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  1. Mangearmr
  2. Ability Scores: +1 Str, +2 Int
  3. Size: Medium
  4. Speed: 30 Feet
  6. Age: A Mangearmr grow much quicker than humans, reaching early adulthood at the age of 10. A Mangearmr will age much slower once it reaches peak adulthood at age 25, with most adults living around 150 years.
  7. Alignment: A Mangearmr tends to not lean toward good or evil but have a very strict sense in laws and traditions and abhor chaos.
  8. Size: A Mangearmr tend to be around 6 feet tall with most having hunches in their backs. They are thin and wirey but their muscular arms make up a large chunk of their almost 200 pounds of weight. Your size is Medium
  9. Bred for Work: Your training in one particular field before adventuring is ingrained into your mind. You can choose one set of Artisan Tools to be proficient with, but can't become proficient with any other type.
  10. Extra Arms: Your frontal arms come into handy during certain situations. During combat, your extra arms allow you to make one additional object interaction.
  11. Bear the Load: Your back facing arms can carry extra weight, you count as one size larger when determing how much you can carry.
  12. Languages: Mangearmr can speak Common.
  14. Incredibly hard to find and small in number, the Mangerarmr are one of the hardest to find and rarest humanoids in existence.
  15. The Mangearmr are said to come about as a creation of a Lich from the era of Vecna when the Lich attempted to create a perfect servant that could work multiple jobs at once. The result was the Mangearmr, but what he got from experimenting on humanoids was something too subservient.
  16. Despite their intimidating appearances and great strength and magical abilities, the Mangearmr are naturally friendly and subservient. There are few that want to cause harm and those that do are still cordial about it, and when the Lich realized what he had created they were all released to form new societies.
  19. Mangearmr are blue-skinned humanoids with sharp golden or blue eyes. The Mangearmr are very strong and intimidating in frame, their teeth are often sharpened and they rarely have any hair on their heads.
  20. The main highlight of their bodies comes from their multitude of arms. A Mangearmr can be born with anywhere from six to eight arms, one set always attached at their shoulders, one set portruding from the tops of their shoulders, a set of smaller arms portruding from their backs, and if they have a fourth set, they are most often another smaller pair to help grip things on their back with a rare occasional set coming from at their waist.
  21. Because of their origins, Mangearmr have very strict and rule of work, with many taking artisan jobs which they can use their arms for.
  22. The Mangearmr often have hunches from bending over and working. And their teeth are to use in place of cutting tools, and their arms are for quickly grabbing tools and multitasking.
  23. A Mangearmr society is very nuclear, they mate for life and have large families.
  26. The Mangearmr are considered some of the greatest workers in existence due to the fact that they perfect their trade as deeply as they can. When a Mangearmr comes of age they begin an apprenticeship with another Mangearmr and choose their name.
  27. One of the biggest parts of Mangearmr society is how strict the laws and regulations are. Breaking the law in Mangearmr society often leads to expulsion from the community and in extreme cases, death. There are very few thieves or other chaotic Mangearmr, but those that do are often extremely potent thieves and cutthroats.
  28. Leaders of towns often employ a wandering Mangearmr in their Kingdom as judges, tax collectors, sherrifs, or other roles which the average man might be too timid to perform. Mangearmr aren't often mean-spirited but they are often very forceful in being prevented from doing their work.
  31. An extreme value in Mangearmr society is gold. A Mangearmr is often extremely cheap and frugal because the value of a Mangearmr is how much they have in solid gold and jewels. If it can be helped a Mangearmr would rather barter and trade their skills rather than spend a copper of their wealth, and only in the most extreme situations would they ever depart with their precious treasure.
  32. Often when a Mangearmr turns to a life of chaos, it's in the pursuit of more gold. Very few chaotic Mangearmr actually engage in high level crime, most are pickpockets, thieves, or hired thugs because they recognize how death might impact their fortunes.
  35. Very rarely are Mangearmr called to adventure. Their jobs often consume them, and they'd rather work for one profession for most of their lives than go on an adventure.
  36. Those who do answer the call will change their names to something more fitting and take up sword, bow, or magic in the name of lawful pursuit, or the dagger in the name of money.
  38. NAMES
  39. The name of a Mangearmr is one of the most important parts of their lives. When they come of age and choose their profession they take the name of what they do.
  40. Because of how the Mangearmr language is entirely in broken common, their names are often spelled the same as their profession but with slight variation in it to try and make themselves sound unique while mantaining that's what they are.
  41. Changing your name in Mangearmr society is often frowned upon, but not discouraged. In communities changing your name often loses yourself a Blacksmith or a Florist or even something essential like a town guard.
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