Alternative Flag Pack

May 16th, 2015
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  1. Alternative Flag Pack by Alternative Flag Pack guy
  3. Due to samefagging and shitposting I had to reluctantly adopt a trip. My ONLY trip will be: !h1kh4G8j7s
  4. If I ever change my trip, it will show here.
  5. If I post without this trip, be suspicious since it may not be me, or maybe I just forgot. Ask me to put on the trip for confirmation.
  7. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  8. The Pack:
  9. Alternative Flag Pack V11.1
  10. https://www.mediafire.com/file/vwi6akxz5gmq3b8/
  11. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  12. Catalogue of Flags V11: https://i.imgur.com/MlvOaJU.png
  13. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  14. Recommended Mods:
  16. >Big Square Frame, made by some kind anon, updated under the instructions of a kind anon (Version 9)
  17. http://www.mediafire.com/download/yke5hqiakv9fmn4/
  18. This mod replaces the flag frames ingame with a minimalistic set of frames which allows for a complete and clean view of the flags. I recommend you use it if you care to see the flags of the pack (or any flags really) in full detail. It also fixes the pixelation problem other square flag mods tend to have.
  19. Compatible with the latest HPM (0.4.X).
  20. Old V6 version: https://mega.nz/#!HJ4X2TrQ!PL_1TMM89U51oaBQb_Hb0MUSNMP37nvp4MV3ME1NozQ
  22. >Square Shaded Flag Frame, made by some other kind anon
  23. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ouy5oqwn2qg0u58/
  24. Similar to the one above, with a cleaner shading which perhaps lets you see the flag in better detail. A breath of fresh air if you've gotten used to the one above. Compatible with the latest HPM (0.4.X).
  25. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  26. Miscellaneous Flag Pack (Prototype/Alpha stage, super raw)
  27. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2k52140b0va4qna/
  28. This pack was put together by an enthusiastic anon who collected many flags I've done throughout the years that have not made it into the AFP itself. Most of these flags are commissions and requests from individual anons or modders, and a few are early versions of flags that would later get into the AFP, or flags I made for my own use.
  29. RIGHT NOW this pack is as it was given to me by the anon. He took the time and effort to label all of them, and while in general the labels are somewhat accurate, a few are wrong so bear that in mind.
  30. THE FUTURE PLAN IS to use this pack as a base to make a proper Miscellaneous Flag Pack with all the flags I've done (or all I haven't lost along the way) that didn't make it to the pack, with proper labeling AND with a PDF file that explains their meaning, like the one in the AFP. Since right now the AFP is my main priority, don't expect me to embark in this project any time soon, but I promise I will eventually. Until then, you can thank that anon for putting this together until then.
  31. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  32. To Do List - Things I plan on including for the next pack [V12]:
  33. X Means it's done
  34. ~ Means it's partially done
  35. O Means it will be left for a future version
  36. --------------------------------------------
  37. Rest of German minors
  38. LUZ
  39. New commie NGF flag
  40. Iberia
  41. Re-do fascist LPL
  42. United Arab Emirates
  43. ***********************************************************************************************************************************
  44. Changelogs:
  46. CHANGELOG V11.1
  47. -Fixed mistakes in Catalogue, Excel and Read me.
  50. -New flags as usual.
  51. -Updated files.
  52. -The following flags have been added:
  53. +USA_communist_a and USA_communist_b
  54. -The following flags have been replaced:
  55. >POR_fascist
  56. >LPL_monarchy
  57. >ARU_monarchy and ARU_fascist
  58. >CSA_monarchy
  59. >ISR_monarchy
  60. >PGG_monarchy
  61. >DON_communist
  62. >MOL_fascist
  65. -New flags as usual
  66. -Updated Catalogue and PDF "Meaning of flags"
  67. -Added a new file, the "Intro" font, which I use for almost everything, including the PDF. Make sure to install it so it looks the way it's supposed to look.
  68. -Remade ENG_communist so it looks better
  69. -The following flags have been added:
  70. +USA_fascist_a
  71. +CAN_monarchy_a
  72. +LPL_monarchy_a
  73. +SAF_fascist_a
  74. +UKR_communist_a
  77. -New flags as usual
  78. -Updated Catalogue and PDF "Meaning of flags"
  81. -New flags as usual.
  82. -NO MORE GRAY BOXES. All "missing" flags have been added (see below for the specific list).
  83. -The Second American Civil War Flag Pack has been completely redone. Some flags were completely changed, others just polished so they'd look better.
  84. -The Fascist France Flag Pack has been completely redone. I polished the flags so they'd look better. I hope you use some of them now!
  85. -The "On the Meanings of Flags" PDF has been COMPLETELY redone, in a new format which is cleaner, tidier, easier to read and easier for me to modify in the future should I need to. Give it a look!
  86. -The following flags have been added:
  87. +ENG_fascist_a
  88. +CSA_republic, CSA_republic_a, CSA_communist_a and CSA_fascist
  89. +JAP_fascist
  90. +RUS_communist_b
  91. +BRZ_republic and BRZ_monarchy
  92. +NOR_republic and NOR_monarchy
  93. +DEN_republic and DEN_monarchy
  94. +FIN_republic and FIN_monarchy
  95. +HND_republic
  96. +PHL_republic
  97. +SWI_republic
  98. +PRU_monarchy and PRU_monarchy_a
  99. +CAN_republic
  100. +CHL_fascist
  101. +EGY_republic
  102. +PER_monarchy
  103. +HUN_communist_a
  104. +UBD_monarchy
  105. +ROM_monarchy_a
  106. The following flags have been modified or replaced:
  107. >JAP_republic
  108. >ARG_monarchy_a
  109. >ISR_communist
  110. >SCA_fascist
  111. >SWE_republic and SWE_monarchy
  112. >NOR_communist and NOR_fascist
  113. >DEN_communist and DEN_fascist
  114. >FIN_fascist
  115. >HUN_republic and HUN_monarchy
  116. >UBD_republic
  117. >ROM_monarchy
  118. >PNJ_communist
  119. >SAF_communist
  120. >GRE_republic and GRE_monarchy
  121. >GER_monarchy_a, GER_republic_southgerman and GER_fascist_southgerman
  122. >TPG_fascist
  123. >GEO_republic and GEO_communist
  124. >BOS_monarchy
  125. >CZH_monarchy
  126. >SPC_communist
  129. -New flags as usual, biggest release yet AGAIN!
  130. -The following flags were added or changed from older versions:
  131. +All QUE flags were remade, thanks to the very helful anon who did it!
  132. +CSA_communist
  133. +BOH_monarchy
  134. +PLC_monarchy
  135. +CHL_republic
  136. +CHL_monarchy
  137. +ARG_republic
  138. +FRA_communist
  139. +All ITA flags were remade (except ITA_fascist_a, the extra one)
  140. +POL_fascist
  141. +POL_monarchy
  142. -Updated Catalogue and PDF "Meaning of flags"
  145. -New flags as usual, biggest release yet again (by 3 flags, not counting the extra ones listed below).
  146. -Anniversary Edition Surprise: I revised the whole catalogue and improved the quality of as many flags as I was able to by removing blurry pixells and double checking the colour.
  147. Check the catalogue for more information, the ammount of flags changed is too big to list here.
  148. -The following flags were added or changed from older versions (not to be confused with the previous statement):
  149. +ENG_fascist_a
  150. +USA_republic and USA_republic_a
  151. +CSA_communist
  152. +JAP_communist
  153. +RUS_monarchy
  154. +RUS_republic
  155. +RUS_communist_a
  156. +ARG_fascist_a
  157. +All NGF flags were [re]made
  158. +POL_republic
  159. +POL_fascist
  160. +ISR_republic
  161. +ISR_fascist
  162. +All BUL flags were [re]made
  163. +All SER flags were [re]made
  164. +FRA_republic
  165. +FRA_monarchy and a Napoleonic FRA_monarchy_a
  166. +FRA_communist and FRA_communist_a
  167. +CAN_monarchy
  168. +TUR_republic
  169. +TUR_monarchy
  170. +TUR_fascist
  171. +POR_republic
  172. +POR_monarchy
  173. +ITA_monarchy and a South Italian ITA_monarchy_a
  174. +ITA_fascist and ITA_fascist_a
  175. +ALD_monarchy
  176. +SAF_fascist
  177. +Red Ensign SAF_monarchy_a
  178. So don't forget to re-"install" them again!
  179. -Updated Catalogue and PDF "Meaning of flags"
  180. -Fixed the missnamed GRE_fascist flag in the Pick and Choose section
  183. -New flags as usual, biggest release yet again.
  184. -Changed or added:
  185. +ENG_republic
  186. +ENG_monarchy
  187. +ISR_monarchy
  188. +All Hungarian flags except the fascist one
  189. +POL_communist
  190. +FIN_fascist
  191. +SWE_fascist
  192. +SCA_monarchy
  193. +JAP_monarchy
  194. +NZL_communist
  195. +FRA_communist
  196. +EST_monarchy
  197. +SGF_communist
  198. So don't forget to re-"install" them again!
  199. -Updated Catalogue and PDF "Meaning of flags"
  202. -New flags, as usual. Biggest release yet if you don't count the Second American Civil War as part of V3.
  204. CHANGELOG V3.1
  205. -No new flags, sorry
  206. -Brand new catalogue
  207. -Updated "On the meanings of flags", which is now a PDF
  208. -fixed UNM_republic, it had some green pixels
  211. -Added flags, which includes
  212. *New flags, as always
  213. *A huge number of French Fascist Flags
  214. *Second American Civil War Flag Pack
  215. -Changed the Phillipine flags tag from PHI (vanilla) to PHL (NNM and related mods)
  216. -Added alternative flags for RUS, ARU and FRA
  217. -Changed Venezuela's fascist flag to match Colombia's and Gran Colombia's
  220. -Added flags, see catalogue
  221. -Fixed bug in which some flags were called "TAG_democracy" instead of "TAG_republic". "Reinstall" all the flags just in case.
  222. -Changed BUL_fascist
  223. -Added NGF_communist
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