Tits: Gianna (69)

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  1. “I’ve never sixty-nined a synthetic,” you suggest.
  3. Gianna raises an eyebrow. “Is that so?” She turns to a nearby stall and opens the door. “Then by all means, go lie down on the table, and I’ll see if I can make you purr.”
  5. You smile back and make your way into the stall. As promised, there’s a well-padded table next to some of the milking machinery. It looks built for comfort. You run your hand across the smooth, faux leather surface as you feel your heart beat a little faster. You’re starting to feel a little sticky in your eagerness.
  7. Gianna’s voice jars you from your reverie. “If you want this to happen, you’re going to need to do more than just stare at the table, honey.” She presses herself against you from behind. “Or didn’t you want to find out what it feels like to have a vibrating tongue inside you and a beautiful, bald snatch in your face?”
  9. She helps you into place without another word.
  11. Oh snap! In your rush towards tongue-love, you forgot to shed your gear. “Hold up a sec,” you call as you wriggle out of your Pump-king’s platemail, plain bra, and plain panties. “Gotta give you something to eat after all.” Your equipment thumps into the ground beside the table, muffled slightly by the thick straw. “There!” You sigh and prop yourself up on your elbows, ready for Gianna to climb onboard.
  13. The android grips the edge of the table and jumps, displaying a remarkable degree of strength as she lifts her over-sexed form up and over. She drops her callipygian rump on top of your boobs with a furniture-rattling thump. Thankfully, she kept her weight on her knees instead of your torso, not that you could ignore the warm pressure of her supple cheeks on top of you or the leaking droplets of lubricant splashing against your olive skin.
  15. She’s too busy leaning over your groin to care. “Oooh, that’s a fine-looking pussy you’ve got there. I can’t wait to taste it.” The excited companion shifts position, wiggling her thighs backward until her thigh-soaking, celibate snatch is right above you, glistening in the light.
  17. Gianna blows warm air across your puffy delta and leans down until her lips are almost kissing your pink pussy. “May I?” she asks, every word tickling across your sensitive vulva.
  19. You grab her by the squeezable rear end and drag her down to your face, forcing her legs to splay off the sides of the table a second before her sweet-smelling slit presses against your face. You kiss and nibble at her mons, feeling her clit rubbing against the bottom of your chin while you work. Slipping your tongue inside her, you tilt your head to slurp up that little pleasure bud, sucking it gently against the underside of your squirming muscle while you work.
  21. “Ohhhh fuck, yes!” Gianna gasps before remembering what she was about to do. She dives down between your legs and muffles her excitement in your pussy, groaning into it in between sloppy kisses and gentle probes of her tongue. The moment the first droplets of translucent girl-cum touch her tongue, she pushes deeper, rolling her artificial organ in circles around your passage, pressing against every sensitive bundle of nerves. Her face is soon coated in a sheen of your excitement, but she doesn’t slow in her efforts or even stop for air.
  23. You marvel at her taste - just like cherries. Then again, being an artificial creature, she can probably fill her reservoirs with whatever flavor of lubricant she desires. Still, the fruity flavor provides a heady encouragement for you to drive your tongue deeper. You happily explore her passage, twirling your tongue around, flicking her clit with it, and even providing the occasional gentle nibble.
  25. Gianna attempts to kiss your clitty, but nearly misses owing to what you’re doing to her. Still, she counters by loosing cunt-wrenching vibrations through you, emanating from her wildly shaking tongue. The hum of the motor powering it is easily audible to you, even muffled by your snatch. It’s a struggle not to lose focus on the delicious pussy just above you under such an onslaught. Your slit is leaking so much girl-cum that the table below you is as slippery as an oilslick. Rivulets of additional moisture are running down your leg.
  27. Plunging her tongue deeper, Gianna begins to fuck you, working you over with such vigor that one could almost forget she’s only using her mouth and tongue. Her fevered motions carry her lips back and forth across your clit, polishing it with a fresh layer of your libidinous drippings.
  29. Your entwined bodies writhe passionately atop the table, lost in sapphic ecstasy. Your cunt seems to boil with the overwhelming heat of it all, and Gianna’s lube is getting more and more copious with every brush of your tongue. You moan into her gushing robo-box and grind your waspish hips back into her face until the vaginal trembling drives you over the edge. You clench down on her vibrating tongue by reflex, which only makes the eruptions of pleasure coming from your slit that much more overwhelming. You splatter Gianna’s face with a load of girl-cum again and again, creaming your slavering, pink gash until a puddle of your girlish goo has formed on the floor, slowly draining through a grate.
  31. Gianna’s cherry flavor fills your mouth. You gulp down as much as you can until a wave of it comes over you all at once, slicking back your hair before splattering off the walls and floor. Her cherry odor hangs thick in the air as she drools the rest into your mouth, forcing you to gulp it down.
  33. The artificial concubine rolls off the table a moment later, landing on unsteady feet. “You aren’t so bad at that yourself.” Her face glistens with a coat of your girl-cum. “I think I’d better get cleaned up though,” she announces, grabbing a nearby towel. “You too.” She tosses you one, giggling when it falls across your face.
  35. You wipe the cherry-flavored evidence of Gianna’s lust from your face and sit up with a sated smile. She’s smiling over at you and shaking her head, eminently pleased. The android helps you gather your things and holds the door for you with a sated smile.
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