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  1. 2015, April 23rd
  2. Untitled
  3. Author: Zeldamaster12
  4. Original:
  6. Don't even act like you know what I've been through in my time of being in the SMF community, because you don't. I've been through more stress, more heartache, more drama in this community than I ever have anywhere else.
  8. Can you actually point out times where I'VE started drama? Usually, I'm the one who stops the drama. Don't even deny it because you know it's true.
  10. The one and only reason why I'm not banning Unown on Xat is because I literally can't. Xat is not in any way relevant to what goes on at PG. I don't care what you do on PG, you're welcome at Xat as long as you follow the CHAT rules. If it were a PG chat, of course I'd ban Unown because yes, posting pornography on a children's site is disgusting in my opinion. But we've grown out of this, we're not just strictly SMF. Times have changed. Also, this:
  12. Unown isn't doing this to turn us against each other. He's doing it to get a reaction out of the mods. He's a troll; that's what trolls do. The mods, rather than handling it professionally, they're getting incredibly overwhelmed (I can understand but it takes two seconds to get rid of the account), they've being overly sensitive, they've even banning innocent users because of paranoia of it being Unown. I kept telling Pop to only ban the account if it spams, but Pop did not listen, and that's just sad. Anyways, it wouldn't be so bad if you guys didn't get so overly defensive and stressed out by Unown. He even said he'd eventually stop out of boredom if you guys stopped reacting to it because if you don't react, you aren't feeding the troll. Makes sense, doesn't it? I hope so at least. I've been around a lot of trolls, eventually I figured out how they operate.
  14. About requesting a Xat permaban, hell, I wouldn't blame you. With all the bullshit that's been going on, I can see why you're tired of it. I'm in the same boat as you, I'm just trying my best NOT to leave because I know that this community depends on me to keep KC stable. Will I leave PG? Possibly, due to all the drama, but my leaving isn't guaranteed. However, if I WERE to leave, I hope you're aware that this time would be different. Unlike all the other times where I came back because I didn't have anywhere else to go, I actually do have somewhere to go if I were ever to leave the SMF community, and that's SMBX.
  16. Do I feel bad for Pop and 09? Of course. Hell I kinda feel bad for the way I did them, but the thing is, they brought it upon themselves. They shouldn't have been biased, they shouldn't have overreacted, they shouldn't have picked incompetent staff, they shouldn't have ruled over like dictators, they shouldn't have been overly secretive, and they shouldn't have tried to ban Unown and Okku THREE times even though they were innocent. I thought 09 and Pop were capable of being MO at first, but I literally had to correct 09 and Pop so many times, but eventually, they started messing up so bad that the chat simply couldn't take it anymore. Do I still consider Pop and 09 as friends? Of course. We've all been through a lot together and we have quite the history. I hope they'd think the same, but they probably think I'm insane like you do. Anyways point is, they brought this upon themselves. They messed up as MO, it's not my fault that Pouetpu chat closed. About 3/4 of the ENTIRE community was down with a move because they were simply tired of it.
  18. Now listen, I understand why you think I'm coming off as a dick by using "LMAO" a lot, but I'm really not. It's just pathetic of what all has been going on, and how I've been proving all of Pop and 09's arguments wrong. I only speak in caps when I've said the same thing 100 times before and I'm tired of explaining the thing. However, if I came off as a dick, I'm sorry. I'm just being myself, y'know? I'm a chill guy overall, but I don't like dealing with bullshit like this. You know this because you've been around me a lot. Sometimes I know I have a quick temper though, and I need to work on that.
  20. Anyways, just read the message all the way through, and TAKE YOUR TIME with a reply. I don't want a reply typed up really fast, I actually want you to put a lot of thought in your reply.
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