Pone-ocalypse, Chapter Two [Abandoned][Rewrite Pending]

Mar 13th, 2015
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  1. “We should get going while we can, it’s only going to be harder if they’re awake,” Josh observed. I hardly slept since Josh awoke me earlier in the night. Opening the garage door was sure to wake the ponies sleeping in the house above us, but we had little choice otherwise. If all went well, we could reach the road before they even know what’s going on. I grabbed the remote opener, ready to open. We would be flying blind with the tarp still on the car, but hopefully the wind would catch it.
  3. It was now or never, I hit the button and the old motor came whirring to life. Loudly. I turned the car on, praying the door was open. I hit the gas, shooting the car forwards, probably a little too fast. There was a loud thud and the car started bouncing up and down as we hit the still rising door, cracking the upper windshield and scraping the roof of my car. The rush of air as we sped down the driveway was enough to raise the tarp so I could see. I turned onto the road faster than I should have, but with enough force to send the toolbox on the roof flying and the tarp along with it.
  5. “Shit!” Josh yelled, “One of them has wings!”
  7. I looked in the rear-view and sure enough one of the ponies was flying after us. And she was catching up. Fast. The road still had vehicles here and there in both lanes, some crashed into each other and some looked like they swerved out of control. It was too dangerous to go fast and the teal pony got ahead of us and landed on the hood.
  9. “It’s dangerous to go this way! Stop, please!” she pleaded.
  11. She wasn't in a great position to tell anyone to stop. “Okay,” I said smirking. I slammed on the break, the sudden lack of motion sending her flying off into the air. She managed to recover before hitting the ground and before I could take off again, she landed back on the hood.
  13. “Shit…” Josh and I said in unison.
  15. “That was uncalled for,” she grumbled. “Listen, we’ll let you go for now, but you can’t go this way! It’s dangerous! Please.”
  17. “Oh, so you don’t want us to go this way? You want us to go back towards where all your fucked up horse cult is waiting to pounce us and turn us into horses like you, right?” I scoffed.
  19. “We will get you one way or another. “ She simply stated before turning to Josh, “Your girlfriend is still looking for you, you know. Why are you running away from her?”
  21. Josh looked at me; I could see he wanted to get the fuck out of here as much as I did. I looked back at the pony on the hood of my car. “You don’t want us to go this way?” She nodded. “Good, that’s exactly where we’re going, then.” She seemed to have been caught off guard by that, I hit reverse and she jumped into the air, flying in place. I floored it before she could do anything else, leaving her in the dust.
  23. I slowed down when she was simply a dot in the rear-view, as much as I wanted to get away, it wasn’t worth risking hitting one of the other cars on the road. Worst case, we would be at their mercy, which would make this entire escape pointless. Josh still wasn't much on talking after yesterday; he must feel as if his girlfriend died. Hell, if she has changed as much as I assume these other ponies have from when they were human, even the radio host from yesterday was completely different when he came back on. He wasn't even a “he” anymore. It pretty much is death the complete change or erasure of a personality. I thought on it a bit, maybe not a complete change, she was kind of similar to the human she had been before.
  25. I had to get my mind off that subject; I don’t want to debate myself of what the changes actually were. If it seemed like death, it would make me fight to live harder; if it was like a slight change, then I would be more likely to just give up. So fighting for life it was. I hit the button on the radio; the morning host was in. She was definitely a pony too; they probably have the whole city on lock-down. “—ings have been seen in the area, so avoid at all costs! Additionally, there’s been numerous reports of humans fleeing in all directions, keep your eyes out for them! If they appear dangerous, call and report their location and we’ll send some back up!”
  27. “Why are we listening to this shit?” Josh demanded.
  29. I had to think about it for a moment, I wasn't really sure myself. I couldn't say it was out of habit, I usually had a CD in the stereo. So why did I turn it on? “Because, I was hoping things had gotten better overnight.” I lied. “Besides, maybe we could learn what’s going on and where they are, so we can avoid them.” It wasn't much of a stretch, but I don’t think I sounded convincing. I guess I just didn't get enough sleep. My answer seems to have satisfied him, though. At least, I think it did; he just kinda grunted and rested his head on his hand and looked out the window as we drove along.
  31. I hadn't even noticed music had begun playing while we were talking. I wasn't really paying attention to it; I only picked out a few lyrics here and there. It was something about circuits getting shorted and signals getting crossed. I turned the radio off again, the silence was honestly preferable. It usually didn't take a day and a half to reach Niagara, but with all the cars strewn over the roads, it was hard to go consistently fast. We had to stop a number of times to push cars off the road, which was a bit of a lengthy process, as we had to make sure it was safe to stop in the first place.
  33. Luckily there were no more encounters with any ponies by the time we reached Niagara, which was strangely abandoned. We rolled into town around noon and the streets were absolutely devoid of any life. No ponies, no humans, not even any animals. We didn't see one scrap of clothing on the ground or a single car in the middle of the road. The bridge to the US was ahead when I noticed something in the rear view mirror, there were several people standing in the road. Holding guns. I was about to hit the gas when I heard Josh yell. “Shit! Stop!”
  35. I slammed the brake and looked forwards; there were more people with guns aiming at us. A few seconds later there were more people on every side of the car, we were completely covered. A man walked up and tapped his gun on the window lightly, as if he was knocking. “You’re in our territory now.” He said ominously. “You’re coming with us.” There wasn't much choice; we both got out of the car and handcuffed immediately. I noticed someone else get in the car and drive it off somewhere as we were patted down, I assume for weapons and supplies. We were marched down the streets, guns aimed at our heads the whole time, with an additional two people guarding us on each side. We were directed to a fairly large house, with armed guards on each side of the door. Once inside we were forced onto our knees in front of what I assume was an armchair, covered in velvet cloth.
  37. A tall, lean woman walked in, wearing tattered jeans and a worn out looking shirt, with a number of obvious rips and tears in it. She sat down in the chair and looked down on us with a devious smile. “Well…” She started in a seductive tone “What do we have here? I expected to see some of those ponies by now, but two humans?” She seemed to think for a moment before getting up and walking over to Josh. She looked into his eyes before grabbing him by the jaw and looking over his face; seemingly satisfied she walked over to me. Like she did with Josh, she looked into my eyes; her deeply green eyes felt like they were going to pierce right through me. She grabbed me by the jaw as well, but didn't look me over like she did Josh, instead she sharply drew her hand back and she seemed to regard me with disgust. Josh suddenly collapsed next to me, before I could even do or say anything, everything went dark.
  39. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41. I awoke, in a rather comfortable bed, which was nice, having slept in a car the night before. I tried to get up only to find my hands and legs cuffed to the bed-frame. I looked around the dimly lit room, looking at the window I saw it was already dark outside. I struggled against the cuffs binding me to the bed with no luck, they were on tight and there was no key in sight. I heard the jiggling of the door handle, I looked towards it to find it enveloped in an eerie green glow. My heart sank, that glow could only mean one thing: Ponies. I struggled harder against the cuffs again, I don’t care if I had to hurt myself to get out as long as I could escape, but it wasn't enough. The door was thrown open and in walked a unicorn. A rather unusual one, she didn't take the chance to jump on me the second the door opened, she instead observed me.
  43. Unlike the others I had seen so far, this pony was taller and her horn was a gnarled and crooked. In fact, I had seen quite a number of ponies, but not a black one or even one with insect wings, like the one standing before me. She didn't seem too intent on converting me, so I struggled against the cuffs again, or at least I tried. My vision went green as my will to fight drained away, I could feel my mind being muddled. “I haven’t seen a human yet that I couldn't turn, you’re unique. I can’t keep you, but I’m at least going to get some use out you before I release you.”
  45. Before I knew it my clothes were engulfed in green flame before vanishing entirely. She stepped onto the bed and straddled me, grinding her crotch into mine. Her horn glowed again and I suddenly burned with the desire to fuck her. Deep down I knew I shouldn't want it, that I should be fighting against this alien urge to fuck this horse monster, but I was sapped of any will to resist. I started to grind back against her, she sensed that I was ready and re-positioned herself so her pussy was just barely touching the tip of my dick. She was lying on my chest now, staring deep into my eyes again; she was lighter than I would have thought. She ever so slowly lowered her cunt onto my dick until she had taken my full length. She rested there with a sly smile on her face; I quickly grew impatient and started rocking my hips into hers, the thick slap of flesh filling the air. As I rocked up and down, she started to rock forwards and back, her smooth belly rubbing against mine, I wanted to reach out and embrace her, hold her tight against me, but the chains held me in place. Once again her horn began to glow and I went into overdrive, fucking her as hard as I could from the position I was in. I began panting as she began to let out quiet moans in pleasure, thoroughly enjoying her “use” of me. We both climaxed simultaneously, most likely due to her magic controlling me. She raised her rear and moved it slightly so my dick was no longer in her, but aside from that she just rested her head on my upper chest and panted lightly, rather than getting up and moving elsewhere. Her horn glowed and my world went dark again.
  47. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. I felt a weight on my chest as I returned to consciousness and memories of the previous night had flooded back to me, no longer under her control I found it hard to believe what I had done. The changeling was still lying on top of me, asleep. I didn't want to move or wake it, so I just kinda laid there and did nothing until a knock came at the door. She awoke and a voice came from the other side of the door. “You wanted to be woken up for ten, your majesty.” Majesty? Could a horse monster really be called a queen?
  51. She got off the bed and used her magic to unlock the handcuffs. “Your clothes are on the floor and your car is by the bridge. Get out of my city,” she hissed. Her sudden change in attitude came as a surprise to me, but I wasn't going to argue with freedom. As I grabbed my clothes, I saw a green ring of flame quickly engulf her from head to hoof, changing her form into the one she used yesterday of the woman.
  53. I stepped outside the house to find two guards and Josh waiting for me. Seems she had sent guards to make sure we did leave town. We walked in silence to the car, I have no idea what she did to him, but I sure as hell wasn't going to tell him that we fucked. I tried to think of a good lie on the way to the car. Once there I walked to the passenger door, “Hey, you’re driving now,” I half joked as I looked over the roof to find no one at the driver side. I turned to see Josh still standing with the guards. The same eerie green flame enveloped the two guards as they turned into changelings as well, though indistinguishable from each other and smaller than the queen. They looked much more vicious this way too. The same green flame covered Josh, who then took on the same form as the other two. The three of them simply stared me down; I walked around to the driver side, not taking my eyes off them until I was in the car. I turned the keys and floored it, tires squealing as I took off across the bridge, alone.
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