[DV] Jordan and the Mangler [male, homo]

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  1. Jordan and the Mangler
  2. by Dorian Vore
  4. “Man that machine is huge!” the gorgeous Jordan said as he stood before the massive mangler.
  6. The factory was hot and humid and he was dressed in nothing but his Speedo swimmers after a long day of swimming at the local pool, his slender athletic figure glistening with water from the pool next to the old abandoned factory.
  8. “It’s a mangler.” His friend Jacob said.
  10. “A what?” Jordan frowned as he stepped closer and stared at the massive rollers of the machine.
  12. “A Mangler,” Jacob explained. “It’s a type of industrial laundry machine. Working with this machine was dangerous.”
  14. Jordan climbed up onto the machine as Jacob watched him.
  16. “This thing is cool!” Jordan said as he turned to face Jacob with a smile, water dribbling down his muscular stomach and down into his round deep navel.
  18. “This machine was originally used to wring water from wet laundry,” Jacob explained as he stared at Jordan’s smooth body feeling a slight erection growing in his own Speedos. “These days mangles are used to press or flatten sheets, tablecloths, kitchen towels, or clothing. That thing could squash you flatter than a pancake if you’re not careful.”
  20. “Wow!” Jordan gasped.
  22. “Legend has it this place was shut down because this machine crushed so many workers in accidents it was deemed too dangerous.” He leaned on the side of the machine as his stared at Jordan’s Speedos, feeling his mouth water with hunger as he absently leaned on the machine.
  24. Suddenly he slipped and grabbed at a lever to try and stop the fall, the lever falling with a clunk as suddenly the machine came to life.  Jordan felt the rollers move against his firm buttocks and in a panic he turned, looking at the massive industrial rollers.  Losing balance, he arched his back and waved his arms around to try and stop his fall, his crotch moving closer to the rollers as he arched back to the point that his Speedos were suddenly caught.
  26. “Oh crap!” He screamed as he felt his penis suddenly being sucked between the heavy rollers and pulled long. “Jacob! Help me!”
  28. Jacob stepped back and watched as Jordan was sucked penis first into the mangler, his body bending backwards as the small of his back was pressed against his buttocks.  It happened so quickly that Jacob had no time to act.  With a crunch Jordan’s Speedos, hips, flat tummy and thighs were sucked in.  As he felt his stomach being pressed out flat his arms bend back to touch his bare smooth feet, his body bent right back in half.  With a squelch Jordan’s smooth almost naked body was sucked into the machine and Jordan was gone, his hands and feet the last part to disappear quickly into the machine as his screams echoed through the factory floor.
  30. “Jordan!” Jacob yelled as he ran around the machine as it clanked and rattled.
  32. Expecting to see blood and guts all over the machine he watched in amazement as Jordan’s completely flat body flipped through the cogs and wheels of the machine, unfolding and rolling around the machine like a life sized poster of himself, his Speedos low on his delicious now flat hips as his smooth skin still glistened in the daylight.
  34. “Oh my!” Jacob gasped as Jordan rolled out the end of the machine completely flat, his handsome face frozen in fright.
  36. Looking around, Jacob saw that he was alone.  As the machine came to a grinding halt he rolled Jordan up like a poster and slipped quietly away to play with his flat, almost naked best friend.  He would make a nice smooth blanket against his body that night and there was nothing his sexy friend could do about it now.
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