Oran Mini - It's Much Better Than Fishing

Aug 28th, 2011
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  1. [23:01:03] <Iona> Meanwhile, Iona escorts Flynn and Nephene to a nice more secluded spot by the beach, takes their money, and explains what's happening. "The way it's going to work is that I'll go under and see what I can find! It will probably be awesome! But since the sea is a cruel mistress and all that poetic stuff, it might not be awesome! Still, no refunds! I've gotta eat too, you know. :3c"
  2. [23:01:28] <Iona> "Aaaaany questions?"
  3. [23:01:38] <Flynn_> "Games of chance can be fun. What kind of things do you usually bring up?"
  4. [23:03:24] <@Iona> "Hmm. Maaaaybe pokemon, maybe seashells. Everyone likes seashells, right? And you can use them to make cool things."
  5. [23:03:33] <Nephene> "It's a gamble."
  6. [23:04:04] <@Iona> "Pretty much. Are you feelin' lucky, punk?"
  7. [23:04:11] <@Iona> "Er. Wait, that's not what I'm supposed to say."
  8. [23:04:13] <Nephene> "I can't make anything with them, but maybe I can convince Arawn to."
  9. [23:04:19] <Nephene> "Hm."
  10. [23:04:22] <Flynn_> "I can always do with nice seashells...the restaurant is a bit bare as far as decoration."
  11. [23:04:23] <Nephene> "Say, Flynn."
  12. [23:04:26] * @Iona checks some hastily scribbled and already blurred notes on her hand
  13. [23:04:31] <Flynn_> "Hm?"
  14. [23:04:32] <Nephene> "How about we both place our bets, so to speak?"
  15. [23:04:42] <Flynn_> "...Go on." He raises an eyebrow.
  16. [23:04:55] <Nephene> "Well, what would you want to keep?"
  17. [23:06:10] <Flynn_> "Hm. I've got enough pokemon running around the place, so I'm in this for the treasure."
  18. [23:06:45] <Nephene> "Then I guess I'll keep the Pokemon."
  19. [23:06:55] <@Iona> "So, you're splitting the cost?"
  20. [23:07:12] <Nephene> She looks around. "I don't want to make this a habit. I don't think my brother will be too happy with me if he found out I'm doing this."
  21. [23:07:24] <@Iona> "Why's that?" Pout pout.
  22. [23:07:53] <Nephene> "I don't know. We don't make enough to spend that freely, I guess."
  23. [23:07:58] <Nephene> "So, just this once!"
  24. [23:08:20] <@Iona> "I see."
  25. [23:08:23] * Nephene digs into a pocket on her satchel, and procures five coins.
  26. [23:08:52] <@Iona> Iona reaches up, patting Nephene on the shoulder (and nearly smacking her arm off in the process as she moves at the same time). "You can always eat seaweed. Won't kill you!"
  27. [23:09:06] * Nephene flinches.
  28. [23:09:15] <Nephene> "Perhaps with a bit of rice...."
  29. [23:09:18] * Flynn_ does the same, digging out four and enough change to make 500P. The restaurant business has been lucrative enough lately that a bit of chancey spending won't kill him.
  30. [23:09:23] <@Iona> "There you go~"
  31. [23:09:36] <Nephene> "Well, I won't feel bad if I don't get anything."
  32. [23:09:56] <Nephene> "I'll consider it payback for that lesson," she says with a smile.
  33. [23:10:22] <@Iona> "Right. Oooh! I should put out a book! Nine million and five seaweed dishes."
  34. [23:10:37] <Nephene> "....I don't think you know that many."
  35. [23:10:37] * @Iona tucks the money into her poncho and dives into the water with a splaaash
  36. [23:11:01] <@Iona> 1d100 underwater treasure huntan
  37. [23:11:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, underwater treasure huntan: 17 [1d100=17]
  38. [23:11:05] <@Iona> (oooh)
  39. [23:11:11] <Nephene> (( oh shit ))
  40. [23:11:14] <@Iona> (pokeman)
  41. [23:11:21] <Flynn_> ( :[ )
  42. [23:11:27] <@Iona> (sorry flynn ;_;)
  43. [23:11:30] <Nephene> (( A common one! ))
  44. [23:11:57] <@Iona> (that being said)
  45. [23:11:58] <@Iona> (:3c)
  46. [23:13:55] <Paradox> Iona swims through the deeps!
  47. [23:14:05] <@Iona> Splash splash splashsplashsplash
  48. [23:14:22] <Paradox> And returns an hour later, with a krabby in a bottle.
  49. [23:14:38] <@Iona> (I'm a krabby in a booootttle)
  50. [23:14:46] <Nephene> "Oh!"
  51. [23:14:58] <Nephene> "Hi, there!"
  52. [23:15:00] <@Iona> "There we go! One extra special pokemon from the depths, just for you!"
  53. [23:15:12] * @Iona sort of rolls the bottle towards Nephene, and doesn't get out of the water.
  54. [23:15:44] <Flynn_> "Krabby! They make very nice hors d'ouevres--"
  55. [23:15:47] * Nephene smiles at the Krabby, and carefully frees it from the bottle. "Hey, there."
  56. [23:15:53] * Flynn_ shuts up, realizing present company.
  57. [23:15:56] <@Iona> "That's horrible."
  58. [23:15:56] <Nephene> "No! I think it'll just stay with me."
  59. [23:16:01] <@Iona> "You're horrible."
  60. [23:16:03] <@Iona> ";_;"
  61. [23:16:07] <Nephene> "It seems pretty nice!"
  62. [23:16:18] * Nephene tickles the Krabby, trying to get a feel for its personality.
  63. [23:16:52] <@Iona> "Yeah! I was like burbleburbleburble at it and it was like cooshheecoosheee at me and then I was all burble blurble? and it was all coo cooshee~."
  64. [23:16:56] <@Iona> "And then I caught it in the bottle."
  65. [23:17:13] <Nephene> "I'm Nephene. Nice to meet you!"
  66. [23:18:25] <Paradox> The Krabby burbles :3
  67. [23:18:40] <Paradox> It pinches Nephene's finger lightly, not enough to hurt.
  68. [23:18:59] * Nephene mimics a handshake, finger to pincer.
  69. [23:19:12] <@Iona> "See? Fish are friends, not food."
  70. [23:19:30] <Nephene> "Hm. I run the inn. Maybe it'll be nice to have you along, though I'd have to figure out what you're able to do....."
  71. [23:20:07] <@Iona> "He could pinch people to wake them up in the morning!"
  72. [23:20:12] <@Iona> "Like an alarm clock."
  73. [23:20:38] <Nephene> "I don't think the customers would appreciate that very much."
  74. [23:20:46] <Nephene> "Maybe it's got some talent I'm not aware of yet, though."
  75. [23:21:24] <@Iona> "Well, he can help you prepare meals! Look at those pinchers!"
  76. [23:21:28] <@Iona> "Please don't eat him ;_;"
  77. [23:21:36] <Nephene> "I won't! And it's a male?"
  78. [23:22:07] <Flynn_> "It was just a joke, sheeeeesh." He looks peeved.
  79. [23:22:35] <@Iona> "Well....maybe?"
  80. [23:22:43] <@Iona> "I can't really tell with Krabby. Can you?"
  81. [23:22:50] <Nephene> "Unfortunately, I can't."
  82. [23:23:36] * Nephene has a pretty rockin' mental image of a Krabby as a badass teppanyaki chef, though.
  83. [23:23:46] <@Iona> "Well, there you go."
  84. [23:23:52] * @Iona nods sagely.
  85. [23:23:55] <@Iona> "Oh!"
  86. [23:24:02] <@Iona> "And Mr. Bakery guy!"
  87. [23:24:12] <@Iona> "I found something for you too! Because I'm just that awesome."
  88. [23:24:47] * @Iona tosses him a SHINY PIRATE DUBLOON. It looks to be worth roughly 420 PY.
  89. [23:25:07] <Flynn_> "Hmm! I like it. Ancient-looking."
  90. [23:25:12] * Flynn_ studies it a bit.
  91. [23:25:32] <@Iona> (Fortunately for you I had some treasure from previous uses saved up :3c)
  92. [23:27:40] <@Iona> "Thanks for doing business!"
  93. [23:27:46] <@Iona> "Tell your friends!"
  94. [23:27:51] <Nephene> "Will do!"
  95. [23:27:56] <Nephene> "Now, what to call you, little one...."
  96. [23:28:01] * Nephene carries the Krabby.
  97. [23:30:07] <Flynn_> "It was fun! I didn't think there would be so much all the way out here."
  98. [23:30:53] <@Iona> "You just have to know where to look. The deeper you go, the more stuff you find! And it only took me about thirty minutes to swim out, and thirty back?/"
  99. [23:31:45] <Nephene> "Hm. I wish I had the time to treasure hunt."
  100. [23:32:28] <@Iona> "Well, you had the time to sit there and watch, didn't you?"
  101. [23:33:01] <Nephene> "I guess, but business was slow today. I take what I can get."
  102. [23:33:06] <@Iona> "Aww."
  103. [23:33:09] <@Iona> "Well, um."
  104. [23:33:13] <@Iona> "Good luck with that."
  105. [23:33:29] <Nephene> "Thanks. And thanks for Krabby here!"
  106. [23:34:38] <@Iona> "Of course! What are you going to call him?"
  107. [23:35:12] <Nephene> "I....don't know."
  108. [23:35:34] <Nephene> "There's a couple of different names, and I like drawing from mythology or people I know."
  109. [23:36:44] <@Iona> "Name it....Dirk Hardpec, then! After the book lady's brother."
  110. [23:37:02] <Nephene> "What?"
  111. [23:37:03] <Nephene> "Um."
  112. [23:37:07] <Nephene> "Maybe Karkata."
  113. [23:37:58] <@Iona> "Kar-kata?"
  114. [23:38:02] <@Iona> "Kark-ata?"
  115. [23:38:06] <@Iona> "Kar-kat?"
  116. [23:39:02] <Nephene> "Kar-KAHT-uh," she says, clarifying the pronunciation. "It's just a thought."
  117. [23:39:06] <Nephene> "Or I could name him after you!"
  118. [23:41:05] <@Iona> "But I'm not a him. :c"
  119. [23:42:33] <@Iona> "You could name it...After Santeri?"
  120. [23:42:40] <Nephene> "Santeri?"
  121. [23:42:58] <Nephene> "I could've used a masculine form of your name, but...."
  122. [23:43:02] * @Iona reaches into the water and produces a greenish Sandile, who looks around curiously, then fixes his gaze on Nephene.
  123. [23:43:23] <Flynn_> " 'Iono' sounds less like a name and more like you're confused."
  124. [23:43:38] <Nephene> "Ionis, perhaps."
  125. [23:43:48] <Nephene> "Hm. This is Santeri? Is he friendly?"
  126. [23:43:54] * Nephene pats the Sandile on the snout.
  127. [23:44:49] <@Iona> Santeri considers, then allows the patting. It's cool.
  128. [23:45:09] <Nephene> "Guess so."
  129. [23:45:20] <@Iona> "Well, probably. I just caught him in the fishing contest. Isn't he so adorable with his little cheeks and his belly and his stubby little legs and his tail yes he is!"
  130. [23:47:15] <Paradox> 1d10+15
  131. [23:47:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d10+15: 18 [1d10=3]
  132. [23:47:49] <Paradox> Level 18 Krabby, Male, Jolly, Sheer Force
  133. [23:48:02] <@Iona> (oooh, nice)
  134. [23:51:02] <Paradox> Water/Candy Type
  135. [23:51:19] <Nephene> ( ....oh god, what. )
  136. [23:55:13] <Nephene> "You're, um...."
  137. [23:55:16] <Nephene> "A little sticky."
  138. [23:55:40] <@Iona> "Huh?"
  139. [23:56:11] <Nephene> "The Krabby. He's, uh, kinda sticky."
  140. [23:57:02] <@Iona> "Really?" Iona tries to raise herself out of the water enough to poke at it.
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