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  1. Disabled people are a plague to the economy to the state. Not only are they incapable of work and are therefore instantaneously obsolete to the State (at least within this ideology) but they also take time and resources to be treated while retaining their non-usefulness. Utilitarian Bio-Ethics (which is advocated within this belief system) states that those who do not have the ability to provide to the economy and are therefore expending resources and time for essentially no return and these valuable assets can be utilized much more effectively with those suffering temporary injuries such as broken limbs who have the capability to return to work and are therefore returning what they took during their absence. Those who have these sorts of temporary injuries are entitled to the only welfare available as they have the capability to return to work and are therefore entitled to food and housing and to attend a medical facility on a regular basis so to assess their readiness to work. Returning to those with disabilities I would like to clear that this term is used only for those who are incapable of work and are therefore as discussed practically useless. These people being born into families to have unfortunately restricted lives due to the nature of their conditions. It brings me no pleasure bringing the death of those who are of no use but I believe it necessary in establishing a more efficient state. These people will live as the rest of society do up until the age of 21 being provided with the same luxuries in terms of food and housing as their families/carers do.  Upon turning 21 they will be escorted by a force (preferably specialized as a subsection of the Police but the general Police and even the Military are capable of performing the role) to select facilities (such as converted orphanages, homeless shelters and others in which they have accommodation) in which they are to begin the "second stage" of life as a liability to the state. Each of these individuals will be granted £20K in expenses for food and treatment with how long they live off these funds depending on what type of lifestyle they choose to live and cost of treatments. These expenses will be used for their wish although all charges for treatments will be deducted instantly from the funds they have. Having depleted their allocated funds they will then be escorted once again by the Force mentioned previously into highly specialised facilities in which they will be harvested for the natural resources which they possess and are unavailable to the extent that the State wishes. The process will begin with the patients being fed a potent mixture of anaesthesia and laxative over an area in which the faeces will be collected for use as fuel (a well researched and very viable source of fuel). This potent mixture will ensure a quick and painless death after which a select 2% will be taken into research laboratories (after having stage 2 of the harvesting process implemented) for examination in whatever the scientists wish to choose. The remaining bodies of the 98% will then enter stage 2 of the harvesting process in which they will have their bodies natural fat extracted for use as a fuel (also documented as a very good source of fuel). After this procedure whatever is left of the bodies will be deposited in pits for the natural decomposition of the human body to occur. The gases will be collected and the decayed human bodies will also be used to a lesser extent.
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