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Dec 6th, 2019
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  1. Key: Dobe
  2. Character: Cooperblex Huntwalker
  3. Race: Alien Pirate
  4. An alien that leads a band of misfits who pillage planets for anything of value.
  5. Chaotic Neutral
  6. Crew:
  7. Izlah
  8. (2 pending)
  10. + 10,000 HBTC BP
  11. + 2,000 Relative Energy
  12. +Elite Alien Rank
  13. Chaotic Neutral
  15. It's been a long time since Huntwalker's home planet has been destroyed. So long, in fact, that he has never been there himself. The member of a long dead warrior race, Cooperblex first started exploring the universe in an old spaceship he found. Being a tenacious lad, he quickly discovered how to navigate the stars. By the age of 20, Cooperblex was an accomplished bounty hunter, but he craved for more.
  17. Things started heating up when he met Izlah. Dreams of freedom became attainable. And so they dreamed, and so they toiled.
  18. After being assigned to a suicide mission for the military, Cooperblex realized the galactic empire held no care for a simple bounty hunter, let alone the squad he was assigned to for what was meant to be his final mission. Escaping with Izlah, they worked together to expand. Together, they created a spaceship and began exploring the cosmos for resources, with Cooperblex being the captain of the crew, and Izlah being the Scientist.
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