Terraria Discord Rules (Plaintext)

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  1. Culture of Re-Logic Communities
  3. Below we have laid out some cultural guidelines, and later some specifics for what might be the most typical situations. These are not meant to be all-encompassing, and it is important to note that if you keep to the following key themes in your discussions you are likely to be on the right track. We’ve highlighted a few parts that are of particular importance. The first two theme areas bear particular importance moving forward.
  5. - Mutual Respect: Our Communities approach each interaction and contribution in a manner that appreciates the fact that each of us has our own valid thoughts, feelings, and ideas. There is a difference between disagreement and disrespect. Debate the position, not the person.
  7. - Maturity: Regardless of age, our Communities strive to treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves - as adults and as equals.
  9. - Transparency: Members of our Communities are free to express themselves openly and without fear of punishment – especially in regards to constructive criticism of how Re-Logic games and Communities can be improved. As long as this feedback is delivered in a manner consistent with the themes of Maturity and Mutual Respect outlined above, your voice will be heard.
  11. - Fun: Our Communities must never take themselves too seriously. There must always be room for humor, sarcasm, wit and general silliness: this keeps us from getting overly dramatic and reminds us of why we are here. However, when expressing humor, do not forget the themes of Maturity and Mutual Respect above – and remember that fun at another person’s expense is rarely funny.
  13. In short, there is no rule set that can be written that will cover all instances. If you are conducting yourself with the above outlines of Community Culture in mind, you will likely never have any issues with the Rules. If you are only focusing on the literal rules themselves and taking an “it's against the culture, I know I’m being extremely rude, but there is no specific rule written for what I’m doing, so I’m ok” stance, you run the risk of having problems. The four outlines of Community Culture (Mutual Respect, Maturity, Transparency & Fun) carry a heavier weight than specific rules around Re-Logic Communities. It is expected that all members will read, understand, and adhere to the guidance given by the Culture and Rules – ignorance of these guidelines will not be an excuse.
  16. Server Rules
  18. 1. Do not be rude or disrespectful towards other members, including using racist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted speech (including using "gay" in a derogatory way or variations of any slurs).
  20. 2. No controversial or sensitive topics (such as religion, politics, suicide), including controversial memes or jokes. Furthermore, do not post content that is suggestive or references illegal contents (such as drugs).
  22. 3. Community members should strive for a certain level of quality content in messages. Avoid single word/letter messages, asking for free stuff/exposure, low effort/quality posts, abusing spoiler tags, content that encourages rule breaking, etc.
  24. 4. Do not request, post, or disclose piracy instructions, links, or intent. Follow the Terraria Community Forum's guidelines regarding piracy and mods: and
  26. 5. Do not post NSFW (or sexually suggestive or implied) or explicit content, including avatars, usernames/nicknames, images, or discussions.
  28. 6. No unsolicited promotion/advertisements, including soliciting others to ask. Artist social medias can be posted within reason in #creative and #terraria-builds.
  30. 7. Plain English only, with exceptions for very common words or phrases at Staff discretion. We cannot easily Moderate other languages, and this is primarily an English community.
  32. 8. Your username must not interfere with Discord formatting, obstruct other messages, and must be completable with a standard keyboard. In addition, do not use usernames / nicknames that cause confusion or hinder moderation, such as naming yourself "Staff" or similar to Officials.
  34. 0. Do not ping Officials or Community Influencers for any reason, unless they are already in chat. In addition, suggestions for the game do not belong here, they should be posted on the forums.
  36. 10. No alt accounts are allowed.
  38. Moderation Policies
  39. 1. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, then listen to them. Don't complain when you get muted for disregarding what a staff member says.
  40. 2. Do not argue over the rules in public chat, as it will disrupt conversation. If you have an issue with your punishment, then DM @Mod Mail.
  41. 3. Do not backseat moderate. This means attempting to enforce the rules on your own in any way. Channel redirects are acceptable if a user is in the wrong channel, but remember to respect other members!
  42. 4. Our punishment system relies on Direct Messages. If you have them disabled, you will still be punished as normal, even if you do not receive the DM. You must enable them if you want to receive warnings.
  43. 5. Staff members reserve the right to escalate infractions if a member refuses to comply with instructions and continues to break the rules.
  44. 6. Punishments are based on your total amount of points and are applied after a new infraction has been added (e.g. two separate 5-point infractions would act the same as a 10-point infraction).
  46. Infractions
  47. Infraction points last 1 week for each point of the infraction (e.g. 1-point infractions expire after 1 week, 5-point infractions expire after 5 weeks).
  48. Low Severity - 1 Point
  49. Using "gay" in a derogatory or negative fashion, controversial jokes/memes, failure to follow TCF's guidelines on piracy and modding, unsolicited promotion, failure to use English only, low effort/quality posts, light spam (single messages with excessive or meaningless characters), pinging Officials (e.g. Re-Logic or 505 Games), and light references to NSFW themes.
  50. Medium Severity - 5 Points
  51. Mild NSFW topics/discussions or light NSFW imagery, toxicity (directed insults, provoking/baiting other users, passive aggression), excessive low effort/quality posts, mild spam (several consecutive meaningless or unnecessarily split up messages across one or more channels), piracy instructions/hints, and using bigoted speech (racism, homophobia, etc.).
  52. High Severity - 10 Points
  53. Excessive NSFW topics/discussions or mild NSFW imagery, excessive toxicity (targeted harassment, inciting drama, etc.), excessive spam (large numbers of messages that flood a significant portion of one or more channels), extremely offensive or controversial topics/memes, and piracy links or websites.
  54. Extreme Severity - Instant Ban
  55. Extremely explicit/NSFW imagery, excessive spam with malicious intent (spamming pings, spamming bigoted speech, nonstop spamming in a way that prevents other users from properly using one or more channels), blatant trolling, and using an alternate account to avoid punishment.
  57. Punishments
  58. 5 Points = 45 Minutes Mute
  59. 10 Points = 5 Hours Mute
  60. 15 Points = 18 Hours Mute
  61. 20 Points = 1 Week Ban
  62. 25 Points = Permanent Ban
  64. These guidelines for punishment are different if a developer is in chat! Staff will use their discretion and apply the appropriate punishment during these times to ensure that the chat is civilized.
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