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  1. --Projects now register under the Districts pedia section instead of Wonders.
  2. --Fixed incompatibility issues for those without all DLC.
  3. --Great People with no individuals left will no longer appear in the Great Person screen.
  4. --Court Eunuchs now increases Production toward  Consulates.
  5. --Theocracy now allows purchasing Consulate buildings with Faith.
  6. --Fixed display issues with Cultural and Scientific Policies on the civics tree.
  7. --Yosef Caro now grants a Writing slot for Temples.
  8. --Buffed the amount of Faith that late-game Great Theologians give.
  9. --Francis now gives +1 Faith per Envoy at City-States.
  10. --Replaced Quannah Parker with Wovoka.
  11. --Moved the Govt Plaza back to State Workforce.
  12. --Moved Expedition to Code of Laws.
  13. --Added Peerage Points as a counterpart to Influence. Peerage Points generate toward a Governor Title. Two new Diplo Policies have been added to generate Peerage Points, but these primariy come from the Consulate and Monarchic or Aristocratic Governments (the former of which losing its Influence Points and the latter having them nerfed).
  14. --Added Consulates. Consulates and their Buildings focus on increasing your Influence toward an Envoy. Government Plazas and their Buildings, meanwhile, now focus on increasing your Peerage toward a Governor Title. They are mutually exclusive and they both generate Great Statesmen Points.
  15. --Added Great Statesmen, which focus on diplomatic and governmental bonuses.
  16. --Government Screen now displays Influence/Peerage per Turn instead of how many Envoys/Titles you get from passing the threshold.
  17. --Envoys and Governor Titles have been redistrubuted along the Civics and Tech Tree. Balance feedback is welcome. Some Spies have been added to the Tech Tree. Their base maintenance has been increased to 5.
  18. --Fixed issue where Xiong Shili's Civic Boost wasn't working.
  19. --Fixed issue where Royal Tombs wasn't working.
  20. --Houses of Knowledge moved to Gunpowder.
  21. --Redid the unit models for the Theologian and female Great Prophet.
  22. --State Symphony moved to Scientific Theory.
  23. --Carpenter Shipwrights moved to Mass Production.
  24. --Added Military Simulations for the last +6 GPP card (Generals).
  25. --Viking Raid now only applies to Districts and now yields triple.
  26. --Fixed issue with receiving unique units from Great Migration.
  27. --Added Great Mercenaries. Great Mercenary Points are generated from a line of mutually exclusive Buildings that can be slotted into Consulates or the Government Plaza. They can be mixed and matched with their Statesmen counterpart.
  28. --Fixed issue where the Landed Elite policy actually increased tile purchasing costs instead of decreased them.
  29. --Fixed issue where the First Minister you'd appointed was having their Platforms refreshed.
  30. --Fixed issue with Emancipation not working.
  31. --You can now build a Government Plaza or a Consulate Plaza in any city. These districts no longer provide a free Governor Title/Envoy on being built.
  32. --Actually fixed the tech icon fuckery this time.
  33. --Fixed Government and FM related issues with starting a game in a later era.
  34. --Census is now 1 Housing per two titles (including the initial one) of the established Governor, since 0.5 didn't seem to be working.
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