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  1. Kyra Parys
  2. #0502
  4. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 3:28 PM
  5. Hi and hello, I believe you are Gregory T'aint?? I'm one of the captains for the White Sox (this is my reporter account), and our head draft scout, would you be willing to answer some questions for me?
  6. dinkistLast Friday at 4:16 PM
  7. Sure. What's going on?
  8. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:17 PM
  9. What would you bring to a team, outside of submitting a number? Everyone can and does do that, for the most part, but why should we draft you over Joe Schmoe?
  10. dinkistLast Friday at 4:21 PM
  11. That’s a great question. I’m an analytical guy by nature. I live in the data and like breaking down trends.  With my skills, personality  and experience, I can be a valuable resource on the field and in the clubhouse.
  12. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:25 PM
  13. I love to hear that. I do the scouting for the White Sox, so it's always great to hear that people are itnerested in that.
  14. Here's a few of the tabs on the team scouting sheet, adn there's a lot more than that, and I've been working on it a lot this offseason
  16. What about activity, then? I take it you'd be active in the team clubhouse and such?
  17. dinkistLast Friday at 4:31 PM
  18. Yes. I've really have been taking a liking to our current group of guys.
  19. We have been working very close together, practicing and talking shop over the past few days and they are a great group of guys.
  20. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:31 PM
  21. Nice! Tucker spoke really highly of you when I asked about the most impressive players on the team so far, and he really hasn't lead me astray thusfar.
  22. Have any questions for me about Chicago, or the team culture, or the league, or anything?
  23. dinkistLast Friday at 4:32 PM
  24. Well that's quite the pleasure to hear.
  25. Absolutely. How is the culture? Is the breakdown pretty evenly split between veterans and rookies?
  26. I'm looking for a team that is welcoming and willing to teach. I'm an open mind and with the capacity  to learn.
  27. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:35 PM
  28. The culture is really great, pretty tightly knit, although not hard to be immersed in. Our clubhouse is a really open space for you to talk about whatever is on your mind. I ramble about cheese a lot. People vent about IRL. People talk about what video game they're playing. Anything.  We have returning about 4 players who played before S4, adn about 5 or 6 who started in S4.
  29. Like I said, I do the scouting and such, and I actually host a "scouting workshop" where teammates of mine can help pitch ideas or even just build new functionalities into the sheet themselves.
  30. dinkistLast Friday at 4:36 PM
  31. Awesome. That's sounds great. Love talking baseball, podcasts and video games.
  32. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:37 PM
  33. I'm actually in an R study group, which I hope to apply to scouting
  34. dinkistLast Friday at 4:37 PM
  35. My analysis may be considered pretty basic at the moment but I want to develop something more complex.
  36. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:37 PM
  37. For sure. I know the feeling
  38. CWS and KCR are probably the 2 best scouting teams in the league if you ask me
  39. dinkistLast Friday at 4:37 PM
  40. Do you feel like it works to the team's advantage?
  41. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:38 PM
  42. Oh yeah. We hardly missed the playoffs, and won 8 of our last 10, in part because our scouting tends to catch on to pitchers pretty well.
  43. If I didn't suck as bad as i do as a pitcher we woulda made it.
  44. (Hence why im becoming a hitter)
  45. dinkistLast Friday at 4:39 PM
  46. Haha nice!
  47. That sounds amazing.
  48. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:39 PM
  49. i had a 6.98 ERA
  50. dinkistLast Friday at 4:39 PM
  51. Being on a playoff contender means a lot.
  52. Did you try scouting yourself?
  53. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:39 PM
  54. I did
  55. I think I got too stuck into scouting myself too closely and overthought it
  56. dinkistLast Friday at 4:40 PM
  57. Oh no
  58. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:40 PM
  59. I would go the exact opposite of my scouting and that got me in trouble
  60. dinkistLast Friday at 4:40 PM
  61. I've been trying to find that happy balance myself.
  62. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:40 PM
  63. Yeah
  64. dinkistLast Friday at 4:40 PM
  65. Like how much does scouting help before you actually begin playing yourself.
  66. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:41 PM
  67. yep
  68. dinkistLast Friday at 4:41 PM
  69. Still plenty of time to learn
  70. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:41 PM
  71. oh yeah
  72. Im still finding that balance and I've been in the league for 2+ years
  73. dinkistLast Friday at 4:41 PM
  74. How did you hear about the league initially?
  75. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:42 PM
  76. I actually heard about it from a league member who was in my OOTP discord
  77. dinkistLast Friday at 4:42 PM
  78. Cool cool. Never played OOTP myself.
  79. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:44 PM
  80. Yeah, I'm an ootp addict lol
  81. the other CWS captain, Cassie, actually heard about it from the same person as I did
  82. dinkistLast Friday at 4:45 PM
  83. That's crazy
  84. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:45 PM
  85. Well she also was in that OOTP server lol
  86. She and I actually went out of our way to team up this last season
  87. dinkistLast Friday at 4:47 PM
  88. Is OOTP just a more immersive Franchise mode  version of MLB the Show?
  89. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:47 PM
  90. yeah very much so
  91. and you don't control the players in the game, just manage
  92. dinkistLast Friday at 4:47 PM
  93. Do you manage the actual plays in the game as a coach too?
  94. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 4:48 PM
  95. you can yeah
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