My Erotica Kain't Be This Arousing

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. [21:55:15] <Kaingaskhan> "Oh, Theta~" Lenore blushed as she pulled the genome into the bedroom. "Show me the wonderous things you have learned about lovemaking~" Theta, staring vacantly, re-donned his clothes. "I put on my robe and wizard hat."
  2. [21:56:36] <Kaingaskhan> Lenore's back arched as lightning erupted out of her brightly lit asshole, setting the bedsheets on fire as she gasped, rubbing Theta's tail firmly.
  3. [21:59:25] <Kaingaskhan> Theta went through the motions that he had once seen in the pornographic theater, mimicing the hipthrusts to a tee. With each twitch, sparks flew from Lenore's hair. As her eyes began to glow, Theta looked down and concernedly asked, "What the heck is that?" to which his lover replied
  4. [21:59:28] <Kaingaskhan> INDIGNAYSHUN
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