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night Nov 26th, 2011 810 Never
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  1. Dr. dandere: Holle
  2. Neroz: Night is the hero we deserve but not the one we need right now
  3. (Know what /a/ is?) Dr. dandere: It's a bunch of »Night«'s
  4. ⑨S/ɐ/eru aka icecold: it's so iintense i can feel the preasure
  5. Rubric: >realmendrinktea.tiff
  6. Rubric: Just remind them the closest they'll ever be to being the little girl is being in the little girl.
  7. Brostrava @ slayer of ponyfags: Fags are fags.
  8. Brostrava @ slayer of ponyfags: Go fucking google it, dumb bitch.
  9. Blaine: all of 4chan is shite
  10. Mars: Being friends with normalfags makes you a normalfag
  11. Big Bang Anarchy: "Too busy rimming sky dragons, maybe another time."
  12. Sky: M. Night Announcemalan
  13. DemiFiend: Whenever I start to hate humanity, I remember that I'm part of it, so I know it's at least partially awesome.
  14. Phosgene: Bullshit, we are nothing more than a block of text on the internet to you, why care about something you will probably never encounter or see again in the right circumstances
  15. Acchan: Yeah, this group is a forced drama
  16. ★Charr★ Teto's Husbando: Hitler knew lolis were mankinds greatest achievement that's why he teamed up with weeabooland in WW2.
  17. Kagnarok: dont think that there is a special seat with your name on it, no one likes an attention whore
  24. Old chat/group excerpts
  25. Kagnarok: http://i.imgur.com/iXHFl.jpg
  26. http://puu.sh/bMJN - Golden.
  27. http://puu.sh/9yWQ
  28. http://puu.sh/9yX4
  29. http://puu.sh/9yXN
  30. http://puu.sh/awQW - group shitty pic
  31. http://puu.sh/csHZ - old radio banner
  32. http://gyazo.com/0fa0ea4b85df2853544040d5669e9928.png
  33. http://i.imgur.com/ZabUd.jpg
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