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  1. Name: Lord Eldrick G. Abon
  3. Race or Country of origin: Britain, English
  5. Weapon: Sword cane
  7. Semblance: Powered by Delusion. Lord Eldrick's Semblance grants him the ability to do anything he believes he is capable of doing, no matter how impossible. If a nuclear weapon was dropped on him, he would remain standing with no apparent damage. Indiana Jones, a man far inferior to himself, survived such a weapon with the aid of just a refrigeration unit, after all. Surely the esteemed Lord Eldrick could with no assistance at all!
  9. Dust Access: "What is this dust you speak of, is it some kind of drug?"
  11. Alignment: Britain/Himself (Evil to the people of Remnant)
  13. Backstory: Lord Eldrick G. Abon is the current head of the prestigious Abon family at a young age. His mother and father died in a helicopter crash when his eccentric and partially blind father flew too close to Big Ben to check the time. After the death of his parents, Lord Eldrick was left in the care of his loving grandfather, who sadly died a few weeks later after a hunting accident when the aging lord was inspecting the barrel of his rifle. Eventually the young Lord Eldrick ended up in the care of his decrepit and senile great grandfather. His great grandfather raised the young Lord Eldrick as any Victorian man would. He taught his great grandson the inferiority of women, the overwhelming superiority of men, and how the only use of children was to clean chimneys and other places too small for adults to reach. Lord Eldrick remembers the lessons well and has fond memories of watching his great grandfather backhanding his younger sister when she dared to question their great grandfather's views on the role of women.
  15. Lord Eldrick arrived in Remnant when he got lost while flying his helicopter over the Bermuda Triangle, which turned out to be some kind of one-way interdimensional wormhole. Unconcerned by his transportation to some strange fantasy world, Lord Eldrick decided to do what any good English/European gentleman would have done upon finding new uncharted lands: Introduce the locals to the concept of European imperialism whether they liked it or not. Immediately declaring himself governor general of the entire continent which he named Newer New England, Lord Eldrick now seeks to address the people of his new domain and inform them of their new status as a colony of the British Empire.
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