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Jan 23rd, 2020
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  1. Hello we are here to present our projects of a LAN party. This event is on two days and it consists to organize tournament of pro , semi
  2. pro and casual players on some video games. The Biggest tournaments have cashprize.
  3. there are stands who are in rent and we already got request for rent every stand
  4. All guest got invited and in the list there are only guest who accepted the invitation.
  5. for all the preparations we need your participation in money and/or materials
  7. List of game available : LoL Fortnite, Minecraft , CSGO ,
  9. There is a list of everything we need:
  10. 250K would be the rent of the Exposition park of colmar which is 13600 square meter and the Staff and DJ (petit biscuit)
  11. 180K of 30 security guards
  12. 200K would be for the cashprize and the giveaway
  13. We need 800 gaming kit with computer , screen , mouse, keyboard and headset who can be lend
  14. So the total is 630K and 800 gaming kit
  16. In the expostion park there is a lot of space so we can rent 500 stand and there is 2 day so
  17. 1000 rents and a rent is 600$ so we earn 600K
  18. it is expected that 15k places would be sold and the price of a place is 15$ so
  19. 225K.
  20. For play it's 40$ and there are 700 computers so 25K
  21. so at the end we're going to be profitable by 220K
  22. So we need you're help to successfully make this event
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