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Romance of the Three Mascots

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  1. >The pony with the peppermint mane awoke in a darkened room.
  2. >The walls around her were gray and steely. It was like she was enclosed in a great freezer, and her body felt just as cold.
  3. >There were some etchings on the wall. The lines blurred together into a stain on the opposite wall.
  4. >The wall was only about eight feet away. She squinted hard, her eyes felt like they were being forced through a tube.
  5. "Why can't I read that?" Pennychan thought. She pulled her foreleg to reach up to her face but instead fell on her side.
  6. >She looked down to a blurred horror of her body.
  7. >Her forelegs were brought down and tied to her stomach. The ran parallel down her front, stopping just inches above her groin.
  8. >Her hind legs were curled under her rump and fastened with loops of rope.
  9. >The bones in her ankles dug into her hips, a dull pressure just below her rump.
  10. >She struggled to get herself free but found the effort to be a waste of energy.
  11. >She lay on her side, her breathing constricted by her fore legs pressing into her chest.
  12. >She had to escape, had to get out of these ropes.
  13. >She focused the arcane fields around her, drawing from its electric embrace.
  14. >The magic collected in her skull, building just beneath her horn.
  15. >Her face contorted in concentration as she pushed the mana through her horn.
  16. >With a sudden shock and loud pop, the magic shot back inside Penny's skull.
  17. >Blinding pain shook her body like a lightning strike. She rolled on the floor, her limbs thrashing against the bonds but they didn't yield an inch.
  18. >A scream echoed through the room, her own terror on full blast for her to hear.
  19. >It was then she noticed that her mouth refused to close.
  20. >She looked down at her jaw and saw nothing peculiar. She felt straps run along her cheeks and a metallic taste in her mouth.
  21. "This can't be happening!" She tried to speak but only a few gargled vowels made it past her gaping mouth.
  22. >The pain from the failed magic seared into her skull and squeezed her eyes like lemons.
  23. >Tears rolled down her snout, dripping to the harsh stone floor with quiet plops.
  25. >"I wouldn't try that again if I were you," a grating voice said in the dark, "You might get yourself killed. Not that it wouldn't matter anyway."
  26. >Pennychan rolled to face the source of the sound. What she saw wasn't very reassuring.
  27. >Standing in the one flicker of light, blurred like an oil painting, was a frail, blue pony with bleach white hair.
  28. >She had a wicked grin stretched across her tiny face. Her teeth were gnarled by a grotesque hunger.
  29. >Penny choked on a stench of wickedness. The air was thick with cruelty and suffering. She wanted to go home, where the air was clear.
  30. >Something in this mare's eyes, however, told her that she should let go of the hope and drown it in the nearest river.
  31. >She looked up at the pony who was scanning her like a hungry lion. She had a strange face on her flank, something that resembled a monkey.
  33. "Please," Penny mumbled, "Lemme go,"
  34. >The sky blue mare cackled, "Now why the hell would I do that? We haven't gotten started."
  35. >Penny tried to respond but her words slurred into a vocal soup.
  36. "Quit your bitching," she said, "It'll be fun."
  37. >A demented smile replaced the snarl on her face, and Penny couldn't decide which was more frightening.
  38. >The mare grabbed the unicorn and flipped her on her knees.
  39. >Her forelegs lay on the ground under her. The full weight of her rump rested on her hock.
  40. >Although the position itself caused her pain, it was not her primary concern.
  41. >Her rump was facing the strange mare. She had a full view of her privacy, every ridge and fold hers for the taking.
  42. >Penny tried to pull her tail in front of it but met the familiar tug of a restrained limb.
  43. >She looked behind her to see her tail taped to her flank. The gate to her sex was wide open, and there was a visitor.
  44. >The earth pony giggled and got down to her own knees. Penny trembled as a hot stream of air danced across her folds.
  45. "Why do the prissy girls get the best looking cunts?"
  46. >Penny squirmed, refusing to believe what she was hearing.
  47. >The mare was looking over her folds. No inch was sacred from her lustful scan.
  48. >Her breath quickened as a strong heat started to radiate through her rump.
  49. "Hot already?" the mare cooed, "I never knew you were such a dirty mare, Penny. You seemed like such a nice, wholesome girl."
  50. >Penny squirmed and shook her head.
  51. "Oh fuck off," the mare said, "You LOVE watching me stare at your pussy, don't you? You want me to do TERRIBLE things to it, don't you?"
  52. >The unicorn writhed, desperate to break away from the crazy pony behind her.
  53. "Before I do that," the mare breathed on her pussy again, "Allow me to introduce myself."
  54. >An odd moan escaped Penny's lips, a sort of disbelieving gasp.
  55. "I'm Tracy," she tilted her head down in a mocking elegance, "And you must be Penny."
  56. >With no other logical option, Penny nodded.
  57. "Thought so," Tracy brought her mouth right up against Penny's pussy, "I always wondered how a virgin tastes."
  58. >Penny grunted and screamed into her gag. She tried to wriggle away but Tracy pulled her flank close.
  59. >A sharp sting shot through Penny's spine as Tracy's tongue alighted on her lips.
  61. >Penny writhed from the alien sensation coursing through her body, electricity running through her like a power line.
  62. >Tracy was a deft cunnilinguist. Her tongue glided along the thin skin of the unicorn's pussy.
  63. >A horrible squishing noise assaulted Penny's ears. She trusted her body but it was stabbing her in the back.
  64. >Why was she getting so wet from this? Why was she letting this sick mare lap at her pussy like a thirsty dog.
  65. >Tracy moaned, not just from pleasure but also to send vibrations of sound rumbling down Penny's walls.
  66. >Without warning, Tracy's tongue shot inside her. Penny screamed as the intruder slithered up her tunnel like a lustful worm.
  67. "Mmmmm," Tracy moaned hungrily, "You taste way better than I thought!"
  68. >Penny pleaded with her to stop, knowing it wouldn't really make a difference.
  69. >She shuddered to think what horrible plans the mare had for her body.
  70. >She thought about whether she would be used as a fucktoy or just killed outright.
  71. >Tracy, however, didn't care for those things. Penny had no idea what the sinister filly had planned for her.
  72. >Penny felt a small suction on her clitoris before the waves of pleasure stopped crashing on the shore of her mind.
  73. >Tracy stood up and licked her snout. An errant syrupy strand fell onto Penny's rump.
  74. >It was burning hot, but the worst part was that it was just how hot she felt.
  75. "Looks like you're ready to go," Tracy growled, "Hey Canon! She's all ready for you!"
  76. >Penny shuddered from her words.
  77. >"Ready to go? Anon? All ready for HIM?" She wriggled around in panic. Tracy leaned down and stroked her mane.
  78. "Relax, Penny," she said like a demonic mother, The fun hasn't even started yet."
  79. >The creak of a metallic door rang across the room. A beam of light fell on the pair before being eclipsed.
  80. >The shadow danced across Penny's body. Tracy looked up at the wide stallion standing in the doorway.
  81. "Took you long enough, Canon," the mare hissed. She stood up and walked over to him, leaving Penny shaking on the floor.
  82. >"Sorry, I had some business to attend to," Tracy wrapped a hoof around the stallion's neck and brought his head down.
  84. >The couple exchanged a brief kiss. Penny stared at them with a mixture of jealousy and disgust.
  85. >Tracy broke the kiss and nodded to Canon, who returned the gesture. Tracy walked back over to Penny.
  86. >Penny kicked and wriggled away from her but she was far too slow for even a snail to fall behind.
  87. >Tracy grabbed Penny's rump and hoisted her back into position. Tracy gave one last lick for luck.
  88. >Tracy stood up and straddled Penny's back, her pussy lips spread against the unicorn's neck.
  89. >She reached over her flanks with her hooves. Penny gasped as Tracy hooked her lips onto the tips of her hooves.
  90. >She spread them apart, revealing her small, dark entrance to the stallion standing just a few feet behind her.
  91. >Penny looked over her rump to get a look at the stallion.
  92. >He was a short but muscular pegasus with a light beige coat.
  93. >His hair was sandy and his eyes were as green-blue as the ocean.
  94. >His tail was stubby as was his mane, but he had a few stand out features.
  95. >Penny was confused by his horn. Wait, his horn? She squinted to get a better look and could barely make out the ridges of an ice cream cone.
  96. >She breathed a sigh of relief. For a second she had thought he was an alicorn.
  97. >Her main concern lied in two threatening reactions his body was having to her.
  98. >His wings were fully stretched. They were easily wider than she was tall.
  99. >Even more terrifying, however, was the growth that was peeking out from between his legs.
  100. >It was like a tree branch dangling underneath him, and it was heading directly towards her.
  101. >Canon's tongue lolled out of his mouth, eager to mount the defenseless mare presented to him.
  102. >Penny thrashed and moaned with every footstep that landed behind her.
  103. >Tracy leaned back to allow Canon to place his front hoofs on Penny's shoulders.
  104. >Penny cried, pleading for the stallion to release her.
  105. >Her prayers fell on deaf ears. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she felt his tip poke her petals.
  106. >Penny heard the telltale sucking sounds of a lovers' kiss above her.
  107. >With the unicorn screaming to be spared, Canon thrust his length inside her.
  108. >An ear-splitting scream erupted from the mare and rung inside the stallion's head.
  110. >The sound aroused him. His cock swelled with even more blood, forcing her walls to accommodate him.
  111. >Her virgin walls were taken off-guard, unsure of how to react to the intruder pressing against them.
  112. >Falling back on instinct, Penny's pussy poured lubrication onto his shaft, allowing him easier entry.
  113. >Penny knew that she had the ability to keep him out of her with her muscles but was too frightened to do so.
  114. >All that she could manifest were brief spasms. Her try at defense, however, only served to arouse Canon further.
  115. >Her spasms formed muscular rings around his shaft. Her pussy never wanted to let go; it wanted to hold him inside her forever.
  116. >Canon pushed forward until he reached her hymen. Penny shook her head and begged Canon to stop.
  117. >But Canon was too far along in his libido to care and with a hard thrust shattered her purity.
  118. >Another scream escaped Penny's lips. Tracy moaned as the sounds of a virgin's pain rattled the walls.
  119. >Tracy's pussy was burning a hole in Penny's neck, rivers of lubricant running down the sides of her neck.
  120. >Tracy looked down at the bound unicorn. She had waited a lifetime for the scene unfolding beneath her and she wanted a piece.
  121. >She stood up, her pussy slipping off Penny's neck with a pop. Tracy looked behind her the white enticing object sticking through a sea of indigo.
  122. >Penny looked up as two sky-blue pillars planted themselves beside her head. Her vision was shaky from the hard thrusts of the stallion pounding at her flank.
  123. >Her breath quickened from the sight above her head and the hot syrup splashing on her face.
  124. >Tracy's pussy dropped closer to her horn. Penny shook her head but her horn stayed in place.
  125. >Tracy gripped Penny's head with her thighs and pressed the tip of the horn against her pussy.
  126. >Electric cackles danced across her lips. Tracy moaned from the sensation and didn't dare think of the pleasure once it was completely inside her.
  127. >Penny moaned in dissent as Tracy slipped her horn past her folds.
  128. >Tracy let out a throaty, almost primal moan. Canon's cock twitched inside Penny's walls as the pair of women unleashed their pleasure in the form of pure sound.
  129. >The aura around Penny's horn fizzled and surged inside Tracy's walls. Tracy slammed her hips down on Penny's head.
  130. >It looked hard enough to give her a concussion. Tracy's juice trickled out of her pussy and ran down the unicorn's face.
  132. >It was disgusting and humiliating for Penny. She was being used a simple fucktoy, her status as a mare non-existent.
  133. >Her horn, the symbol of her intelligence and regality, was reduced to a dildo for a mentally-ill earth pony.
  134. >Her virginity, a treasured characteristic of unicorn society, was dashed to pieces by a boorish pegasus.
  135. >He even had the nerve to stick an ice cream cone on the head and dare compare it to a natural horn.
  136. >Regardless of what she thought of him, Canon was still relentlessly pounding her pussy.
  137. >The dominant pair writhed in tandem as their orgasms approached. They knew they were coming, but Penny didn't.
  138. >Canon's thrusts increased in speed and Tracy bounced on her skull. Penny started to feel her own orgasm coming along, but with her lack of experience she had no idea what it was.
  139. >Penny's stomach felt like it was being wrapped around her spine. Waves of contractions rocked her nubile form.
  140. >Canon groaned as her pussy melted around his shaft. Her tunnel shook and her walls bled with lubricant.
  141. >Canon's rapid thrusts pushed Penny over the edge. She screamed as the first orgasm of her life gripped her like a vise.
  142. >Her walls squeezed around the stallion's shaft, drawing a low moan from Canon.
  143. >Cum sprayed on his shaft and trickled down her thighs. It was hotter than Celestia's sun; rivers of lava burned scars into her skin.
  144. >She panted as the second pony to cum finished just above her head.
  145. >Tracy's body shook as her own orgasm took control of her body.
  146. >She was much more able to handle the intense sting of pleasure than her counterpart. She moaned quietly as her cum sprayed all over Penny's head.
  147. >The sickeningly hot fluid ran down her face, covering her in her rapist's essence.
  148. >She felt like she was being marked like a piece of property. She was Tracy's fucktoy and she made sure she felt every spurt of cum run down her horn.
  149. >Penny was too far in the afterglow to realise that one pony hadn't cum yet. It was the orgasm she feared the most.
  150. >Canon quickened his pace, his cock slamming into her cervix as Tracy continued to bounce on her horn.
  151. >His grunts became closer apart as his semen welled up beneath his member.
  152. >A guttural moan slipped past his lips as the contractions in his groin pushed his semen towards its goal.
  153. >He looked down at the mare, HIS mare. He couldn't wait to fill her fertile womb with his seed.
  154. >The thought made him pump more ferociously. He gripped her shoulders and held her tight against his hips as he reached his climax.
  156. >Penny yelped as ropes of cum splashed against her cervix. Canon pulled her body at an awkward angle, her ass almost vertically above her shoulders.
  157. >Penny shrieked as the pegasus's seed filled her pure tunnel. She started to cry as she was forced to collect his uncouth paste inside her.
  158. >Canon held her for what seemed like hours. Canon's cum collected around his shaft, pooling at her cervix.
  159. >Tracy had turned around to face the creampie and was glad she did.
  160. >Her pregnancy fetish kicked into high gear. Adrenaline flushed her body and she reached a second climax.
  161. >Penny cried openly now, filled with a stallion's seed and cum running down her face for the second time.
  162. >Canon released the last of his cum inside Penny's womb and withdrew his cock.
  163. >His dickhead took a glob of cum with it. It dribbled down her leg as a reminder of what he'd done.
  164. >Tracy panted from her own orgasm in time with Canon. The pair leaned in for a passionate kiss.
  165. >Penny wept underneath them, pinned under Tracy's pussy and Canon's legs.
  166. >His cum sloshed inside her, no doubt already swimming its way inside her uterus.
  167. She was in the perfect position for breeding, her vagina steeply down, allowing gravity to keep the cum inside her.
  168. >Tracy stuck something inside her pussy. To her surprise, it didn't move past her lips.
  170. "There," the mare said, "That should keep your seed inside her."
  171. >Penny whimpered at Tracy's words. Canon leaned down and kissed Penny on the cheek.
  172. >"Hope you like growing my child, Penny," he chuckled. He was saying it mostly to riley Tracy up.
  173. >He looked to her and smiled at the wicked grin she flashed at him.
  174. "We'll be back later, Penny," she laughed.
  175. >She walked over to Canon and embraced him, taking his leftover cum on her finger and sucking it.
  176. >"There's more where that came from, Tracy," Canon said.
  177. "There better be," she said, "Or you won't ever make anymore."
  178. >Canon laughed nervously as he was led out of the room.
  179. >Penny pleaded and wriggled around, saying something along the lines of "Please! Don't leave me!"
  180. "You'll be fine, Penny," Tracy said, "Don't bother moving around. That plug will keep his seed inside you no matter how much you twist and turn. Maybe we should leave you some maternity magazines."
  181. >She laughed like a madwoman before closing and locking the door.
  182. >Penny spent the rest of the night crying to herself. She felt the disgusting brew in her pussy creep inside her like a parasite.
  183. >Any day she'd have to birth that bastard's foal, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.
  185. >And it would happen again and again as long as they wanted.
  186. >Penny wept as she was forced to accept her new career
  188. >Her broodmare training started that day.
  190. END
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