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  1. 03:22] Doppler: Hey, you aren't happening to be looking for a team right now would you?
  2. [13:31] darthciupy: sort of, i'm not looking desperately but i don't have a team either :smiley:
  3. [13:31] darthciupy: i focused more on irl in the past months, haven't really scrimmed since start of sumer
  4. [22:45] darthciupy: hey, u didn't msg me back :smile:
  5. [22:45] darthciupy: what is the team exp and are u still looking for an offtank?
  6. [22:47] Doppler: hey, i'm sorry I was going to do that tomorrow, but we should have something decided by end of week, should be able to start things sunday/monday
  7. [22:47] Doppler: oh fuck nvm i didn't read
  8. [22:47] Doppler: thought you were one of the coaches asking, we're a 3.7k average team
  9. [22:48] darthciupy: oh i used to play in tier 3 before quit semi-pro :smile:
  10. [22:48] Doppler: sorry limited typing, in game rn
  11. [22:56] Doppler: yeah, was a long shot asking around friends
  12. [22:57] darthciupy: do u need more help coaching?
  13. [22:57] darthciupy: :smile:
  14. [22:57] darthciupy: i have a lot of gametime on all heroes and i used to coach roamnian community :smile:
  15. [22:58] Doppler: had a couple offers from individuals, but yet to look into it because we had to finish getting a 6th
  16. [22:58] darthciupy: i also used to play with syndicate when they had a mixed roster, but i havent really focused on pro meta in the past 3-4 months
  17. [13:21] darthciupy: hey, offtank player here(dva/hammond/zarya/hitscan specialist)
  19. -4.350 peak, 4.2k this season(i don't grind as much as i used to)
  20. -i have t3 exp in 3 tank ana meta and dive meta, stopped playing in organized teams around last summer due to irl stuff i had to handle; i uesd to play with stallion(doesn't have an ow team anymore) and syndicate(fr org)
  21. -very vocal, experienced target caller and also i have some exp as ult tracker
  22. -i have a very thick skin, u really need to be a total jerk for me to take it heart
  23. [13:23] Doppler: Ah, hello again, are you able to make schedule
  24. [13:23] darthciupy: ye, my schedule is flexible atm
  25. [13:23] darthciupy: :smiley:
  26. [13:23] darthciupy: i'm 26, work from home
  27. [13:24] darthciupy: i can also play proj heroes but my muscle memory on them is a bit fucked up since i lowered my sens a few months ago
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