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  1. Summary -
  3. Fluff about a Brazilian cafe that Luiz and other Brazilian footballers have visited.
  5. Lampard says he wishes Luiz well and has respect for him as a player. Luiz says he and Lampard had different ideas and that is why he left.
  7. Situation at Chelsea apparently worsened during pre season when Luiz was playing long balls out from the back while Lampard wanted to play out.
  9. Following Luiz' conversations with Lampard, Joorabchian looked for a new club for Luiz. Tomori was poised to be loaned to Everton, that was cancelled and Luiz came here.
  11. Many Chelsea fans apparently not happy with Luiz over forcing a move in what looked like a challenging transition season. He attracted more criticism than Cech for a similar move.
  13. Luiz says decision was made to leave before Arsenal's bid, he didn't think twice about joining once he heard the bid. Tough as we're Chelsea's rivals but a new opportunity for him.
  15. When joining Benfica Luiz missed his flight and signed the contract in Brazil before they had seen him play. Luiz was actually injured and wouldn't have passed the medical if he had gone to Portugal.
  17. Luiz is a devout christian and member of Hillsong church with various other celebrities.
  19. As a boy released by Sao Paolo because he was too short, parents took out loans to get him to Vitoria where he was nearly let go until a positional change from CM to CB.
  21. By 2011 he was one of the most sought after defenders in Europe. Arriving at Arsenal in 2019 he has commanded more in transfer fees than any other defender in history.
  23. There is a trade off with Luiz, if you want the big personality and the sometimes excellent performances you accept the lapses in defensive thinking. Conte used him in a 3 to give him plenty of protection.
  25. For Arsenal it was a no brainer, with Koscielny leaving he was an obvious replacement that wasn't too costly. Joorabchian's Edu/Luiz connections helped.
  27. Everyone at Colney loves him, very friendly and polite, goes out of his way to talk to everyone. Has spent a lot of time with Martinelli and wants to guide him. Luiz' personality was a factor in Arsenal recruiting him. Luiz is the most decorated player at Arsenal so brings winning experience.
  29. So far no sign of personal issues that appeared at Chelsea, perhaps says more about player accountability at Chelsea compared to Arsenal. This may be changing under Arteta but early signs suggest he's an important player for Arteta.
  31. Arteta heavily influenced by Pep and La Masia, part of their philosophy is having good passers at the back. Emery's playing out could appear aimless, Arteta's so far seems more strategic.
  33. Luiz made more passes than any other Arsenal player this season, and a lot more per match under Arteta than Emery. One of the league leaders for passes into the final third as well.
  35. Guardiola in 2007 speaks about looking for the furthest forward player you can pick out who can then lay it off for a third man. Luiz long passing useful for this. Even if the pass is misplaced the midfield is in place to protect the defence.
  37. Sarri says he likes him as a man, appreciated his direct nature. Conte less so, after Luiz criticised his tactics the relationship broke down.
  39. Perception during his time at Chelsea that he didn't take responsibility for his mistakes. Mentions an example of him shrugging to Ancelotti after letting Man Utd score and effectively give them the title.
  41. Luiz has had fair share of criticism, Gary Neville referring to him as a playstation footballer and made a scapegoat by Brazilian press after the 7-1.
  43. Still many admirers at the training ground at Chelsea, always making an effort with everyone and at charity events was brilliant. Would often find time to talk to Emma Hayes (Chelsea women's manager) about how they're getting on and including the women in his social events.
  45. Even if he gets a bad reception at Stamford Bridge he still has many friends at Chelsea.
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