Gentle Teachings (Fluttershy x Tree Hugger - Cute- Lewd)

Sep 9th, 2018
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  1. >A bizarre combination of giddy relief and utter confusion flooded through Fluttershy as she stepped into Tree Hugger’s apartment for the first time
  2. >The relief came from the fact that, by stepping over the threshold into the dingy one-bedroom affair, she felt as if she were sealing the deal on her first official friendship made in college
  3. >The poor girl, as tongue-tied and horribly awkward as ever, had spent her first four months at Canterlot University alone in her dorm, occasionally tending to the rabbit she’d snuck in
  4. >But now, she’d not only made a friend, she was being invited over to watch Netflix and relax!
  5. >She was so excited she could hardly avoid skipping in behind Tree Hugger as her hippy friend strolled inside
  6. >”Just, like, leave your shoes wherever, fam,” Tree muttered dreamily as she kicked off her sandals and strolled barefoot into the kitchen
  7. >Fluttershy followed suit and pried off her beat-up tennis shoes
  8. >She set them neatly by the door, then followed Tree
  9. >This is where the confusion started to set in
  10. >Aged posters were stuck to the walls with thumbtacks, and most were at a haphazard angle just shy of ninety degrees
  11. >Almost all of them featured nauseating swirls of greens and purples, usually with a distorted human face set in the center of the spiral of color
  12. >Fluttershy fidgeted nervously with a lock of her hair as she admired the posters
  13. “You, um… like a lot of interesting art.”
  14. >”Oh, those? I just buy those at shows, fam. They ain’t that important,” Tree said with a nonchalant chuckle. “By the way, you want anything to drink? I got a feel cans of Steel Reserve, if you wanna get blasted. Got some wine too, but it’s kinda nasty. Cheap vodka if you’re really hating yourself tonight…”
  15. “I, um… I’ll just go with, um, water.”
  16. >”That all?”
  17. >Fluttershy nodded
  18. ”Sorry if that’s boring.”
  19. >“Nah, nah, not at all. Go ahead and take a seat on the couch, I’ll bring out some snacks.”
  21. >Fluttershy walked past the kitchen and found herself in a small, square room about fifteen feet across
  22. >A sagging, stained, but still impeccably comfortable-looking couch was stuffed into one corner, facing a TV that looked at least fifteen years old
  23. >Dust had collected in the corners of the screen, and stacks of DVD’s reaching almost five feet high surrounded the ramshackle wooden cabinet that it stood on
  24. >A coffee table occupied the no-man’s-land between the couch and TV; one of its legs was missing, and had been replaced by a teetering stack of Pizza James’s personal-sized pizza boxes
  25. >Fluttershy daintily took a seat on the corner of the couch, her head swiveling as she drank in ever cluttered, slightly grease-stained detail of the room
  26. >Tree Hugger strolled back in a few minutes later, one arm wrapped around a glass of water and a bottle of some electric-blue mystery drink, and the other balancing a plate full of chips, several globs of greenish dip, and a tiny stack of sliced fruits
  27. >Fluttershy’s mouth started to water
  28. “Oh, um, you didn’t have to prepare all this stuff for me.”
  29. >”You kidding? I always break out the goods when I bring friends over.”
  30. >Just being called a “friend” made Fluttershy feel as if she were glowing
  31. >Tree Hugger plunked down next to Fluttershy, resting her slender feet up on the coffee table
  32. >”So? What you wanna watch?”
  33. “Oh, um, I don’t really know. I thought you would pick.”
  34. >”Guest always picks. That’s just hospitality, fam.”
  35. “I don’t really watch a lot of TV. Sorry.”
  36. >”No need to apologize!” Tree Hugger said, hurriedly reaching over to give Fluttershy a reassuring pat. “Tell ya what. I’ll pick something, and if you don’t like it, we can change it. Sound good?”
  37. >Fluttershy nodded, a relieved smile spreading across her face
  38. >So this was what having a friend felt like!
  39. >She knew it would be nice, but she didn’t expect this warm, bubbly feeling to last so long
  40. >And she definitely hadn’t expected this sort of free-flowing, dissolving feeling, as the careful barriers she erected around herself every time she stepped out of her room just seemed to melt away in Tree Hugger’s presence
  41. >Without noticing it, Fluttershy found herself scooting slightly closer to the other girl as Tree Hugger fidgeted with the remote
  42. >”Stupid box… I really hate tech, man. Why can’t it just be simple…”
  43. >She accidentally switched to the wrong input a few times, then accidentally booted up an image browser instead of Netflix
  44. >A brief image of two blue-haired girls kissing flashed across the screen
  45. >Tree Hugger immediately closed out of it, and Fluttershy was surprised to see her new friend giving her an apologetic grin
  46. >”Heh, sorry you had to see that. But hey, no point hiding things I guess,” Tree Hugger said, a light pink coloring her cheeks
  47. “I, um… think that’s totally okay.”
  48. >”Yeah? Rad.”
  49. >Tree Hugger sprawled out on the couch, resting one arm up on the cushion behind Fluttershy’s head
  50. >”You’re a cool chick, Flutters.”
  51. “O-oh! Um, thanks. Y-you too.”
  52. >Tree Hugger beamed, then finally got Netflix open
  53. >”…shit. There’s like, eight gorillion different things on here, but none of it’s ever appealing…”
  54. >She aimlessly flicked past a few documentaries, then some foreign animations, then the third Boss Baby sequel, before landing on something that made Fluttershy squeal with excitement
  55. “T-that one! Pick that!”
  56. >Tree Hugger glanced over at her, surprised by the sudden outburst, and Fluttershy shrank back into the couch
  57. “I mean, um, if that’s okay with you, that is…”
  58. >Tree Hugger threw her head back, laughing
  59. >”Course that’s okay with me! Glad you’re so excited about it!”
  60. >She selected Planet Earth, as per Fluttershy’s request
  61. >And after loading for about five minutes under Tree Hugger’s terrible internet, the show finally started
  63. >Immediately, Fluttershy was entranced
  64. >High-definition footage of some of earth’s more obscure creatures rolled past, all of it underscored by Sir Attenborough’s stately, tea-and-cigar-smoke sort of voice
  65. >Fluttershy tucked her knees against her chest, awed, occasionally nibbling a piece of fruit or sipping at her water
  66. >Before she knew it, the first chapter of the documentary had finished
  67. >Tree Hugger sat up and nudged her
  68. >”So? Enjoying yourself?”
  69. “Yeff!” Fluttershy responded immediately, her mouth full of chips
  70. >She swallowed, embarrassed
  71. “I mean, um, yes. Very much. Thank you for showing me this.”
  72. >”No prob! It’s nice to have someone to binge with, for a change.”
  73. >Tree Hugger shifted around in her spot, glancing away from Fluttershy for a moment
  74. >”Hey, uh… you cool if I light up a bit? I’m down to share, if you want any.”
  75. “W-what do you mean?”
  76. >”You know, blaze up a bit.”
  77. “I d-don’t follow, sorry.”
  78. >”Get high?”
  79. >Fluttershy balked
  80. “You mean like… d-drugs?”
  81. >Suddenly, the poorly lit edges of Tree Hugger’s home seemed to loom much closer and much darker
  82. >Tree Hugger waved her hands in front of her face
  83. >”Not anything bad! I just got some Discord’s Delight in the other room. It’s a really mellow strain, thought we could maybe take a hit or two.”
  84. “I… I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that. It’s, um, okay if you want to, though.”
  85. >”Okay.”
  86. >Tree Hugger sounded somewhat apologetic as she stood up and ran into the other room
  87. >When she returned, complex, vaguely alchemic-looking glass apparatus was clutched in Tree Hugger’s spidery hands
  88. >It consisted of a few glass bulbs connected and suspended by a series of pipes, all of which met at a large, oblong basin filled with grimy water
  89. >Tree Hugger inserted a glass pipe into the base, then flicked a lighter in her right hand
  90. >”You sure you don’t want any? I’m down to share?”
  91. “I, uh…”
  92. >Fluttershy didn’t know what to make of any of this
  93. >She wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging her legs tightly against her
  94. >Tree Hugger, meanwhile, sparked the lighter and lit the crushed plant-matter buried in the ceramic pipe
  95. >It glowed cherry red as Tree Hugger inhaled, her dreadlocks falling into her face as she pulled smoke into her lungs
  96. >Fluttershy trembled
  97. >When Tree Hugger lifted her head, she exhaled a long, smoky breath, followed by a vicious coughing fit
  98. “A-are you okay?’ Fluttershy asked, grabbing her friend’s shoulder
  99. >Tree Hugger nodded
  100. >”Yeah, dude… *cough*… I’m good. Man, I’m doing *great*.”
  101. >She flopped back against the couch, staring up at the ceiling with a doofy grin spreading across her face
  102. >Lazily, her eyes focused on Fluttershy
  103. >”You sure you don’t want just a little? I promise, it’s nothing bad.”
  104. “But… w-what if I die?”
  105. >The question sounded so lame when it left Fluttershy’s lips that the poor girl couldn’t even blame Tree for laughing
  106. >”You’re not gonna die! This stuff is, like, totally safe! Hell, it’s actually super good for you. And besides…”
  107. >Tree Hugger placed a hand on Fluttershy’s knee, giving her a smile that was as reassuring as it was muddled
  108. >”I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. You are *way* too precious for that, girl.”
  109. “Oh, um. Thanks. I think. I’m sorry. I don’t… I’ve never done anything like this.”
  110. >”You wanna try? I can show you how.”
  111. >Fluttershy gulped
  112. “I… okay.”
  113. >”You sure? I don’t wanna make you do anything you’re not into.”
  114. “N-no, I’ll give it a shot. Just, um, if I start going crazy…”
  115. >Tree chuckled again
  116. >”You’re not gonna go crazy. Here, I’ll light it up for you.”
  118. >Tree Hugger compacted more of the dried plant into the stem, then lit it with a dextrous flick of her wrist
  119. >She raised a hand to the back of Fluttershy’s head, and gingerly bend her head down until her mouth was against the rim of the pipe
  120. >It was still warm from where Tree’s own lips had touched it
  121. >”Just breathe in until you feel like you’ve had enough, okay?”
  122. >Fluttershy nodded
  123. >She breathed out first, then slowly begin to pull air back into her lungs
  124. >The murky water frothed and boiled, like some sort of fairy brew as smoke seeped up through the pipes and into Fluttershy’s chest
  125. >Almost immediately her throat began to burn
  126. >A few stray tears ran down Fluttershy’s face, but she blinked them away
  127. >She pulled in more smoke, until a sudden spasm sent her reeling away, coughing violently
  128. >”Atta girl! That was a monster hit, man!”
  129. >Tree Hugger patted Fluttershy’s back as the other girl hacked and shuddered
  130. >Fluttershy settled back onto the couch, her body beginning to tremble
  131. >It wasn’t from fear, though; this was something far different
  132. >A nervous, hyper-awareness of her surroundings was beginning to flood through her
  133. >The darkness pooled in the shabby corners of Tree Hugger’s apartment no longer seemed dirty or offputting, but rich and mysterious
  134. >Sir Attenborough’s voice issuing from the TV was melancholic and rich to Fluttershy’s ears, sending goosebumps crawling along her skin
  135. >Even the pizza boxes were adorable, stacked up like worker ants trying to support the unsteady walls of their colony
  136. >Fluttershy giggled at that image
  137. >”You’re really feelin’ it, huh?”
  138. “I t-think so…” Fluttershy mumbled. “You get to live like a witch. That’s so cool…”
  139. >”Hah, yeah? Guess I am a little witchy. Just be glad I’m not trying to eat you up,” Tree Hugger said, giving Fluttershy a few teasing pokes in the ribs
  140. >Fluttershy giggled
  141. >When she looked over at Tree Hugger, another wave of electrifying, skin-tingling warmth washed through her
  142. >Tree was *gorgeous*
  143. >Fluttershy had a sudden, overwhelming desire to hug the other girl
  144. >She flopped into Tree Hugger’s arms, wrapping the skinny hippy in a delicate embrace
  145. >Tree Hugger held her, mildly surprised
  146. >”You’re way more affectionate like this, huh?”
  147. >Fluttershy nodded, nuzzling Tree Hugger’s chest as she did so
  148. “You’re, um, really warm. Is it okay if we stay like this?”
  149. >”Yeah, totally. If you’re cool with it.”
  150. “Super cool. Why is your apartment s-so cold… mmm…”
  151. >Fluttershy curled up against Tree Hugger, bathing in the warmth seeping from the other girl’s body
  152. >Up onscreen, Planet Earth continued to play through its next episode, but Fluttershy could hardly process the facts being observed in the narrator’s stately West London accent
  153. >Instead, the sheer color-contrasting vibrance of undersea life, the pulsing blues and electric greens, coursed through her
  154. >She wriggled around in Tree Hugger’s grasp, happy to have the other girl’s arms around her like a blanket
  155. >Fluttershy watched the high-definition fish course through the ocean, their wet slippery bodies seeming so beautifully free when the sun glinted off their scales
  156. >She shifted in Tree Hugger’s grasp again; lying on the floor was starting to get uncomfortable
  157. >”You alright? Wanna move onto the couch?”
  158. >Fluttershy nodded
  159. >Tree Hugger carefully pulled herself and Fluttershy up onto the sagging cushions
  160. >Both girls stretched out across the couch, with Tree Hugger lying on bed and Fluttershy draped across her
  161. “Is, um… is this okay?” she asked
  162. >”What do ya mean?”
  163. “Us c-cuddling like this? You’re sure you’re okay with it?”
  164. >”Of course I am. This is great.”
  165. “O-okay.”
  166. >A few moments of silence passed
  167. “You’re *sure* you’re okay with it? I’m not too heavy, am I? If I am, you can always tell me to get off.”
  168. >”Trust me, I was prefer it like this. Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping this would happen.”
  169. “Y-you were?”
  170. >Tree Hugger nodded, nuzzling her cheek against the top of Fluttershy’s head in the process
  171. >”You’re crazy cute. I wasn’t gonna make this a date night unless you wanted to, but hey, here we are…”
  172. “D-date?”
  173. >Fluttershy sat up, bewildered
  174. “We’re on a date?”
  175. >”What else are you gonna call it?”
  176. “I, um… don’t really know. Heh. Heheh.”
  177. >Fluttershy tapped her fingers together
  178. “I’ve never been on a date before.”
  179. >”Well hey, I’m a pretty good teacher,” Tree Hugger said with a wink. “Now c’mere, girl.”
  180. >She held her arms open, and Fluttershy gratefully settled into them
  181. >The phenomenon commonly associated with cannabis, a lethargy referred to as “couch lock” by those more in-the-know, was settling quickly over her now
  182. >Beneath her, Tree Hugger felt limitless and comfy, her body soft and warm and just wonderfully, wonderfully secure
  183. >Fluttershy buried her face against the other girl’s chest, not even remembering to be embarrassed that her cheeks were currently pressed between another lady’s boobs
  184. >Tree Hugger giggled at that, and gingerly stroked the petite girl’s back
  185. >Neither of them would be going anywhere for a long time
  187. ***
  189. >Fluttershy had been officially “dating” Tree Hugger for three weeks now
  190. >It was… not what she’d expected
  191. >Back when she was a few years younger, reading piles of wistful romance novels piled up next to her bed (most of them dog-eared and heavily used, and almost always with a picture of a horse on the cover, for some reason), she’d been conditioned to believe that her first romance would be an explosion of passion, of betrayal and jealousy, of long evenings full of strong-armed embraces and fancy wines while iridescent sunsets passed overhead
  192. >(She’d also expected she’d be with a boy because, well, that was just how things happened, right? She’d never even considered other girls as an acceptable alternative. But she seriously wished she had…)
  193. >Above all, Fluttershy didn’t expect dating to primarily include vegging in front of the TV, munching reheated pizza and occasionally working up the courage to kiss Tree’s cheek (she’d only dared for mouth-kisses a few times, and they were only ever quick, nervous pecks)
  194. >Strangely enough, though, she was starting to find she preferred it
  195. >Sometime after her last class of the day, an Intro to Bio elective she’d taken in hopes of eventually working out a way to get herself a zoology certificate, Fluttershy would usually head back to her dorm, shower, then diligently finish her homework while waiting for her phone to chime
  196. >Tree Hugger’s texts always made her heart tremble
  197. >They were always sweet, usually not more than a few words, and sometimes a bit incomprehensible
  198. >Today’s was, verbatim: [you’re like a crystal pool sprinkled with babylon lillies]
  199. >[<3]
  200. >[btw you still wanna hang tonight?]
  201. [Yep!] Fluttershy was quick to text back
  202. >[cool :)]
  203. >[oh yeah, weird question]
  204. >[do you like it shaved or not?]
  205. >Fluttershy blinked, puzzled
  206. >She re-read the message a few times, wondering if there were some secret she missed
  207. [Do I like what shaved?]
  208. >[uh, you know like]
  209. >[the valley]
  210. >Another blank moment passed, then Fluttershy got the implication
  211. >Even though nobody else was around, a furious blush rose in her face
  212. >When she went to type her response, her thumbs shook so badly that autocorrect mutilated her message
  213. [Wait, you mean your vagina?] she typed, maybe being a bit too bold
  214. >[uh yeah]
  215. [Sorry]
  216. [Yeah that’s what you meant, sorry.]
  217. [Don’t really halibut a perspiration…]
  218. >[huh?]
  219. [Don’t have a preference! What you want to do is totally up to you…]
  220. >Fluttershy felt an acute desire to curl up, humiliated, under her desk
  221. >[rad!]
  222. >[see you tonight ;)]
  223. >Fluttershy set her phone down, her heart thudding against her ribs
  224. >Sure, she knew that, eventually, when you were dating somebody, sex was eventually going to happen
  225. >But she had thought–naively, she realized–that it was something that just sort of popped up, when the throes of passion consumed you
  226. >She didn’t think you just… decided to do it
  227. >Was it really going to happen tonight?
  228. >The thought of actually having sex with Tree Hugger, with anyone really, just seemed always like such an alien possibility
  229. >She’d never even been kissed before meeting Tree, never even held hands with anyone!
  230. >And now she was going to… to…
  231. >…to what, exactly?
  232. >Fluttershy realized, feeling kinda stupid, that she didn’t even know how two girls actually did it
  233. >Her romance novels hadn’t exactly prepared her for that
  234. >Again, though her room was empty, she couldn’t but feel a bit humiliated to google “how do two girls have sex?”
  235. >[[Females who identify as lesbian, bisexual or just do sexual things with other females may touch each other’s genitals by using their fingers (manual stimulation), mouths (oral sex) and various body parts.]]
  236. >Well, that wasn’t particularly helpful
  237. >Fluttershy just sighed, shut her laptop, and flopped into bed, her chest inflamed and buzzing with nervousness
  238. >There were still three hours left between now and her usual meeting time with Tree Hugger, and she had no idea what she’d do with them…
  240. >As it turned out, Fluttershy ended up taking an extra shower, and spent nearly an hour agonizing over the appearance of her body in the mirror, scrutinizing her naked form for flaws
  241. >There were a lot, in her opinion
  242. >Her breasts had developed quickly in middle school, maybe a bit too quickly, and she’d always been mortally self-conscious about their excessive size
  243. >Fluttershy knew that “big boobs” were supposed to be a positive, or something, but she couldn’t help but feel like the pale bags on her chest looked swollen and somewhat uneven, with one nipple just barely higher than the other
  244. >She also wasn’t normally one to bother shaving her “valley” either, and the more she looked at the fuzz of pink hair growing there, the more disgusting she felt
  245. >Maybe she could just see if Tree Hugger would be okay with her keeping her underwear on…
  246. >Speaking of, her collection of clothes, under- or otherwise, was about the furthest thing from sexy
  247. >She owned sweatpants, a few knee-length skirts, some t-shirts she’d had since she was fifteen, and one or two hoodies; her collection of panties consisted of six pairs, all of them boring, laceless white
  248. >Fluttershy sighed, pacing in increasingly short circles around her room as she tried to figure out what to do
  249. >No matter what she did, she was entirely sure Tree Hugger would be disappointed
  250. >Eventually, Fluttershy was startled by her phone buzzing in alarm, alerting her that it was time to head over
  251. >Teeth clench, she surrendered to her inevitable embarrassment, and just pulled on a plane green skirt, a hoodie a size too big for her, and crammed her feet into the same boring sneakers she always wore
  253. >The walk to Tree Hugger’s was barely five minutes, but Fluttershy found herself wandering over in a sort of mortal trance
  254. >She half felt like she was going to throw up, and more than once the idea of just calling off the date night entered her mind
  255. >It was hard to say why she didn’t
  256. >When she reached Tree Hugger’s apartment and rapped on the aged, gray-painted wood, she was met with Tree Hugger’s voice from inside
  257. >”In the shower!” she shouted, her voice muffled. “C’mon in!”
  258. >Fluttershy gulped, then let herself in
  259. >The place looked the same as it ever did: not amazingly lit, with shadows pooling on Tree Hugger’s stacks of books and across the mountains of CD’s and LP’s that covered every flat surface of furniture
  260. >The sound of running water filled the apartment, and Fluttershy could hear Tree Hugger humming slightly off-tune on the other side of the wall to her right
  261. >She tried to imagine Tree naked, and found some sort of foggy block over the girl’s body in her imagination, as if the artist were censoring all the good bits
  262. >Fluttershy just stood in the hallway, waiting patiently, until the water stopped
  263. >There was the brief sound of rustling, and then the bathroom door opened
  264. >Tree Hugger stepped out, enshrouded in steam
  265. >Her dreadlocks were damp and dripping, and she had them held back with a scrunchy
  266. >She was dressed only in a simple flower-patterned tunic that reached just down to her mid-thigh
  267. >”Heeeeey,” she called out to Fluttershy, beaming. “Sorry about that. Was enjoying the water.”
  268. “M-mhm,” Fluttershy mumbled
  269. >She shuffled her feet, staring down at the spot between her shoes
  270. >”You good?”
  271. “Y-yeah! Just, um… y-you look very pretty today,” Fluttershy said
  272. >”Hah, for real?” Tree Hugger asked, blushing. “Guess the shower was worth it then.”
  273. >She smiled, then reached out to take Fluttershy’s hand
  274. >When Tree’s fingers closed around her palm, the gut-punch anxiety started to drain out of her
  275. >Fluttershy followed Tree Hugger towards the back of the apartment, and stepped in Tree’s bedroom for the first time
  276. >It was a small, fairly plain room, kept muggy and warm by a heater in the far corner
  277. >The entire place smelled strongly of earth, of growing things and slightly of the pungent, skunky scent Fluttershy had come to associate with the other girl
  278. >It wasn’t furnished with much; just a sagging mattress on the floor, a desk spotted with books, dirt, and a few mug-sized potted plants, and a dresser heaped with stacked milk crates full of records next to a turntable that had to be older than both girls put together
  279. >”Just, uh… pull up some floor.”
  280. >Tree dropped cross-legged onto the plush carpet
  281. >Fluttershy did the same, crouching just a few feet from her
  282. >Tree Hugger was giving her a weird look
  283. >”You sure you’re okay, fam?”
  284. “Y-yep!”
  285. >…
  286. >”You, uh, wanna take your shoes off?”
  287. “Oh, r-right.”
  288. >Fluttershy kicked off her sneakers, only now realizing her socks were mismatched: one had little bunnies, and the other had little beers
  289. >She dropped her head and hid her face behind her hair
  290. >”Those are adorable,” Tree Hugger cooed
  291. “Thanks. My, um, mom buys new ones for me every Christmas.”
  292. >”Your mom must be pretty cool. Wish mine got me cool socks.”
  293. “I-I can get you some!” Fluttershy awkwardly cut in. “Maybe as a, um… anniversary present. Or something. Heh…”
  294. >”Yeah? I’d love that,” Tree Hugger said with a genuinely pleasant smile
  295. >She scooted across the floor, until she was sitting close enough that her shoulder touched Fluttershy’s
  296. >Fluttershy flinched
  297. >Tree Hugger recoiled and, slowly, a concerned look spread across the hippie girl’s face
  298. >”Sorry about that. Am I doing something wrong?”
  299. “No…”
  300. >Fluttershy shook her head, unable to take her eyes off her colored socks
  301. “I just, um…”
  302. >Fluttershy clenched her fingers in the shag carpetting
  303. >And then it all came pouring out of her
  304. “I’m so nervous. I know you wanted to d-do it tonight, and I really want to, too. To do it. With you. I like you a lot, and I really want it to be a special moment between us, but I’m not pretty and I don’t know what to do and I’ll probably just gross you out, and I really like getting to hang out with you all the time and I’m worried I’m going to mess everything up and you’re not going to want to see me again…”
  305. >She took a deep breath
  306. “Sorry…”
  307. >Tree Hugger gingerly touched her hand to Fluttershy’s
  308. >”You okay if I hug you?”
  309. “O-of course.”
  310. >And then she wrapped Fluttershy in a gentle, back-stroking embrace
  311. >Fluttershy leaned her head against Tree Hugger’s soft, safe shoulder
  312. >”We don’t gotta go all the way tonight, Shyshy. I’m sorry, didn’t want you to feel pressured. I just felt it, like… it felt right.”
  313. “I want to,” Fluttershy mumbled
  314. >”Hmm?”
  315. “I want to. With you, I mean. But I’m k-kinda scared.”
  316. >Tree Hugger smiled, and run her hand down Fluttershy’s pink locks
  317. >”That’s totally okay. But I promise, I’m not gonna make you do anything you don’t want. Tonight can be all about making you feel good.”
  318. “O-oh, my…”
  319. >Tree patted Fluttershy’s back, then stood up, helping Fluttershy to her feet as well
  320. >”Tell ya what. No need to rush things, right? Let’s order up some food, maybe watch a movie, and we’ll see how you feel. Sound good?”
  321. >Fluttershy nodded, her head still hung, though she was smiling now, looking up at Tree with grateful, glimmering eyes
  322. “I’d really like that…”
  324. >And so, like many nights before, Tree Hugger ordered a miniature feast of Chinese food, and the two girls huddled together, sharing their body heat beneath a thin sheet pockmarked with holes
  325. >Tree Hugger was mildly shocked to hear that Fluttershy practically hadn’t seen a single movie from before 1995, and even then, most her viewing experience was Disney and a few romantic comedies
  326. >”So, like… no Terminator? No Star Wars? Indiana Jones?”
  327. “I mean, um… I know what those are, at least.”
  328. >”Aww, man. This is awesome!”
  329. “I-it is?”
  330. >”I get to be responsible for your first 80’s flick experience!”
  331. “Oh. I didn’t know it was such a big deal.”
  332. “You bet it’s a big deal. Oh man, where do we start…”
  333. >Fluttershy shrugged
  334. “I’ll be fine with whatever you pick.”
  335. >”Hah, righteous. Well, here, let’s start with something laid-back, ‘kay? You’ll fuckin’ love this.”
  336. >Tree Hugger held up a VHS copy of *Labyrinth*
  337. >”It’s trippy as fuck, and it’s got David Bowie playing the goblin king. You’ll love it.”
  338. >Fluttershy nodded, excited
  340. >The movie was… Fluttershy didn’t know exactly how to react to it
  341. >She let out little awww’s every time Sir Didymus and his canine steed, Ambrocious, popped up onscreen
  342. >And then yelped in terror during some of the film’s bizarrely terrifying segments, cuddling up closer to Tree Hugger for safety
  343. >Naturally, the hippie girl’s arm found its way around Fluttershy’s skinny shoulders
  344. >They chowed down on the food once it arrived, Tree Hugger washing hers down with a tall, perspiring can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Fluttershy with lemonade
  345. >Gradually, Fluttershy began to feel very cozy and very, very secure, stretching out and letting herself rest against Tree Hugger’s slender body
  346. >Her cheek came to rest against the other girl’s, and her lips tingled each time Tree Hugger’s breath washed over them
  347. >When the movie was over, she could feel Tree shifting slightly under her
  348. >”Hey…”
  349. “Y-yeah?”
  350. >Fluttershy shivered when she realized just how *close” Tree’s mouth was to her own
  351. >”You wanna?” Tree Hugger asked, raising her eyebrow
  352. “Wanna… what?” Fluttershy asked, already knowing the answer
  353. >Her eyes closed reflexively as Tree Hugger’s mouth met hers
  354. >For a moment, Fluttershy was tempted to break the kiss early and pull away, as she usually did
  355. >But she forced herself to push past the feeling, and it quickly faded, and she let her lips part, matching themselves against Tree Hugger’s
  356. >She rolled onto her stomach, laying directly atop Tree Hugger, and the other girl’s arms circled around the small of Fluttershy’s body
  357. >Her heart was a 170-BPM staccato in her chest, but Fluttershy was starting to feel like she had the hang of things
  358. >As she and Tree Hugger made out, she gradually let her mouth open just a little more, trying to keep her lips as supple as Tree’s felt to her
  359. >Occasionally her tongue flicked up to moisten them with a little saliva; she was weirdly paranoid about giving her girlfriend a dry kiss
  360. >Tree Hugger did the same, and it was only a matter of time before the tips of their tongues met, accidentally
  361. >Fluttershy flinched
  362. “S-sorry.”
  363. >”That was *so* not a problem.”
  364. >Tree Hugger smiled, breathing much heavier than before
  365. >”You wanna try it again?”
  366. “Like… like a french kiss?”
  367. >”Hell yeah.”
  368. >Fluttershy nodded
  369. “I’d really like that. Just, um, sorry if my breath is gross, or if I—“
  370. >Tree Hugger kissed her before she could finish
  371. >She politely flicked the tip of her tongue against Fluttershy’s teeth, inviting her to join with her own
  372. >Hesitating slightly, her tongue met Tree Hugger’s, tasting the slightly acrid taste of beer mixed with the musky, natural taste of Tree Hugger herself
  373. >Fluttershy surrendered herself to the kiss, letting Tree Hugger guide her tongue into her mouth, and then letting Tree Hugger explore Fluttershy’s own mouth with her tongue
  374. >Tree’s hands moved slowly over Fluttershy’s body, giving her a chance to adjust to the feel of the other girl’s palms against her back, then her sides, then finally, against the base of he spine, right above her butt
  375. >When Trees fingers explored a little lower, Fluttershy gasped, her voice feeling effete and crystalline in the room’s mellow, heavy ambiance
  376. >”You okay?” Tree asked, pausing their kiss
  377. “Y-yeah.”
  378. >Fluttershy sat up, realizing her hair was a mess
  379. >Tree Hugger’s was too, but it was kinda always like that
  380. >Fluttershy’s eyes settled on the other girl, trailing from Tree’s pleasant, slightly reddened face, to her chest, where the twin mosquito-bite nipple-bumps poking up from the fabric of her tunic showed she wasn’t wearing anything beneath it
  381. >The garment had pulled far up Tree Hugger’s body, revealing the tan, milky skin of her upper thigh
  382. >Fluttershy gulped
  383. >Her throat felt sticky and thick, and a tremulous, hot feeling crawled across her skin
  384. >It was a feeling she’d felt before, when reading particularly choice passages from her favorite romance novels, the kind her mother had forbidden her from reading but Fluttershy had checked out from the library anyway
  385. >Though she wasn’t really aware of the vulgar expression for it, Fluttershy was surprised to find she was getting pretty turned on
  386. >She took a deep, shuddering breath, awkwardly placing Tree Hugger’s hands on her hips
  387. >Then she managed to meet the other girl’s eyes, and Tree Hugger raised an eyebrow
  388. >”Yeah?” Tree asked
  389. “I… don’t really know where we go next,” Fluttershy admitted, awkwardly combing her fingers through her hair. “Like, how we go from doing this to d-doing, um, more…”
  390. >Tree Hugger smiled
  391. >”You still wanna do more?”
  392. >Fluttershy nodded
  393. “Oh, yes. D-definitely yes. You can, well… show me, right?”
  394. >”Fuuuck, I was really hoping you’d ask,” Tree Hugger said with a dazed, dreamy smile
  395. >She took Fluttershy’s hand, giving her a little squeeze
  396. >”Let’s head back to my room, ‘kay?”
  397. “Oh, r-right. So we can… on your bed, yeah. Heh. Makes sense. Lead, um… l-lead the way”
  398. >Fluttershy had to force herself to close her mouth before she said any more stupid stuff
  399. >Tree Hugger smiled, and kissed her on the forehead as she led her back into her bedroom
  401. >Fluttershy sat by herself on the bed, her legs dangling to the floor
  402. >Tree Hugger padded barefoot around the room, inspecting her records before selecting one in a battered cardboard sleeve and placing it on the table
  403. >As it began to spin up, the room filled with echoing guitar chords, their sound muffled as if played underwter
  404. >Once the record as playing, Tree sat down next to Fluttershy, her hand atop the other girl’s
  405. “H-hey.”
  406. >”Hey, you.”
  407. >Tree Hugger kissed her nose
  408. “I’m, um, ready to start. If… if you are.”
  409. >Tree Hugger smiled
  410. >”Of course I’m ready. Here…”
  411. >She lifted Fluttershy’s hand and placed it against her warm cheek
  412. >”Touch me wherever you want, okay? Just go at your own pace.”
  413. “O-okay.”
  414. >Fluttershy stroked the little dimple right beneath her girlfriend’s eye, then let her hand drop lower, fingers drifting across Tree’s neck, until they reached her smooth collarbone
  415. >Fluttershy gulped
  416. >She repressed the instinct to chicken out, and lowered her hand to Tree Hugger’s breast
  417. >It was… much smaller than hers, barely big enough to fill Fluttershy’s palm
  418. >Still, they felt adorably perky, and there was a pulse of life beneath their tiny size
  419. >Fluttershy’s thumb brushed over Tree Hugger’s nipple, and the other girl closed her eyes and let low groan escape her mouth
  420. >”Oooh, man…”
  421. >The sound of that first, pleasure-dripping “Oooh” would stick in Fluttershy’s mind for the rest of her life
  422. >She got a little braver, and let her hand play across Tree Hugger’s stomach, feeling the hippie’s surprisingly taut abs beneath a layer of smooth skin and delicate silk
  423. >Fluttershy was starting to wish that silk wasn’t there…
  424. >As if sensing this, Tree Hugger lifted the hem of her skirt a bit
  425. >”You wanna go under it?”
  426. “Y-yes, please.”
  427. >Fluttershy placed her hand against Tree Hugger’s thigh, feeling weirdly proud to find Tree Hugger’s skin dotted with goosebumps beneath the delicate tips of her fingers
  428. >Slowly, she slid her hand up until her knuckles brushed the hot, fuzzy contours of Tree Hugger’s sex
  429. >Tree Hugger cooed
  430. >”Go to town, girl…”
  431. “O-okay.”
  432. >Fluttershy had no idea how she was supposed to do that
  433. >She’d played with her own on more occasions than she was willing to admit, but Tree Hugger’s?
  434. >They couldn’t be that different, she supposed
  435. >She started by cupping Tree Hugger’s crotch in her hand, feeling the soft, curled hairs bristling against her tender skin, then ran her fingers along the girl’s outer lips, gently teasing them to warm her up, just as she always did to get herself going
  436. >Tree Hugger placed her hand on Fluttershy’s leg
  437. “A-am I hurting you?”
  438. >”No way. Your hands are, like… miraculous…”
  439. >Fluttershy didn’t know why she found that so hot
  440. >She got a little more bold, and started to work her fingers in towards the more sensitive, squishy folds of Tree Hugger’s valley
  441. >The further in she got, the more moisture met her fingers, until they slipped between Tree Hugger’s swollen lips with gentle, frictionless *shlicks*
  442. >Tree Hugger’s breath was coming quick and heavy now, washing over Fluttershy’s cheek
  443. >”You… you wanna put one in me?”
  444. “Do you w-want it?”
  445. >Tree Hugger nodded, her eyes still closed
  446. >Fluttershy obliged, and slipped a finger up inside the other girl, feeling the ribbed, muscled walls of Tree Hugger’s vagina contract around her knuckles
  447. >”R-righteous…”
  448. >Tree Hugger’s hips twitched of their own accord, rubbing her now-dripping sex against Fluttershy’s palm
  449. >”Oooh, right there…” Tree Hugger cooed when Fluttershy’s finger tip curled against a taut spot deeper inside her. “Right there, ah… oh, man…”
  450. “Are you going to, um, orgasm?” Fluttershy whispered
  451. >Tree Hugger suppressed a chuckle
  452. >”If you wanna make me… I’m super close…”
  453. “I really do…”
  454. >A grin spread across Tree Hugger’s face
  455. >”Aww yeah… yeah…”
  456. >She clamped her teeth on her lower lip
  457. >”Y-yeah… *o-ooo-oooaa-ooh*…”
  458. >Tree Hugger’s voice cracked, and Fluttershy could feel the shudders of delight tracing through her girlfriend’s body and then running down her own arm
  459. >Fluttershy was somewhat disappointed that Tree Hugger wasn’t the wet mess that she herself tended to be when she climaxed
  460. >Then again, she’d probably have felt guilty for making a mess of the bedsheets…
  461. >Fluttershy gingerly slipped her hand from inside her girlfriend, making Tree Hugger squeak
  462. “You, um… liked that, right?” Fluttershy asked
  463. >For a moment, she was weirdly scared about the prospect of admiring her messy fingers
  464. >But she held them up to the light, somewhat mesmerized by the way Tree Hugger’s juices clung to her fingers in clear, viscous drops
  465. >”Liked it? Bruh…”
  466. >Tree Hugger flopped onto the bed next to her
  467. >”That was some [Tree Hugger held up an OK sign, which very hard to convey through text] shit…”
  468. “I’m r-really glad it was good for you!” Fluttershy said, still awkwardly holding up her slimy hand
  469. >Tree Hugger glanced up at it
  470. >”Oh, wanna know what you do with that?”
  471. “Um, what?”
  472. >Tree Hugger sat up just enough to lick her own juices off Fluttershy’s fingers
  473. >”That.”
  474. >…
  475. >Fluttershy stared at the girl in abject horror
  476. “You… you j-just… your own… you…”
  477. >”What? It’s all natural. No different than licking another girl’s. Which, speaking of.”
  478. >Fluttershy went so red that her horror was immediately put out of her mind
  479. “You want to… d-do that next?”
  480. >”I’ve been daydreaming about it all day,” Tree Hugger said, licking her lips
  481. “I, um, okay. But, uh… *eep*.”
  482. >Fluttershy kicked one foot against the floor
  483. “S-should I get, uh, naked now?”
  484. >”I wouldn’t be against that. I can do the same, if you want.”
  485. >Tree Hugger, still lying on the bed, managed to yank off her tunic and toss it aside in one smooth motion
  486. >She stretched out along the bed for Fluttershy to admire
  487. >Her body was lithe and uniformly tanned to a delicate olive color, with a tiny poof of red-and-orange hair covering her sex, matted now with her fluids
  488. >Tree Hugger’s nipples were much darker than Fluttershy’s, as were the lips of her pussy
  489. >A tattoo of a tree growing into the shape of a heart stood out on Tree Hugger’s right buttock
  490. >She must have noticed Fluttershy’s eyes heading in that direction, because Tree hugger asked, “Something more you wanna see?”
  491. “Y-your, um… butt, if that’s okay…”
  492. >”More than okay, girl.”
  493. >Tree Hugger rolled onto her stomach, presenting herself
  494. >”Remember, touch whatever you want~”
  495. “R-right.”
  496. >Fluttershy gingerly placed her palm against the plush flesh of Tree Hugger’s booty
  497. >A tiny, devious part of her really wanted to give it a smack
  498. >She tried, but it ended up being more along the lines of a gentle pat
  499. >Tree Hugger smiled, and wriggled her hips a little for Fluttershy’s amusement
  500. >Fluttershy pinched her tongue between her teeth
  501. >”Your turn now,” Tree Hugger said
  502. “Okay. I, um, I’m…”
  503. >Fluttershy stood up, the pit of her stomach burning with anxiety
  504. ”H-here I go…”
  505. >Fluttershy started with the animal socks Tree Hugger had liked so much; she peeled them off, feeling the soft carpet beneath her soles as she raised her hands to her skirt
  506. >But they stopped halfway, shaking
  507. >”You okay?” Tree Hugger asked, sitting up
  508. “I am, just…”
  509. >Fluttershy gulped
  510. “I’ve never been, you know, naked. In front of anyone else. Except my mom I guess, but that’s… yeah, not really a thing. This is way different. I, um…”
  511. >”Want me to help?”
  512. >Tree Hugger placed a hand on Fluttershy’s forearm
  513. “Yes,” Fluttershy managed to eek out
  514. >Tree Hugger gently reached her hands up Fluttershy’s skirt and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties
  515. >Fluttershy shivered as Tree Hugger slid them down, but let the garment fall to her feet
  516. >Tree Hugger’s hands raised back to her hips
  517. >”You still okay?”
  518. “Y-yes.”
  519. >”Rad. C’mere.”
  520. >She pulled Fluttershy closer, still sitting on the bed, and Fluttershy bent down to kiss her
  521. >Their mouths met, and Tree Hugger raised her hands to Fluttershy’s butt, cupping it gently as their tongues danced
  522. >Fluttershy’s fear felt far away in Tree Hugger’s embrace; electricity coursed along her spine as Tree Hugger’s hands explored her bottom, and then gradually worked on getting her skirt off
  523. >The skirt fell, and Fluttershy, with Tree Hugger’s assistance, lifted her hoodie, shirt, and eventually bra off, dropping them to the floor
  524. >Tree Hugger’s room was as muggy as ever, and Fluttershy was grateful for that
  525. >She didn’t shiver, or flinch, or even feel a desire to cover herself
  526. >She simply stood there in front of Tree Hugger, breasts hanging free against her chest and warm air ticking her sex
  527. >Tree Hugger drank in the sight of her, then pulled Fluttershy onto the bed
  528. >”You are totally *radiant*, you know that?”
  529. “I, um… didn’t.”
  530. >”I’m glad to be the one to tell you.”
  531. >Tree Hugger wrapped herself around Fluttershy, and the girl’s limbs intertwined, forming on long, silky length of curious hands, legs and gyrating hips as they kissed
  532. >Fluttershy had loved getting to make out with Tree Hugger earlier
  533. >But she had to admit, doing it naked was ten times better
  534. >She began to lose concept of where Tree’s body ended and hers began, there was just skin, sensation, the feeling of fingertips on tender, naughty areas…
  535. >They broke away after what felt like hours, and Fluttershy was drenched in sweat
  536. >”Hey, you. You want me to go down on you?”
  537. “I, um… if that means what I think it means… yes.”
  538. >Tree Hugger chuckled
  539. >”It definitely does. Lay back, okay?”
  540. >Fluttershy didn’t have to be told twice
  541. >She sprawled across the bed, spreading her legs in the process because that seemed like the proper thing to do
  542. >Tree Hugger crawled lower down her body, kissing her along the way
  543. >She stopped at Fluttershy’s breasts
  544. >”God, these things are epic…”
  545. >She planted a wet smooch against Fluttershy’s nipple, then took it into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl over against the petal-pink flesh
  546. “W-whoa…” Fluttershy gasped
  547. >Tree Hugger trailed lower, kissing Fluttershy’s belly, and then the squishy bit of her gut right above where the pink hair of her valley began
  548. >”Man, like…”
  549. “Hmm?”
  550. >”This is gonna sound weird. But, like… I’ve never wanted to eat out a girl as bad as I want you. It might be the pink hair. Looks like candy.”
  551. “O-oh.”
  552. >Fluttershy giggled, making her thighs shake
  553. “I’m actually, um, pretty glad to hear that. I h-hope it’s as good as it looks,” she said. “D-dig in.”
  554. >Both girls just stared at each other
  555. “S-sorry, I’ll never say that again.”
  556. >”Hah, thanks.”
  557. >Tree Hugger planted a fat kiss on Fluttershy’s inner thigh, making the girl squirm beneath her
  558. “Oh… w-wow…”
  559. >Tree Hugger hadn’t even touched her sex, but Fluttershy already found herself unable to hold still
  560. >Her back arched as Tree Hugger’s breath ran in hot waves over her crotch, and she practically cried out when the girl’s tongue teased the gentle, highest part of her thigh, barely an inch from her swollen, now-sopping lower lip
  561. “D-don’t tease me…”
  562. >Fluttershy could swear she heard Tree Hugger chuckling, even as the girl’s mouth finally met her quivering pussy
  563. >”Ah!”
  564. >Tree Hugger licked her slowly, almost lazily, savoring each taste
  565. >Each meeting of her tongue and Fluttershy’s clit sent fresh spasms through the girl’s body, and Fluttershy clamped her thighs tightly around her girlfriend’s head
  566. “S-sorry…” she mumbled, her voice cracking
  567. >”Totally okay,” Tree responded, muffled. And then, quieter, “Squeeze me…”
  568. >Fluttershy didn’t have to be told
  569. >Her thighs were rather willowy, not really capable of that true death-squeeze, but the adrenaline coursing through her now let her clamp them deftly around Tree Hugger’s dreadlocked head
  570. >Tree could feel her girlfriend’s climax building through the skyrocketing pulse beneath her cream skin
  571. >She slowed down, letting her tongue meet Fluttershy’s engorged clitoris only for a moment before pulling away
  572. “U-uh… uh…”
  573. >Fluttershy wiped sweat from her forehead
  574. “P-please, Tree… c-can you make me… m-make me, um, orgasm… please…”
  575. >Tree Hugger supposed that was as close as she’d get to begging with this girl
  576. >She greedily buried her face in Fluttershy’s muff, slurping greedily at ever delicate, soaking inch she could reach
  577. “O-oh… oh m-my!”
  578. >Fluttershy fucking *creamed*
  579. >It was something in an entirely different league from the kind of orgasms she could give herself
  580. >Her back arched until it ached, and her entire body thrummed with the delicious, wet tattoo of Tree Hugger’s mouth, forming into a sheer, white blanket that covered her, curling in crackling mantles of ecstasy on her nipples, clitoris, at the back of her neck, and in the soles of her feet
  581. >She collapsed to the bed, her chest heaving
  582. “Ha… h-ha… Tree… t-that was…”
  583. >”You’re tellin’ me,” Tree Hugger said, sitting up
  584. >She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then lay alongside Fluttershy, wrapping the other girl in the arms
  585. >Fluttershy was still trembling, and was grateful to have the other girl holding her
  586. >She rested her head against Tree’s naked chest, her breath ragged
  587. “Is… is it always that good?”
  588. >”First time? Nah. You’re pretty special.”
  589. “Oh, it w-wasn’t me. You were the one doing all the work. You know, teaching me.”
  590. >”Hey, you can only teach as well as your students can learn. Whoa, that actually sounded pretty wise…”
  591. >Seized by a sudden desire, Fluttershy squeezed herself against Tree Hugger, trembling and surprised to find tears welling in her eyes
  592. >"Whoa, girl..." Tree Hugger mumbled, running a hand across Fluttershy's cheek. "What's the matter?"
  593. "N-nothing. Just, um... this is gonna happen again, right? This isn't, like... a one-time thing, or something... right?"
  594. >"No way."
  595. "You'll k-keep wanting to have me over, right?"
  596. >"For real? I'd have you *live* here if I could..." Tree Hugger mumbled into Fluttershy's ear
  597. >Tree's arms played along the slender girls back, finding the delicate spot between her shoulder blades and delicately running a soothing finger across it
  598. >Fluttershy cooed
  599. "I'd l-like that."
  600. >She found herself smiling, crying, and still, paradoxically, kinda aroused
  601. >It was a strange evening, that's for sure
  602. >But Fluttershy had the feeling–or at least she hoped–that every night spent with this girl would be just as weird
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