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  1. Red Dawn World Lore (DRAFT)
  4. Chapter 1: Beginning of the End
  6. In the year 2013, A CDC Epidemiologist named Jarvis Luxis was able to have a breakthrough in finding the first steps in a cure to Chronic Wasting Disease. After months of the vigorous work on combating CWD, the strain of CWD began to mutate into something far worse than what anyone could of expected. When a sample of the mutated strain was quarantined, other Epidemiologist discovered the human brain was eligible for the worms of CWD to infect now due to the increase in immune protection. After the Bureau of Public Protection was notified, the news spread around the scientific world and the United States Government was informed, who then informed the A.N (Allied Nations).
  9. Chapter 2: Majestat Furia
  11. After the new strain of CWD was discovered, renamed to “The Heartbeat Virus” due to the infected feasting on anything with a heartbeat, their were plans to eradicate the virus but when Major General Marcus Churchill of the A.N was shown the deadly tendency of the  “Heartbeat Virus”, and he sought to weaponize it to a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). When a A.N  council meeting took place in September of 2015, most high ranking staff agreed that the “Heartbeat Virus” should be use to quell the current situation in the rouge state of Livonia in Poland. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki agreed Livonia was a hot ground of war due to the bulk of the Polish Separatist known as the Majestat Furia (translates to Majesty’s Fury) being located there with most of their leaders and separatist generals.
  14. Chapter 3: Year Zero
  16. In October of 2015, the vote was done. 123 voted to start using the “Heartbeat Virus” to quell the separatists forces. 70 voted against it due to not knowing how the A.N would stop the virus themselves. A week after the vote, A.N peacekeepers moved into Livonia and were stationed at a prison to begin using Majestat Furia prisoners as test subjects for the “Heartbeat Virus” and prepare them for release into hostile territory. Over the coming months A.N forces were stationed into Livonia while the experiments continued, massing at least 150 infected in the prison. Majestat Furia intelligence were aware of the heavily guarded prison a planned a raid to breakout what they thought were their comrades but they were tragically wrong. On January 4th, 2016, a group of 75 separatists insurgents attacked the prison, but when they reached the cells and released the infected, hell was unleashed into Livonia. Only a handful of insurgents and Peacekeepers survived to tell the tale and retail information, but now there was a horde of flesh eaters heading into local towns such as Brena and the population wasn’t ready for it and over the course of 12 hours the infected numbers skyrocketed. When the A.N high command was informed, they cut off all communication from Livonia to the outside world, no one was to know about this. But the A.N was able to get a base of operations going and start to combat the infected but also now rage a war against the Separatists forces, it was all out war Livonia. Now it’s been 3 years and the situations only gotten worse, small factions have rose up and are claiming territory while the A.N still fights a war against Majestat Furia, but some have tried to go back to a normal life and help survivors, what will you do in Livonia?
  17. This is just my draft version so let me know what should change or if I should add anything
  18. Also if you want I could do a backstory explaining the Polish separatists and A.N
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