[LotW] Kung-fu and factions

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  1. External Kung-Fu:
  2. Blossom Harvest - Little Forest Sect, Yun Clan
  3. Bone-Fed Wolf Fang - Blood Wind Cult, Eagle Talons
  4. Destiny Cloud Fist - Dragon Well Sect, Fire Doctrine, Little Forest Set
  5. Divine Pattern Long-Strokes - Beggar Fraternity, Falling Leaves Society, Yun Clan
  6. Eight Legends - Beggar Fraternity, Falling Leaves Society, Little Forest Sect, Heaven Sword Alliance, Southern Dragons Pirate Clan
  7. Flowing Universe - Dragon Well Sect, Resplendent Phoenix Society, Southern Dragons Pirate Clan
  8. Flying Red Silk - Resplendent Phoenix Society
  9. Graceful Crane - Black Lotus Society, Falling Leaves Society, Heaven Sword Alliance, Resplendent Phoenix Society
  10. Great Ultimate Dragon - Heaven Sword Alliance
  11. Murderous Shadows - Black Lotus Society, Hundred Ghost Faction, Liquid Metal Delegates, Vile Rain Cult
  12. Ravenous Wings - Blood Wind Cult, Eagle Talons, Vile Rain Cult
  13. Shadow Catching - Eagle Talons, Fire Doctrine, Liquid Metal Delegates
  14. Storm God's Fury - Hundred Ghost Faction, Yun Clan
  15. Subtle Force - Beggar Fraternity, Dragon Well Sect
  17. Internal Kung-Fu:
  18. Boundless Prosperity Manual (Wood) - Beggar Fraternity
  19. Fire Sutra (Fire) - Fire Doctrine
  20. Fox-Spirit Song (Normal) - Resplendent Phoenix Society
  21. Heaven's Lightning (Earth) - Falling Leaves Society
  22. Ice Sutra (Water) - Yun Clan
  23. Iron Body Skill (Metal) - Little Forest Sect
  24. Jade Spirit Sword (Normal) - Heaven Sword Alliance
  25. Removing Concepts (Normal) - Dragon Well Sect
  26. Thousand Venoms (Corrupt) - Vile Rain Cult
  27. Unstained Lotus Mastery (Normal) - Black Lotus Society
  29. Formless Techniques:
  30. Rage of the Dragon Kings (Normal) - Southern Dragons Pirate Clan
  31. Devil-Saint Apotheosis (Corrupt) - Blade Dogs
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