PID the Saga

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  1. >Be an undoubtedly big dicked Anon
  2. >Its PID, soon all the girls will know which boy is worth jumping onto.
  3. >I have my eyes set on one in particular.
  4. >Stacy is in cheer, great body, does amazing artwork, just an incredible girl all around.
  5. >Strut into school, most of the boy are nervous, as they should be, since they're going to end up pantsless and padded compared to me.
  6. >Today is the day to call my shot.
  7. >Approach Stacy, who is talking to her girlfriends.
  8. "Oh hi Anon, ready for the big show?"
  9. "Stacy, I could be an Olympic vaulter. Would you want to have lunch me after?"
  10. >Saying the coolest line I could think of last night, internally screaming, it suddenly sounded like total shit and I could feel the rejection coming.
  11. "Well now I know you're balls are big. That sounds nice. Sure, as long you aren't sent to the formula line."
  12. >Awwyisss.gif
  13. "Ha ha, yeah, cool, see you then."
  14. >Turn the fuck around and get away before I do something to eat my damn foot.
  15. >Get to my locker, Buddy is waiting.
  16. "Anon, ready to show these nubabies how a real man hangs?"
  17. >We keep feeding each other's bravado.
  18. "Fuck yes, and Stacy just agreed to lunch after, I already feel three sizes bigger."
  19. >Buddy holds his hand up for a high five.
  20. "You pulled Stacy? That's awesome!"
  21. >The bro-iest high five is returned, the clap is resounding, somewhere a hat is turned backwards and its wearer knows not why.
  22. >Bell rings to start the day.
  23. >All girls go to sit in the gymnasium.
  24. >All boys stand outside of it, teachers corralling us into a few single file lines.
  25. >Doors open, can see the measuring stations with their 3/4 tall fabric dividers, the state nurses sent in to measure and report. Each station's two volunteers, a girl to record, and one to pamper the nubabies.
  26. >Names start geting called, the crowd of girls emitting raucous laughter for each Nubaby, giving cheers and applause for each man. The clapping is few and far between.
  27. >Suddenly hit with nerves as I get ever so closer to the doors.
  28. >No man, you got Stacy, you got this.
  29. "Anon station 4."
  30. >Showtime.png
  31. >Greet the nurse and two girls.
  32. "Sorry sweetheart, you'll need a different excuse to touch this peepee." I tell the girl in charge of the diaper changes.
  33. >Stand in the marked square, the Nurse kneels infront of me.
  34. >BJ position already giving me a boner, can't wait.
  35. >Drop trow. Dangle free.
  36. >Nurse firmly grasps it, even with those gloves it feels great.
  37. >AllPowerToTheMainCannon.webm
  38. >That measuring tape is held to the base, and she pulls it taught, sliding her fingers down.
  39. >3 inch
  40. >4 inch
  41. >4 and a quarter....
  42. "Anon Lastname, 4 and 5/8ths. Lay on the mat."
  43. >Wat.
  44. >No.
  45. >nononono
  46. "Wait that's not right, I'm a Man not a Nubaby!"
  47. "Fussy nubabies get paci-gagged. Lie down before you make a mess."
  48. >Seen some cases where a nubaby fights and gets pretty much locked in a straight jacket.
  49. >Reluctantly lay down on the changing mat.
  50. "What peepee was I not going to diaper?" The diapering girl asks, mocking my earlier hubris.
  51. >Diaper is put under, powder is sprinkled, and my apparently less-than-thrilling peepee is sealed away, still stiff, but not impeding the fit of the diaper.
  52. >I want to crawl in a hole and die rather than walk out from the cover of the privacy dividers.
  53. >Record girl and Diapering girl both pull me up and push me out on my way.
  54. >WaddleOfShame.vimeo
  55. >Feels like a thousand eyes are ridiculing me, but there is only one set that matters.
  56. >Face downcast, I don't want to ever have to face her, if I hide my head in the sand this will all disappear.
  57. >Walk to the demarcked area, where the nubabies have to wait, inside a play-fence. There are a couple of blankies and soft toys to comfort the upset nubabies.
  58. >I try to stay away from the pathetic nubabies, but it seems like they are trying to do the same, so end up against the play fence.
  59. >Ohno
  60. >Buddy sees me, stops talking to the two girls that were giggling with him, and approaches.
  61. >I want to run and hide, but there is no where to go. My face is hot with shame.
  62. "Oh wow, Anon is a Nubby...I had an 8 and a half, no surprise. I'm going to bottom out my way through all these girls."
  63. >not fair, I was suppose to be right there, side by side plowing those fields of pubic fuzz.
  64. >Now I'm only going to get my dick touched through a wet wipe.
  65. >Buddy ruffles my hair
  66. "Don't worry, Stacy will still have a lunch buddy. Later squirt."
  67. >Betrayal!
  68. >Imponently hit the play fence. Impotently will do many things now.
  69. >Sit on the shiny floor and wait for PID to wrap up. Thankfully don't see Stacy.
  71. >The entire shit show draws to a close.
  72. >The girls and the real guys leave, the nubabies and I have to stay for orientation.
  73. >ugh, guess I have to get used to thinking of myself as a nubaby.
  74. >teacher I hadn't seen before comes up, she's probably 35, has brunette hair in a tight bun and the most librarian glasses I have seen outside of a movie centered around a highschool sex-comedy romp.
  75. >And a few either teacher's aides and girls from the measuring stations.
  76. >Actually kind of digging the look of the new teacher, feeling my small friend move against my new padding.
  77. "Nubabies, you're schedules and expectations are changing. You'll have homeroom with me, replacing your first and second period classes. That time will focus on your adjustment and equivalent English classes."
  78. >No more morning history class? That actually doesn't sound half bad.
  79. "Then you'll get your gym-equivalent. You'll be sharing the gymnasium with the cheer class."
  80. >Fuck. Give me crack of dawn History back, Stacy isn't in it.
  81. "Then after hygiene you'll have lunch. I'm sure you're all familiar with the formula line. You will have an assigned seat for lunch now."
  82. >Aw c'mon, that's the only time of day this dumb school even let us have free choice, now you're going to police that time too!?
  83. "After lunch, quiet time, if you have a preference for nap-buddy, you'll be able to tell us who on our way out from here to lunch."
  84. >Nap-buddy? What the hell does that mean, besides the literal meaning of the root words.
  85. "After naptime, you'll be in home room until release. That will be half free-time, half art-equivelant. Any questions?"
  86. >A few hands raise up.
  87. "Can we remeasure?"
  88. >She laughs. Guess that means no.
  89. "Real questions only."
  90. >Most of the hands drop.
  91. >Fuckin' nerd of a nubaby still has a hand raised.
  92. "So that was the schedule change, what's the expectations change?"
  93. >She whispers something to an aide that makes a note.
  94. "Excellent listening nubaby. Your parents will be getting a new student handbook that outlines the new curriculum you'll be engaged in, as well as new behavior and consequences guidelines that will apply to you. Corporal punishment will now be administered, liberally. Your parents will have a school supply list that now involves Nubaby Cuffs, a properly fitting pacifier gag, and locking diaper cover. Along with crayons, nubaby wipes, and either provide changing and washing supplies or pay into the nubaby stock the school can provide."
  95. >Locks, gags, spankings, as if being doomed as a dateless loser wasn't enough.
  96. "Now this is the largest class of the smallest peepees I've had in a few years. Please form two single file lines, and hold th hand of the nubaby infront and behind you. We can make our way towards the cafeteria to set your seating chart."
  97. >We shuffle into lines, but nobody wants to do that hand-holding shit.
  98. >That's a degenerate fetish.
  99. "Get over yourselves or five of you will get your first spankings." She warns.
  100. >Okay, fuck that getting hit noise. I, and several others, link up.
  101. "Follow." She orders, leading the way.
  102. >Like a military formation, pairs of aides and girls dot our flanks, keeping an eye on us.
  103. >We stop at the gym doors, two women with clipboards asking us to name our nap-buddy.
  104. "None?"
  105. >She seems to just make a tick mark and the line moves on.
  106. >Now we're exposed in the hallways, white fluff on full display, gaily holding hands. Wouldn't be surprised if we had to start skipping merrily-along-our-damn-way.
  107. >At least the other students are in class and not watching our beet-red procession to the cafeteria.
  110. >Be in the cafeteria, over on the nubaby end. Never really paid attention to it, mostly ignored the highchairs.
  111. >Standing infront of the fleet of plastic trays, the teacher calls for attention.
  112. "The highchairs have a color coded seam, you may pick any that are pink, you can let go of your hands and stand infront of the seat you want."
  113. >Let go immediately and wipe the nubaby cooties off on my shirt.
  114. >Wait, fuck, I'm a nubaby too.
  115. >Look around at the other shrimpies picking seats, looks like none of my friends were nubabies, so I stand by a chair on the end. To be the most away from these dicklets.
  116. >A girl with a clipboard is going around and marking names, locking the seating chart.
  117. >The bell rings to let the general student population out for lunch.
  118. >I really don't want to be seen with the nubabies, but even if I could be a million miles away the exposed diaper wrapped around my waist screams Nubaby.
  119. "Line up, be good hand holders." Says the teacher.
  120. >Reluctantly line up, look at the floor as we link up again.
  121. >If I can't see the big kids they can't see me.
  122. >Or at least I won't feel the shame of their gaze.
  123. >We are marched infront of the regular lunch line, the giggles and laughs don't escape my hearing. The occasional hand reaches out to slap our padded bottoms.
  124. >If my face was a mercury thermometer, it would have blown the glass tube.
  125. >We line up at a much shorter counter, only two lunch ladies operate it.
  126. "You can let go to take your bottle, hold with both hands, and give the nice lady your student ID number to charge your account."
  127. >Someone let's go early, an aide gives a thigh slap and quickly sorts that shit out.
  128. >Step by step I get closer to my first of a thousand bottles. Its 24oz and slightly off-white.
  129. >Hold with both hands, give ID, pay for the privilege of a liquid lunch.
  130. >Now that we aren't leading each other, I am forced to look forward to see my way back to the highchairs.
  131. >There is a sea of students sitting at various tables, it feels like I am being laughed at by every single one of them. Of course none of them are looking at the nubabies, they're suppose to be in the formula line, I'm the mistake, forced to be around the nubabies and judged for either lacking as a man or, even worse, choosing to be one.
  132. >We waddles across the whole damn cafeteria, bottles in hand, to get back over to the highchair area.
  133. >Could they have been further apart?
  134. >Get to the highchairs, trays lifted up, one side hinged, and after sitting, it goes down with a latching click.
  135. >Set the bottle down, rather go hungry than be seen suckling it like a nubaby.
  136. >With my extreme edge seat, I'm not that far from a big kid table.
  137. >Oh No.
  138. >It's her. Stacy, tray of real food in hand, the most tempting Turkey sandwich and slightly bruised apple.
  139. >Fucking traitor Buddy is walking with her, the two chatting, laughing, and sitting in plain view of me.
  140. >Buddy points, Stacy looks right at me, big smile, and waves. She even goes a step further and plays one-handed peek-a-fucking-boo, covering her eyes, pulling her hand away and giving a 'Shocked' face.
  141. >Turn my face away and cover it up, trying very hard not to cry.
  142. "Good nubabies drink their babas, you don't want to be naughty and caught with a full bottle at the end of lunch."
  143. >Fuck being watched drinking that swill.
  144. >Stacy and Buddy have finished their food, fucking holding hands across the table, Stacy is constantly looking over to see the nubaby show.
  145. >The lunch bell rings. Try to lift the tray.
  146. >Can't lift it.
  147. >WTF!?
  148. >See the ones near me also struggle. We are all locked in.
  149. >At least the big kids leave.
  150. "Well now, not every bottle is empty. It's your first day, so you have an extra five minutes to finish on your own and be good nubabies."
  151. >Nope. No no no nope nope no.
  152. >Time passes, I can hear some of the more pathetic nubabies sucking their bottles down.
  153. >Me and a handful don't though.
  154. "Well naughty nubabies, we'll just have to help you."
  155. >Wut.
  156. >In pairs, the aides and girls go to those resisting.
  157. >An aide stands behind my seat, and pins my arms down.
  158. >The volunteer girl picks up the bottle and tries to shove it in my face.
  159. >Clench jaw, no admittance
  160. >She pinches my nose close, my lungs start to burn, edge of vision starts to dim.
  161. >Don't give in.
  162. >Don't give in.
  163. >Gasp for air, taste rubber.
  164. >We are force fed the formula, the bitter taste is awfull, but it's either suck it down or drown.
  165. >Once it's all over, we start getting let down.
  166. >Apparently there are two buttons, one under the seat towards the rear, and one on the free end of the tray.
  167. "Line up, good hand holders, we're going to go to home room."
  168. >What fresh, baby powdered, hell awaits us.
  171. >Get marched to a hall that I never had any classes in, and greatly avoided, since it usually was plastered with the finger paintings of Nubabies.
  172. >First door on the right, helpfully labeled 'Homeroom' in big primary colored letters. There is a wall of wooden shelves, divided into square units.
  173. >Follow the line to the front of the class to look at the desks, they have a different design to them...
  174. >On the sides of the table tops are metal D rings, and along the forward legs of the desk are a second pair. The tabletop also has a cup holder built into the top and some kind of bracket on the front.
  175. "These are your new seats, please pick one to be yours."
  176. >Groan internally.
  177. >Try to get one in the back, but apparently the other nubabies had the same idea, get stuck with one in the middle, at least it's not the front.
  178. >Teacher gets out long strips of cardstock, and goes down the rows giving two to each of us.
  179. >Aodes are following behind, giving us two crayons, the fat kind, of random colors.
  180. "I want you to all write your first names, these will be put on the front of your desk and also on your cubbies, I want your letters tall to fit the card, but I also want you to decorate the ends, be creative and have fun."
  181. >Oh boy our first assignment!
  182. >If internal sarcasm could cause brain damage I would be in a coma now.
  183. >My crayons are green and purple. I take the green and write 'ANON'.
  184. >I take my accent color and just scribble out some spirals to be done with the menial task.
  185. >They get collected, one inserted to label our desks. She carries the rest to the front.
  186. >She holds up one that has a game controller.
  187. "Dillon, explain yours."
  188. >Nubaby towards the front left answers, looking down at his desk and mumbling about his xbox.
  189. "Louder so we can hear, and when I ask a question I expect eye-contact."
  190. >He turns his head up, "I like playing on my xbox, so I drew a controller."
  191. "Better. Thank you for sharing." She says and hands it to an aide who puts it above a cubby, assigning it.
  192. >She fucking does this for each one.
  193. "Anon, explain."
  194. >Shitfuckingtitgoblin.
  195. "I just drew something to fill the space."
  196. >She comes up to my desk and sets the name cards infront of me.
  197. "Since they are round, why don't you add a stem, it could be a lollipop or a flower. You followed the directions of the task, but not the spirit of the assignment. Next Monday that will earn naughty points. Fix them."
  198. >Its green, give it a stem and leaf.
  199. >Happy cunt?
  200. "Much better, now we all know you like flowers."
  201. >Roll my eyes so hard I might have seen my ocular nerve.
  202. >Finish the stupid round of show and tell, everyone has their names displayed.
  203. "Speaking of naughty points, let me show you the Behavior Board."
  204. >She hangs something that looks like either a shoe organizer or the calculator holders we had on the door in math class. Along with two stacks of plastic cards, one red stack, one green.
  205. "Monday each of these will have your name on it. When you're good, like Pet was asking great questions in the gym..."
  206. >That nerd from earlier was in the front row, damn teacher's pet.
  207. "'ll get a green card, and if you're naughty, like those that didn't finish their lunch on their own, or if you don't do your assignments with appropriate enthusiasm."
  208. >Looks right at me with that last part.
  209. "Friday after naptime, we net your good and naughty points, and then you can spend them on rewards, like being able to bring a toy from home, getting a special dessert for lunch all next week, or spend them on undoing a punishment. Like getting the last half hour of the day out of mittens, taking a paci-gag out, but that also assumes you won't be naughty right after and earn those back on."
  210. >Fucking indulgences, what is this, the Vatican before Martin Luther?
  211. >Also, punished for not being 'enthusiastic'? Seriously!? How are any of us suppose to be happy about being virgin nubabies. As redundant as those two words are.
  212. "Now you're all going to stay quiet and watch the Nubaby Orientation video. No interruptions."
  213. >Pulls a screen down, a projector on the ceiling flicks on to start showing a slightly different video to the pre-measure one we had to watch in history. Blah blah overcompensating boys ruined this and that.
  214. >My stomach is starting to twist and turn, something isn't right.
  215. >A fart escapes. I freeze. The diaper acted like a silencer, but I'm more concerned with the suddenness of it.
  216. >Look side to side, I'm not the only one squirming. Some of the nubabies are holding their abdomen.
  217. >A hand in the back flies up, "Miss!?"
  218. "No. Interruptions."
  219. >Two aides are infront of the door that goes to the hall. Body-blocking it.
  220. >The inane presentation gets drowned out by the pounding of blood in my ears, as I struggle to keep my insides clenched tight.
  221. >In slow motion, like some horror movie about a virus changing people, I can see the nubabies, one by one, leaning forward, grunts signalling what we all knew was happening.
  222. >They spiked those bottles. We were poisoned.
  223. >I was next.
  224. >Systemfailure
  225. >A hot sticky mass invades my seat, I do my best to lift my bottom to not sit in my filth. White knuckle gripping the front of my desk.
  226. >The position is awkward on my ankles though, I can feel my knees tremble.
  227. >Don'tfuckingdoit.
  228. >Don'tfuckingdoit.
  229. >Don'tfucking-
  230. >My ankles give out, lactic acid making my calves burn as I land, and spread, the mess in my diaper.
  231. >I just thought of the diaper as mine, I ruined it with my filth, and now was sitting in that foul mess. I couldn't distance myself from it, it wasn't just a costume piece anymore.
  232. >I needed my diaper changed...
  234. >Presentation is cut short.
  235. >The room smells like a sewer system.
  236. >Teacher gets up and goes to a door that leads off the side.
  237. "Well I think everyone has had their inaugural nubaby mess. I will call names and you will line up by this door, which leads to the playroom. Pet, Dillon, Etc."
  238. >Four nubabies are called up and lead to the next room.
  239. >Hallway still body blocked.
  240. >Not sure I would even want to move, focus on sitting absolutely still.
  241. >My bottom is warm, its clinging, its impossible to ignore.
  242. >I can hear the other nubabies sniffle and cry from the indignity.
  243. >The teacher steps back through, calls four more names.
  244. >She is deliberately leaving the ones that didn't finish their bottles.
  245. >As the minutes crawl by, can feel my own shameful tears welling up.
  246. >Nope, not giving the satisfaction.
  247. >Stay silent.
  248. >Seats are emptied around me as each nubaby awkwardly waddles.
  249. "Anon."
  250. >Time to face the music.
  251. >Turn to stand up.
  252. >Contents may have shifted.
  253. >The smell is awful, every move is a fresh hell.
  254. >Stand up, the seat of my diaper awkwardly clings to my intimate parts, keep my legs wide to not disturb the sticky mass.
  255. >Pivot from foot to foot.
  256. "Hurry Anon or there won't be a change."
  257. >Drop all pretense, start walking.
  258. >Get through the threshold.
  259. >There are four changing tables, they have those stirrups on the end of them. Each station has an aide, disinfectant spray, a lidded can, wipes, powder, and under the table is a shelf with the school's plain diapers.
  260. >The rest of the room has a shag carpet with a generic village road map, cartoony buildings, smiling animals going about their day to day.
  261. >The whole class is sitting cross legged and staring at the changing tables.
  262. "As I told your better behaved classmates, the playroom has a strict no walking/standing rules, in here you crawl. So go to the changing table, hop up now."
  263. >Walk to the closest table.
  264. "Ah, come back and do it correctly."
  265. >Why!? I'm at the table, just get clean me!
  266. >Walk back to the doorway.
  267. >When I turn around I can feel the stares of the whole class.
  268. >Slowly lower to my hands and knees.
  269. >My diaper will be an unholy mess, can feel it on my balls, going up the back.
  270. >Stare at the floor and crawl to the table.
  271. >Aide grabs my hand, 'helps' me stand up.
  272. >Pushes me on the table, like mess, if not already mashed slime, it was now.
  273. >Aide puts my feet in the stirrups, stands between my legs, at least blocking the class's view.
  274. >She pulls the tapes, letting the front flop open.
  275. >Want to throw up from my odor.
  276. >She moves from between to get a new diaper out from under.
  277. >Whole class can see my baby-dick, and stare at the eldritch horror my anus had become.
  278. >Aide is back between my legs, wiping the mess off, it is taking forever.
  279. "Don't worry sweetheart, this will go quicker after hair removal." She cooes 'helpfully'.
  280. >My big boy hair....
  281. >Try not to cry
  282. >Cry a lot.
  283. >Tears stream down my face, but refuse to sob audibly.
  284. "Aww, we'll get you in a clean diaper honey, you'll feel better soon."
  285. >Exactly the opposite of what will make me feel better.
  286. A clean diaper put under me anyway, powder is ssprinkled on my tiny dick and rubbed in.
  287. >I'm taped in a prison, hand held, I'm helped off the table and get back on my hands and knees.
  288. "Okay, after today I expect each of you to hug your changer and thank them. Repeat after me. 'Thank you for my new clean diapee.'"
  289. >There is a half-hearted repetition.
  290. "We can always not change you."
  291. >Once more with feeling.
  292. >"Thank you for my new clean diapee!"
  293. >Die inside bit by bit.
  294. "We will also start and end our day positively. Hug the nubaby to your left and right, good points if you kiss each other's cheek."
  295. >There is no end to this humiliation.
  296. >See others actually kiss, already trying to game the good point system.
  299. >The end bell is ringing.
  300. >We had to stand in line, back packs open, returning our school books, and in their place take home two diapers. And our new handbooks to get signed.
  301. >Then a good bye hug and kiss for our new friends, well, I hug at least.
  302. >The whole day was emotionally exhausting, it actually felt nice to get a hug.
  303. >Miss me with that gay kissing though.
  304. >Still have link hands in our two lines and march to the bus pick-up.
  305. >So many former peers, laughing at our inadequacy.
  306. >I just want it all to stop.
  307. >Instead I have to face my parents, and my little sister.
  308. >Busses pull in, get onto mine. The driver stops me from going towards the back to my usual seat.
  309. "Nubabies up front. You'll get your new bus monday."
  310. >Right, the nubaby bus. Guess it's better than facing the big kids.
  311. >Oh hell, I'm starting to talk about my friends like they're better than me...
  312. >Well, the guys are real men...
  313. >My musings occupy the rest of the ride home. I get off and trudge to the front door.
  314. >The last thing I want to do is go in, and admit my failings to my family.
  315. >I breathe deeply and carefully grab the doorknob, like it was made of live snakes.
  316. "ANON!"
  317. >My mother squeals like a damn schoolgirl, wrapping me up in a hug, grabbing my bottom.
  318. "Oh I got the call, you're going to be so adorable, my book club will love you!"
  319. >A doll to be shown off.
  320. >That's the only way a woman would love me now.
  321. >Mom takes me by the hand to lead into the kitchen. What I saw hit me like a cement truck.
  322. >A fucking highchair.
  323. "Oh you'll feel so much more comfortable now, not competing with those real boys. I have your hair appointment book for tomorrow. Oh you'll just be so darling!"
  324. >Mom is squeezing me tight and blustering on about all these horrid things like they're the best thing ever.
  325. >I can't do this anymore, I was strong at school, still hoping someone would recognize the mistake. I wasn't a nubaby. I wasn't! I wasn't wasn't wasn't!
  326. "Shh, I know, its overwhelming, Mommy's here though!"
  327. >She directs my head to her bosom, wiping tears as I now finally openly cried.
  328. >She was holding me so tight, promising it will all be okay.
  329. >I hug my mother back, "I don't want to be a nubaby. It's not fair..."
  330. >She just rubs my back and pats my head, shushing and alternatively humming.
  331. "You would never gave been happy pretending to be a real man, it's better this way honey. You're going to be taken care of, not just a nubaby, Mommy's nubaby, who I love very much!"
  333. >Be Monday Morning.
  334. >My cuffs are locked to the corners of my crib.
  335. >My messy diaper is locked to my hairless body.
  336. >My father, or rather Daddy, has made it clear that 'fussiness' results in spankings.
  337. >Much to my little sister's amusement.
  338. >Being locked in my highchair and forced to watch her eat pizza while I had bland paste was torture.
  339. >But not as much torture as waiting in my crib, needing a change, and not being able to do anything until someone else let's me out.
  340. >Mommy opens my door, dear christ it's all going to be babytalk.
  341. "Aww, is Snuggems all poopy, Mommy will make it better!"
  342. >She unlatches one hand, joins it to the other. I feel like a prisoner.
  343. >She undoes the ankle cuffs, and takes my hands to waddle to my changing table.
  344. >Feet in stirrups, my sleeper onesie gets unbuttoned, and my white diaper, emblazoned with happy clouds and rainbows is put on full display.
  345. >If I didn't have a massive rubber teat in my mouth I would have groaned.
  346. >Three days of getting changed makes me rather resigned at this point. At least I'm not the one wiping butts.
  347. "So smooth and cute now! Hey little guy!"
  348. >Mommy tickles the tip of my sorrow, the shame of it, and repulsion to incest, leaves it limp, while I blush and try to cover my face.
  349. >An avalanche of powder later, I am taped in a new diaper. Mommy leaves me on the table while she picks out my school outfit.
  350. >Dress code requires the diapers be accessible, so either a shirt or short dress.
  351. >If it's cold I can get thigh-high socks.
  352. >Mommy got the ones with little bows. I hope it's hot forever.
  353. >She undoes my hands, takes the sleeper off and put a shirt on.
  354. >Mommy's Stinker
  355. >Fuck me.
  356. >I thought I saw my optic nerve during my last eye roll, this time I think I saw a memory of last week, maybe a distant memory of what being happy was like.
  357. >Hand held, she leads me to the bathroom, to brush my teeth, comb my hair, give me light foundation and blush.
  358. >She really likes having a damn doll.
  359. >Get lead to the kitchen, smell my sister having bacon and eggs.
  360. >I get a bland paste labeled "Nubaby Mornings!" with some cherry cherub on the label, followed with a bottle of formula, "Para-Lac"?
  361. >Feel uncoordinated and relaxed when the bus horn beeps.
  362. >Nubaby Bus.
  363. >Mommy gets my crocs on, and leads me right out.
  364. >Its a short bus, each seat is this five point harness thing, my school bag, or rather, diaper bag, goes right under.
  365. >Get to school.
  366. >We are let out, but have to get in our hand holding lines, before the Teacher leads us through the school to Home Room.
  367. >Why are the nubaby classes on the opposite end from the student drop off?
  368. >Stumble and waddle my way through the halls, thankful to be holding hands to keep balance.
  369. >What is in that formula?
  370. >See Stacy talking with Buddy by her locker. She stops to smile and wave at me. Buddy gets her attention again.
  371. >Finally get lead into home room.
  372. >Teacher turns around to address the class.
  373. "Good Morning Little Ones."
  374. "Good morning Miss."
  375. "Greet each other and take your seats."
  376. >Ugh, the hugging thing.
  377. >Ignore it and just go to my seat.
  378. >Teacher puts a couple red and green cards in the clear pockets hung behind her desk, all have names on them.
  379. >I have a red card. Of course. I'm being treated like a sexless baby, what punishment could possibly make that worse?
  380. >We take our seats. The aides walk up and down the lines, collecting our signed student handbooks, and latching our hands and feet to the desks.
  381. >They drop the handbooks at the desk. Teacher puts on a pair of overear headphones.
  382. >The aides leave as speakers start to play white noise.
  383. "Today's adjustment lesson will be the most intense, and least effective, but will give us a good base to build on later."
  384. >Teacher clicks herremote, the projector plays a series of random colors and patterns, it doesn't make any sense.
  385. >If I wasn't paci-gagged I would ask "What the shit is this?"
  386. >Instead I zone out, not caring.
  388. "And now it's time for English."
  389. >What? How long did I fall asleep, did that get me another naughty point?
  390. "Relax, I'm going to read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and you only need to listen."
  391. >This is such bullpoop.
  392. >I knew nubabies didn't get to have sex, but I didn't know they got bored to death.
  393. >The aides had slipped in during 'English', and at the end of the story were freeing us from our desks.
  394. >So we could line up to go to gym.
  395. >With the cheer squad...
  397. >Be in the gym locker room.
  398. >Would be able to enjoy dressing myself, but the darn Mighty Mitts are very much in the way of that.
  399. >At least I have an enthusiastic volunteer taking my graphic tee off, 'Mommy's Stinker' in favor for a gray '8th District Middle School' shirt, with blue kneepads for some reason.
  400. >Line up, holding hands, to leave the locker room and go into the gymnasium.
  401. >Poopyhead, don't want to do this. Stacy will see me!
  402. >Wait, poopyhead?
  403. >The line marches and pulls me with it, errant thought shaken.
  404. >We stand before the overweight definition of a dyk-girl that likes girls.
  405. >Belly, kankles, short terrible haircut. And shiny whistle. All wrapped in a grey hoodie and blue shorts that should qualify as a warm crime.
  406. >See the girls practice hand stands, flips, finger baskets and tosses.
  407. >Those skirts flapping to show the 'skort' cover.
  408. >Maybe this won't be so bad…
  409. >two cheerleaders on the side point and giggle.
  410. >Yes it is that bad, nothing about being a nubaby is good.
  411. >Whistle draws my attention.
  412. "If we had let you precious angel's stay with the big boys, they would have ground you into paste, on the football field, in the basketball courts, on Dodgeball fridays."
  413. >Getting full metal jacket vibes, feel tempted to ask if coach is John Wayne.
  414. >Pacifier-gag robs everyone of a timely reference.
  415. "You are now in the nubaby cross-country crawling class. At the end of the year while all the big kids who amount to something are relaxing from coming back from district competition, you lot will perform relay races, obstacle courses, and a 100 meter crawl."
  416. >Now the kneepads make sense.
  417. "15 laps, hands and knees, this line to the bleachers, last 10 get Friday's formula. Go!"
  418. >Whistle blows.
  419. >Laxative formula.
  420. >Forget that, I crawl like my life depends on it.
  421. >Very much ignore that the cheer squad is taking a break at the halfcourt line to watch.
  422. >The Mitts are slippery though, I find my chin on the floor more than I would care for.
  423. >The gag makes it hard to breathe though, as I pant to keep the pace up. I eventually have to acquiesce to my burning lungs and stop, tears in my eyes as others pass me.
  424. "You can do it Anon!"
  425. >My heart freezes.
  426. >Actually my heart keeps going a mile a minute, but my blood turns cold when I hear Stacy's voice.
  427. >She's WATCHING me. Diapered butt in the air, pacifier strapped in my face, a former shadow of the confident guy that tried to court her.
  428. >I stop to turn away, hide my face, hide my shame, hide my tears.
  429. "Anon, face forward and finish the lap!"
  430. >Coach Carpet Muncher bellows. Afraid of the repercussions, I turn and crawl.
  431. >Stacy is jumping and clapping.
  432. "You did it!"
  433. >Does this mean she still likes me?
  434. >Maybe I won't be a perma-virgin if I can show off my athleticism in gym?
  435. "Take a breather, bottles of water if you need it."
  436. >Shoot my hand right up.
  437. >An aide brings a baby bottle of water. Son of a biscuit-eater.
  438. >She takes the gag off though, finally able to pant.
  439. "Wai-"
  440. >Start to plead 'wait' when a nipple is shoved in my mouth.
  441. >Don't care, water, need, cooling, helpful.
  442. >Drain that sucker.
  443. "Slow down you'll get a tummy-"
  444. >Stomach lurches, grab and curl.
  445. >Why the pain.
  446. "Cramp. Shh, relax."
  447. >Aide holds me and rubs my stomach for a bit.
  448. >Belch like it was Oktoberfest.
  449. "There you go, better?"
  450. "I gues-"
  451. >Gag is strapped back in.
  452. >of course.
  453. >Gym proceeds as a bunch of crawling laps, back and forth. Until.
  454. >Need to pee, need to pee. Need. To. Pee.
  455. >All that sweating, feel damp anyway, but years of potty training roots me to my spot.
  456. >Sit up on my knees, look to the side, Stacyand the cheer squad is there, shouldn't they be doing drills too!?
  457. >My indignity is not a good enough dam to stem the tide.
  458. >I know my happy clouds are turning gray.
  459. >Raise my hand to ask for a change.
  460. "Yes Anon?"
  461. "Ah nee chay"
  462. "Come again?"
  463. >The darn pacifier. I point at my crotch.
  464. "You'll get changed with everone else right before shower time. Now get to crawling!"
  465. >I crawl with an extra soggy weight, swinging side to side.
  466. >Class mercifully ends, but the cheerleaders are lined up at our door, wearing swimsuits…
  467. "With so many of you, the girls have helpfully volunteered to change who needs changing and help rinse you off."
  468. >Oh so darn helpful, they're just going to laugh at us.
  469. >They intersperse among us, picking who they change.
  470. >Please don't, plsplspls
  471. "Take me hand, you can walk now!"
  472. >Cheerfully says Stacy.
  473. >I take her hand, but let everyone know I'm not happy about it.
  474. >Unfortunately by crying.
  475. >Stacy pats my back.
  476. "Oh Nonny it's okay, you'll be dry soon, promise."
  477. >So not the point!
  479. >Get stern warning from the coach to not make shower time difficult for our helpful volunteers.
  480. >Be on my back in a row of Nubabies, Stacy's head between my legs in the worst way.
  481. >She's wiping the sweat and urine off my no-no parts.
  482. >Balls. What the fudging-monkey is going on with my word choice?
  483. "And wittle Nonny is all cleaned up. To think, I finally got to see what you were working with. It's actually really cute."
  484. >Cute, non-threatening, non-exciting, non-starter.
  485. >Sit up bottomless like everyone else. Stacy gets the gym uniform off.
  486. >She takes my hand to lead me into the warm running showers.
  487. >If I didn't have this paci-gag, the things I would do to her.
  488. >She's in a pink two piece, bold white heart accenting. She gets a loofa with a little terry cloth duck on it. Starts lathering No-Tears Nubaby wash.
  489. >She scrubs my head, running her hands down my back, soaping up my body.
  490. >I am excited. A whole four inches of excitement.
  491. "Oh that is not appropriate. Yo stop that right now."
  492. >I give a muffled moan, shaking my head.
  493. >No please, I'm finally so close to you…
  494. >She backs up, reviled by my offerings.
  495. >Such direct rejection, while I'm so exposed.
  496. >Thank God I'm under running water, hiding my tears, as I wilt away.
  497. "There, better."
  498. >Better for you at any rate.
  499. >The soap gets rinsed off. Towels are distributed, she goes right back to touching me all over.
  500. >The caress is so delicous.
  501. >That excitement builds again.
  502. "Miss, he keeps being naughty!"
  503. >Coach Munch comes by.
  504. "Twice? That's three too many. We can get him under control."
  505. >Control!?
  506. >Get a hand on my shoulder forcing me down.
  507. >Something round is pulled out of bag. And clicked around my pee-pee. Some white plastic cage. It hurts as it restricts my parts.
  508. >Coach Munch tapes my diaper on and pats it.
  509. "There, no more naughty behavior. You can go Stacy."
  510. >The only slightly positive part of this poopy day walks away to the girl's room.
  511. >I get that shirt back put back on and my wrists bound.
  512. >I have to hold the shoulder of the nubaby ahead of me, a hand on my shoulder from the nubaby behind.
  513. >Teacher joins us and leads us to lunch.
  514. >Coach whispers to her. She looks right at me with a scowl.
  515. >We get lead across the whole darn school to get to the formula line.
  516. >Me and eight others get a bottle from a seperate cooler to the rest.
  517. >Hold it and waddle across the cafeteria. Eyes on the collective 'us' but only feel them on me.
  518. >Stacy and Buddy are near my chair, again. I can see her giggle and hold her thumb and forefinger together much to Buddy's amusement.
  519. >Cheeks burn as the tray is latched by an aide.
  520. >Gag finally unwrapped. Can feel it get hung on the back of the chair.
  521. >I know the drill, drink the darn bottle.
  522. >The first mouthful is that bitter taste from friday.
  523. >Throw that far away.
  524. "No, no poop milk!"
  525. >Big kids stare.
  526. >Immediate regret.
  527. >Aide latches cuffs to the tray top. Nose is held, bottle is forced down.
  528. >Stacy and Buddy watch bemused.
  529. >Really not looking forward to naptime if my parent's cribbing techniques are anything to go by.
  531. >Be released from the chairs, but link hands.
  532. >The big kids are making a show of waving "Ni-night" to the nubabies.
  533. >We are lead across the school, but instead of going to homeroom, we are diverted to a new room, it's fairly large, but the windows are nearly blacked out.
  534. >Rows of cribs, slightly bigger than my home crib, and with twice the D-rings.
  535. >Teacher addresses us.
  536. "This is the quiet room. If anyone not paci-gagged says anything to disrupt the silence, will get strapped, regardless of good points."
  537. >Already gagged, blah blah blah.
  538. "Your pairs have been approved, obviously a crib for each of you would take up too much space. And until you're further adjusted, you will be latched, snuggled with your nap-buddy. Now to your assigned crib."
  539. >We get directed by the aides to our cribs. They also undress us. "No sense overheating."
  540. >I'm stuck with Pet. Forced to face him, him me, wrists and ankles latched to the rail behind him, his behind me, a tangle of limbs and skin to skin contact, a thin cotton sheet draped over us.
  541. >Its so weird feeling another heartbeat.
  542. "If you are good, you can bring comfort toys to your crib, as long as your nap-buddy is also well-behaved. We'll be back after an hour, have a restful nap."
  543. >They leave. Still face to awkward face with Pet.
  544. >Of course he has his eyes closed, mouth free of obstruction. Obviously not asleep but not wanting to 'break a rule'.
  545. >Oh God my stomach.
  546. >Please not while I'm tied to someone.
  547. >Strike me dead before doing /that/, praying for a heart attack.
  548. >A fart escapes. Pet's eyes open wide with surprise.
  549. >He tries to wiggle away. No such luck.
  550. >Involuntarily curl into him as I try to clench my abdomen.
  551. >Tears come down as the mess inches out.
  552. >The door opens.
  553. >Eyes shut tight, pretending to be anywhere else and doing anything else.
  554. "Psst, Anon." Whispers a familiar voice.
  555. >Buddy.
  556. >I turn my head to try to look at him.
  557. "Oh he can't face this way." A different voice chimes in hushed tones.
  558. >Stacy! No the smell....
  559. >They come around to where Pet can't see, but are square in my view.
  560. "Nonny, I told Buddy about your naughty showers. It gave him an idea that I'm super excited about."
  561. >Buddy undoes his fly and shows off his growing manhood.
  562. >My eyes widen in shock, yes I aware he was bigger, but it was practically monsterous.
  563. "This is what Stacy wants, not pants shitting peenies. Get that hope out of your head."
  564. >Stacy kneels and holds it in her hands, showing it off proudly. Her eyes were hungry. She gives it a kiss and a lick.
  565. >I shut my eyes and shake my head. My dreams being actively molested in front of me.
  566. "Aww he's not looking....Hmm, he can wear this if it helps drive the point home."
  567. >Stacy reaches under her skirt to slide a pair of panties off, pink with a little white bow at the front. It has a damp spot in the center. It gets put over my face, nose covered in her musk.
  568. >Peepee gets big, despite the messy diaper.
  569. >Stacy leans over the rail, Buddy behind her, hands gripping the rail.
  570. >Her skirt is flipped up.
  571. >The crib rocks as she gives littles moans.
  572. >Buddy is grunting as he picks up the pacing.
  573. "Ah, oh real cock feels so great, not pathetic like Nonny." She says, desperately trying to keep her tone low.
  574. >My crush is getting fucked in ways I could only dream of now, musty panties on my face. Locked in a dirty diaper, shamefully hard.
  575. >Practically humping Pet.
  576. >It slightly hurts how pinched I feel in the cage.
  577. >Stacy is huffing and panting as Buddy takes her.
  578. >A small leak adds slime to an already ruined diaper.
  579. >Buddy grunts as he climaxes, Stacy out of breath.
  580. >She takes her panties off my face, free to breath fresh air again.
  581. "Geez, I'm going to walk funny, after being with a real man."
  582. "See Anon? Get the silly notion out of your head that someone would want your stinky butt."
  583. >They hurry out to avoid trouble.
  584. >Pet is actually squeezing his arms in a sort of hug.
  585. >I just cry, spirit broken.
  587. >A light disturbs my sleep.
  588. >When did I fall asleep?
  589. >Explains the Stacy nightmare.
  590. "Mmph?" I grunt around the paci-gag.
  591. "Shh." Pet responds.
  592. >Of course he wants good points, probably would poop himself if he got an A minus.
  593. >Oh wait, Nubaby, poops himself anyway.
  594. >Oh the smell hit me.
  595. >Oh my diaper feels slimy and gross too.
  596. >So I did poop myself.
  597. >And Buddy naughty touched Stacy.
  598. >Naughty touch? He smashed no-no parts.
  599. >I can't think the words I want to think.
  600. >The Teacher and her assistants go around, uncuffing nubabies from cribs, changing them, re-dress them, and make them wait by the door, good hand holding line.
  601. "You must have been very popular Nonny, but naptime isn't the place to catch up with your better-equipped superiors."
  602. "Ma'am I could tell them the rules." Squeals Pet.
  603. "You did good not talking, nobody is blaming you dearie."
  604. >Get uncuffed from around Pet, really not looking forward to that tomorrow.
  605. >He and I get our messy diapers changed, and helped into our clothes.
  606. >We join the line and are marched into homeroom, and directed to our seats.
  607. "This is Art Time. Your assignment is to draw what is the best part about being a Nubaby."
  608. >Teacher's Aides pass out paper and our marked crayon boxes.
  609. >The best part of a rashy deal?
  610. >Can see the teacher put another red card in my slot.
  611. >I am so tired of the laxative bottles, not being able to talk, the constant latching of my cuffs to pin me to where I don't want to be.
  612. >I need to draw something good, and she's probably going to make us present, or at least for those of gagged, as much of a presentation as we can muster.
  613. >In gym Stacy cheered me on...I guess that wasn't terrible, getting her attention in a strange positive way.
  614. >Draw us crawling and some stick figure cheerleaders with massive yum-yums.
  615. >Yum-yums? What does that even mean?
  616. >oh potential milk....but I can't think of them as yum-yums!?
  617. >I put my crayon down in frustration, what was suppose to be two circles ended up being a triangle dress.
  618. >I whine in frustration, the only noise I can still make.
  619. >An aide comes up and grabs my diaper area, the front part.
  620. "No fussy false alarms, only cry if you need help."
  621. >Just nod. Cheeks burning with blood.
  622. "Okay Nubaboes, starting from the back, please stand and show your favorite part of being a Nubaby." The teacher says, she has a clipboard and seems ready to write things down.
  623. >'I like no schoolwork' 'I like being bathed' 'I like the no pants'
  624. >My turn. I stand and hold up my drawing.
  625. "Dsh guuur-" I manage, but any variant of support/cheer/motivate is too complicated to mumble out. I set the page down and clap, then point at me.
  626. >Hope the charades qualify as a good presentation.
  627. >No obvious response, so I just sit down and people keep presenting.
  628. "Very good. We'll put those in your cubbies for you to take home. Now next would be freetime, you'd normall get to go to the playroom and just...well play. But today we're doing another adjustment lesson." The teacher informs us as one by one we get latched to the desks.
  629. >Aides leave, Teacher's headphones on. Cue projector and white noise audio.
  630. >Ending bell rings.
  631. >Wait did I go nap-nap?
  632. >We are getting released from our chairs to collect our diaper bags from the cubbies, to line up and hold hands to walk to the Nubaby bus.
  633. >I think I might be wet...makes sense if I go ni-ni.
  634. >I am in a great mood though. I feel like showing it off with by skipping to the bus.
  635. >A lot of us are. Must have been a good movie. Almost sorry I missed it.
  636. >Everyone gives the driver a hug before getting to their seat to be buckled in.
  638. >Get Home
  639. >Mommy checks me, little sister checks me, eventually Daddy checks me.
  640. >Be in various states of dry and wet at each check, so frustrating that I can barely tell.
  641. >Absolutely hate that for 'convenience sake' I have a diaper bag with a changing mat in the livingroom so that my family doesn't have to drop everything to change me in the privacy of my nursery, er bedroom.
  642. >Guess it's more a 'Crib'room now, not that cribs aren't beds, but squares and rectangles.
  643. >Dinner is spaghetti and meatballs with a side salad.
  644. >Well dinner for everyone else, I just have to smell it while dinner is a bland formula bottle again.
  645. "Please can I have-"
  646. >I am cut off with a bottle in my mouth, just when the paci-gag gets taken out.
  647. "We went over this honey, solid food was for when we worried about you growing big and strong. It didn't help, and non-solids makes your poopies easier to deal with." Says Mommy.
  648. >Little sister laughs at the word poopies. Not nearly as funny when you're the one having to sit in it.
  649. >Yet she gets to slurp down noodles on her own while I'm bibbed and bottlefed.
  650. "Its just so bor-" I try to complain.
  651. >Paci-gag is in.
  652. "Nubabies have nothing worthwhile to say. You failed this family and yourself. Just be good and stay quiet." Says my Daddy.
  653. >He isn't wrong. I am still so mad at my peepee for being so pathetic.
  654. >Stay locked in highchair while kitchen is cleaned around me. There isn't enough spaghetti left for a meaningful serving, so it just gets thrown away.
  655. >Consider career in dumpster diving.
  656. >After I learn to be an escape artist.
  657. >The only things I'm taught now are how to hug and share, so slim chance of either of those happening.
  658. >Mommy unlatches cuffs from highchair and leads by the hand to the bathroom.
  659. >Get my teeth brushed for me.
  660. >She strips me down to just my cuffs. I hate the next part.
  661. >Sit in my new 'shower chair' and she sponge bathes me.
  662. >Towelled off, overnight diaper on.
  663. >Its not even 8:30...
  664. "Tell your nubaby brother goodnight."
  665. "Goodnight nubaby. " my little sister cheerfully wishes, apparently enjoying her much later curfew.
  666. >Get lead to my crib.
  667. "Its too warm for jammies."
  668. >Latched in just my diaper, thin cotton sheet tucked around me. Mommy kisses forehead and turn off the light and shuts the door.
  669. >So bored. Counted the spikes of my textured ceiling all weekend. So that pastime is used up.
  670. >Think about my day. My thoughts have been funny since adjustment.
  671. >"Mommy" "Daddy" "Yum-yums"
  672. >Trying to draw yum-yums but only being able to draw the stereotypical triangular dress.
  673. >Why is that happening?
  674. >Plus the skipping!
  675. >That happened right after the adjustment video.
  676. >But I sleep through those.
  677. >But now I'm not sure of that. I try to think about what I see in the videos.
  678. >Images of Nubabies getting fed, changed, playing, flashes of words with those like 'happy' 'comfort', 'secure'
  679. >Images like topless women, 'Yum yum!' Vaginas, 'fear', and full sized peepee, 'serve'
  680. >And the audio, I swear I hear a voice through the noise, 'Unlearn, submit, pathetic, weak'
  681. >Get drowsy just thinking about it.
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