Joseph&Maria PT2

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  1. Joseph
  2. I am awake now if you're there
  4. Maria
  5. HI!!! Listen,I'm very busy at work so I can't talk right now but I might later tonight. :)
  7. Joseph
  8. Alright babe, ttyl ;)
  10. Maria
  11. But do me a favor,sing a song to me an send it so I can have something to smile about. It'd make me oh so happy! ;).
  13. Joseph
  14. My voice isn't good for singing and also I can't send a video on here it won't let me I really wanna love you though
  16. Maria
  17. You do?
  19. Joseph
  20. I must be the only person to say this to you but not only would I like having some hot fun with you I wouldn't mind loving you in general as a boyfriend, I am gonna tell you this. my ex girlfriend is terrible for what she did to me in a span of 2 years I will tell ya all about it
  22. Maria
  23. What did she do to you?
  25. Joseph
  26. Well it started in 2015 when I was her boyfriend, every month she'd take money from me on cheque day and it's because of her stupid prostituting ways of trying to rip me off several chances for something fun and while she'd give me a bj not often though I broke up with her in mid 2016 because of money problems I don't even get that much a month and she takes like $250 for a blowjob in the summer of 2015 her name is Stacy and she is an awful person, shit at least you have a job and overall you are a better person because of what she did to me those 2 years. she was a huge money hog and always left me with less than $300 each month isn't that terrible hun? I mean she's awful
  28. Maria
  29. That is terrible. But I wanna know something. What are your reasons for wanting to love me?  Why do you love me?
  31. Joseph
  32. I would personally love you better
  34. Maria
  35. Yes I understand that but I want to know the reasons behind why you want to love me. What is it about me that you love?
  37. Joseph
  38. Not just because of your sexy body but you have a job, a sweet personality and I love that in general I like someone who would be able to pleasure me but also in the end love me because I think we could be together alot whenever we meet I mean that would be awesome
  40. Maria
  41. I see. This is something I'm gonna have to think about. I know we shared pics and stuff but I take the love thing very seriously. I hope you understand.
  43. Joseph
  44. True but I wish I could just have some fun with you at least for now when you're thinking about that because I wanna meet and have you for a good bit maybe I know you're at work but yeah
  46. Maria
  47. I know,but it just doesn't work like that. You have to give these things time,sweetie. You can't rush love.
  49. Joseph
  50. I know I try not too but I need a future. I need someone who can have fun with me and treat me better than anyone else can I know you could do that but still I want some fun at least for now I'll give you all the time you need It don't matter to me
  52. Maria
  53. Thank you. But I do want to ask some questions so they can help me think about it. I want you to answer honestly.
  55. Joseph
  56. Ask away I'll try to answer them as best as I can
  58. Maria
  59. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?
  61. Joseph
  62. I have not truthfully I have always been a good man (What a Liar)
  64. Maria
  65. Ok,next question. Do you have a job?
  67. Joseph
  68. I am still looking for one I feel it's hard to find a job that I love to do and I have worked with my uncle a few times at carquest and it was alright but now I have to try to find another I mean I am into clothing and fashion and stuff like that
  70. Maria
  71. Hmm. A couple more questions,Have you ever been with a man? (Asked because he's claimed to be Bisexual)
  73. Joseph
  74. I am a straight man so that would be a complete no right there very honestly
  76. Maria
  77. And my final question,what is love? What does love meant to you?
  79. Joseph
  80. Love is to me when a man and a woman know how to treat each other right, love is when a man and woman respect eachother in their lives no matter what, love is when a man and a woman stand up for one another, I feel love comes in a variety of ways but it doesn't come when someone cheats, or does something really wrong in their life to one another
  81. Love is a huge part of my life and it means the world to me when we treat each other correctly unlike every other relationship now a days which last not even a month I would like ours to really last
  83. At this point,maria left her phone and joseph gets really desperate at this point
  85. Joseph
  86. But really though if you don't want love and just want fun I'm still all for that really but yeah. it's ok with me either way  truthfully though
  88. Joseph
  89. God I am a horny dude right now damn. I need some excitement in my life but yeah I had to say that. but really I am kinda wishing I had some fun. I know I shouldn't be rushing love.
  91. Joseph
  92. sorry I can be a bit annoying at times but  yeah I wish I could meet for some fun at least
  94. Joseph
  95. I really wanna meet you and have some fun sorry if I annoyed you
  97. Joseph
  98. Please? I wanna meet you god I gotta stop being so annoying but I really want some fun with you and meet up I'm in need of fun
  100. Joseph
  101. I really wanna get out of my house. there is too much drama going on
  103. Joseph
  104. I think I ruined my chance :(
  106. Joseph
  107. Can I meet you for a quickie I want to meet you, I'm sorry for being annoying
  109. Maria
  110. Hey sorry I was really busy. But to be honest,I just don't think it would work.
  112. Joseph
  113. oh ok.
  115. Maria
  116. I'm sorry,I wish it could be different.
  118. Joseph
  119. I hear ya
  121. Maria
  122. Are you upset
  124. Joseph
  125. Not all that much really
  127. Maria
  128. But I can at least do dirty talk one last time
  130. Joseph
  131. Nah. it's fine thanks anyway maybe I am upset because I have been rejected too many times do what you gotta do
  133. Maria
  134. What do you mean you've been rejected too many times
  136. Joseph
  137. Everytime I try to find a woman I get rejected I get too many fakes and shit no one understands the struggle of getting rejected  at this point I may as well quit looking and be a single man
  139. Maria
  140. What are you talking about? I've been rejected many times myself. It happens to everyone.
  141. I just can't force myself to love you. If I did that,I would be going against my own feelings.
  143. Joseph
  144. You know dirty talk just isn't enough I want action in my life
  146. Maria
  147. what do you mean by action
  149. Joseph
  150. Sexual action. I am surprised you don't know that
  152. Maria
  153. This is why I can't love you. All you seem to care about is getting in my pants. I know we exchanged pics but I'm more than that you know
  154. I wanna ask you,have you ever had sex? Because it seems by the way youre talking to me that you're a virgin. I'm not being mean,I just get that feeling.
  156. Joseph
  157. Well ok then I am real upset now literally because I can't have anything I guess I may as well quit trying to find anyone it ends up terribly for me sorry but this is goodbye
  159. Joseph
  160. I did yes. a few times. anyway. guess I am upset can't talk anymore because if I can't have what I really want in my life then I guess this is goodbye really. I guess no one ever cares about what I want
  162. Joseph
  163. I am not a virgin really I had sex before but I always seem to want it
  165. Maria
  166. Are you kidding me? I'm being nice to you and you're just gonna complain because I don't feel the same about you? You're acting like a child. You don't always get what you want in life,that even goes for me. You need to understand that.
  168. Joseph
  169. For saying that to me you may as well not message me anymore goodbye
  171. Maria
  172. Wow you really need to grow up. Maybe if you didn't treat me like an object by "wanting to have me" and whined about me not liking you,things would've turned out better. No wonder you have trouble finding a woman,you treat them like sex toys and you grasp the concept of what love is. I can't give you happiness,you have to give that to yourself.
  174. Maria
  175. You know what,I'm tired of being treated like this. Just fuck off and don't ever talk to me again,I was kind and let you down easy but your entitlement has made you fat headed and acted like a child. You're inconsiderate towards me and you're just inconsiderate over all.
  176. GOODBYE!!!!!
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