14(01:26:52) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) crawls back into the clearing he had been knocked from and falls to the ground, blood leaking from between his teeth as he drew long languid breaths. The taste of metal in his mouth was at least partially from his teeth. He bit first before being hit himself. It was with some sense of pride that at least he did something. Then he closed his eyes. His eyelids were so heavy, he just couldn't open them again.*
  1507. 05/03/14(01:26:56) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...
  1508. 05/03/14(01:27:11) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (WHat is that neon green power!??!)
  1509. 05/03/14(01:27:12) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...No...
  1510. 05/03/14(01:27:16) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...NO NO NO NO NO!
  1511. 05/03/14(01:27:17) *Raven(Sparrow114) would try to stop Ayaxi from bring harm to Mara*
  1512. 05/03/14(01:27:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Go. Blue.....
  1513. 05/03/14(01:27:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Ill be helping out aside...
  1514. 05/03/14(01:27:38) Red(Carnak) says: ...That's more like it!
  1515. 05/03/14(01:27:40) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: You were -DEAD.-
  1516. 05/03/14(01:27:52) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Keyword: Were.
  1517. 05/03/14(01:27:59) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Heh.
  1518. 05/03/14(01:28:04) Red(Carnak) says: A TRUE MAN NEVER DIES, EVEN WHEN HE'S KILLED!
  1519. 05/03/14(01:28:09) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ...Heh!
  1520. 05/03/14(01:28:17) Green(Greggeh) THOUGHT: I could try to heal someone.. Maybe..? No.. I'll... Just sit here and smile, sit and smile silently, I'm good at that... I'll keep doing that, if they all die, no one knows I can speak.. That's easier... It's always easier..
  1521. 05/03/14(01:28:18) Red(Carnak) says: ..Blue!
  1522. 05/03/14(01:28:21) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: I love red..
  1523. 05/03/14(01:28:23) Red(Carnak) says: Let's finish this in one go!
  1524. 05/03/14(01:28:23) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: A true crazy fucker never dies....
  1525. 05/03/14(01:28:26) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: [omit]
  1526. 05/03/14(01:28:30) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Got up, putting goggles over his eyes as he dashed, blood flying off him, a red car light flying behind him as he moved faster. Faster..faster..he moved so fast the ground behind him broke, flying upwards in a spray of dirt. Closer..closer to his target... And then, he grabbed Mara, running off again.*
  1527. 05/03/14(01:28:31) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: RIGHT!
  1528. 05/03/14(01:28:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  1529. 05/03/14(01:28:38) *Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) slowly crawls her way towards Ayaxi. "I can see where you're coming from now...Emmy, as well..The other Androids...You guys can't feel emotion...You observe it, and wish you could have it...You understand it, but don't have it...But..That doesn't mean stealing it is right..Because in the end..With that stolen emotion.." she coughs up a bit of blood, continuing to make her way to the two. "In the end..Those stolen emotions..Will only be sadness..Sadness, and regret, that you deprived another of these emotions..I now realize that, with what i've done to Maji...With what i've done to everyone that i've hurt in hopes of creating a family, for emotion..It's going to bite you back..." she fell forward to the ground, staring up at Ayaxi. "You don't need emotion..You only need understanding, and to know what's right...And you can make your own kind of emotion..Because 'Care' is just as strong, and meaningful.." she coughed up once more. "I can help you, if you just let me..I can turn things around for you, even if you can't feel.." she gripped onto the dirt, desperately trying to change things.*
  1530. 05/03/14(01:28:38) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  1531. 05/03/14(01:28:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by low health!
  1532. 05/03/14(01:28:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Turtle).
  1533. 05/03/14(01:28:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (WHAT THE FUCK)
  1534. 05/03/14(01:28:52) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (SERIOUSLY)
  1535. 05/03/14(01:28:57) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (I'd like to note that I don't care much for the combat rules right now so if you wanna go apeshit with things you're free to)
  1536. 05/03/14(01:29:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) ended using countdown.
  1537. 05/03/14(01:29:09) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (@ anyone fighting me)
  1538. 05/03/14(01:29:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) regains consciousness
  1539. 05/03/14(01:29:45) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) The boy begans to concentrate as his shadow begans to split form his body and soon began to copy into solid forms of hisself taking his shape as he sent them at the android, as the boy began to go on a rampge, trying to bring the droid down with everything he had.*
  1540. 05/03/14(01:29:48) Lance Masuta(Demorco) deactivated Berserk.
  1541. 05/03/14(01:29:50) *Red(Carnak) lets out a shout that echoed to the heavens above, one that contained the will and resolve of a man that would not, -could not- be broken. Even at death's door, he had returned. "LET'S GO!"*
  1542. 05/03/14(01:29:51) Lance Masuta(Demorco) activated Berserk.
  1543. 05/03/14(01:29:57) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) hobbled back to shore, using his sword as a walking cane. He was panting, sweating and bleeding profusely from a wound across his chest as well as from his mouth.... but he was still prepared to fight the robot. "Hey.... tin man... I'm not... done with you yet," he grunted, pulling his sword off the ground, causing him to stumble all over the place, blood dripping on the razed ground. With all of his strength, Takashi lifted his finger up and pointed it at the robot, which began to crackle with an intense blue energy.... but as soon as he saw that Red was there as well, the energy dissipated, and Takashi stared at the impossibly alive Red with nothing short of awe. "How the hell.... but... you DIED. I SAW YOU DIE. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!?"*
  1544. 05/03/14(01:29:57) Lance Masuta(Demorco) activated Focus.
  1545. 05/03/14(01:30:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says:
  1546. 05/03/14(01:30:10) Red(Carnak) says: Whether it's impossible or laughable...
  1547. 05/03/14(01:30:12) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Dont leave me out of this.
  1548. 05/03/14(01:30:18) Lance Masuta(Demorco) used countdown.
  1549. 05/03/14(01:30:22) Red(Carnak) says: Great men open up paths of battle!
  1550. 05/03/14(01:30:43) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) turns to Raven, barely giving Akimo the time of day, now that Ayaxi has something from her. She gives the young catgirl a smile, and leans down to speak to her. "I want to see what happens when I push all the buttons, but I've pushed enough for today. Rest, recover... and flee to Vegeta. You'll see me again there. I hope you're not as disappointing as you were this time." With that, she turns to stride away, heading back for Alex and readying herself to escape the soon-to-die planet.*
  1551. 05/03/14(01:30:53) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: IF THERE'S A WALL IN OUR WAY, WE'LL SMASH IT DOWN!
  1552. 05/03/14(01:30:53) Lance Masuta(Demorco) ended using countdown.
  1553. 05/03/14(01:30:56) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I would die if you all STILL lost)
  1554. 05/03/14(01:31:04) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Suddenly, his arm disappeared, being replaced by a pure shadow like arm. His arm morphed, turning into a clone of Majikku, one after another, clone after clone, all of them targetting that damn android. All of them with one common goal, all of them weak sure, but all of them driven by him and his pride, his -will-. He would defend his family with his life.*
  1555. 05/03/14(01:31:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  1556. 05/03/14(01:31:19) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( Can I go?)
  1557. 05/03/14(01:31:21) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (Go ahead and attack me Lance)
  1558. 05/03/14(01:31:24) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (It's not likely though)
  1559. 05/03/14(01:31:28) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FUCK HIM UP LANCE!)
  1560. 05/03/14(01:31:30) *Raven(Sparrow114) would move to heal Mara*
  1561. 05/03/14(01:31:32) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... you hold on one damn second.... you -bitch-.
  1562. 05/03/14(01:31:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  1563. 05/03/14(01:31:44) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...Even someone so small... continues to fight?
  1564. 05/03/14(01:31:44) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-watches Lance kill the andriod-)
  1565. 05/03/14(01:31:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) ended using countdown.
  1566. 05/03/14(01:31:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  1567. 05/03/14(01:31:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Turtle).
  1568. 05/03/14(01:31:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  1569. 05/03/14(01:31:47) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: What is this?
  1570. 05/03/14(01:31:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  1571. 05/03/14(01:31:55) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: What kind of hatred drives all of you?!
  1572. 05/03/14(01:31:59) -Lance Masuta-(3)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1573. 05/03/14(01:31:59) -Lance Masuta-(1)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1574. 05/03/14(01:32:01) -Lance Masuta-(2)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1575. 05/03/14(01:32:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: It's not hatred dumbass!
  1576. 05/03/14(01:32:05) Red(Carnak) says: IF THERE'S NO PATH, WE'LL MAKE ONE WITH THESE HANDS!
  1577. 05/03/14(01:32:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: MY FAMILY DRIVES ME
  1578. 05/03/14(01:32:21) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: GET OUTTA MY way!
  1579. 05/03/14(01:32:22) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) yells: IT'S COURAGE!
  1580. 05/03/14(01:32:24) -Majikku Masuta-(4)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1581. 05/03/14(01:32:24) -Majikku Masuta-(3)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1582. 05/03/14(01:32:27) Lance Masuta(Demorco) is knocked out by low health!
  1583. 05/03/14(01:32:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..You're not even willing to listen..
  1584. 05/03/14(01:32:29) Lance Masuta(Demorco) deactivated Focus.
  1585. 05/03/14(01:32:32) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I can't...
  1586. 05/03/14(01:32:32) -Majikku Masuta-(2)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1587. 05/03/14(01:32:33) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..When you get those emotions...
  1588. 05/03/14(01:32:33) -Majikku Masuta-(1)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1589. 05/03/14(01:32:42) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: I need to finish this... at any cost!
  1590. 05/03/14(01:32:43) -Majikku Masuta-(5)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1591. 05/03/14(01:32:44) -Majikku Masuta-(6)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1592. 05/03/14(01:32:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1593. 05/03/14(01:32:48) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..You're going to suffer..Worse than you're already suffering...
  1594. 05/03/14(01:32:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  1595. 05/03/14(01:32:49) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: ....Lance..
  1596. 05/03/14(01:32:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Expand.
  1597. 05/03/14(01:32:50) -Majikku Masuta-(7)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1598. 05/03/14(01:32:56) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..You're digging your own hole...
  1599. 05/03/14(01:32:56) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: son...
  1600. 05/03/14(01:33:06) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...D-damn it.
  1601. 05/03/14(01:33:08) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...You two...
  1602. 05/03/14(01:33:13) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) dragged himself over to where Ayaxi were, barely able to stand up even with the help of his sword. Even still... now he pointed the proverbial gun at her. "... you really think... after all that crap you put us through... you can just leave?"*
  1603. 05/03/14(01:33:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) regains consciousness
  1604. 05/03/14(01:33:17) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: It's you who piss me off the most!
  1605. 05/03/14(01:33:18) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...You...
  1606. 05/03/14(01:33:18) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( If I die....these ppl gonna go ape shit.)
  1607. 05/03/14(01:33:21) Blue(Soldier_Dude) yells: THE HEART'S MAGMA BURNS WITH FLAMES!
  1608. 05/03/14(01:33:26) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...We don't even have a way to get to Vegeta..
  1609. 05/03/14(01:33:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Lance is right)
  1610. 05/03/14(01:33:31) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..What even is a Vegeta?
  1611. 05/03/14(01:33:35) Red(Carnak) yells: ME..
  1612. 05/03/14(01:33:41) Blue(Soldier_Dude) yells: US!
  1613. 05/03/14(01:33:42) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...Ugh..
  1614. 05/03/14(01:33:43) Red(Carnak) yells: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!
  1615. 05/03/14(01:33:48) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: Alex, dear, I think it's time to leave.
  1616. 05/03/14(01:33:51) Blue(Soldier_Dude) yells: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?
  1617. 05/03/14(01:33:59) Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) says: Fine.
  1618. 05/03/14(01:34:00) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You...-bitch-...
  1619. 05/03/14(01:34:06) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Wait..
  1620. 05/03/14(01:34:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) regains consciousness
  1621. 05/03/14(01:34:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You will not do this to us!
  1622. 05/03/14(01:34:11) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) grabs Sunshine Jesse(Alex Aria)
  1623. 05/03/14(01:34:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: I WILL FIND YOU. AND I WILL END YOU!
  1624. 05/03/14(01:34:14) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Snowstorm..
  1625. 05/03/14(01:34:16) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..You were..
  1626. 05/03/14(01:34:17) Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) yells: I swear to drunk I'm not god. (omit)
  1627. 05/03/14(01:34:19) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Working with her?
  1628. 05/03/14(01:34:22) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...All of you have to die!
  1629. 05/03/14(01:34:24) Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) says: You'll find me on Vegeta, I'm sure.
  1630. 05/03/14(01:34:31) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...You hurt Alyssa.
  1631. 05/03/14(01:34:36) Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) says: Well, yeah. She and I are the same.
  1632. 05/03/14(01:34:52) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: But, huh?...
  1633. 05/03/14(01:34:58) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) THOUGHT: Just a little...Need him to use up all his energy...
  1634. 05/03/14(01:35:01) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) staggers to his feet as his small body is covered in blood and cuts as he laughs and passes out on the gorund, " I....I can't do this anymore, I am done."*
  1635. 05/03/14(01:35:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Rest...Lance...
  1636. 05/03/14(01:35:12) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...Why are there so many lies, and backstabbings in this world?
  1637. 05/03/14(01:35:19) Alyssa(YKWN) says:
  1638. 05/03/14(01:35:24) Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) says: I didn't backstab anyone. I just didn't tell the whole story.
  1639. 05/03/14(01:35:29) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ....
  1640. 05/03/14(01:35:34) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: That might as well be the same thing..
  1641. 05/03/14(01:35:35) *Alyssa(YKWN) is pulled away from the spectacle of Red and Blue being very manly and brotherly.*
  1642. 05/03/14(01:35:41) *Mara 'Blue' Siren(Bt76) Was jsut laying there on the ground.. even though she was haled she'd be out cold for a good while.*
  1643. 05/03/14(01:35:45) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ....I'm going..To find my emotions again..
  1644. 05/03/14(01:35:51) Alyssa(YKWN) says: Alex, are you leaving me?
  1645. 05/03/14(01:35:53) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..And then use them..To make you see the Light..
  1646. 05/03/14(01:36:10) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) pointed his finger at Ayaxi, the bright blue energy beginning to crackle around the tip again. This time, though, he fully intended to follow through on the shot. "No... no no. You're not leaving. I'm gonna put an end to your shit... right now..." And unless he was stopped, Takashi fired his Spirit Gun with all the power he had left.*
  1647. 05/03/14(01:36:22) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I feel sorry for you..To be honest..
  1648. 05/03/14(01:36:42) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: You're so blinded by the desire for Emotion...That you don't even understand what you're doing.
  1649. 05/03/14(01:36:42) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) walks over to lance and grabs him. He throws him over his. "You did well kiddo. You did well." He rushes away and allows Red and Blue to start whoopin that ass!*
  1650. 05/03/14(01:36:45) *Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) looked over at Alyssa, and said in absolute deadpan: "Yes I-..." ... She hesitated, as if unsure. ""*
  1651. 05/03/14(01:36:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: SYLAS
  1652. 05/03/14(01:36:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: GET MY SON BACK HERE.
  1653. 05/03/14(01:37:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (You I need to CD to pick dat ass up?)
  1654. 05/03/14(01:37:15) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Or can I just grab him?)
  1655. 05/03/14(01:37:27) *Alyssa(YKWN) nods her head solomnly. "See you later." That was all she said. It wasn't deadpan like Alex's voice -- her tone simply defied quantifying.*
  1656. 05/03/14(01:37:38) *Ayaxi Taloss(RyuRitsuka) lifts her left hand, opening her palm and allowing it to face an empty place of air. After a moment of this, cracks start to appear in the fabric of reality -- when those cracks finally shatter, a swirling void of darkness is left in its place, a portal for those who know how to use it. Before Ayaxi leaves, though, she turns and gives a strange look to Alyssa, a smile on her face. "I've got plenty to study for now... before the event on Vegeta. I think I've found the answer, Alex... hahaha." And with that, she'll return to non-existence, in the World that Never Was, stepping through the portal only for it to vanish shortly afterwards.*
  1657. 05/03/14(01:37:56) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (just gonna......)
  1658. 05/03/14(01:38:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Take this......)
  1659. 05/03/14(01:38:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (I said no)
  1660. 05/03/14(01:38:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Sylas, leave my son here.
  1661. 05/03/14(01:38:15) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((So we just assumed Takashi's Spirit Gun hit thin air just as she warped off?))
  1662. 05/03/14(01:38:22) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (yup)
  1663. 05/03/14(01:38:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Da fuck)
  1664. 05/03/14(01:38:38) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((I'm cool with it. More tension for future plots.))
  1665. 05/03/14(01:38:39) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: ..........
  1666. 05/03/14(01:38:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ....
  1667. 05/03/14(01:38:46) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...Guys..We need to get off of the planet..
  1668. 05/03/14(01:38:51) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Is anyone capable of space-travel?
  1669. 05/03/14(01:38:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Im aware of that.
  1670. 05/03/14(01:38:52) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...S-sup sylas?
  1671. 05/03/14(01:38:55) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...Uh
  1672. 05/03/14(01:39:02) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I have a prototype dimensional generator
  1673. 05/03/14(01:39:10) Raven(Sparrow114) says: come let go over there
  1674. 05/03/14(01:39:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: With a bit of re-wiring it could be used as a portal...
  1675. 05/03/14(01:39:23) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: I can't move..Somebody please help me..
  1676. 05/03/14(01:39:28) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..No feeling in any aspect...
  1677. 05/03/14(01:39:33) Raven(Sparrow114) grabs Sennalove(Kay Kamidachi)
  1678. 05/03/14(01:39:38) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...I'm sorry, Maji..For forcing you to go through something like this..
  1679. 05/03/14(01:39:42) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Stared down at Akimo, for a second, nothing but hate. Then raven got her.*
  1680. 05/03/14(01:39:46) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Why would I leave your sone alone? I don't want him getting hurt any further.
  1681. 05/03/14(01:39:50) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Now you officially know my pain.
  1682. 05/03/14(01:39:51) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (son*)
  1683. 05/03/14(01:39:52) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..It..Isn't sad..But it hurts..It's...Emptiness..
  1684. 05/03/14(01:39:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Never forget it.
  1685. 05/03/14(01:40:01) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: You alright Green?
  1686. 05/03/14(01:40:16) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) 's eyes widened in shock as the blast whizzed past where Ayaxi and Alex once stood, watching the blast go with a sense of deepest helplessness. Having expended the last of his power, Takashi sank to his knees and dropped face first on the ground, shaking and bleeding. *
  1687. 05/03/14(01:40:39) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) staggers to his feet as he drools blood as he walks off towards his father's house, very slowly with his clothes tattered and bloodied.*
  1688. 05/03/14(01:40:42) Raven(Sparrow114) says: Aki
  1689. 05/03/14(01:40:47) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Was standing next to Green, now that Akimo knew his pain, the pain of losing Raven, the pain of -everything- she had put him through. Perhaps she would change. But probably not.*
  1690. 05/03/14(01:41:02) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) gave the little shit a hand.*
  1691. 05/03/14(01:41:05) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) grabs Demorco(Lance Masuta)
  1692. 05/03/14(01:41:13) *Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) wants to get a lot of people involved in the finale so leaving might not be best :( okay nvm*
  1693. 05/03/14(01:41:15) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Picks Green up, bridal style, walking to his house, also trying to support la-..or not.*
  1694. 05/03/14(01:41:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Greggeh(Green)
  1695. 05/03/14(01:41:23) Raven(Sparrow114) says: im sorry i couldnt do anything
  1696. 05/03/14(01:41:26) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((I'm still here.))
  1697. 05/03/14(01:41:27) Lance Masuta(Demorco) yells: (Whats the fucking password to this door majii)
  1698. 05/03/14(01:41:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (nobody gives a shit about you anymore XD)
  1699. 05/03/14(01:41:37) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Take us with Maji..
  1700. 05/03/14(01:41:49) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: We need..To go..
  1701. 05/03/14(01:41:56) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Hurry...
  1702. 05/03/14(01:42:13) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Sylas..
  1703. 05/03/14(01:42:13) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) THOUGHT: ... I failed again.... I failed to make any goddamn bit of difference... I couldn't beat the robots.... I couldn't stop that girl...
  1704. 05/03/14(01:42:20) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (Event involvement is on a level of OP that makes participation pointless without enablement. I need Titan Form, dammit.)
  1705. 05/03/14(01:42:27) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...We're still siblings..Right?
  1706. 05/03/14(01:42:33) Raven(Sparrow114) says: what about Mimi
  1707. 05/03/14(01:42:34) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ..Aurora's...Caretakers?
  1708. 05/03/14(01:42:37) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: Let's go...
  1709. 05/03/14(01:42:44) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) yells: JUST WHAT THE HELL AM I GOOD FOR ANYMORE!?
  1710. 05/03/14(01:43:13) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: MAKING A LOT OF NOISE! THAT'S WHAT! (omit)
  1711. 05/03/14(01:43:16) Red(Carnak) yells: (Guys you're aware there's still a planet-destroying android freaking out as you're leaving the scene right now.)
  1712. 05/03/14(01:43:24) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [it happens]
  1713. 05/03/14(01:43:27) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (their all fucked up)
  1714. 05/03/14(01:43:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (so im staying to help)
  1715. 05/03/14(01:43:32) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [rofl]
  1716. 05/03/14(01:43:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Btw red)
  1717. 05/03/14(01:43:41) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (YOU TWO ARE AWARE THAT WE ARE WAITING ON YOU TO KILL IT!)
  1718. 05/03/14(01:43:47) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (I still have a trick up my sleeve and it'll require more than just team dai gurren to win...!)
  1719. 05/03/14(01:43:47) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (two*)
  1720. 05/03/14(01:43:51) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (would it be possible to rewire my pocket generator to work as a portal?)
  1721. 05/03/14(01:43:53) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Takashi's on the ground, bleeding and despairing. XD))
  1722. 05/03/14(01:43:54) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: (We can't do shit. Maji's been KO'd what...5 times? I'm impressed he has any brain cells left.)
  1723. 05/03/14(01:44:02) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (fucking shit)
  1724. 05/03/14(01:44:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (I don't care about combat rules anymore)
  1725. 05/03/14(01:44:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (lolfuck that then)
  1726. 05/03/14(01:44:11) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (ANYTHING GOES)
  1727. 05/03/14(01:44:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (im useless anyways)
  1728. 05/03/14(01:44:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (OH REALLY NOW!?)
  1729. 05/03/14(01:44:22) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  1730. 05/03/14(01:44:25) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Anything?)
  1731. 05/03/14(01:44:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  1732. 05/03/14(01:44:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Turtle).
  1733. 05/03/14(01:44:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Turtle).
  1734. 05/03/14(01:44:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Turtle).
  1735. 05/03/14(01:44:47) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Cheetah).
  1736. 05/03/14(01:44:59) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) drank a Offense Potion+.
  1737. 05/03/14(01:45:03) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-Gets out his gat and pops some caps on dat ass!- Gangsa style acticate!)
  1738. 05/03/14(01:45:12) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (WOW)
  1739. 05/03/14(01:45:16) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Activate*)
  1740. 05/03/14(01:45:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: (FUCK YO SHIT NIGGA))
  1741. 05/03/14(01:45:28) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (nah fuck it, ebonics ftw)
  1742. 05/03/14(01:45:36) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Go bakc inside!
  1743. 05/03/14(01:45:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Get the fuck inside Lance.
  1744. 05/03/14(01:45:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: That's an order.
  1745. 05/03/14(01:45:43) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Dammit.
  1746. 05/03/14(01:45:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  1747. 05/03/14(01:46:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I'm still waiting on..... wait for it..... RED VS BLUE!!!)
  1748. 05/03/14(01:46:39) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Had an army ready to fucking dash at that asshole android, he was done. This was tiring, and he wanted this thing to die.*
  1749. 05/03/14(01:46:41) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (But for now, it's Red and Blue... GO PURPLE!)
  1750. 05/03/14(01:46:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (i want your clothes after this shit)
  1751. 05/03/14(01:46:54) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Oh shit. Wow if you two fused... Holy shit.. I give....)
  1752. 05/03/14(01:47:04) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Fucking Purple)
  1753. 05/03/14(01:47:04) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [...Red, let's RP mid-way through the fight.]
  1754. 05/03/14(01:47:58) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Seriously, I want lessons Red.)
  1755. 05/03/14(01:48:05) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Lessons!)
  1756. 05/03/14(01:48:05) Red(Carnak) says: (I'm just posting an opener.)
  1757. 05/03/14(01:48:10) RuruSoul Wreck has gone AFK!
  1758. 05/03/14(01:48:15) Red(Carnak) says: (I've been waiting on Blue.)
  1759. 05/03/14(01:48:23) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) aided Red, as he always had. But for the first time, he was able to do so as an equal. Blue was no longer a mere burden, and it lifted him to an incredible high. Even now, he rode the waves of his brother's own enthusiasm, his incredible, nigh-endless fighting spirit. Blue's own had awakened, and it dwarfed all else. He was shouting alongside his brother. He was being reckless, just like his brother. This was everything the boy had ever wanted, everything he'd trained for, everything he'd been unable to accomplish until this moment. Their Spiral Energy was no longer just coexisting. They were converging, and together, they'd spring forward, an unstoppable force. Apart, Red and Blue were fearsome, and in Blue's eyes, none were more fearsom than his brother. But together? Together, they could finish this. They could stop all of this right now. No.... They -would-. With their heart's magma burning of flames, with everything about the two of them, Red's -continued existence-, defying everything within possibility...he'd ascended beyond trepidation or worry. This was a moment in which two men seized fate and named themselves victors. Fuck the realms of what people considered possibility. Fuck the doubts, the naysayers, the disbelievers... Together, the men would spiral forth and strike with absolutely inconceivable force, driven by the hopes and dreams of those of this otherwise doomed planet. They were driven, they were one, and with fists of fury imbued with the power of evolution itself, there wasn't a damn way they could possibly lose. Fuck the odds!*
  1761. 05/03/14(01:48:23) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Oh)
  1762. 05/03/14(01:48:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Oh god were you waiting on each other XD)
  1763. 05/03/14(01:48:48) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lets do this.
  1764. 05/03/14(01:49:02) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: MAJIKKU ULTIMATE CLONING TECHNIQUE, 1 MILLION PUNCHES!
  1765. 05/03/14(01:49:08) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!
  1766. 05/03/14(01:49:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: LETS KILL THIS BASTARD
  1767. 05/03/14(01:49:12) Blue(Soldier_Dude) yells: EVERYONE!
  1768. 05/03/14(01:49:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: TOGETHER!
  1769. 05/03/14(01:49:24) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: Everyone?
  1770. 05/03/14(01:49:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: END THIS! FOR THOSE WHO FOUGHT, FOR THOSE WHO WILL FIGHT, TO BRING DOWN THEIR DARK MASTER!
  1771. 05/03/14(01:49:32) Blue(Soldier_Dude) yells: EVERYONE.
  1772. 05/03/14(01:49:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I'll keep it short)
  1773. 05/03/14(01:49:44) *Red(Carnak) takes a step forward, having instilled his brother with the kind of absolute undeniable strength of will that he knew he was capable of from the very beginning. He was a man who knew in his heart who he was, and defied all logic to protect that which he held sacred. Red lived every day in the pursuit of a life lived as a man should live it. Now that Blue was the kind of man that would carry that legacy with him.. Red stood side by side with his brother, aiding him in battle as a man should. As the final words were said, the man demonstrates just what kind of force his will truly was. He no longer had to worry about the cost to his own physical being any longer - with that one restraint gone he could tap into reserves of power that normally would border on suicidal to try and contain. As the fight drew on, his power would simply continue to rise with no true end in sight. His power rose in response to the man's sheer strength of will... ...and this man's willpower was limitless.*
  1774. 05/03/14(01:50:04) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: ANDROID, YOU FALL HERE.
  1775. 05/03/14(01:50:08) Red(Carnak) yells: KICK LOGIC TO THE CURB AND DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!
  1776. 05/03/14(01:50:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: SO SAYS I, WIZARD OF ARCONIA.
  1777. 05/03/14(01:50:13) *Alyssa(YKWN) also fights. I am tired.*
  1778. 05/03/14(01:50:40) Alyssa(YKWN) activated Spiral Energy.
  1779. 05/03/14(01:51:06) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Raven.
  1780. 05/03/14(01:51:07) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) grabs Khaos_Dragon777(Kevin Vorhees)
  1781. 05/03/14(01:51:25) *Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) scraped himself up off the ground, digging into his coat pocket and pulling out another potion, which he promptly guzzled down. "Know what... screw it... I've been infected with Red's special brand of insanity... and I DID say I wasn't done with you yet, you hi-tech bucket."*
  1782. 05/03/14(01:51:30) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) stands up. "Guess that means me." His muscles expand, he resumes focus on the andriod, spis on his hands and rubs them together to ignite them and drops into an offensive stance. "Let's fucking end this thing!" He dashes forward and prepares to help the others melt this tin can.*
  1783. 05/03/14(01:51:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Honestly? I shouldn't care if you live past this point. Im doing this for Lance, and maybe for you.
  1784. 05/03/14(01:51:34) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Focus.
  1785. 05/03/14(01:51:38) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: NOW LETS ICE THIS FUCK.
  1786. 05/03/14(01:51:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Expand(4x).
  1787. 05/03/14(01:51:44) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) drank a HealingPotion.
  1788. 05/03/14(01:51:47) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Stance (Bat).
  1789. 05/03/14(01:51:48) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Fire Fists.
  1790. 05/03/14(01:51:48) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Stance (Bat).
  1791. 05/03/14(01:51:54) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) forces his tired eyelids open once more. His body was in bad shape, but things were going too solidly like this. He was tearing himself apart trying again and again to stop the android. He had fallen twice, and been injured for it. But he still couldn't just lie down and take it. The planet was at risk. The andoid wanted to see desperation? There was desperation in droves. He was fighting for his life with a level of desparation that threatened the life he was defending. Maybe they had some sort of chance in teamwork, but everything was so bleak, and Rubricatus felt such pain with every motion. He howls once again, globs and droplets of blood flying from the injured direwolf's maw. And just like last time he pushes himself forward. He was significantly slower now, but the necessity of his actions made them stronger. He was bound and determined to make his mark.*
  1792. 05/03/14(01:51:57) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Stance (Wolf).
  1793. 05/03/14(01:51:57) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) drank a HealingPotion.
  1794. 05/03/14(01:51:58) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) activated Expand(4x).
  1795. 05/03/14(01:52:01) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) deactivated Expand.
  1796. 05/03/14(01:52:02) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) activated Focus.
  1797. 05/03/14(01:52:03) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) activated Expand(4x).
  1798. 05/03/14(01:52:04) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) activated Berserk.
  1799. 05/03/14(01:52:09) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) drank a HealingPotion.
  1800. 05/03/14(01:52:23) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Watch your old man in action Lance.
  1801. 05/03/14(01:52:30) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Sure.
  1802. 05/03/14(01:52:34) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... hey, Red...
  1803. 05/03/14(01:52:35) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  1804. 05/03/14(01:52:39) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (everyone ready?!)
  1805. 05/03/14(01:52:43) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [yes]
  1806. 05/03/14(01:52:45) Red(Carnak) says: We've got this.
  1807. 05/03/14(01:52:46) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Expand(4x).
  1808. 05/03/14(01:52:46) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (countdown beginning)
  1809. 05/03/14(01:52:46) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Focus.
  1810. 05/03/14(01:52:46) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [y]
  1811. 05/03/14(01:52:49) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FUCK YA!)
  1812. 05/03/14(01:52:50) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) says: AwrooooOOOOooooooo......
  1813. 05/03/14(01:52:52) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ('ITS THF FINAL COUNTDOWN)
  1814. 05/03/14(01:52:53) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... I'll be seein' ya real soon.
  1815. 05/03/14(01:53:03) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Expand(4x).
  1816. 05/03/14(01:53:05) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) activated Focus.
  1817. 05/03/14(01:53:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) ended using countdown.
  1818. 05/03/14(01:53:17) -Majikku Masuta-(4)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1819. 05/03/14(01:53:22) -Majikku Masuta-(6)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1820. 05/03/14(01:53:24) Red(Carnak) becomes calm.
  1821. 05/03/14(01:53:24) -Majikku Masuta-(5)() is knocked out by Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G)
  1822. 05/03/14(01:53:38) Red(Carnak) used Sweeping Kick!
  1823. 05/03/14(01:53:41) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) drank a Defense Potion.
  1824. 05/03/14(01:53:45) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) is knocked out by low health!
  1825. 05/03/14(01:53:46) Lance Masuta(Demorco) is knocked out by low health!
  1826. 05/03/14(01:54:05) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used Sweeping Blade!
  1827. 05/03/14(01:54:14) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) becomes angry!
  1828. 05/03/14(01:54:29) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) drank a HealingPotion.
  1829. 05/03/14(01:54:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) is knocked out by Alyssa(YKWN)
  1830. 05/03/14(01:54:41) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) is knocked out by Blue(Soldier_Dude)
  1831. 05/03/14(01:54:42) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) deactivated Focus.
  1832. 05/03/14(01:54:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (fuuck
  1833. 05/03/14(01:54:46) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) deactivated Expand.
  1834. 05/03/14(01:54:53) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) used Sweeping Blade!
  1835. 05/03/14(01:55:02) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: RAVEN
  1836. 05/03/14(01:55:04) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: HEAL ME
  1837. 05/03/14(01:55:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) regains consciousness
  1838. 05/03/14(01:55:08) Alyssa(YKWN) used Sweeping Blade!
  1839. 05/03/14(01:55:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Focus.
  1840. 05/03/14(01:55:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Expand(4x).
  1841. 05/03/14(01:55:15) Raven(Sparrow114) says: open the door
  1842. 05/03/14(01:55:16) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Stance (Cheetah).
  1843. 05/03/14(01:55:17) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) activated Stance (Cheetah).
  1844. 05/03/14(01:55:26) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) is knocked out by Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire)
  1845. 05/03/14(01:55:26) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Susano'o
  1846. 05/03/14(01:55:37) Red(Carnak) says: (..Ay.)
  1847. 05/03/14(01:55:38) Alyssa(YKWN) meditated!
  1848. 05/03/14(01:55:38) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Expand.
  1849. 05/03/14(01:55:38) Red(Carnak) says: (AY.)
  1850. 05/03/14(01:55:39) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (hey uh)
  1851. 05/03/14(01:55:41) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (i'm down guys)
  1852. 05/03/14(01:55:44) Red(Carnak) says: (He's down.)
  1853. 05/03/14(01:55:45) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (i'm down)
  1854. 05/03/14(01:55:46) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Oh x.x)
  1855. 05/03/14(01:55:47) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (you can stop)
  1856. 05/03/14(01:55:49) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) grabs Nemesis G(Unit #667 Model A)
  1857. 05/03/14(01:55:52) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [lmao]
  1858. 05/03/14(01:55:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (can I loot you/)
  1859. 05/03/14(01:55:58) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...N...
  1860. 05/03/14(01:55:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (please)
  1861. 05/03/14(01:56:02) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Lawl) My bad)
  1862. 05/03/14(01:56:03) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (fuck yo cough)
  1863. 05/03/14(01:56:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: couch*)
  1864. 05/03/14(01:56:09) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (same thing)
  1865. 05/03/14(01:56:17) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: ...No...!
  1866. 05/03/14(01:56:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (loldontmindme)
  1867. 05/03/14(01:56:33) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (I said no you faget)
  1868. 05/03/14(01:56:37) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (Majikku the thrif)
  1869. 05/03/14(01:56:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (ohshiet)
  1870. 05/03/14(01:56:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (IM BLACK DONT BLAME ME)
  1871. 05/03/14(01:56:45) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (ITS IN MY NATURE)
  1872. 05/03/14(01:56:50) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [...]
  1873. 05/03/14(01:56:52) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [smh]
  1874. 05/03/14(01:56:57) Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) regains consciousness
  1875. 05/03/14(01:56:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (my fucking sides)
  1876. 05/03/14(01:57:05) Red(Carnak) says: (Cut the OOC for a second, guys.)
  1877. 05/03/14(01:57:13) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Focus.
  1878. 05/03/14(01:57:15) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) deactivated Expand.
  1879. 05/03/14(01:57:23) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) regains consciousness
  1880. 05/03/14(01:57:38) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Can I kill this asshat or is there something else that's gonna happen?)
  1881. 05/03/14(01:57:44) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (fuckin kill em)
  1882. 05/03/14(01:57:52) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( kill him.)
  1883. 05/03/14(01:57:53) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [he was talking about you maji]
  1884. 05/03/14(01:57:56) Alyssa(YKWN) says: : ) ]
  1885. 05/03/14(01:57:59) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (I've got something else in store)
  1886. 05/03/14(01:58:01) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( FINISH HIM!)
  1887. 05/03/14(01:58:03) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (one final trick...!)
  1888. 05/03/14(01:58:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (^)
  1889. 05/03/14(01:58:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ( NO FUCK YOU)
  1890. 05/03/14(01:58:22) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Soooooo Just sort of stand over your defeated corpse?)
  1891. 05/03/14(01:58:30) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (yes)
  1892. 05/03/14(01:58:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (mmk)
  1893. 05/03/14(01:58:45) *Rubricatus(Armageddon-fish) goes black again. He keeps moving for a while after his loss of vision, on willpower alone, but then he falls, tripping over a broken paw. He coughs a significant quantity of blood, and chokes a bit on it. One of his ribs had punctured a lung. He was unconscious now, and not even in a condition to bark for help. Hopefully someone helped him before his remaining lung filled with blood.*
  1894. 05/03/14(01:59:21) *Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) Dashes, grabbing Rubricatus adn running into his house.*
  1895. 05/03/14(01:59:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) used countdown.
  1896. 05/03/14(01:59:45) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) spit out quite a bit of blood. "Fuc-...fuck you tin can....." He walked over to the android. His body hurt all over, but they had won. He looked around to the others. They had beat this being that threatened the planet. "Now it's time to finish this....."*
  1897. 05/03/14(01:59:57) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) ended using countdown.
  1898. 05/03/14(01:59:57) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Ya fuck it just do ya thang gur)
  1899. 05/03/14(01:59:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: y(Rubricatus where are you)
  1900. 05/03/14(02:00:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I would keep going but fuck that)
  1901. 05/03/14(02:00:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) grabs Armageddon-fish(Rubricatus)
  1902. 05/03/14(02:00:28) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says:
  1903. 05/03/14(02:00:33) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...But...
  1904. 05/03/14(02:00:36) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) yells: now.
  1905. 05/03/14(02:00:43) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [im sorry but i have to go to sleep now.]
  1906. 05/03/14(02:00:52) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [goodnight jinxu]
  1907. 05/03/14(02:00:52) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Fuck, man. You need my help.
  1908. 05/03/14(02:00:54) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [<3]
  1909. 05/03/14(02:00:58) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [i have work in the morning and im tired as fuck anyway. unlikely to contribute anyways]
  1910. 05/03/14(02:01:01) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [hope u guys have gud]
  1911. 05/03/14(02:01:05) Alyssa(YKWN) says: [<3blu]
  1912. 05/03/14(02:01:26) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-667 SD's and kills errybody anyways-)
  1913. 05/03/14(02:01:48) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Edit* -667 SD's and kills Sylas- -_-)
  1914. 05/03/14(02:02:37) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (You saw nothing!)
  1915. 05/03/14(02:02:54) *Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) ...was defeated. How? How would this be? No! No! SOMEONE had to die here! They couldn't -all- survive! All his trump cards were exhausted, and he could do nothing but feel worthless, like he had failed. But he cast away that feeling. Using the last bit of his energy, his body was enveloped in flames, his power reaching heights dwarfing what it was before: "...RELEASE!" This was the last gasp of a dying being, his last try to destroy hope. And so he dashed towards his target, aiming to finish him off, taking him down in a blaze of glory: Blue.*
  1916. 05/03/14(02:03:08) Red(Carnak) says: ...!
  1917. 05/03/14(02:03:10) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) uses the Eight Gates.
  1918. 05/03/14(02:03:12) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (OH SHIT!)
  1919. 05/03/14(02:03:15) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: .................................
  1920. 05/03/14(02:03:20) Red(Carnak) flew!
  1921. 05/03/14(02:03:25) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: What's going on?
  1922. 05/03/14(02:03:25) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: H-how am I supposed t-
  1923. 05/03/14(02:03:26) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) activated Susano'o
  1924. 05/03/14(02:03:27) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: RED!
  1925. 05/03/14(02:03:29) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: FU-.....!
  1926. 05/03/14(02:03:37) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: HELP HIM!
  1927. 05/03/14(02:03:38) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (better move Sylas)
  1928. 05/03/14(02:03:41) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (move up a few tiles)
  1929. 05/03/14(02:03:59) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: NOPE! IMAM THE HERO THIS TIME!
  1930. 05/03/14(02:04:08) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (lawl, how about no)
  1931. 05/03/14(02:04:18) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (psssh, let a dying man have his moment)
  1932. 05/03/14(02:04:22) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( hmm die, a hero or continue to be a living nobody.)
  1933. 05/03/14(02:04:26) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Wif ur tirty fow kay current gur)
  1934. 05/03/14(02:04:41) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (My bad tirty won)
  1935. 05/03/14(02:05:53) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (continue living as a nobody but train yourself into a hero!!!)
  1936. 05/03/14(02:06:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (^)
  1937. 05/03/14(02:06:13) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( Good point.)
  1938. 05/03/14(02:06:17) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-righteous awsome hero pose-)
  1939. 05/03/14(02:06:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Lance...
  1940. 05/03/14(02:06:24) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Yo?
  1941. 05/03/14(02:06:24) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: I want you to go back inside with your mother...
  1942. 05/03/14(02:06:32) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Don't be that guy that has to insert himself into everything, Lance. No one likes that guy.))
  1943. 05/03/14(02:06:33) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (semi-hero*)
  1944. 05/03/14(02:06:35) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: Mom, has protection
  1945. 05/03/14(02:06:39) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (I halped x.x)
  1946. 05/03/14(02:06:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Please. Just go.
  1947. 05/03/14(02:06:49) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (Q.Q ok then.)
  1948. 05/03/14(02:06:50) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (lawl, did I do any good with this event guys?)
  1949. 05/03/14(02:07:10) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (You uhhhh... provided solid distraction!)
  1950. 05/03/14(02:07:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (...)
  1951. 05/03/14(02:07:19) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (im happy with that surprisingly)
  1952. 05/03/14(02:07:28) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((I just got my ass handed to me because I am horribly behind.))
  1953. 05/03/14(02:07:31) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-good guy anime thumbs up pose-)
  1954. 05/03/14(02:07:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (...takashi)
  1955. 05/03/14(02:07:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (your behind?)
  1956. 05/03/14(02:07:41) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( As a father icly, I respect you just a tiny bit more...just a tiny bit though.)
  1957. 05/03/14(02:07:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (im fucking behind)
  1958. 05/03/14(02:07:44) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [you did provide -really- solid distraction]
  1959. 05/03/14(02:07:49) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [*Nods.*]
  1960. 05/03/14(02:07:58) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (-is only good as a chew toy distraction-)
  1961. 05/03/14(02:08:08) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (-red comes up with a giant fucking sword of death-)
  1962. 05/03/14(02:08:20) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((My BP's about 30k or so without weights.))
  1963. 05/03/14(02:08:31) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (And I provided.... Uhhhh... Like... I jumped in and punched a bit......)
  1964. 05/03/14(02:08:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (mine is 1,463)
  1965. 05/03/14(02:08:35) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (right now.)
  1966. 05/03/14(02:08:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (angered)
  1967. 05/03/14(02:08:46) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((I am EASILY the weakest member of R.I.V.R.))
  1968. 05/03/14(02:08:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Nah I am)
  1969. 05/03/14(02:08:55) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Btw)
  1970. 05/03/14(02:08:56) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (R.I.V.R?)
  1971. 05/03/14(02:09:03) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Dafuq?)
  1972. 05/03/14(02:09:05) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (My entire masuta family is just kind of like..a butler family)
  1973. 05/03/14(02:09:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: [my current bp is 31k.)
  1974. 05/03/14(02:09:10) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Masutas supply distractions)
  1975. 05/03/14(02:09:12) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (FUCK YOU LANCE)
  1976. 05/03/14(02:09:43) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (Hey, Model A)
  1977. 05/03/14(02:09:49) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Fuck it! NO ONE DIES! -goes SH and saves errybody-)
  1978. 05/03/14(02:09:55) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Right?)
  1979. 05/03/14(02:10:03) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (When your about to fire your final blast or whatever, can I come out of no where and deck you in the face and kill you?)
  1980. 05/03/14(02:10:08) *Red(Carnak) appeared directly in front of his younger brother. He knew exactly what was going to happen the moment the android had moved to stand again. When 667 locked its eyes on Blue, Red was there before it could even make its move. He stood again in direct defiance to this machine. Red looked on, releasing the kind of raw energy that would prove fatal to the man who had already kicked down death's door. He was on borrowed time. "...Never forget, Blue." As his energy rose, he spoke his final words to his younger brother. "Believe in yourself. Believe in -you-." He turns his head, giving his brother a last look at his smiling face; it was a look of pride. Red could leave with no regrets now. Extending his right hand, the man's arm would undergo a ridiculous change. A massive drill, produced from the cybernetic components in his arm, spawned to replace his hand. A wave of raw power would be released, the intensity of which would -freeze- the man in place. "...CERTAIN KILL!"*
  1981. 05/03/14(02:10:09) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (>:3)
  1982. 05/03/14(02:10:14) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (oh shit)
  1983. 05/03/14(02:10:18) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) says: (DO IT RED)
  1984. 05/03/14(02:10:19) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (-snaps out of day dream and watches Red die-)
  1985. 05/03/14(02:10:21) Red used Overdrive as a Spiral Warrior.
  1986. 05/03/14(02:10:31) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: .................
  1987. 05/03/14(02:10:31) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (WHAT THE FUCK)
  1988. 05/03/14(02:10:34) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (IM TAKING HIS CLOAK)
  1989. 05/03/14(02:10:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Red....
  1990. 05/03/14(02:10:41) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (THA FUCK!!)
  1991. 05/03/14(02:10:43) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [...>you're taking my brother's cloak.]
  1992. 05/03/14(02:10:49) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: DRILL
  1993. 05/03/14(02:10:49) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [If you have a death wish, sure.]
  1994. 05/03/14(02:10:52) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (omit)
  1995. 05/03/14(02:10:55) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ........
  1996. 05/03/14(02:10:58) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ..
  1997. 05/03/14(02:11:02) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (O.O)
  1998. 05/03/14(02:11:06) Lance Masuta(Demorco) is knocked out by low health!
  1999. 05/03/14(02:11:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) is knocked out by low health!
  2000. 05/03/14(02:11:06) Unit #667 Model A(Nemesis G) deactivated Susano'o
  2001. 05/03/14(02:11:07) Unit #667 Model A was just killed by strain from the final gate!!
  2002. 05/03/14(02:11:08) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: (WTF!)
  2003. 05/03/14(02:11:17) Red(Carnak) says: ...
  2004. 05/03/14(02:11:17) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: ..............
  2005. 05/03/14(02:11:21) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( DID YOU FUCKIGN SEE THAT!)
  2006. 05/03/14(02:11:27) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( THATW AS FUCKIGN EPIC!)
  2007. 05/03/14(02:11:28) Lance Masuta(Demorco) regains consciousness
  2008. 05/03/14(02:11:32) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ( YM GOD!)
  2009. 05/03/14(02:11:32) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((.... that was TITS.))
  2010. 05/03/14(02:11:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) picks up Icon 6(/obj/Items/Wearables/Icon_6) made by .
  2011. 05/03/14(02:11:39) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FUCK TREES!)
  2012. 05/03/14(02:11:40) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) picks up Icon 1(/obj/Items/Wearables/Icon_1) made by .
  2013. 05/03/14(02:11:41) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) picks up Sword(/obj/Items/Sword) made by .
  2014. 05/03/14(02:11:41) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) picks up Align 1(/obj/Items/AlignWearable/Align_1) made by .
  2015. 05/03/14(02:11:50) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: ...
  2016. 05/03/14(02:11:53) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((... does that mean Red lives?))
  2017. 05/03/14(02:11:54) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Oi!
  2018. 05/03/14(02:11:55) Lance Masuta(Demorco) says: That...was...amaizng.
  2019. 05/03/14(02:11:57) Blue(Soldier_Dude) says: [No.]
  2020. 05/03/14(02:12:02) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: How do we get off of this rock?
  2021. 05/03/14(02:12:04) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (im in a ribcageee!)
  2022. 05/03/14(02:12:11) *Red(Carnak) breaks through the creature's attack, using the absolute strength of his will and his will alone to save the life of the one person in this world that he held most sacred. Blue would carry on his legacy. He knew he would. "...Blue..."*
  2023. 05/03/14(02:12:11) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Did you not hear me earlier?
  2024. 05/03/14(02:12:20) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: We can reprogram my pocket generator to work as a portal.
  2025. 05/03/14(02:12:26) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: What if it doesn't work?
  2026. 05/03/14(02:12:29) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) felt his own Spiral Energy begin to die down. The battle won, Blue turned excitedly to his brother... Only to hear his brother's voice. "...R-Red?"*
  2027. 05/03/14(02:12:33) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Then we find another way.
  2028. 05/03/14(02:12:37) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: it's currently our best chance.
  2029. 05/03/14(02:12:41) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT:'s not..dying.
  2030. 05/03/14(02:12:44) Blue(Soldier_Dude) THOUGHT: Is he?
  2031. 05/03/14(02:12:46) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Never mind, with anger I'm at 25k.))
  2032. 05/03/14(02:12:49) Blue(Soldier_Dude) deactivated Spiral Energy.
  2033. 05/03/14(02:12:54) Red(Carnak) says: ..Farewell...
  2034. 05/03/14(02:13:17) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: .... you were always a crazy son of a bitch, Red.
  2035. 05/03/14(02:13:23) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Red!
  2036. 05/03/14(02:13:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Wait!
  2037. 05/03/14(02:13:25) *Lance Masuta(Demorco) is still in pure shock at what he saw.....that shit was truely amazing.*
  2038. 05/03/14(02:13:32) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) picks up Icon 51(/obj/Items/Wearables/Icon_51) made by .
  2039. 05/03/14(02:13:34) *Red(Carnak) falls to the floor, his body finally losing all ability to withstand the power he held. His eyes said everything. ...This time, Red was gone.*
  2040. 05/03/14(02:13:39) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: ...
  2041. 05/03/14(02:13:42) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Take this!
  2042. 05/03/14(02:13:50) Red(Carnak) deactivated Spiral Energy.
  2043. 05/03/14(02:13:53) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: (>Signature cloak)
  2044. 05/03/14(02:13:58) Lance Masuta(Demorco) picks up Weighted Material(7477 pounds)(/obj/Items/Weights) made by .
  2045. 05/03/14(02:14:00) Lance Masuta(Demorco) picks up Weighted Material(3246 pounds)(/obj/Items/Weights) made by .
  2046. 05/03/14(02:14:03) Lance Masuta(Demorco) picks up Icon 38(/obj/Items/Wearables/Icon_38) made by .
  2047. 05/03/14(02:14:07) Lance Masuta(Demorco) picks up Weighted Material(7812 pounds)(/obj/Items/Weights) made by .
  2048. 05/03/14(02:14:10) Lance Masuta(Demorco) picks up Weighted Material(4 pounds)(/obj/Items/Weights) made by .
  2049. 05/03/14(02:14:18) Takashi Nanaya(The_Loose_Cannon) says: ((Want me to just kill you, Red?))
  2050. 05/03/14(02:14:20) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Alright everyone..Red's death is sad, but..
  2051. 05/03/14(02:14:31) *Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) watched as Red used an insane attack to destroy the andriod once and for all. He looked on as Red's life began to fade away. "Heh, see ya later you crasy fucker......"*
  2052. 05/03/14(02:14:32) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: ...We need to get off of here, or everything he did..
  2053. 05/03/14(02:14:33) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) becomes calm.
  2054. 05/03/14(02:14:35) Akimo Kamidachi(Cookiemon) says: Was for nothing.
  2055. 05/03/14(02:14:35) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (FUCK IT JUST DIE)
  2056. 05/03/14(02:14:46) Sylas(Crazymonkeyfire) says: (Too tired to make long arps)
  2057. 05/03/14(02:15:10) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: ...
  2058. 05/03/14(02:15:21) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: Well im fucking blin.
  2059. 05/03/14(02:15:23) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: blind.*
  2060. 05/03/14(02:15:25) Majikku Masuta(Darkcore1245) says: So that's fun.
  2061. 05/03/14(02:15:42) Kay Kamidachi(Sennalove) says: You can sense..
  2062. 05/03/14(02:15:43) *Blue(Soldier_Dude) held his hand out, brokenly, tears welling in his eyes. Despite it all, there was nothing he could do as his brother could hit the ground, the insurmountable energy that'd let him do anything gone, and with it, his brother... His world had come crashing down. What the hell... ... Was he supposed to do now?*
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