Realities of Rabbit Breeding

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  1. >>28530232
  2. >It's Feeding Day again.
  3. >Some people scream and rave that farm anthros are abused and exploited creatures. That they live in misery.
  4. >While they are the farmer's property, a farm anthro typically lives a fair and happy life. Happy animals work harder and produce more, after all.
  5. >There is a darker side, however.
  6. >Rabbit breeding.
  7. >Rabbits aren't good for much. They're not particularly bright and their slight build makes them ill suited for strenuous work.
  8. >If they don't function as stress relief, then they're typically maids.
  9. >Anthro rabbits breed quickly, give birth quickly, and mature quickly, and all your maid spots are filled.
  10. >So your excess rabbits are being "sold" to "a good home" All of them are adolescents or young adults.
  11. >You glance at your watch, ignoring the excited chatter of the rabbits around you in the barn furthest from the farm proper. Beside you, your dog Sadie adjusts the rifle in her paws and looks at the rabbits with a small measure of pity.
  12. >None of the rabbits question why she has a gun.
  13. >The winter winds outside rip and shriek at the barn, then a draft makes you shiver.
  14. >At least the wind will cover any noise.
  15. >You sigh and wrap your dog in a hug from behind,  resting your chin on her head and trying to soak up her body heat. Sadie melts into your embrace and places her warm paws over your chilly hands, letting her rifle hang by the sling.
  16. >You and her stay that way for several minutes, then.
  17. >*Knock knock!*
  18. >You and Sadie share a look. "Alrighty everyone! That must be them! Stay here for a sec while we talk to them."
  19. >You ignore the cheer and untangle yourself from Sadie. You slip out the barn door, letting your dog follow before closing it again. Thankfully, the winter wind is enough to cover any sounds the rabbit's inside of ears might uncover.
  20. >Before you stands a small team of wolves, all clothed in tribal skins to ward away the winter cold and sporting bows.
  21. >The leader, a young, dignified female steps forward. "Lord of the Land, cousin," she starts, addressing you and Sadie respectively. "I offer you greetings from the Swiftpaw pack. I am Kilika, daughter of Saro."
  22. >She steps forward and you offer a hand. Kilika clasps your arm and pulls you in to nuzzle your face. She repeats the traditional greeting woth Sadie and steps back. "Your gift comes at a most fortunate time, Lord of the Lands. Hunting has sustained us poorly in the last few weeks with the passing of elder Habal."
  23. >You raise an eyebrow. "Habal finally passed away, huh? My condolences for you and the whole pack. That wise old wolf was a friend to both myself and my father. I'll have to pay respects to his grave once the winter lets up."
  24. >Kilika inclines her head. "Even well into his greyfur years, elder Habal was still an unrivaled hunter. His illness was sudden and he didn't get the chance to pass all his secrets to his children and grandchildren. They will learn, and your gift will keep the pack fed while they do so."
  25. >You nod. "Of course, let me get them ready for you. Sadie, feel free to stay here and chat if you want. I'll yell if I need you."
  26. >Sadie smiles. "Yes, sir."
  27. >You slip inside the barn and the rabbits quiet down. "Alrighty everyone! The buyer is it kind of a paranoid jerk," you start, earning you several giggles and chuckles. "So she wants everyone restrained until they get back to her place. Got it?"
  28. >You hold out a long rope, and none of them protest to you tying up their hands in sequence, making a long chain of rabbits.
  29. >"Sadie! Door please!"
  30. >The barn door opens, and the rabbits go silent.
  31. >The team of wolves surround the door in a perimeter, each one spaced out just enough to grab anyone who might try to slip between them.
  32. >Kilika steps forward and takes the lead from your offering hand. "Thank you, Lord of the Lands. We will see your kindness repaid in the near future," she says with a smile. She then looks at the rabbits, her smile melting into a stoic face. "All of you will follow us. You serve a grand purpose now, for there is nothing more noble than sacrifice. Do not yell or protest, as none will hear you in this winter gale."
  33. >She tugs the lead, and the still stunnd rabbits follow for several steps before the freak out begins.
  34. >"No no no!"
  35. >"I don't want to go! I don't want to die!"
  36. >"Mom! Momma!"
  37. >"Master, help!"
  38. >"Master, why...?"
  39. >You turn away. Sadie takes one of your softly shaking hands in her paw and squeezes tenderly.
  40. >"It's okay," Sadie says gently. "Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. The farm can't support all of them and the wolves need them. It was the right decision. I support you 100%, no matter what," she finishes, rubbing a thumb over the back of your hand.
  41. >Some beg, others cry, some try to dig their feet into the ground, only for a swift blow from one of the wolves to convince them to move again.
  42. >One rabbit thrashes against her binds before her thin wrists slip loose. She turns and bolts, deftly slipping under the arms of the nearest wolf before running towards the farm.
  43. > Your eyes go wide.
  44. >"Sadie!"
  45. >Your dog shoulders her rifle in a flash.
  46. >*CRACK!*
  47. >The runner stumbles and falls flat, staining the snow under her red.
  48. >The screaming and panicking stops, replaced with mute horror. It sinks in.
  49. >There is no escape.
  50. >Most of the time, being a farmer is fun.
  51. >Most of the time.
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