My Liquor Kain't Be This Strong (Or Is It)

Mar 4th, 2013
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  1. [12:05:34] <Kain> Last time on Kaingame you guys had finished your business with the Renegade, having an unexpected heartwarming moment between him, actually there, and his daughter~ Nat got a hat, memory confusion and combat times were had with Ambrosia... and now the group must decide their next course of action!
  2. [12:07:32] <Natalie> The cat in the hat is curled up and snoring. She just slept wherever because considering the crystals jutting out of the sides of the tiara and everything, sleeping on a proper bed is probably a lot less comfy than it used to be!
  3. [12:09:54] * Theta has just finished preparing some more suitable desert wear and a crossbow, seems ready to go and wondering where the others ran off to. Oh there's the cat.
  4. [12:11:39] * Lenore is trying out her new Aegea Garb~
  5. [12:12:24] * Amaryllis has finally gotten changed out of her nightwear after spending a good part of her morning writing stories about mermaids and musclewizards in her Tantarian's new home. She's in the kitchen and making some ungodly breakfast like fried donuts smothered with maple icing and topped with bacon - hangover food, in short.
  6. [12:13:32] * Natalie is still the tiniest bit redfaced and drooling over herself, but lazes up when the others start doing the same, yawning a yawn that practically shakes the heavens.
  7. [12:14:44] * Theta was totally not about to pinch her nose to wake her up, nope. "Seems we're all here then? Besides Ambrosia, but I am sure she's around the house somewhere..."
  8. [12:15:07] <Theta> "What exactly is our itinerary?"
  9. [12:15:32] <Natalie> The yawn finally ceases itself, giving way to a catgirl with glazed-over eyes. "... Our what?"
  10. [12:16:41] <Amaryllis> "We have no immediately pressing concerns, unless I am mistaken." Ammy yawns and rubs her head, then returns her attention to the stove, cracking several eggs directly into a skillet of hash browns and seasoning it.
  11. [12:17:19] * Lenore sits at the table, a little antsy~
  12. [12:17:34] <Theta> "The issue at the Earth Shrine of the Outer Continent."
  13. [12:17:36] <Amaryllis> "So I have been meaning to follow up on a research lead I have been sitting on for a while. This sort of business." Ammy jangles her necklace of gil coins.
  14. [12:19:06] * Natalie plops down, yawning AGAIN. "Oh, so, the crystal told us to go to a place, didn't it?"
  15. [12:19:07] <Amaryllis> "What issue?" Ammy turns to face Theta while assembling avocado, bacon, cheese and tomato on a bagel.
  16. [12:20:00] <Theta> "While in New Cleyra we learned the Earth Shrine is currently corrupted. Which, to me, suggests one of the fiends harassing us is there."
  17. [12:20:17] <Lenore> "Hmmmm...but..."
  18. [12:20:28] <Lenore> "We didn't see him, and the shrine wasn't all that big..."
  19. [12:21:39] <Natalie> "Fieeeeends..." Nat flips around in her diary, squinting at it. "Um, where is that, again?"
  20. [12:21:59] <Amaryllis> "This is certainly the first I have heard of this." Ammy bites into her open face bagel sandwich, wiping at a bit of avocado that gets on her face.
  21. [12:22:14] <Theta> (I coulda sworn the crystal mentioned this :|)
  23. [12:22:29] <Amaryllis> (Didn't this come up in the discussion with Gale and Cirra?)
  24. [12:22:39] <Amaryllis> (Ammy wasn't there for that)
  25. [12:22:39] <Lenore> (Yeah I remember that popping up)
  26. [12:22:43] <Natalie> (Yeah, I sure don't remember it being a crystal thing)
  27. [12:22:46] <Kain> (It came up with Gale and Cirra, not the crystal IIRC)
  28. [12:23:23] <Theta> "Yes, the scholars we met previously and Master Bebe were heading there to investigate it."
  29. [12:25:15] <Amaryllis> "Ah, well..." Ammy rubs her head some more. "I should send them an apology for leaving in such a hurry." She takes a large spoon and scoops some of the potato and egg mixture off onto a plate, scooting it towards everyone else. She starts eating the remainder directly from the skillet.
  30. [12:25:18] * Natalie pilfers some of the breakfast blog breakfast and scarfs it down, tilting her head a bit. And then adjusting the obligatory giant ribbon she's wearing today. And then adjusting the tiara.
  31. [12:25:55] * Lenore also gets some breakfast bits and omnomnomnom~
  32. [12:25:57] <Natalie> "Weren't those the one who... something... something something something."
  33. [12:27:01] <Amaryllis> "We met them at Daguerreo, Nat." Ammy takes a donut out of the fryer with tongs and drizzles the icing and bacon over it, then takes a bite.
  34. [12:27:55] <Natalie> "Oh, right!" She says with a face that says 'nope, I got nothin'.' It's really weird if you're there to see it probably.
  35. [12:28:19] * Theta shrugs. "Either way I will be heading there myself as Master Bebe informed me of another matter in that region I need to research."
  36. [12:29:31] <Amaryllis> "In any case..." Another bite. "We have been running ourselves rather ragged for a while. Perhaps a little research time would be great for both of us."
  37. [12:29:50] <Lenore> "I wouldn't mind a little rest!"
  38. [12:30:33] * Natalie looks up a bit, then nods. "Yeah.... uh, where was the place the crystal said to go again? Mad... Mada... nnnnnnngh Icanneverrememberit."
  39. [12:31:48] <Theta> "Madian Sari. Which is where I am heading anyway."
  40. [12:32:38] <Lenore> "Hmmm, well..."
  41. [12:32:52] <Natalie> "Oh, good! We can go together then, 'kay?"
  42. [12:33:07] <Lenore> "I found a message in the glyph I got, and after a bit of research, I found out it was directing me to Mt. Gulug."
  43. [12:33:11] <Amaryllis> "We are all at least headed for an airship, are we not?" Another bite of the delicious donut that Tree can't appreciate because he's a pleb.
  44. [12:33:13] * Retrieving #kaingame modes...
  45. [12:33:20] <Natalie> You are so mad.
  46. [12:33:36] <Amaryllis> "That much of the trip we can make together. I myself plan to head to Mt. Gulug."
  47. [12:34:02] <Lenore> "Oh, so...we can split up, then? Hmm~"
  48. [12:34:39] * Natalie whips her head toward Ammy and smiles a funny-looking smile. "Nnnn, that sounds good! My memory's not a big deal anymore, right? So we can just meet up later and it'll be fine. Probably."
  49. [12:35:29] <Kain> Ambrosia stumbles into the dining hall wearing pajamas and clutching a teddy bear. The black mage girls are right behind her, chattering away. "That's right, Amby! That looks so adorable!" "...but I don't understand why this is necessary...I don't get sleepy." "Don't worry about it, it's more about appearances anyway." "Ooh, breakfast!"
  50. [12:35:30] * Amaryllis looks to Nat, chewing her food slowly. "...Are you sure? You have remembered everything since you received the tiara?"
  51. [12:36:06] * Natalie chews, herself. "Nope! But a lot of it. Renny said it'll probably start getting better, right?"
  52. [12:36:10] * Amaryllis lays out a rack of the maple bacon donuts for the mage dolls and Ambrosia. The plate of egg and hash is out too.
  53. [12:36:50] * Theta looks over to this commotion.
  54. [12:36:59] <Kain> Ammy hears a resounding chorus of "Thank you!"'s and "Kyaaaa!"'s as the girls pick up their breakfast. Ambrosia stares at the plate for the moment, absently drops the plush bear in the floor and takes hers.
  55. [12:37:27] <Theta> "Uhm. Surely she had some better clothing for traveling."
  56. [12:37:29] <Kain> For some reason, Theta, the girls decided to dress the manikin up in PJs. Don't they know she has places to be today?
  57. [12:38:08] <Natalie> C U T E
  58. [12:38:13] <Kain> Ambrosia: "They said it was cute." she doesn't even know what the fuck, man. She just... lifts the plate to her mouth and opens wide, letting the contents slide in.
  59. [12:38:25] <Amaryllis> "...Ambrosia is traveling now? Does this mean she has recovered more of her memo-" Ammy just stares at her.
  60. [12:38:37] * Amaryllis blink.
  61. [12:38:43] * Amaryllis turns.
  62. [12:38:48] * Amaryllis returns to eating her food.
  63. [12:38:48] <Kain> Vivian: "The others are hard to convince when they've got an idea in their heads." :/
  64. [12:39:02] <Natalie> "It doesn't matter what you travel in, right? As long as it's comfy!" Nat gives another silly thumbs-up.
  65. [12:39:12] <Kain> T-404: "If she's traveling, she needs to be comfy!" she nods at Nat.
  66. [12:40:41] * Lenore blink blinks.
  67. [12:41:07] <Theta> "Erm."
  68. [12:41:11] <Kain> Ambrosia just gulps, swallowing everything whole. Whatever happened to her 'knowing ettiquete'.
  69. [12:41:39] * Lenore pulls out her scrunchie and sticks her hand through it, pulling looks like one of Lenore's spare dresses, although this is just a white sundress, presumably not one of her favorites since she doesn't wear it often. "Why don't you wear something like this instead, Amby?"
  70. [12:42:02] <Theta> "Surely there was -something- else in that clothing retrieved from The Enterprise? No? I could make something quickly I suppose..."
  71. [12:42:17] <Kain> Ambrosia looks over the dress. "...maybe..."
  72. [12:42:45] <Kain> Vivian: "There were plenty of clothes, these girls are just a handful. She seems like she's done eating in any case, let's get you back upstairs."
  73. [12:43:03] <Kain> Ambrosia looks at Vivian and nods, taking the dress from Lenore. "Thank you."
  74. [12:43:14] <Amaryllis> "Do you simply intend for her to accompany you to Madain Sari?" Ammy starts finishing off the avocado bagel thing. "I suppose that is much safer than exploring the Enterprise."
  75. [12:44:30] <Theta> "Yes. She wishes to accompany us and seems very...well, bored here."
  76. [12:45:09] <Natalie> "Yeah, and I'd been teaching her how to fight! She'll be tooootally okay!" Nat nods matter-of-factly.
  77. [12:45:18] <Kain> She tilts her head at Theta and pinches his arm. "Pinch." She nods along with Nat.
  78. [12:45:21] <Natalie> Little do the others know she's the worst instructor ever.
  79. [12:45:40] * Theta seems rather confused.
  80. [12:46:02] * Amaryllis does this
  81. [12:46:04] <Kain> Vivian: "Is that why she took the broom out last night?"
  82. [12:46:10] <Lenore> "You're welcome, Amby~. Take care of Theta and Nat for me!"
  83. [12:47:06] <Amaryllis> What do Tantarians eat? Do they just sustain themselves on stories in books or what? Would they ENJOY having actual food?
  84. [12:47:06] <Kain> T-404: "Or was it this morning? Kyaaaa, I still haven't acclimatized yet!"
  85. [12:47:29] <Theta> "The broom?"
  86. [12:47:35] <Natalie> "Uh-huh! She's really tough with that thing, you know!"
  87. [12:47:42] <Kain> Well, it sure hasn't been eating while traveling in your bag. But it CAN eat, apparently, if drinking with you was any indication.
  88. [12:47:44] <Theta> "The broom."
  89. [12:47:49] * Natalie nods. "Yup."
  90. [12:47:58] <Lenore> "Anything can be a weapon, if you believe in it hard enough!"
  91. [12:48:05] <Lenore> She pumps a fist up!
  92. [12:48:29] * Amaryllis decides to set the whole Ambrosia fighting with a broom thing aside for the moment and scoots to an emptier corner of the kitchen to open up her Tantarian scrapbook.
  93. [12:48:33] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Three hundred percent more effective against dust bunnies and misbehaving animals."
  94. [12:48:58] <Amaryllis> "...How are you holding up from the whiskey?"
  95. [12:48:58] <Lenore> (Oh god my heart)
  96. [12:49:04] <Natalie> (^)
  97. [12:49:28] <Kain> The tantarian barely pokes its head out. "Somebody blow out the lights..."
  98. [12:49:39] <Theta> "...Right. Then." He is extremely wary of what Nat taught her.
  99. [12:49:47] <Kain> A strange, highpitched voice you all haven't heard of comes from Ammy's book.
  100. [12:50:26] * Lenore headturns immediately toward the voice! "Who's that?"
  101. [12:50:46] * Amaryllis nod nods. "Allow me to teach you about hangover food." She sets down a plate of hash and eggs, a cheesy bagel with avocado and ham, and the maple bacon donut.
  102. [12:50:57] <Kain> Ambrosia is dragged off by Vivian to get properly dressed around this time.
  103. [12:51:15] * Natalie follows Lenny's movement, a giant invisible question mark appearing.
  104. [12:51:23] <Kain> Anyone at a good angle can see a tiny blue head peeking out of the book she's got.
  105. [12:51:34] <Kain> With horns, and a forked bookmark tail.
  106. [12:51:37] * Lenore walks over~ and leeeeans in~
  107. [12:51:53] <Kain> The Tantarian shrinks into the book some, though its eyes turn towards the food.
  108. [12:52:06] <Lenore> "Is thaaat..."
  109. [12:52:07] <Lenore> "..."
  110. [12:52:09] <Theta> OH GREAT ANOTHER WEIRD CREATURE IN HIS HOUSE - oh it's just a little blue mouse thing.
  111. [12:52:10] <Natalie> "Ammy? Uh..."
  112. [12:52:12] <Lenore> "I dunno' what that is!"
  113. [12:52:18] <Natalie> 1,1inb4 Garland sees it
  114. [12:52:22] <Amaryllis> "A Tantarian! I have yet to name it."
  115. [12:52:44] <Kain> A certain black cat is sitting at Ammy's feet looking up at the counter.
  116. [12:52:54] <Lenore> "A Tantarian!? Oh wow, I read about those once, but to actually see one...awesome~! ☆"
  117. [12:53:00] <Kain> Its tail is twitching back and forth.
  118. [12:53:10] * Lenore goes starry-eyed ☆_☆
  119. [12:53:20] * Amaryllis looks down. Her eyes glow. "Shoo."
  120. [12:53:23] <Natalie> "A... that sounds kinda familiar...." Nat feels like she should be more excited than she is, confusedly flipping through the diary. After seeing nothin' she headshakes.
  121. [12:53:51] <Kain> Tantarian: "Hi to you too! We're usually popular among the wrong crowds." :< The book innnches closer to the food and the bookmark reaches over to grasp a donut.
  122. [12:53:59] <Lenore> (Garland will knock us all down with his adorable)
  123. [12:54:02] * Amaryllis intuit magics a red point of light and waves it off toward the other side of the kitchen.
  124. [12:54:08] <Theta> "The book is eating a donut."
  125. [12:54:13] * Natalie !s and leaps after it.
  126. [12:54:19] <Theta> "Alright. This is certainly the oddest morning we've had in a while."
  127. [12:54:24] <Kain> The cat looks up at Ammy, goes "Mrow." and then continues looking up at the tantarian, waving his paws in the air.
  128. [12:55:28] <Kain> The tantarian peeeks its head out a bit more and a tiny mouth opens to munch the donut.
  129. [12:55:34] <Kain> "...hey, not bad." Nomnomnom.
  130. [12:55:42] <Kain> It seems to have sharp, pointed teeth.
  131. [12:55:42] * Lenore watches this with interest. "Neat~!"
  132. [12:55:46] <Amaryllis> (is there an airship terminal in Treno, or would we be heading somewhere else IC to fly to our destinations?)
  133. [12:56:14] <Kain> There are places where airships take off from when they're in town, but there isn't exactly a regular airport.
  134. [12:56:14] <Lenore> (1,1If only we could pester Noah)
  135. [12:56:28] <Natalie> (Yeah, would each group be taking airships? Or can Neta go on a sidequest to get a ride on Phoenix' back to get there?)
  136. [12:56:38] <Theta> (brb building a helicopter)
  137. [12:56:54] <Amaryllis> (>implying Ammy didn't pester Noah...but he'll probably show up later on)
  138. [12:57:05] <Kain> You could try and barter passage on a cargo ship or something, but the chances of one heading specifically to Esto Gaza or Madain Sari aren't very high.
  139. [12:57:20] <Kain> Alternately you could go to Burmecia or Lindblum to get a guaranteed flight out.
  140. [12:58:03] <Amaryllis> (zoof say what you just said in Skype on here pls)
  141. [12:58:07] <Natalie> (^)
  142. [12:58:11] <Lenore> (^)
  143. [12:58:27] <Theta> (so both those cities get crushed in the war and get rebuilt and have airports, but the city with all the rich fucks that wasn't touched still doesn't have one.)
  144. [12:58:31] <Theta> (This city sucks >:T)
  145. [12:58:42] <Kain> (Haha)
  146. [12:58:52] <Kain> (Yeah pretty much)
  147. [12:58:58] <Lenore> "Maybe a noble has a personal airship? Hmmmm..."
  148. [12:59:00] <Natalie> (ALRIGHT TO THE OCEAN, WE'LL SWIM ACROSS)
  149. [12:59:05] <Kain> (Alexandrian reparations and nobles having their private ships)
  150. [12:59:26] <Natalie> (Oh no, actually let's just activate Ambrosia's flight mode and ride on her)
  151. [12:59:26] <Amaryllis> (Let's negotiate our way into someone giving us a private airship ride)
  152. [12:59:42] <Amaryllis> (/me brandishes +11 negotiate roll threateningly >:V)
  153. [12:59:53] <Lenore> (I've got decent Negotiate too~)
  154. [13:00:17] <Kain> Garland crouches... then pounces up to the counter!
  155. [13:00:24] <Kain> The tantarian levitates the fuck away from the cat.
  156. [13:00:31] <Amaryllis> "No! Bad cat."
  157. [13:00:39] <Kain> Garland: "Meow?"
  158. [13:00:47] * Natalie slinks back in the room. "What'd I do- oh."
  159. [13:00:55] * Amaryllis tries the laser pointer distraction again.
  160. [13:00:55] <Kain> The cat seems curious of the creature, then leans back as it levitates.
  161. [13:01:07] * Lenore picks up Garland. "Garly, why don't you come with me~?" Pet, pet, scratch behind ear~
  162. [13:02:01] <Amaryllis> (oh oh I have an idea. Let's have Renegade teleport us to our destinations)
  163. [13:02:12] <Natalie> (oh nigger balls that's even better)
  164. [13:02:20] <Lenore> (Superior plan)
  165. [13:02:23] <Kain> The cat glances over at the pointer and sort of leaaaans and half-steps towards the light, falling off the counter, but landing on his feet. He shakes himself, pretends that didn't happen, grooms his paw very casually, THEN goes to follow the pointer.
  166. [13:02:43] * Natalie leaps after it again, by the way.
  167. [13:02:45] <Natalie> CAT BATTLE
  168. [13:03:01] <Lenore> (Oh so, he jumped out of the way of Lenore grabbing him? Oh well~)
  169. [13:03:09] * Amaryllis sighs as she leads Garland off and as Nat goes to leap after the light too.
  170. [13:03:15] <Kain> Vivian drags Ambrosia back downstairs, this time dressed properly in Lenore's dress. Ambrosia has a broom tightly gripped in her hands.
  171. [13:05:19] <Kain> Just a run of the mill broom.
  172. [13:05:25] <Natalie> Nat undistracts herself and stands up. "Okay, let's go!"
  173. [13:05:31] <Natalie> "... How're we going again?"
  174. [13:05:44] <Lenore> "You look great~! Better than I do in that dress, white isn't my color!"
  175. [13:05:51] * Theta looks over to them. "You really favor a broom hrm. Alright then."
  176. [13:06:03] <Amaryllis> "An airship, perhaps."
  177. [13:06:28] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Is a broom not a suitable weapon?"
  178. [13:06:48] <Lenore> "My dad knows some teleportation magics, I'm pretty sure, so maybe we could ask him?"
  179. [13:06:52] * Natalie hops over to Theta, giving him pleading eyes. "Yeah, just wait until you see her with it! Actually, think you could build her an even better one sometime?"
  180. [13:06:55] <Lenore> "...but then there's getting back..."
  181. [13:07:00] <Natalie> "I totally told her you might be able to! ... I think."
  182. [13:07:05] <Natalie> "If I didn't I probably meant to."
  183. [13:07:25] <Amaryllis> "We can find an airship back. Yes, let's ask your father."
  184. [13:08:07] <Lenore> "Ready to go, everyone~?"
  185. [13:08:12] <Theta> "It's...well it's not a usual choice but we'll see." Nods. Ready to go.
  186. [13:08:27] <Natalie> "'Kay!" Nat is super hype total prep.
  187. [13:08:32] <Natalie> ... Prep as in prepared.
  188. [13:08:37] <Natalie> Not like, high school prep.
  189. [13:08:39] <Natalie> 1,1That's Lenore.
  190. [13:08:50] <Amaryllis> "I could also simply check for an airship leaving for the respective locations..." Ammy rubs her head.
  191. [13:09:08] <Natalie> "Nah, that's no fun!"
  192. [13:09:11] <Amaryllis> (hey tree give me a faith for my mercantile roll for that?)
  193. [13:09:15] <Natalie> (done)
  194. [13:09:36] <Kain> Mr. Prickles tumbles out of one of the dish cabinets, landing on Lenore's shoulders as you start to get ready to leave.
  195. [13:09:59] <Amaryllis> "I shall be back soon then." Ammy gulps down some water and the last of her breakfast, then goes out the door to look for cargo ships heading to Esto Gaza
  196. [13:10:03] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  197. [13:10:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=4,4]
  198. [13:10:07] * Lenore grabs onto his legs, piggyback~. "Hi Prickly~"
  199. [13:11:07] <Kain> Prickles yawns. "Good morning..."
  200. [13:14:36] <Kain> This game was interrupted to bring you a word from our sponsor.
  201. [13:14:39] <Kain> 'Lewd.'
  202. [13:14:46] <Kain> Now back to our scheduled game.
  203. [13:15:19] * Lenore starts heading for the door. "Let's go, c'mon!"
  204. [13:16:15] * Natalie grabs Ambrosia by a wrist or somesuch and ALSO heads for the door. Probably kicking it open if she beats Lenny there.
  205. [13:16:19] * Amaryllis is off finding an airship and doing decidedly not lewd things and is certainly not drinking cactuar juice.
  206. [13:16:24] * Theta continues to the home of the renegade.
  207. [13:16:26] <Kain> Ambrosia is draaaaagged.
  208. [13:17:50] <Kain> In any case...
  209. [13:17:51] * Natalie leads the way to Renny's home, HOPING to remember enough about him to ask him for a favor. Another favor.
  210. [13:18:05] <Lenore> ~
  211. [13:18:43] <Kain> Natalie, Theta, Ammy, Lenore, Ambrosia, and Mr. Prickles bid goodbye to the black mage girls despite the extreme derailment from the Skype conversation, and ventured forth to the home of Magical Immortal Jerk Dad.
  212. [13:19:04] <Amaryllis> (;_; so do I find an airship or not? I rolled mercantile to look for a cargo ship above)
  213. [13:19:30] <Kain> Oh shit
  214. [13:19:36] <Kain> this is the kind of derailment I was talking about.
  215. [13:19:37] <Kain> Let's see.
  216. [13:19:44] <Natalie> Yeah, only three of us went to see Renegade apparently.
  217. [13:21:34] <Kain> On a 14, you find out that there is a ship, owned by the Rook family, heading off to Esto Gaza within the hour, but they don't seem to be receptive to offering you passage.
  218. [13:21:56] <Kain> You could try sneaking aboard...
  219. [13:22:21] <Amaryllis> (could I try negotiating?)
  220. [13:22:57] <Kain> You could try, but it's not very likely. It might be easier to stow away if you really plan to go this way.
  221. [13:24:31] * Amaryllis pleads her case, emphasizing that it's for scholarly pursuit, and that she's willing to pay for passage.
  222. [13:24:50] <Kain> Roll Negotiate then!
  223. [13:25:03] <Amaryllis> 2d6+11
  224. [13:25:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+11: 18 [2d6=6,1]
  225. [13:25:07] <Amaryllis> 1d6 reroll 1
  226. [13:25:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll 1: 4 [1d6=4]
  227. [13:25:09] <Kain> +11
  228. [13:25:11] <Kain> what
  229. [13:25:17] <Natalie> *Ammy*
  230. [13:25:24] <Amaryllis> (you gave me a center stage accessory, remember~?)
  231. [13:25:39] <Kain> oh yeaaah.
  232. [13:25:41] <Amaryllis> (so that's 9 perform and +2 from the knife that you gave us in the Enterprise)
  233. [13:25:42] <Kain> Wellp
  234. [13:25:51] <Amaryllis> 21!
  235. [13:27:12] <Kain> The captain looks you over, and agrees to take you along but you have to stay up front at the ship's controls.
  236. [13:27:59] <Kain> He doesn't want you wandering off - the Rook family's shipment is extremely important.
  237. [13:29:09] <Amaryllis> That is perfectly fine to her! She shuffles off to the side and scribbles a quick note saying she's found passage on an airship if Lenore wants to join her, and then folds it up and gives it to her chocochick. She leans in close. "I know you are smarter than you may try to appear. Here are the directions to get to Lenore's house..." and she relays those.
  238. [13:29:24] <Kain> The chick chirps and flies off!
  239. [13:29:35] <Kain> just entrusted a letter to a chocobo chick.
  240. [13:29:41] <Kain> Oh well.
  241. [13:30:39] <Kain> Meanwhile, the rest of you are heading along the path to Lenore's house... along the way you get slowed up a moment as someone is taking up the narrow path putting up a wanted poster among several others.
  242. [13:31:03] * Lenore squints.
  243. [13:32:09] <Kain> Just a city guard - the poster depicts a sketch of a hooded figure with long hair and glowing eyes, and the text "UNKNOWN MAGE - WANTED FOR MURDER - 5000 gil dead or alive."
  244. [13:32:53] <Kain> The guard looks over as the lot of you approach and grunts. "In your way? Jus' a sec." he finishes putting up the poster and sets aside.
  245. [13:32:55] * Theta looks over it, does it more resemble Kraken's avatar?
  246. [13:33:07] * Lenore also gives it a good lookover!
  247. [13:33:21] <Kain> You can't really tell. The face is obscured by shadow, pretty much like a black mage would be depicted.
  248. [13:33:32] <Kain> But Kraken's avatar had short hair.
  249. [13:33:35] * Natalie spins on one leg to look at it, balancing that way. "Yeah-huh! Just goin' thattaway."
  250. [13:33:39] <Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  251. [13:33:45] <Theta> "Uh."
  252. [13:33:46] <Natalie> As soon as he moves Natty hops back on two legs and keeps walking, ignoring it.
  253. [13:33:57] <Kain> About this time, Ammy's choco-chick catches up to you with the note, giving it to Lenore.
  254. [13:34:16] <Kain> *steps aside, the guard did rather.
  255. [13:35:15] <Kain> Guard: "Been another couple deaths in the alleyways... you lot be careful."
  256. [13:35:18] * Lenore picks up the little chicky and takes the note. "Oh my, what a good little thing you are~!" She reads it, nodding. "Yeah, I'll come with, just let me make sure Nat and Theta are squared away! You can stick with me until I go back~." She sets it on Prickles' shoulder, who is also on HER shoulders. shouldercarryx2 combo!
  257. [13:35:45] <Theta> "..." He seems to hesitate as he looks over it then follows along.
  258. [13:35:47] <Kain> Chickles and Prickles away!
  259. [13:36:00] <Natalie> What, Nat wasn't carrying Prickles? ... Actually sure that's totally fine, her shoulders probably appreciate it.
  260. [13:36:03] * Natalie marches along~
  261. [13:36:22] <Lenore> Into the house.
  262. [13:37:26] * Natalie KICKS THE DOOR OPjust kidding, can you imagine?
  263. [13:37:48] <Kain> All of you head into the Renegade's house and find him walking towards the basement with a floating pillar of black stone in tow behind him.
  264. [13:38:12] <Lenore> "Hey Dad, can I ask you a favor?"
  265. [13:38:30] <Kain> He glances over as you all come in. "A favor?"
  266. [13:38:56] <Natalie> "Yeah! We uh, need help kinda sorta."
  267. [13:39:03] <Kain> He continues levitating the thing down without himself accompanying it. "Well, what is it?"
  268. [13:40:09] <Lenore> "Mmmmhmmmm! Nat, Theta, and Ambrosia here need to get to Madain Sari, and I wanted to ask you if you could warp them over there. I know it's a bit...menial, but..."
  269. [13:41:14] <Natalie> "But the crystal needs us!"
  270. [13:42:30] <Kain> Renegade: "...Lena, you may be my daughter but I am hardly your personal transport service." he seems a bit annoyed. "It's nothing, honestly, but if I do this for you, you'll soon be back asking me for a teleport elsewhere. And then another, and another..."
  271. [13:42:54] <Lenore> "Nono, I already have transport for where I need to go."
  272. [13:42:56] <Amaryllis> (worst dad ever, won't even send her to school)
  273. [13:43:16] <Lenore> (He did homeschool her, so that is kind of true.)
  274. [13:43:17] <Amaryllis> (soccer practice? walk home)
  275. [13:43:18] * Natalie :<s and steps up. "Don't do it for her then, do it for me!"
  276. [13:43:28] <Kain> He squints at Nat.
  277. [13:43:38] <Natalie> "You um, saw my memories and stuff earlier, didn't you? Call it payment~"
  278. [13:44:38] <Kain> He sighs. "I'll teleport you as far as Burmecia."
  279. [13:45:34] <Lenore> "All right, sorry dad, next time I ask you for something it'll be something more important. Anyway, I have to go meet Ammy, so bye Theta, Nat, and Amby~! Stay safe!"
  280. [13:46:08] * Natalie waves back. "'Kay! Keep her safe, okay?"
  281. [13:46:13] <Amaryllis> Can we say Ammy gave everyone a proper goodbye back at Theta's place? I thought everyone would have waited til Ammy found out about airships, but if they're leaving this way then that would make more sense.
  282. [13:46:17] * Theta waves her off. Well this is awkward.
  283. [13:46:26] <Lenore> WAve~. Then she walks out.
  284. [13:46:36] <Natalie> Aaaand spins back around. "Sure, I guess that's fine. ... That's close-by, right?"
  285. [13:47:10] * Lenore is heading straight for wherever the note told her Ammy would be!
  286. [13:48:31] <Kain> Renegade: "You will be able to secure transport from there to Madain Sari easily. It will still save you time, in the long run, but it will also discourage you from seeking me out whenever you need any random teleport."
  287. [13:49:21] <Kain> Amby mimics Theta's wave, seeing Lenore off.
  288. [13:49:28] <Theta> "You make it sound as if this will be unpleasent."
  289. [13:49:31] * Theta gulps
  290. [13:49:52] <Natalie> "Oh, I got it!" Nat smacks a fist into a palm. "I'll just watch how you do it, how's that? I really don't remember how I learned the spells I know, so I bet I just pilfered them from Summoners I used to have or something. Easy!"
  291. [13:50:10] <Natalie> "And if I learn how myself, I won't need to ask for help anymore." Nod nod.
  292. [13:50:16] <Kain> Renegade: "Not especially, no. The idea is if I send you only part way you won't bother asking me next time. We'll see how well this theory holds up."
  293. [13:50:56] <Kain> Renegade wiggles his fingers and a teleportation circle forms around Theta, Natalie, and Ambrosia.
  294. [13:52:03] * Theta braces for landing on a red head again ara ara
  295. [13:52:11] <Kain> In a flash of light, you find yourselves hurled from Treno, and in an instant the sun is blindingly bright in your eyes as it reflects off the stainless white architecture of Burmecia.
  296. [13:52:19] * Natalie stands wide-open and watches... oh that was a pretty boring teleport.
  297. [13:52:24] <Natalie> DIDN'T LEARN SHIT CAP'N
  298. [13:52:34] <Kain> Oh, and you're all three feet above the ground.
  299. [13:52:36] <Kain> ...
  300. [13:52:45] <Kain> ka-fall!
  301. [13:52:48] <Natalie> 2d6+8 athletics for landing
  302. [13:52:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, athletics for landing: 14 [2d6=2,4]
  303. [13:52:59] <Kain> Natalie sticks her landing, but...
  304. [13:53:01] * Natalie lands standardly as fuck. Boo.
  305. [13:53:06] <Kain> Elizabeth: "GODS DAMN IT"
  306. [13:53:15] <Amaryllis> (pffft)
  307. [13:53:23] <Kain> ...Theta and Ambrosia land directly on top of Elizabeth, Cirra, Gale, and Bebe.
  308. [13:53:47] * Theta is a prophet.
  309. [13:53:53] <Amaryllis> (Hey Kain can we assume Lenore gets on the airship fine and all so Aori and I could have Ammy and Lenore chat while this goes on?)
  310. [13:53:58] <Lenore> ~
  311. [13:54:02] <Theta> and lands with a womp. "Uhm. Apologies. Again."
  312. [13:54:27] <Kain> (If you want, Cast!)
  313. [13:54:36] <Natalie> The cat... uh, lands on her feet then. BORING. "Ooh, that wasn't even very exciting! ... These people look kinda familiar."
  314. [13:54:48] <Kain> The red-headed mage just grumbles as she pushes you off of her. "What is your deal with suddenly appearing out of nowhere?"
  315. [13:55:09] <Amaryllis> (how about #lewdship?)
  316. [13:55:11] <Kain> Ambrosia is sitting on Bebe, who... doesn't look TOO umcomfortable for being sat on by someone twice as big.
  317. [13:55:16] <Kain> Bebe: "Oh. Um. Hello."
  318. [13:55:46] <Theta> "I swear it's complete chance!"
  319. [13:56:03] * Theta collects himself and stands. "Surprised we caught up to you all to be honest..."
  320. [13:56:24] * Natalie helps Ambrosia up for the millionth time. Then this strange individual underneath her, presumably.
  321. [13:56:36] <Kain> Cirra: "Well, we needed to do a bit of a supply run... and the journey here was a bit tiring..."
  322. [13:56:49] <Kain> Gale: "She was too lazy to march on the way over."
  323. [13:56:55] <Natalie> "Ohh right," Nat mumbles to herself. "Ammy said we met before, didn't we..."
  324. [13:57:20] <Kain> Gale: "What, you don't remember?" Sharp ears. She leaaans forward, looking at Nat.
  325. [13:57:33] <Natalie> By the way she's in normal outfit today, not the coat. "Nope!" She says with a smile.
  326. [13:57:57] <Kain> Bebe picks himself up, dusts himself off, and adjusts his little hood. "Hello again, Theta. ...remarkable coincidences, really... Who's your new friend?"
  327. [13:58:22] <Kain> Gale: "Of all the-"
  328. [13:58:39] <Theta> "Ah, yes. I think I mentioned her before. This is Ambrosia."
  329. [13:58:43] <Kain> Cirra: "Gale, please. What brings you all this way?"
  330. [13:58:53] * Natalie happily headtilts~
  331. [13:59:04] <Kain> Bebe: "Oh? Oh! Delighted to meet you, miss." he seems rather chipper for being landed on.
  332. [13:59:12] <Theta> "Ambrosia, this is Bebe."
  333. [13:59:30] <Natalie> "Baby...." Mumblemumble.
  334. [13:59:36] <Kain> Ambrosia headtilts the opposite direction of Nat. "Hello."
  335. [13:59:44] <Natalie> 7kawaii9me
  336. [14:01:46] <Theta> "I hope the ship you are taking isn't sold out on seating yet?"
  337. [14:03:15] <Kain> Bebe: "Oh, no, I don't believe so. Coming with us?"
  338. [14:04:00] <Theta> "Most likely. We are making our way to Madian Sari."
  339. [14:04:04] <Natalie> "Yeah!" Nat suddenly peps up and jumps into the conversation she's clearly not supposed to be in. "The c- ... er, I mean, we have to go somewhere! To... do a thing!"
  340. [14:04:46] <Kain> Bebe looks at Nat. "That's generally what most people are motivated by, yes."
  341. [14:04:51] <Natalie> "But if you're going there too, I guess we are."
  342. [14:05:44] <Kain> Cirra: "Oh, lovely. I could speak all day on my discoveries about green magic if you like..."
  343. [14:05:50] * Theta looks over to Elizabeth. "Truely sorry about this." hawkward.
  344. [14:07:36] <Kain> The white mage just shakes her head. "Don't worry about it, Theta. I'm just going to have to deal with the fact that it's apparently going to become a habit."
  345. [14:08:01] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Rule of three and all." she sighs. "We may as well get a move on."
  346. [14:08:17] * Natalie doesn't even get what's being referred to and headtilts again in total ignorance. SHAME!
  347. [14:08:39] <Natalie> "Yeah, c'mon, let's go! Can't wait to meet you all... um... again, apparently." She drags Ambrosia too.
  348. [14:09:52] * Theta goes to purchase tickets then and onward!
  349. [14:10:50] * Natalie lets Theta purchase tickets due to being a clueless moeblob. Fortunately she has another clueless moeblob in tow to make herself look better by comparison!
  350. [14:11:08] <Kain> Onward indeed! The group of seven get their tickets and board the airship waiting for them at the docks. It's not the usual kind of airliner, unusual for not having private rooms or actually anywhere to sleep.
  351. [14:12:04] <Kain> Instead, it seems like there's a large, open air restaurant on deck with a canvas pulled over the area as a canopy.
  352. [14:12:26] <Kain> There are various forms of entertainment, like... shuffleboard or something, an orchestra, a bar...
  353. [14:14:39] <Kain> You're all shown to a rather large table nearby to relax while the ship takes off.
  354. [14:14:41] <Natalie> Nowhere to sleep? Nonsense! Nat curls up and takes a nap anyw- ... okay actually no, she doesn't, instead opting to talk to these people due to getting the chance. Unfortunately her self-introduction is something along the lines of "Hi, my name's C- ... My name's Natalie and I have amnesia!"
  355. [14:15:15] <Kain> Gale: "Amnesia, huh? ...I guess that explains why you're not acting like a total bitch anymore."
  356. [14:15:18] <Kain> Cirra: "Gale!"
  357. [14:15:46] <Kain> Cirra: "That was completely uncalled for."
  358. [14:15:49] * Theta just follows along where the others head, but nearly chokes with a laugh.
  360. [14:16:21] <Kain> Gale: "I used past tense, didn't I?"
  361. [14:16:22] <Natalie> "Ohh..." Nat droops a little then perks right back up. "Yeah, I heard I was like that when I was acting last time. Sorry, sorry!"
  362. [14:16:33] <Natalie> "I think it was on purpose... I think."
  363. [14:16:52] <Theta> "While on that topic..."
  364. [14:16:56] * Natalie flips through the diary. "Big words... act like you're better than everyone else... wear lots of jewelry..."
  365. [14:16:58] <Natalie> "Yep, sounds like it!"
  366. [14:17:08] <Natalie> Yet she's still wearing a fancy-ass tiara.
  367. [14:17:08] <Theta> "You all mentioned you were heading to th Earth Shrine I recall?"
  368. [14:17:12] <Kain> Ambrosia frowns. "Is that what that word means?" she leans over to look over Nat's shoulder.
  369. [14:17:36] <Kain> Bebe: "That's right. I'm worried about elemental corruption."
  370. [14:17:36] <Natalie> "Bitch?" Nat peeks back. "Oh no, that's a kind of tree!"
  371. [14:17:55] <Theta> "I think you're confusing it with 'birch.' "
  372. [14:18:00] <Natalie> "Oh right."
  373. [14:18:13] <Theta> "It's an...uh...insult."
  374. [14:18:30] <Kain> Ambrosia: "I didn't think she was acting like a giant tree." she tilts her head.
  375. [14:19:06] * Theta looks to Bebe again. "I should warn you that it's probably due to a fiend of sorts. They have been harassing us a while..."
  376. [14:19:10] <Natalie> "Yeah... oops~"
  377. [14:19:19] <Kain> Gale: "If she doesn't remember then we can put it all behind us. So, this is odd... you're here by yourselves. The others are absent again."
  378. [14:19:34] <Kain> Bebe: "You said something about 'Lich' last time, right?"
  379. [14:20:08] <Natalie> "Oh, that's right!" Nat peps up with her diary wide-open, to the page where she wrote about Lich. "Lich is a bitch!"
  380. [14:20:14] <Natalie> "... Pretty sure that's how you use that."
  381. [14:20:20] <Kain> Cirra seemed to want to speak up about green magic but she :<'s and listens.
  382. [14:21:07] <Kain> Elizabeth just gets out a carved wooden pipe and begins to fill it with tobacco. ...Weird, the white mage smokes.
  383. [14:21:39] <Kain> Gale: "She's got the right idea of it." she nods at Natalie.
  384. [14:22:11] * Natalie ignores the restaurant and just chomps on magical sashimi during the ride. No reason not to!
  385. [14:22:33] <Theta> "A fiend of Earth. It attacked us in Lindblum."
  386. [14:23:27] <Natalie> Nat headshakes a bit. "I don't really remember that one either, but from what I wrote here apparently he was reaaaally nasty. We still beat him up, though!"
  387. [14:23:42] <Kain> The orchestra starts up some kind of swing song in the background.
  388. [14:24:06] <Kain> Bebe: "That's awfully far from the Earth Shrine... these 'fiends' are harassing your group specficially?"
  389. [14:24:42] <Theta> "It's a complicated matter. I we seem to have upset their master."
  390. [14:25:12] <Kain> Ambrosia watches Elizabeth light her pipe, and wrinkles her nose a bit at the smell. Elizabeth stares back at the girl, drawing on it as she watches.
  391. [14:25:14] <Natalie> "Yeah! A... Chaos, right? I can't WAIT to kick his face in."
  392. [14:25:30] <Kain> Bebe: "Chaos? Hm..."
  393. [14:25:31] * Natalie keeps looking at her diary a bit then whomps it closed.
  394. [14:26:13] <Kain> Bebe: "You know more than me, I'm afraid."
  395. [14:27:15] <Natalie> "Well, as long as we beat them up it's not gonna be a problem," Nat nods at herself. "Probably."
  396. [14:27:26] <Theta> "Ambrosia is a similar race to Bebe and myself," she comments at Elizabeth's reaction. "And..." He'd use the word 'young' but that's not accurate, "recently awoke. She's still acclimating to things."
  397. [14:27:55] <Kain> Bebe: "Elemental corruption isn't a unique phenomenon, but it's been fairly rare up until now. It can cause deterioration in the environment and has a gradual effect on the creatures in the area."
  398. [14:28:21] <Natalie> "You mean like... it hurts them?"
  399. [14:28:46] <Kain> Bebe: "Hurt? Not on a physical level... more like 'changes'."
  400. [14:29:49] <Kain> Elizabeth: "I see." she pulls the pipe down and breathes out a stream of smoke, which is caught in the wind and pulled away. "There are all sorts in the world, aren't there?"
  401. [14:29:49] <Natalie> "Ohh.... but like, in a bad way, right? I guess that's probably pretty chaosy."
  402. [14:30:29] <Kain> Bebe: "Augmentation, hyper aggression..."
  403. [14:31:54] <Theta> "I guess there are. Just a week ago I didn't even know her race existed myself."
  404. [14:32:02] <Kain> Bebe: "Possibly other things - Mastering the art of drawing elemental spirits into a weapon during forging is a popular skill for talented smiths. I've only heard of one example of someone managing to forge a weapon with corrupted spirits, though."
  405. [14:32:02] * Natalie nods along, not actually having a clue what any of this means. "Yeah, that doesn't sound good... so you're looking for a way to stop it, right?"
  406. [14:32:18] <Kain> Bebe: "Yes, indeed."
  407. [14:32:53] <Kain> Cirra: "And this is all terribly relevant to some of my research, too! So Gale and I are along for the ride."
  408. [14:33:09] <Kain> Elizabeth: "And they need someone to make sure they don't bleed out, so might as well."
  409. [14:33:33] <Natalie> "Okay then! I totally want to try to help while we're all there then... maybe it's actually something to do with what we're looking for, too?"
  410. [14:34:38] <Kain> Bebe: "Possibly! Hard to tell what thing you're here to do. Though I know Theta is interested in Dad's workshop..."
  411. [14:35:03] <Natalie> "Oh, well, that's okay!" Nat smiles. "'Cause we don't know what we're looking for either!"
  412. [14:35:12] <Theta> "I think our interests lie with yours as to what would cause the fiend to show up here."
  413. [14:35:26] <Theta> "Though Vivi's workshop is also of interest, yes."
  414. [14:36:37] <Theta> "It's a long tale, the short of which is we require something the fiends are trying to keep away from us."
  415. [14:37:39] <Kain> By the way, you didn't exactly inquire further, but I'll give you a bit of information. Like a dictionary entry in Star Ocean 3, I guess! The weapon Bebe mentioned is the legendary blade, Catastrophe, forged with each type of elemental spirit in a corrupted state. No one knows what's happened to it.
  416. [14:38:35] <Kain> Bebe: "Well, I suppose we can put our heads together as long as our paths cross..."
  417. [14:38:55] * Natalie rubs her ruby, conveniently inside a tiara now.
  418. [14:39:30] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Does resting our heads together provide an advantage?" she leans her head against Theta's.
  419. [14:39:45] <Kain> Bebe: "Not... quite as literally as that.
  420. [14:39:46] <Natalie> "Well I..." ...
  421. [14:39:48] <Kain> "
  422. [14:39:51] <Natalie> "... Let's do it anyway!"
  423. [14:39:56] * Natalie leans against Ambrosia like a domino.
  424. [14:40:04] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Okay." Head bonk.
  425. [14:40:09] <Natalie> <3
  426. [14:40:09] <Amaryllis> (now Ambrosia's reminding me of Cygnus)
  427. [14:40:25] <Kain> (They do have some overlaps~)
  428. [14:40:29] * Theta laughs. "It means to work together, Ambrosia."
  429. [14:40:38] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Oh! Okay.":
  430. [14:40:59] <Kain> Ambrosia stops leaning against Nat. She then frowns at the floor. "Dirty..."
  431. [14:41:33] <Kain> Cirra: "In any case, it's a bit early in the day but I think I'm in the mood for a drink. Gale, want to come?"
  432. [14:41:43] <Kain> Gale: "Ehh, you go ahead."
  433. [14:42:18] <Kain> Gale turns to Theta as Cirra excuses herself. "We were planning on leaving from Madain Sari to Black Mage Village, then go to the Earth Shrine."
  434. [14:43:06] <Theta> "How would one even manage to forge such a weapon as that, Bebe? It would have to be under very specific circumstances..."
  435. [14:43:27] * Natalie has a lapse in the fact that she looks like a 15-year-old and peps up. "Oh, hey, I wanna come too!"
  436. [14:43:27] <Theta> And then to Gale, "Hmmm...makes me wish I'd brought all the girls then."
  437. [14:43:29] <Natalie> Whoosh.
  438. [14:44:16] <Kain> Cirra is joined by Nat, then!
  439. [14:45:03] <Kain> Bebe: "I believe it was. It was created by a dwarven blacksmith, out of adamantite. Perhaps forged in Madain Sari itself - the planet's energy gathers there. The summoners called it 'the heartbeat of Gaia'."
  440. [14:46:13] <Kain> Ambrosia looks after Nat a moment, but decides to stay with Theta.
  441. [14:46:28] <Theta> "What would cause corrupted spirits to coalesce in Marain Sari of all places?"
  442. [14:46:35] <Theta> "Other...than...what happened 20 or so years agpo."
  443. [14:47:03] <Kain> Bebe: "That, I couldn't tell you."
  444. [14:48:11] <Natalie> What Nat does is probably of lesser importance unless there's a scene where she's told she's underage and then mashes thievery to steal booze or something, but the essential tl;dr is that she loves drinking and partying more than anybody's ever gotten to see. ... Not as much as napping though.
  445. [14:48:13] <Kain> Bebe: "The sword was supposed to be some piece of work, though. Well suited for a dark knight and powerful of harnessing shadow energy. Some say Shadow is a corruption of Holy itself, but there's nothing definitive confirming that."
  446. [14:48:56] <Theta> "Seems unlikely."
  447. [14:49:08] <Theta> "You can't have shadows without light. Both are natural. Why would one be a corruption of the other?"
  448. [14:50:13] <Kain> Bebe: "You have a valid point. I don't know if it's too terribly relevant to our interests anyway."
  449. [14:51:24] <Kain> Cirra and Nat sit down at the bar next to a well-groomed gentleman with black hair and a strong jawline, with typical common clothes.
  450. [14:51:39] <Theta> "Has this corruption caused any issues in the immediate vicinity? How did it even come to anyone's attention?"
  451. [14:52:01] <Kain> (It's not Steiner)
  452. [14:52:15] <Natalie> (oh fuck I was just about to argue that 'he's the only person in FF9verse with a strong jawline')
  453. [14:52:28] <Kain> This guy actually looks about a decade older than Steiner.
  454. [14:53:39] * Natalie plops down, partially wishing she knows the magic word to transform into the older version of herself Ammy drew. But she doesn't, and follows Cirra's lead.
  455. [14:54:27] <Kain> Cirra: "So what would you like, Miss Aitchison?"
  456. [14:55:19] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  457. [14:55:33] <Natalie> "Ooh, I'll take a..." ... She scrunches her face a little. "One of what you're having."
  458. [14:55:48] <Kain> Bebe: "I've heard the antlions in the nearby desert have started getting more aggressive... There are adamantoises around the shrine itself but I haven't heard any reports."
  459. [14:55:59] * RichterBelmont is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  460. [14:56:55] <Kain> Cirra: "Bartender, two Cactuars, double sour!"
  461. [14:57:58] <Kain> Bebe: "Really, I don't think anyone would have noticed except for that - Antlions are docile usually."
  462. [14:59:04] <Theta> "Hrm."
  463. [15:00:56] <Kain> Bebe: "So there was abnormal monster behavior, and a few people got interested - someone figured out what was going on and word spread. I wished to see it myself."
  464. [15:00:57] * Natalie shuffles around in-seat, hardly nervous at all because she is just COMPLETE amnesiac about the way bars even work. So much so that she gives the strong-jaw guy a small wink thinking it's just a greeting.
  465. [15:01:37] <Kain> The man winks back. "Well, hello there. And who might you be?"
  466. [15:03:17] <Theta> "This could be quite dangerous then." He's happy at least the choice of coat was appropriate.
  467. [15:03:38] <Kain> Bebe: "And you seem to have your own agenda for going... I hope everything turns out to be alright."
  468. [15:03:42] <Theta> "Where exactly is the shrine, heading from the village?"
  469. [15:04:06] <Natalie> "Hm? Oh, I..." Nat shuffles a bit and then takes a deep breath. MODE CHANGE! RE: HAUGHTY NOBLE... after taking a bit to attempt to remember how to do it, to no avail. "It's 'Natalie Ellis Floruna Cathaoir Celestia Orbus...'" Oh god that's not right. "... Actually, 'Natalie Aitchison' is fine. Sorry, I just kinda wanted to say hi."
  470. [15:05:07] <Theta> "It's just that I have a few dolls living at my estate and I had wanted to show them the village eventually. Though also because of that I will have to look into this lab of your father's."
  471. [15:05:22] <Kain> Bebe: "You head almost due east from the village. You'll either need to do some mountain climbing or have transport."
  472. [15:07:14] <Kain> The bartender slides down some greenish colored drink that looks like it has more fruit juice than liquor in it to Nat and Cirra.
  473. [15:07:37] <Natalie> "Thanks!" Pleasebestrongpleasebestrongpleasebestrong.
  474. [15:07:52] * Natalie chugs like a beast, knowing nothing about etiquette here. *Amnesiacs*
  475. [15:07:55] <Kain> The man responds, "Aitchison? Really? Like the noble house. And such fine jewelry... what brings her ladyship out this way? My name is Jasper Jules, by the way."
  476. [15:08:21] <Kain> It's strong AND fruity.
  477. [15:09:10] <Kain> Like a Kuji Muscleman.
  478. [15:09:20] <Amaryllis> (woooowwww)
  479. [15:09:32] <Natalie> "Ah-ha! Well, I..." OOPS. She sets it down and closes her eyes a bit, focus focus. "Was... searching for something, but n-nothing of import really. Um... that's... a fine name too." Another chug, with a nod. "It even SOUNDS a bit like 'jewels.'"
  480. [15:09:39] <Natalie> Get it, because jasper is a gemstone? Ha ha!
  481. [15:10:23] <Kain> Cirra just sips her drink, impressed with your ability to chug, as she listens to you and this guy talk. And maybe playing chaperone.
  482. [15:10:35] <Kain> Elizabeth: "So, Theta... Teleportation."
  483. [15:10:41] <Kain> Elizabeth: "You seem rather fond."
  484. [15:11:14] <Theta> "Erm."
  485. [15:11:24] * Theta squirms a bit. Was Bebe there the first time he got poof'd?
  486. [15:11:56] <Kain> I believe he was. He glances away when Elizabeth says this, not making eye contact with Theta.
  487. [15:12:44] <Theta> "The first time was actually due to..."
  488. [15:12:46] <Theta> "..."
  489. [15:12:46] <Kain> Jasper: "It must be important if it has your attention. Hm, first time to Madain Sari, by any chance?"
  490. [15:13:31] <Natalie> "Probably n- ... er, I mean, maybe. I mean possibly." Sip. "... I mean yes. Yes, it actually is!"
  491. [15:13:37] <Theta> "Let's just say it was a well deserved scolding and a valuable lesson."
  492. [15:13:58] <Theta> "Our Mayor came up with."
  493. [15:14:29] <Natalie> "I've heard it was once a place of..." A 'how bad does Nat fuck up' dialogue window pops up.
  494. [15:14:50] <Kain> Elizabeth: "For the both of us, I'm sure."
  495. [15:15:01] <Natalie> The player picks the option that will intentionally lead to the most shenanigans, or maybe they're just boring and want to pick the true one. "... Summoners, right?"
  496. [15:15:17] <Kain> Gale in the meantime has started writing in a bit of a journal.
  497. [15:16:26] * Theta laughs awkwardly. Maybe it's a good thing the dolls were not here to see this. "Today was more due to an attempt to see if we could secure transportation from a rather influencial mage."
  498. [15:16:29] <Theta> "He was not amused."
  499. [15:16:38] * Theta looks around for drinks but has none. zut.
  500. [15:16:48] <Natalie> THEY'RE ALL WITH THE CATGIRL
  501. [15:16:57] <Kain> Look at this girl, pounding them down.
  503. [15:17:14] <Kain> Jasper: "Why yes, indeed. It has quite the history, actually."
  504. [15:17:49] <Kain> Jasper: "I live there, myself. I do a few things... artist, businesman, inventor, information exchange..."
  505. [15:17:51] <Lenore> (With winggirl Cirra)
  506. [15:17:55] <Natalie> "Ah-haaa~!" Her eyes light up, glad the player didn't make her say 'lesbians.'
  507. [15:18:20] <Kain> Jasper: "The remaining summoners don't live there anymore, however."
  508. [15:18:23] <Natalie> "You do... ALL of those things? At once?"
  509. [15:18:36] * Natalie sips again and turns around to totally face him, giving undivided attention.
  510. [15:19:16] <Kain> Jasper: "When I'm called upon to do so, yes I do!"
  511. [15:19:33] <Kain> Elizabeth: "I don't suppose I would be either. But I don't get that luxury either way."
  512. [15:20:22] <Natalie> "Whoa, that really sounds like SOMETHING!" ... Looks like she totally forgot how to do the haughty act. "What kind of things do you... um, do you art? Or invent?"
  513. [15:20:41] <Kain> Elizabeth: "A rather nice day. Last time I saw you there were inexplicably airship pirates involved - thankfully it seems we have the fortune of that not repeating itself."
  514. [15:21:09] <Theta> "..."
  515. [15:21:20] * Theta checks the skies.
  516. [15:21:25] <Kain> ....
  517. [15:21:30] <Theta> "Please tell me you did not just jynx us."
  518. [15:21:33] <Kain> No, the skies look fine.
  519. [15:21:49] <Natalie> Are they gradually darkening while string music plays?
  520. [15:21:58] <Kain> Elizabeth: "The world isn't some ten gil story where things happen just by being mentioned."
  521. [15:22:23] <Lenore> (1,1And then it turned out Elizabeth jynxed Lammy)
  522. [15:23:45] <Kain> Jasper: "I'm a sculptor. I work with clay, on occasion. Inventions? Well, I've created a sort of... portable gliding mechanism."
  523. [15:24:01] <Kain> Jasper: "I also do a bit of singing."
  524. [15:24:14] <Theta> "The spirits can be very whimsical, is all!"
  525. [15:24:53] <Theta> "Never did hear what you yourself were researching, though..."
  526. [15:25:00] <Natalie> "Whoaaa, those all sound fun!" She :Ds and inches closet 1,1after gulping down the entire rest of the Cactuar at once. "It's still a... Summoner-y place, isn't it? Do you sculpt Eidolons?"
  527. [15:27:47] <Kain> Elizabeth: "I'm researching the effects of white magic on overall life span."
  528. [15:28:20] * Theta seems rather surprised. "Really? Would love to hear more about that."
  529. [15:28:24] <Natalie> -closet +closer
  530. [15:29:04] <Kain> Elizabeth: "There are some schools of thought that being exposed to white magic regularly helps you live longer, and others that say that causing the body to heal faster essentially draws time from your future."
  531. [15:29:53] <Kain> Elizabeth: "But there are very few people who have actually tested this in the field."
  532. [15:30:33] <Kain> Jasper: "In fact, yes I do."
  533. [15:30:48] <Natalie> Oh god her eyes are even sparklier than her ruby. "Really?"
  534. [15:31:04] <Kain> Cirra decides not to intervene. I mean, really, who is she to tell Nat this is probably a bad idea?
  535. [15:31:14] <Theta> "How would you test this anyway?"
  536. [15:31:55] <Theta> "I mean say you were using field mice. Inflicting them with wounds to test it could cause other afflictions or infections not caught couldn't it?"
  537. [15:32:15] <Natalie> The answer to that is probably 'a good person.'
  538. [15:32:25] <Natalie> choo choo here comes the rape train
  539. [15:33:15] <Kain> Elizabeth: "It's difficult to get concrete results, but... Obtaining a few creatures or something with a short enough lifespan should be able to provide some data."
  540. [15:33:37] <Kain> Elizabeth: "And yes, that's true."
  541. [15:33:57] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Though part of the testing would be actually using white magic on uninjured creatures too."
  542. [15:34:18] <Kain> Elizabeth: "If, in fact, there can be too much of a good thing."
  543. [15:35:08] <Kain> Elizabeth: "It's certainly a difficult subject to have perfect control of during the testing phases. Medicine is complicated in those respects."
  544. [15:35:21] <Theta> "Hrm..."
  545. [15:35:37] <Theta> "I suppose that would explain the lack of research into it, yes. And hardly can imagine many individuals lining up to volutneer."
  546. [15:36:12] <Kain> Jasper: "I don't have any for you to see here, unfortunately, but if you would like to stop by once in town..."
  547. [15:37:47] <Natalie> "Uh-huh! Yeah!" Oh dear fuck now she TOTALLY tossed the noble act aside. "There're some I've been looking f- I mean totally always wanted to see! I think I might be in town for a while probably so..."
  548. [15:38:32] <Kain> Elizabeth rolls her eyes. "Right, they don't. They just don't understand how important this could possibly be."
  549. [15:39:26] <Kain> If Jasper's noticed he's playing it cool. "Excellent then! Here's my card." he smiles and pulls a business card out of a shirt pocket, handing it over.
  550. [15:39:46] <Kain> It lists an address somewhere in Madain Sari.
  551. [15:40:33] * Natalie snags it and grins, not realizing she walked right into getting molested. Sucks for him, she probably can't even reproduce with hum- err, none of that. "Thanks a lot! I'll definitely come by sometime."
  552. [15:40:39] <Natalie> Not that she knows anything about how to read addresses.
  553. [15:40:39] <Kain> Elizabeth: "You also wouldn't believe how much misinformation goes around."
  554. [15:40:43] <Theta> "Well, it's a complete gamble. It could very well do nothing, increase one's life, or be a death sentence. And...very limited races are going to have life spans in that range."
  555. [15:41:24] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Such as 'learning how to cast Life can add six years' you see printed in spell tabloids."
  556. [15:42:48] <Kain> Jasper: "Of course. I'll look forward to it, Ms. Aitchison." Siiiip.
  557. [15:43:01] * Natalie siiiiiiips too- oh wait it's empty.
  558. [15:43:09] <Natalie> Well that probably looks embarrassing.
  559. [15:43:57] <Kain> Jasper excuses himself from the bar after finishing his drink, and Cirra pipes up. "So you like older men?"
  560. [15:44:15] <Kain> Cirra: "...then again at your age there's nowhere to go BUT up."
  561. [15:44:34] <Theta> "Erm."
  562. [15:44:44] * Theta looks to Bebe apologetically.
  563. [15:44:57] <Kain> The bar isn't near the table, for reference.
  564. [15:45:04] <Kain> What's the look for?
  565. [15:45:06] <Lenore> (1,1actually there's nowhere to go but DOWN, poor Cirra doesn't know)
  566. [15:46:15] <Natalie> "Oh, actually I have no idea! He just seemed nice so I thought I'd uh... what's the word for that. Improvise."
  567. [15:46:30] <Kain> Gale: "Hm... Oh, yeah, her research is actually pretty crucial to mine and Cirra's, too."
  568. [15:47:00] <Theta> (oh I mistook who was at the bar)
  569. [15:47:04] <Theta> (durr)
  570. [15:47:11] <Theta> (THAT LINE FIT IN BOTH CONVERSATIONS)
  571. [15:47:14] <Natalie> (yeah I've been confusing Cirra/Gale a bunch too)
  572. [15:47:22] <Theta> Nevermind that then!
  573. [15:48:20] <Kain> Gale: "Cirra is studying the underlying elements that comprise magic. Time Magic, White Magic, Black Magic, Blue Magic. Everyone's used to those four schools. But she's insisted that "Green" magic is actually a thing and- she's actually had surprising results trying to adhere to it. She's been able to master status effect magic from every school."
  574. [15:48:45] <Theta> "It's funny. My own research is similar."
  575. [15:49:02] <Kain> Gale: "Which makes me wonder if these schools of magic have actual proper divisions in nature.
  576. [15:50:43] <Theta> "Though it is more in the grounds of finding what Kuja did to impose the limitations on the lifespans of dolls, and undoing it."
  577. [15:50:56] <Kain> Gale: "Oh?"
  578. [15:51:09] <Kain> Ambrosia has taken to sweeping the area around the table you're sitting at.
  579. [15:51:13] <Theta> "Which I guess is a funny, if morbid, thought. Elizabeth's ideal canidates would BE dolls."
  580. [15:51:20] <Natalie> After a while Nat spends staring at her empty drink 1,1and hiccupping she gives Cirra another look. "Why, did I do something weird?"
  581. [15:51:27] <Amaryllis> (man I wish Green Mage were an actual thing that you could take)
  582. [15:51:29] <Kain> Cirra: "If you say so!"
  583. [15:52:12] <Kain> @ her previous statement.
  584. [15:52:18] <Kain> Cirra: "Hm? Not really."
  585. [15:53:01] <Kain> Cirra: "Usually they're a bit older before, but I'm not one to judge, certainly not. Want anything else?"
  586. [15:53:23] <Kain> Cirra: "Perhaps we should rejoin them before we get... too smashed though."
  587. [15:53:29] <Natalie> "Good!" She fumbles around with the card, grinning goofily at it. "I was kinda looking for something and he can probably help... why does age have to do with it anyway?" She headtilts.
  588. [15:53:34] <Natalie> -why +what
  589. [15:53:41] <Natalie> "... Let's get one more though, 'kay/"
  590. [15:53:44] <Natalie> -/ +?
  591. [15:53:52] <Kain> Cirra: "Very well!"
  592. [15:54:00] <Kain> And another round of Cactuars!
  593. [15:54:19] <Natalie> "Woohoo~!" Not knowing how to even do cheers Nat downs the whole goddamn thing at once.
  594. [15:54:40] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Mm. I don't imagine they'd be too willing to volunteer either."
  595. [15:54:51] <Kain> The bartender doesn't give a shit.
  596. [15:55:42] <Kain> Cirra clinks against your empty glass, drains hers as well, then stumbles up, and takes your arm, starting to drag nat back over to the table.
  597. [15:55:52] <Natalie> HIC
  598. [15:56:01] <Theta> "Probably not, no..."
  599. [15:56:09] * Theta looks over at Nat...
  600. [15:56:16] <Theta> Wasn't she gone like, 5 minutes?
  601. [15:56:24] <Natalie> More like 50
  602. [15:56:24] <Kain> Something like that.
  603. [15:56:28] <Natalie> ... okay, 30
  604. [15:56:30] <Natalie> ..... 15
  605. [15:56:33] <Natalie> ....... 10.
  606. [15:56:36] <Natalie> 4.
  607. [15:56:36] <Kain> 50 minutes more like 50% bac
  608. [15:57:10] <Natalie> "Hiiii!" Oh god no wonder nobody sees her drinking. In fact she winks at Theta too.
  609. [15:57:13] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Well, it can't be helped."
  610. [15:57:26] <Kain> Gale: "Here comes the shitfaced squad."
  611. [15:57:28] * Theta leaningawayfromdrunkcat
  612. [15:57:47] <Amaryllis> (This. This is why Ammy never lets Nat travel without her.)
  613. [15:57:49] <Kain> Cirra: "Hello~"
  614. [15:57:50] <Theta> "Someone knows Poisona, right?"
  615. [15:57:51] <Natalie> Scanning for victims.... where's Ambrosia again?
  616. [15:58:01] <Kain> Elizabeth raises her hand.
  617. [15:58:07] <Kain> ...Gale does too.
  618. [15:58:40] <Kain> Ambrosia is sweeping still. She's focusing very hard on making a pile of dust nearby for some reason.
  619. [15:59:19] <Kain> Elizabeth: "Usually more fun to let it resolve itself, though."
  620. [15:59:40] <Kain> Gale: "Says you. You're not the one who can't have a boyfriend while traveling."
  621. [15:59:51] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnyeahtimeforanap" as tackling Ambrosia is too much work, Nat finds the nearest curlable place and curls up, yawning loudly.
  622. [16:00:18] <Theta> "Uhm?{"
  623. [16:00:59] <Kain> Cirra: "So, who wants to participate in some inebriated research?"
  624. [16:01:02] <Natalie> Amendment: 1,1The 'nearest place' is Theta's lap.
  625. [16:01:11] <Kain> Gale: *groan* "Not drunk science again..."
  626. [16:01:56] <Kain> Cirra seems to have a very strong control over her pronunciations while drunk, but...
  627. [16:02:05] <Theta> "..."
  628. [16:02:06] <Kain> She's swaying now, going back and forth towards the table.
  629. [16:02:10] <Theta> He just gives up and shrugs.
  630. [16:02:20] * Natalie 1,1drools on said lap.
  631. [16:02:24] <Kain> Bebe: "...oh dear."
  632. [16:02:55] <Kain> Ambrosia shuffles over to Theta and looks down at Natalie, then at Theta. "Should I remove her?"
  633. [16:02:59] <Theta> "I guess it's too late to ask her if she's going to wake up and panic from not remembering everything again."
  634. [16:03:07] <Theta> "I haven't prepped for that."
  635. [16:03:55] <Theta> "She's fine. Well, not fine, but."
  636. [16:04:17] <Theta> "...Anyway, the point is, it seems our research all overlaps a bit."
  637. [16:04:27] <Theta> Speaking of lap he puts a stack of napkins when this dumbo is drooling >:T
  638. [16:04:29] <Kain> Ambrosia considers whether to sling Nat over her back or not.
  639. [16:04:49] <Kain> Gale: "A little bit, yes."
  640. [16:05:27] <Kain> Cirra: "That's not the only thing we could overlap..."
  641. [16:06:09] <Kain> Gale leans over and whispers. "She's flirting. Ignore her until she's sober."
  642. [16:06:43] <Kain> The green mage sways a bit back and forth in her seat.
  643. [16:07:11] <Theta> "..." Seems very confused when he became so popular.
  644. [16:07:11] <Kain> Meanwhile, you hear a bell ring across the deck announcing that the ship is starting to approach Madain Sari...
  645. [16:07:59] <Kain> And time to wrap up any last things, because we'll pick up on arriving in Madain Sari, next time!
  646. [16:08:27] <Natalie> Z Z Z Z Z
  647. [16:09:27] <Kain> Nat is zzzing, anything from Theta?
  648. [16:12:25] * Theta is a bit odded out by all of this, and simply continues to speak with the girls and Bebe about their research.
  649. [16:12:35] <Kain> Alright, then~
  650. [16:13:00] <Kain> </Half the First>
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