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A Day With Spongebob Squarepants Recap

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Aug 28th, 2015
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  3. >What the hell is this?
  5. On August 5th, members of 4chan's /co/ (Comics & Cartoons) board found out about an unofficial 2011 Spongebob Squarepants movie titled: "A Day with Spongebob Squarepants: an Unauthorized Mockumentary." Originally, the only known thing about the movie was the boxart, which showed the title, a vaguely Spongebob-esque background with a live-action photo of a boy jumping in the air (or water in this case,) and a few "quotes" at the top giving praise for the movie. Because many posters on /co/ wanted to see the presumably low-quality movie for themselves, some began to start looking into the movie and its origins. It turns out that the movie is essentially impossible to buy online, and nobody has seen a physical copy in any stores since the search for the movie began. Because of this, the movie is considered to be "lost media," and a good number of people want to satiate their curiosity and find the film.
  7. >If it's some stupid, unofficial movie, why do people want to find it?
  9. /co/ originally wanted to find and watch it for solely "so bad it's good" enjoyment. However, many aspects of the film and its production become interesting when looked into further. In fact, there are so many things off about it that many posters have wondered if the movie even exists at all.
  11. >Well, does it exist?
  13. We can't say for sure, dumbass. A few of the immediately interesting things about the movie include:
  15. -The boy on the boxart is not actually an actor, but a stock photo. If the movie exists and is live-action, it's easy to assume that the boy would most likely not be the protagonist.
  16. -The company that claims to have made the films, "Inovism Films," does not actually exist. However, the movie does still apparently have relations with another company. We'll get to that part later.
  17. -The background image on the box was later discovered to be made by an artist who had no idea that the movie exists (if it does exist). He said that someone could very well have taken his image to make a fake (or illegitimate) DVD cover.
  18. -The "quotes" on the box seem to be completely fabricated.
  20. However, there still are some clues that point to the movie actually existing in some way shape or form. The movie has an existing barcode, and there is evidence that suggests that "Inovism Films" might be an offshoot of another company, "Reagal Films."
  22. >What is Reagal Films?
  23. (DO NOT GO TO REAGAL FILMS'S WEBSITE; IT TRIES TO INSTALL A VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER. There have even been some reports that just Googling the company somehow triggers a virus download.)
  25. Reagal Films is considered to be the mastermind behind "A Day with Spongebob" as well as several other films, mostly documentaries or mockumentaries. Yes, "Reagal," not "Regal." Google Maps revealed that Reagal's headquarters is apparently behind a shopping center in Atlanta. Not in the center, but behind it. However, new reports are apparently emerging that say something along the lines of Reagal's headquarters being somewhere in New York as well. One poster on /co/ claimed to have visited the Atlanta shopping center only to be stopped by security guards, but many others question the legitimacy of his claims.
  27. >What is the actual movie supposed to be like?
  29. Very little is known about the actual movie apart from the boxart. The official description for the movie is as follows:
  31. "In this mockumentary, SpongeBob lives above ground like all Hollywood superstars. Afraid that SpongeBob is becoming old news, his boss runs a contest called 'Spend A Day with SpongeBob'. The contest makes SpongeBob the talk of the town, as thousands of kids enter to win. The lucky winner is Seth, and he is ecstatic about his day with SpongeBob. However, the day becomes a roller coaster ride as things don’t go quite the way they planned."
  33. As for the actual content of the film, nobody knows its medium or its full plotline. Some have claimed that the movie is mostly animated, some have said that it's likely a mixture of live actors and animated effects, others have said that the movie may be actors sitting down to speak about the "totally real day they spent with Spongebob," and a few think that the movie would be so low-budget that it would be little more than a slideshow presentation with accompanying audio. We will likely never know the movie's true nature until it is unearthed if it ever is.
  35. >What's the deal with Hastings?
  37. Early on in the hunt, one of the searchers came out as an employee at a Hastings Entertainment location and claimed that the movie was able to be ordered through their company's employee-only database; but not to customers. As of right now, Hastingsfag's order has not come through; and it's doubtful that it will in the future. This has lead others to believe that the movie only exists as a database placeholder and that there are no actual copies of the film.
  39. >How many people are looking for this movie?
  41. A decent amount. Most of them are from /co/, but /x/ has also started looking for the movie as well as a few people from /g/. In addition, the movie has also piqued the interest of the Lost Media Wiki community. It is unknown how long the search will continue.
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