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  1. I cannot understand how Citizens Advice, an organisation at the very heart of our communities for nearly 80 years can support a partnership deal with the DWP to assist them deliver a seriously flawed social security programme such as Universal Credit. Full service roll out hasn't been implemented but we are already seeing significant negative impacts the length and breadth of the country. We have thousands of stories of real people being cruely affected by this programme and I am confident Citizens Advice will have had a similar experience of Universal Credit.
  2. The reality is the system isn't fit for purpose and the predictable, mealy-mouthed statement from the Secretary of State Esther McVey shows that this partnership is more about the DWP offloading the responsibility of the department to support those in need to access the benefits they are entitled to, and less about a real effort to better understand and reform the system.
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  4. Rob McDowall Chair, Welfare Scotland Cathraiche, Sochair na h-Alba
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  7. "Of course help for people making universal credit claims is welcome but to be meaningful it will need to ensure that people know what their entitlements are and receive them in full and on time rather than simply knowing how to use a computer. As it stands, the plan to cut off people's benefit and require them to make a fresh claim risks pushing vulnerable people further into poverty with no safety net. It is the responsibility of government to move people safely on to universal credit with adequate safeguards. Any help for universal credit claimants is welcome, but investing modest amounts in assistance that is limited to digital and budgeting skills would not address the fundamental problems with the new benefit. Unless the roll out of universal credit is paused and the design and funding problems addressed, the new benefit will continue to roll out poverty to people's doors. That is not scaremongering but the experience of claimants and their advisers on the ground. "
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