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  3. I would like to begin a dialogue about workload and responsibilites, primiarly in concern to the planning of Harmony Around the World.
  5. As you may know, I already exceed any other member of my department's classroom hours. These hours, combined with my extra duties as Department Head, put a premium on my time that is exacerbated by the fact that we are currently short a teacher.
  7. Due to these circumstances I will be unable to take lead on planning Harmoy Around the World and would suggest that [Insert Name], as the Event Coordinator, takes point.
  9. Me taking a step back from the planning of this event in no way means I will be unavailble to provide my knowledge and experience to [Insert Name] or whoever else you deem appropriate to replace me as the point person for the event.
  11. Additionally, I would like to propose that going forward myself and other Department Head's scheduled classroom hours reflect the fact that we are taking on additional responsiblities and need time outside of the classroom to balance the meetings and those extra responsiblities that come with the position.
  13. Please let me know who you choose to replace me as lead on Harmony Around the World so I can contact them and if you would like to discuss my proposal further.
  15. Thank you for your time,
  16. -Whitney Burica
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