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  1. Stare...
  3. Both of you are staring at each other. Sanae stares at your clothing, and you stare her face's reaction.
  5. Finally, after some time, she turns to Suwako.
  7. “Do we [b]really[/b] not have any other clothes?” From her voices, it's clear that she's holding her feelings, trying to control herself. It’s good that she isn't exploding or anything.
  9. “You saw the wardrobe yourself, didn't you?” Kanako replies.
  11. “No, I mean, other clothes. Not just [b]mine[/b],” she adds.
  13. “Uhm, my clothes will be too small for him, and Kanako's ones will more unfit compared to your clothes.”
  15. Sanae takes a deep breath, and sits on the nearby terrace, trying to cool herself out. Kanako and Suwako leave from this place, leaving you alone with her. Guilt creeps into your heart. It's your fault after all. If you didn't take a bath now...
  17. You move closer to her, and bow to her as deep as you can. This is the only way to show her how sorry you ar-
  19. *Tap*
  21. “Stop it, Nobu, seriously. It's not like you did something bad to me.”
  23. Sanae says while holding your head with her hand, preventing it from bowing any further. After looking at you for a while, she signals to you to sit beside her.
  25. “I... treasured that uniform...” She starts to talk. “It reminds me of my old school, my friends... You know how hard it is to know that you won't see them again?”
  27. You only nod slowly to her; you don't ever remember that you ever experienced that. Heck, you don't even remember any people from before you ended up here, but you’re sure that it's really hard. You have only experienced one similar one, when you discovered that you have lost your voice. It's really crushing.
  29. “Now, I can only meet them inside my memories... Of course, I’ve made some new friends here, but it's impossible to forget old friends, each one of them must’ve left a mark in my life that I can recall. Like...”
  31. Sanae closes her eyes, tracing back her memories like it's happened in front of her.
  33. “When they throw a surprise party for my birthday... Nanami brings me and others to the karaoke place in town, Kaede starts to sing wildly...”
  35. You can see a weak smile forming as small tears flow out from her eyes. She must be really missed at the moment. She then wipes away her tears and starts looking at you again.
  37. “But then, it's better that if you wear it than just sit inside the wardrobe. After all, the function of clothes is to be worn by someone, right? Although it is...Um...”
  40. She is clearly speechless about your new look. You signed her to not continue; Yes, it [b]is[/b] a bad look for you. You are confident that she'll be look nice in this uniform, but the same can't be said for you. You don't need any comments about how bad it looks on you.
  42. “Don't worry; I'll definitely go to a tailor tomorrow. I'll pick a good outfit for yo-”
  44. *Tuk!*
  46. “Huh?”
  48. Her foot accidentally kick something. You both recognize what it is; the lost notebook. She bends down and takes it.
  50. “Huh...could it get there... Here, take it,” she says and gives it to you. You noticed that this is the same spot as when you fell down from the terrace earlier. You must have dropped it when that happened. It’s good that this is back in your hands.
  52. “Sorry I couldn't catch Aya earlier, she's really, really fast when flying away. Fortunately Aya's articles usually get quickly forgotten by people, so don't think about it too much.”
  54. As she talks, Suwako approaches the both of you from one of the rooms.
  56. “Sanae, it’s time for dinner. You must be hungry coming back from the village.”
  58. “Ah, I'm coming,” she stands up and walks, before turning back to you.
  60. “You coming too, Nobu?”
  62. []Join.
  63. []Sleep.
  65. [spoiler]-[]Updating my journal.[/spoiler]
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